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Crazy Taxi, Emperor and Meteora! 2024-03-01 11:10:07

Hello Clint City,
You're now all up-to-date with the latest version of the game (version 1.22), and you've probably already explored the new features. We hope you like them!
For our part, we are continuing to fine-tune UR, with a major project underway: the Karkass WORKSHOP (the crafting system revealed on Monday), due for launch at the end of the month.
Let's talk a little bit about Karkass: this witch is always accompanied by her two favorite animals, a toothy raven and a one-eyed pig... and it looks like they're both on their way to Clint City, with a LEGENDARY landing scheduled for next week!
To get March off to a good start, we're offering the usual 4-character line-up, including 2 METEORA characters (the last 2 before a short pause in the next release)
And here are the fighters:
#C.T, the taxi driver who's been snapped up by the Oblivion clan (artwork by FCALICO)
#Kaesa, the very, very distant descendant of a great emperor, now relegated to statue status at the Paradox Museum (artwork by CLjadjouze & VicneColor)
And the Meteora from the DOMINION and KOMBOKA clans: #Ludicrite and #Pantherine
The release will be accompanied by some Black Market action, so be sure to keep an eye on UR this weekend.
Happy gaming!

Collector Power! 2024-02-26 18:00:03

This idea has been germinating for a long time, particularly motivated by the success of the BlackMarket. Until now, a lack of time and a clear vision had held us back. However, a deep reflection on the dynamics of scarcity in the game inspired us to further value two categories of cards that had become less attractive: Collector and Mythical cards.
Our solution is based on a redesign of the Collector rarity concept, transforming this status into a stepping stone towards a new dimension of collection. The "Karkass Workshop" becomes the heart of this metamorphosis: here, you can elevate the rank of your favorite Collector cards through a crafting process. By exchanging various items, including the precious Kraftz obtained by selling cards to Karkass, you will randomly unlock superior skins - Prismatic Collector, Mythical, Prismatic Mythical, or even an exclusive surprise.
This mechanic introduces a dynamic market where the value of Kraftz will fluctuate according to community supply and demand, encouraging diversity in your sales choices. Moving a Collector card to its upgrades will enrich your gameplay experience, making each upgrade exhilarating.
Get ready for a renewal of the in-game reward system (and thus F2P), with brand new missions and the promise of Collector cards to loot for top players.
This new crafting system is not just an addition to our game; it's an invitation to rediscover the passion for collecting and challenging with all the side effects you can imagine (exciting new CR passages, a wider choice of IMMORTAL cards and thus much more surprising, skins for special cards like Christmas or Miss, the end of CR, MT acronyms behind character names, etc.)
The revolution arrives at the end of March with all the details, but until then, have fun!

New EFC ​​voting system 2024-02-26 15:40:04

Dear players,
As of today, the EFC voting system has changed.
The old voting system had two problems:
- the votes of a single player could be enough to ban a card
- the votes were concentrated on very few different cards and therefore did not renew the meta enough.
From now on, you will be able to vote for all the proposed cards, but only once per card.
Instead of having 10 votes to distribute as you wish, you will have only one vote for each card proposed.
No need to vote for all the cards, just vote for the ones that interest you!
At the end of the week, cards that received more votes to ban than to keep will be banned. In case of a tie, the card remains.
If there is little difference between votes to ban and votes to keep (less than 1.5% of total bans), it also remains.
If the number of banned cards is too low or too high, we will adjust this percentage in the future.
All players who finished the previous week in Z Palace, and now also in Polit Arena, will be able to participate.
If you have already used your votes before 11 a.m., the votes have been returned to you.
To vote, go here:
Good game!

New arrivals in the Shop! Nad-IA and Cadmendus have arrived! 2024-02-26 11:25:03

Discover our latest exclusive additions: #Nad-IA and #Cadmendus are now available in the Shop packs (excluding New Bloods! )
🔥 But that's not all! We've added a new section in the Shop: now enjoy 3 daily offers of cards from the Market, specially selected for you and your needs!
Happy gaming to all!

EFC, Week 3 2024-02-26 11:00:04

Hi Everyone!
GG Legend!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 26/02
End date: 03/03
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Dark Mandrak, #Henry, #Jayzel, #Magpie, #Osmosis
Still banned this week: #FugOmatic, #McLayton, #Miss Demonink, #Nerfeniti
Unbanned for this week: #Ashara, #Christopher, #Firmin, #Lara Hate, #Lou, #Lowki, #Oxen, #Ratanah Mt, #Rony Bones, #Wilkinson
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Added to the banlist: #XIII, #Marie
Removed from the banlist: #Dj0, #Rhizom Noel
Ld modified: #Kreenk Ld (7/6 Revenge: Copy Damage => 9/2 Copy Damage)
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
Monoriots + Olive =
La mesa redonda in the top 10 ?
From huge struggle to Z Palace (
EaZy Palace
Paradox/Sentinel EFC 3 round win
Martian Attack
RootsTeora LEVEL 3 WIN 203 EFC
Want to play something else? Discover new semi-evos for these 3 cards:
#Turilmore 3* (9/1, min 6)
#Milena 2* (7/2)
#Svaroski 4* (7/6)!
To familiarize yourself with these semi-evos, the following 15 cards will have a x20 battle points boost for the next 2 weeks, but only in EFC:
#Turilmore, #Chang, #Kommandon Ld, #Pedro, #Melinda
#Milena, #Bryan Mt, #Glover, #IronPod, #Naja Ld
#Svaroski, #Obyl Ld, #Lucien, #Doggonuts, #Beau
Adjustment: Bimonthly mission objectives have been lowered to match weekly scores, which are lower than previous scores. They are now at 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 EFC.
For this season's winner: #Smokey Mt IMMORTAL
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Nad-IA
Weekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Glibon
Bonus: as a mission reward for 600 EFC, Survivor 12 and Win 3 Tournaments, you will get #Cadmendus
Happy gaming!

Immortal update 2024-02-23 11:05:02

For those following the news on Immortal cards, here's some important information: Unclaimed physical Immortal cards from the customer service will not be reintroduced into the game. It's possible that collectors have chosen to keep a sealed pack, and to respect this hardcore aspect of collecting, we won't disrupt anything and will consider that the copy might be in one of these packs...
So, the copy will not be reintroduced into the game (this is currently the case for Kenny IMMORTAL).
Additionally, Immortal cards will no longer be available at the Temple, in BM Rush, or as in-game rewards starting from April. Instead, we will occasionally offer significant credit rewards (at the Temple, BM, performance) to access special packs in the shop because now, Immortal cards will ONLY be available in these packs!
Enjoy the game!

Cadmendus stuck in UR's Rainbow! 2024-02-22 18:00:08

Cadmendus continues his quest, but unfortunately for him, he has just left his beautiful Orskolm Valley for Mount Glatz, half melted and almost entirely polluted by the metropolis of Clint City just below...
Follow this Fantasy Rivals character transported into the multiverse of Urban Rivals! But where exactly is he? He seems to have wandered into the Rainbow packs and appears to be stuck for a while...
We will keep you informed. Happy hunting!

Rift: a new adventure! 2024-02-21 14:35:03

Hello Clint City!
A new adventure now begins in the Rift! On the program: simple missions, without random characters to draw.
You have until the end of the week to finish the Rift Witchcraft adventure and obtain random prismatics!
Good luck everyone and good playing in Rift mode!

Changelog 1.22 2024-02-20 15:05:03

Adding connections between characters (Magnifying glass icon)
Adding third-party profiles
Adding daily Market offers in the Shop
Adding Rankings on the result screen of competitive modes
Adding Market interfaces (private sales, history)
Fixes and optimizations

IMMORTAL Report 2024-02-19 18:40:04

Hello residents of Clint City,
We have a quick update regarding the IMMORTAL cards! These unique cards, with very limited copies, are flying off the shelves quickly. Therefore, we wanted to inform you about what's still available:
1 Eyrton
1 Bryan
2 Tanaereva
There is also 1 Kenny left, which was obtained in physical form by a buyer but was never claimed. It will be put back into the game, making it the tenth and final copy.
As for the recent pairs Naliah and Smokey, there are 7 of each left!
Stay tuned for more updates...
See you soon on the streets of Clint City!

EFC, Test Week 2 2024-02-19 07:00:04

Hi Everyone!
GG Unluckiest Ever!
Give Ile to Zero (1251)
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 19/02
End date: 25/02
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Christopher, #Firmin, #Lou, #Lowki, #Nerfeniti, #Oxen, #Ratanah Mt, #Rony Bones, #Wilkinson
Still banned this week: #Ashara, #FugOmatic, #Lara Hate, #McLayton, #Miss Demonink
Unbanned for this week: #Chel, #Dark Akrakk, #Dark Vansaar, #Leonite, #Nystrom, #Schredder
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Over the past two years, community-chosen cards have been modified for EFC and Survivor mode. We are overall very satisfied with these changes which allow these cards to be played again. However, balancing problems particularly affected 3 of them: #Nerfeniti and #Endo, frequently banned by players; and #Boris Cr, banned by the staff.
To rebalance these cards, we will modify them again. The objective is of course for them to remain playable in EFC without being too strong.
In the future, we may make other changes to voted cards.
Now nerfed: #Endo (min 2 => min 3), #Nerfeniti (-15 Att. => -12 Att.)
Removed from the banlist, with nerf: #Boris Cr (5/5 => 5/4)
Oculus buffed: #Dark Sentogan 2* (min 2 => min 0), #Dark Estalt 5* (7/6 => 8/5 Asymmetry), #Zebos 2* (6/2 => 6/3), #Zebos 3* (6/4 min 0 => 7/4 min 2), #Zebos 4* (7/5 min 0 => 8/5 min 2)
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
Crazy season (1251 efc)
Assault Efc 8°
Dakkon's Private Zoo (EFC top25)
Nefer (X) (926)
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Nad-IA
Weekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Glibon
Happy gaming!

The Great GLIBON, the Auction! 2024-02-16 17:35:03

GLIBON - A New Treasure for Collectors!
Dive into the world of Urban Rivals with the brand-new figurine of the Great GLIBON. This unique edition is a real treasure for game enthusiasts. Here's what it contains:
🏆 1 Unique GLIBON Figurine: You'll have the privilege of owning the unique figurine of GLIBON's evolution 4, one of the most iconic characters of the game, created by ArtToyLab, in a special phosphorescent edition with integrated lights in its torso, around its parasite, GENESIS.
💎 2 IMMORTAL Physical Edition Cards: 2 secret IMMORTAL cards in physical edition, accompanied by instructions to obtain their digital version in the Urban Rivals game. This type of card is the absolute grail for collectors, making you one of the owners of one of the 10 unique copies (max) in the game.
🃏 9 physical 350g cards, sand lamination: the very last stand-up aluminum and resealable booster containing the physical versions of the 7 Titans including GENESIS and the Rainbow version of the GLIBON card in Max evolution!
📖 Comic strip 'Room 13th' Signed by the Acute Games Team: Dive into the narrative universe of Urban Rivals with an exclusive comic strip titled 'Room 13th'. This artwork signed by Grelin is also dedicated by the Acute Games team, guaranteeing you an additional collectible piece.
🚨 ATTENTION: Everything Is to Keep, Nothing Is to Be Thrown Away, Not Even the Card Booster! Each element of this box is a collectible in its own right. Nothing should be overlooked, you might find a never-used concept art by the artist Madchewi at the bottom of the box...
The TreasURes Box is much more than just a simple box, it's an experience for Urban Rivals enthusiasts.
Get GLIBON now and elevate your collection to an unmatched level!

Cactus, dinos and METEORA! 2024-02-16 11:05:02

Greetings dear citizens of Clint City,
The new season kicked off on Monday, and it looks like you're already up to the task of completing your missions! Stay focused, because the game's final story arc will demand a lot of concentration... What's more, the schedule is very tight, and there's a lot more to come.
As for the goodies, all you auction-lovers out there, be sure to join us tonight! The unique figurine of the great GLIBON will go on sale at 5pm! Find the link here:
Now, over to our 4 new courageous challengers:
#Cacto Hekate's little indulgence, a real gift for the Huracan! (artwork by Sentry)
#Dasira the Raptors' young badass accompanied by her imposing reptile (artwork by Yizard)
They are, of course, accompanied by two METEORA, flag bearers of the Riots and Sakrohm clans: #Korakine and #Exobionite
Happy gaming to you all!

Web Updates on SPOT! 2024-02-16 10:45:03

Hello everyone,
We are pleased to announce a significant web update for SPOT. Here are the new features:
Introduction of a mention system: simply type "@" in the input field to bring up a menu of suggestions including subscriptions and participants in the post.
Addition of an emoji menu to enrich your interactions.
Possibility to upload images in addition to image links.
Improvement of character sharing, with the optional possibility to share your set.
Bug fixes, optimizations, and minor UI modifications, including on profiles.
In the near future, these features such as mentions, emojis, and image uploads will be extended to the forum. Emojis will also be available in all aspects of SPOT eventually, including comments, private messages, etc.
Bonus: Share your physical card openings and/or your biggest digital card lots. The goal is to achieve sharing records, and the two largest contributions will receive a nice bonus!
Take advantage of this update to discover all the new features of SPOT!

Happy Valentine's day ! 2024-02-14 11:00:04

The IMMORTAL couple is making waves in the Shop and at the Temple!
In exchange for a few credits, you'll have the chance to get your hands on one of the current IMMORTAL cards!
However, expect high demand, as this offer is exceptionally more accessible than usual; copies could disappear quickly!
Try now and until Sunday, February 18th at 11:00 PM.
TEMPLE ALERT: If you manage to obtain both the 2 Killshots and the 3 Rebirth symbols at the same time, you'll receive 10 free triggers and a copy of the IMMORTAL couple for this Valentine's Day!
Get ready, get set, play!

Season 14 - The Two Witches 2024-02-12 11:30:05

Dear Clint City, The 14th season of Missions starts today! And will end on April 7 at midnight, Paris time (GMT +2).
The season's story: after the return of #Nad-IA and the appearance of #Hekate, the tide has turned in Clint City. The city now seems torn between the past and the future. On the one hand, lurk medieval superstitions, black magic and the return of wars we thought were over. While on the other, the inexorable advance of technology, AI and transhumanism lie in wait. And while Hekate, the Witch of the Future, has already made her appearance on the scene, the Witch of the Past will soon be arriving with her travelling companions and her fearsome rabid beast. Will Clint City survive the clash of the two witches?
Season bonus, on the Supernaturals Faction:
The last 6 characters (at present) from the clan:53:I0RvbWluaW9u, clan:37:I05pZ2h0bWFyZQ==, clan:44:I1NrZWVseg==, clan:57:I09ibGl2aW9u and clan:52:I0dob3NUb3du clans will receive a x10 battle points boost this season. This boost will be effective in Survivor, Free Fight, Tourney and EFC modes for characters authorized in these modes.
Here is the full list of boosted characters: #Plumpy, #Costello, #Carnibox, #Sir Taco, #Death Adder II, #Goose, #Malfass, #Effigie, #Tamakuchi, #Diabolus, #Evil Robin, #Ikare, #Miss Demonink, #Strixine, #Magpie, #Demonink, #AbsorptionBoy, #Gosalyn, #Ciro, #Kaminsky, #Yamaboshi, #Ashara, #Malecia, #Jiya, #Roy, #Taurite, #Winchester, #Becos Pill, #Mrs Chili, #Onongada
In addition to these characters, at least 15 different characters will receive a 20x boost every EFC season, only in this mode.
New this season:
- This season, an adventure will reward players who complete a large number of missions. The final objective of this adventure will require you to have completed 400 missions over the course of the season, which is around half of the new missions available. The final reward will be a prismatic card, one of the most expensive and exclusive cards in the game.
- We are going to test out a duration of 1 week for each EFC season. For the time being, the EFC Hall of Fame will keep the scores at two weeks. But if this test is conclusive, we'll reset the Hall of Fame and switch to a system of weekly missions rather than fortnightly missions.
- For this season, starting tomorrow, the Happy Hour Missions schedule has been changed. The first Happy Hour Mission will take place from 10am to 11pm, and the second from 7pm to 8pm, Paris time. They'll earn you Clintz, and a small chance of winning one of first eight random Meteoras.
Season's program:
- EFC week from February 12 to 18: #Cortez Mt IMMORTAL for the winner!
- Week of February 19 to 25: 1 no-pressure Rift Adventure
- EFC week from February 26 to March 03: 1 IMMORTAL card for the winner!
- Week of March 4 to 10: 1 IMMORTAL card for the best Tourney player + 1 bot in Tourney mode
- EFC week from March 11 to 17: 1 IMMORTAL card for the winner!
- Week of March 18 to 24: 1 Coliseum card with 1 IMMORTAL card for the winner! But be warned, this won't be your run-of-the-mill Coliseum: you'll need to lose to win!
- EFC week from March 25 to 31: 1 IMMORTAL card for the winner!
- Week of April 1 to 7: 1 IMMORTAL card for the best Survivor player + 1 bot in Survivor mode
- Beginning of March: a surprising new exclusive card!
- Beginning of April: a monstruous new exclusive card!
Missions end-of-season awards:
1: One of the three new IMMORTALS from March/April!
1-10: 2 common Prismatics + 1 uncommon Prismatic + 1 rare Prismatic + 1 Collector Prismatic + 10 common + 10 uncommon + 10 rare + 3 Cr + 3 exclusive cards
11-25: 1 common prismatic + 1 uncommon prismatic + 5 common + 5 uncommon + 5 rare + 2 Cr + 1 exclusive card
26-100: 1 common prismatic + 1 uncommon prismatic + 4 common + 4 uncommon + 4 rare + 1 Cr
101-250: 1 common prismatic + 3 common + 3 uncommon + 3 rare + 1 Cr
251-500: 2 common + 2 uncommon + 2 rare + 1 Cr
501-1000: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare + 1 Cr
1001-2500: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare
Good luck to everyone this season!

EFC, Test Week 1 2024-02-12 11:00:05

Hi Everyone!
GG Unluckiest Ever!
Broken Wings (1384)
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 12/02
End date: 19/02
Starting today, we will be testing one-week-only EFC seasons. As this is a test, the EFC Hall of Fame will not be reset yet. If this test is successful, we will reset the Hall of Fame and create a weekly mission system in place of the current bi-weekly system.
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Ashara, #Chel, #Dark Akrakk, #FugOmatic, #Leonite, #McLayton, #Miss Demonink, #Nystrom
Still banned this week: #Dark Vansaar, #Lara Hate, #Schredder
Unbanned for this week: #El Cubalibre, #Fowl, #Gertjan, #Naginata, #Saki, #Segar
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Added to the banlist: #Hiruma
Removed from the banlist: #XU-Dr0ne
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
Mrs Thousand (1010)
Resurrection - 1343 EFC
Not Nightmare/ FPC
Incubi al Red One (15° EFC)
Want to play something else? Discover new semi-evos for these 3 cards:
#Roy 2* (8/2)
#Rekved 4* (6/6)
#Splata Mt 4* (8/4, Asymmetry)!
To familiarize yourself with these semi-evos, the following 18 cards will have a x20 battle points boost for the next 2 weeks, but only in EFC:
#Roy, #Victor Van Dort, #Wild Holiday Ld, #Bambino, #Rony Bones
#Rekved, #Malediktan, #Bonnie Ld, #De4th Ld, #Bloodh Mt, #Tortuga, #Smokey Mt, #Ulrich
#Splata Mt, #Pl4gue Ld, #Magic Alice, #Shazam, #Quasichoco
For this season's winner: #Cortez Mt IMMORTAL
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Nad-IA
Weekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Glibon
Happy gaming!

Survivor Weekend 2024-02-10 11:00:05

Hello Clint City!
This weekend, play Survivor mode to get extra rewards! Finish 50 matches in Survivor to complete the Survivor Weekend adventure and unlock numerous rewards: clintz, rare cards and even a rare prisma and 2 guaranteed Ld prisma!
For top players, two fortnight missions have also been added following the existing fortnight missions. The “Survivor 21” mission will give you 3 random Mt Prisma. Finally, the “Survivor 24” mission will give you #Nad-IA or #Hekate The first player to complete the “Survivor 24” mission will also get #Cortez Mt IMMORTAL!
If no one completes the Survivor 24 mission this weekend, any undistributed rewards will be added to next season's Survivor adventure.
Good survival to all and may the best win!

3 Collectors, 1 Mythic 2024-02-09 11:25:02

After his defeat against the imposing El Divino, Noctezuma sought Espectro's help to guide him to the realm of the dead, hoping to reunite with his brother and bring him back to life, a common practice in Clint City. However, Noctezuma was unaware of a crucial detail: his brother was indeed alive, under a new identity, and rumors already saw him as a potential New Blood fighter!
After a long journey through the Waterwall, Bahari was disappointed upon her arrival in Clint City. Expecting a terrestrial paradise, she found herself in a dilapidated city, filled with a nauseating smell of urine and beer. Determined to clean up the bay, she planned to transport the waste to the Komboka archipelago to be incinerated in the still-active volcano. But as she set up the logistics, she realized she had inadvertently brought along a human waste: Boyle, found asleep on an open-air dump after a tumultuous night. What will he do upon waking up, lost in the middle of the ocean?
The destabilizing influence of Karkass, the Original Witch, is felt in Clint City. Convinced that she is the only true witch in town, she sets out to eliminate Malecia, the guardian of the archives. One morning, the magician Oblivion mysteriously disappears... Could she have uncovered secrets about Rhynn and the true origin of magic?
Noctezuma, already legendary, now ascends to the official status of Mythic with his emerald and crystal skin!
Lucky holders of his golden version are offered an even more dazzling upgrade: the Prismatic Mythic!
As for Bahari, Boyle, and Malecia, they are now adorned in their new golden Collector outfits!
This passage marks the end of an era. Enjoy it to the fullest and get ready for a real revolution! Have fun!
PS: Due to numerous requests and the difficulty in dropping copies of the IMMORTAL cards from the pack 777, we have decided to extend this offer until the next New Blood release.
This way, you will have more time to accumulate credits and try to obtain this lovely bonus!

ALPHA LEAGUE RACING 2024-02-08 18:35:04

Thank you to the entire community for your participation in the event on ALPHA LEAGUE RACING, you've delighted the team working on the game! Without further ado, here is the list of winners of the ultra-rare SEAN ROST cards:
Congratulations also to the winners of the Eyrton Mythic cards:
And finally, a big congratulations to the two winners of the Eyrton IMMORTAL cards:
Your commitment has truly brought joy to the entire team behind ALPHA LEAGUE RACING, and some of you even continue to play! That's great because the game will continue to be lively with many tournaments. Feel free to participate, as it supports a team of passionate and independent developers!
The rewards will be distributed before this weekend. Thank you all!

Enter the Magic with HEKATE ! 2024-02-06 17:50:04

Dear citizens of Clint City,
We are all on a great adventure towards divine heights, and to give you a clear idea of the rewards that await you, here is all the essential information:
In our shop, you will find an exceptional offer: by spending your credits, you can obtain a pack containing the latest LEADER of Urban Rivals, the centerpiece of our latest narrative epic! This leader is truly extraordinary, a genuine work of art, and a major gameplay changer!
Furthermore, like all Leaders, #Hekate can also be obtained by completing a LEVEL UP mission (higher level). Hekate's mission, called "The Witch" will require you to reach level 500. As a reward for your progress up to level 1000 (the divine levels), we have added 32 more missions that will offer you the same rewards as those from levels 5 to 500... but in Prismatic versions! Here is the complete list:
Level 505 - #Timber Prismatic
Level 510 - #Vansaar Prismatic
Level 515 - #Hugo Prismatic
Level 520 - #Bridget Prismatic
Level 525 - #Ashigaru Prismatic
Level 530 - #Eyrik Prismatic
Level 535 - #Ambre Prismatic
Level 540 - #Eklore Prismatic
Level 545 - #Morphun Prismatic
Level 550 - #Vholt Prismatic
Level 555 - #Solomon Prismatic
Level 560 - #Melody Prismatic
Level 570 - #John Doom Prismatic
Level 580 - #Mr Big Duke Prismatic
Level 590 - #Robert Cobb Prismatic
Level 600 - #Memento Prismatic
Level 625 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 650 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 675 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 700 - #Kate Prismatic
Level 725 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 750 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 775 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 800 - #Administrator Prismatic
Level 825 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 850 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 875 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 900 - #Fractal Prismatic
Level 925 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 950 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 975 - Random Prismatic Oculus
Level 1000 - #Hekate Prismatic
If you want to progress faster, do not miss our ongoing community event, which offers substantial rewards! Participate in the 2v2 mode competition and keep an eye on the overall progress here:
We wish you all a great time (remember that the offer in the shop only lasts for 72 hours)!
See you soon in the wild streets of Clint City!

Wild Rodeo! 2024-02-05 10:45:02

Get in your speedsters with your co-pilot: yes, this is the very first 2v2 community event!
We offer you a common Route with 3 checkpoints that will increase your final rewards, you just need to reach them.
If you fail to reach the first checkpoint, you will receive the basic rewards. However, if you pass the 1st checkpoint, the final reward is already guaranteed to be doubled! The second checkpoint will multiply your earnings by 5, and the last one by... 10!
In addition, the player ranked first and the player ranked second will each receive 1 random IMMORTAL card.
Everything can be seen here:
The Rodeo to the Divine Levels begins tonight, February 5th at 18:00 and will end on Sunday, February 11th at 11:00.
All in TEAM DRAFT, let's start the warm-up before the big departure at 18:00!

The 3rd physical card release is here! 2024-02-03 18:05:03

Here we are! The 3rd wave of cards is here, and it's massive with over 400 new cards! The official ACUTE GAMES shop on eBay provides all the details:!
As with the first 2 waves of packs, the price is set at €25. You can purchase as many packs as you like, but each time, please consider an additional €3 for shipping since there is no option for bulk purchases on eBay.
To try to compensate for this, we've added an 11th card in EACH pack, and we've also included a SCRATCH TICKET: if it's a winner, you can simply claim your reward from Customer Support, just like when you come across an IMMORTAL card.
Speaking of IMMORTAL cards, there are 9 copies among the 600 card packs, which will be sold in lots of 200 (one sale tonight, one in March, and one in April).
We wish you happy shopping!
P.S. Upon receiving your order, don't hesitate to share your pack opening photos, tag us on social media (including Discord, and most importantly, let us know your thoughts; it's very important!

Fish Eye, clichés and meteors! 2024-02-02 11:00:04

Clint City, hello!
As you may have noticed, a new update has been rolled out. For those of you who are behind the times, we encourage you to download it now, as it brings a whole host of improvements (see the full list in the Google and Apple Store descriptions). It's another big step forward for the game, and we're excited to share these new features with you!
What's more, we're in the process of finalizing our ""goodies"" operations, with the imminent release of the new series of physical card packs and the auction of the GLIBON figurine!
We would also like to express our gratitude for your participation in the event organized in collaboration with our friends at ALPHA LEAGUE RACING. Today marks the last day of the event, and we were delighted to see so many of you taking part. The rewards will be distributed as soon as possible!
Now it's time for February's first New Blood release, with a little surprise in store.
So please welcome:
#Seller, the famous photographer who has decided to join the ranks of the RESCUE clan.
#Zoom, the endearing Cosmonhuts who's found his place in town.
And the two Meteora from the Berzerk and Frozn clans: #Lycosite and #Almastine
As a bonus, we present the all-new ""SUPER Smash"" pack, a more accessible and advantageous hybrid offer. This pack includes 50 cards from the last 9 years, guaranteeing 12 rare cards, with a choice of 5 different clans. Available for 259 credits! (To make things more consistent, we've adjusted the price of the NEW BLOOD (+1 credit) and ELITE (-1 credit) packs).
Happy gaming!

Rift Race! (Eyrton Mt ILE) 2024-01-29 12:30:04

Hello Clint City!
While the competition rages on the circuits of Alpha League Racing, another race in Rift mode begins now!
Each mission will give you a random rare and 10% chance of getting #Sean Rost
And the first player to complete the Rift Race adventure will get #Eyrton Mt IMMORTAL!
You prefer doing these missions at your own pace? No problem, the missions will remain available until the end of the week.
Good luck to everyone!

Season 117 EFC 2024-01-29 11:00:03

Hi Everyone!
GG Legend!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 29/01
End date: 11/02
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Dark Vansaar, #Firmin, #Gertjan, #Gorgon, #Lara Hate, #Luv, #Malfass, #Naginata, #Nerfeniti, #Wilkinson
Still banned this week: #Goose, #Saki, #Segar
Unbanned for this week: #Christopher, #Corvine, #Eugene, #Jean, #Josephine, #Leonite, #Malediktan, #McDaffen, #Miss Demonink, #X-0DUS
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Removed from the banlist: #Chang, #Hiruma, #Ravebot, #Chel, #FugOmatic
Added to the banlist: #Adjoa, #Lehane
Meteora modified: #De4th Ld (min 12 => min 5)
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
HuruBaka [1224]
Relevant [Top 10 EFC]
Want to play something else? Discover new semi-evos for these 3 cards:
#Corcoza 2* (6/3)
#Kerry Cr 3* (6/5)
#Coby 3* (8/2)!
To familiarize yourself with these semi-evos, the following 21 cards will have a x20 battle points boost until the end of the season, but only in EFC:
#Corcoza, #Tinomor, #Lavey, #Solares, #Efesto
#Kerry Cr, #Alfred Life, #Callie, #Donald, #Elvira, #Nami Ld, #Dr Horatio, #Scott Ld
#Coby, #Valentina Ld, #Caballine, #Cobretti, #Martha, #Earl, #Westwood, #Chloe
For this season's winner: #Eyrton Mt IMMORTAL
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Sean Rost
Happy gaming!

🏆 LAUNCH at 7:00 PM! 🏆 2024-01-26 15:05:03

Ladies and gentlemen, speed and competition enthusiasts, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived: the official launch of the incredible tournament in collaboration with the ALPHA LEAGUE RACING team is here! Tonight, Clint City and you will together write a page in the history of ALL STARS auto sports!
This Friday, January 26th, marks the beginning of a tournament where speed, strategy, and adrenaline come together in a rather unique challenge: ALPHA LEAGUE RACING invites you to dive into its thrilling world through 4 exclusive races.
From January 26th to February 2nd, come and score in the 4 races to accumulate points and position yourself on the global ranking.
Who knows? You might leave with the ULTRA RARE card Sean Rost, the Mythic card Eyrton.
So, young drivers, get ready, ALPHA LEAGUE RACING is your arena!
Join us this Friday at 7 PM (Paris time) for the kickoff.
Let the show begin! Are you ready to take on the challenge? 🏎️🏁

Missions, Temple, and Pack for Nad-IA! 2024-01-24 10:50:04

Hello Clint City!
Here is a series of 3 Black Markets that will allow you, until 11 PM (Paris time), to exclusively obtain the early version of Godtail©'s latest character, Nad-iA.
And that's not all! For the most fearless, the first to complete the series of 3 Black Markets will be rewarded with the brand new IMMORTAL card...
And if the wait seems too long, don't worry. Nad-IA is also accessible through a special pack in the shop, but be aware, it will only be available for 24 hours. Don't miss out!
For experienced collectors, a special Black Market will be launched to obtain its shiny version!
The quest also continues at the Temple at 6:00 PM! Align the 2 Killshots and the 3 Rebirth symbols simultaneously in your games to try to unlock Nad-IA! The more you bet, the higher your chances of getting this Bonus mode will be.
Don't wait any longer, enjoy the game, everyone!

🏆 THE RACE IS ON – JANUARY 26! 🏆 2024-01-22 17:10:04

Attention to all pilots and sports enthusiasts 'made in ALL STARS'!
The moment has arrived: The #ALRxUrbanRivals event is now official and will start this Friday, January 26th!
Are you ready to dive into ALPHA LEAGUE RACING to compete and try to win incredible rewards?
It's high time to get prepared and head to the track, young pilots! Go to this link right now to download the game and start taking control:
The ALRxUR tournaments will take place from January 26th to February 2nd.
Here's how it works:
The event consists of 4 races.
A global ranking will be established at the end, cumulating your positions in each race.
To be eligible for rewards, you must participate in all 4 races.
Distribution of rewards:
Sean Rost ULTRA RARE Card: A winner will be randomly selected from the top 25% of the best pilots. (A UR account is required)
Eyrton Mythic Card: A winner will be randomly selected from the top 12% of the most dedicated participants. (A UR account is required)
Eyrton Immortal Card: A winner will be randomly selected from the top 5% of the most determined participants to obtain this UNIQUE card. (A UR account is required)
25 ALR cars: Randomly distributed among all participants.
200 USDC: Divided among the top 20 pilots.
This is your opportunity to race towards glory and win incredible rewards! Every race counts, so give it your all and rise to the top of the global rankings.
May the most skilled pilot win! Rev up your engines, the race begins this Friday at 7PM (Paris time)!
... but you can already start playing here:

Turn off the lights 2024-01-22 10:05:03

Since the emergence of Dark Lumia, a dark creation designed by the Oculus using its own face, Lumia has been unjustly accused of wrongdoing she had not actually committed. Defamatory rumors spread quickly, tarnishing her reputation and placing her in a precarious situation. Faced with these baseless accusations, Lumia found herself compelled to take drastic measures to restore her honor and prove her innocence.
With this in mind, she decides to embark on a quest to find a member of the Hive clan, whose identity remains secret for security reasons. This member, previously responsible for teaching the art of facial reprogramming to XIII for infiltration missions, possesses the expertise needed to help Lumia recover her true face.
Before leaving, Lumia has no intention of leaving Maana 2097, the current leader, to handle the Hive alone. With the invaluable support of Aegis, who has decided to join the Rebellion, Lumia was able to convince Maana to accept help from a formidable ally...""
Lumia is now a Collector, which means she can no longer be found in the store packs. To learn more about card rarities, click here:
Enjoy the game, everyone!

Sequins, bio-technology and Meteora! 2024-01-19 10:50:04

We hope you've been able to make the most of these sales and the duty-free Market!
For our part, we're currently working on the next update of the app, with improvements, new interfaces so that you can eventually do the equivalent of what you do on the website, and a whole host of other features! You may also have seen that we're putting the finishing touches on the latest wave of packs with 400 new cards... that's going to be quite something!
Now back to the main topic, the 4 latest New Bloods cards:
#Car0 collaboration between Hive technophiles and UluWatu activists strikes again (artwork by Gaspitoon).
#Catherine we now know what happened to Sabrina's sister, who's back at the Uppers HQ! (artwork by Grelin)
And finally, there's MattMoro at the reins of the two new Meteora* cards, one each for the JUNKZ and FANG PI CLANG clans!
We hope you all have a great time on UR!
* on this occasion, the previous two Meteora cards have a x20 Battle Points boost for the whole weekend!

18 years together, Thank you. 2024-01-17 09:15:03

Today, we celebrate together the 18th anniversary of this extraordinary game. We want to express our deep gratitude for the many years we have spent together through the ups and downs of this game, a small miracle (and a lot of hard work) considering everything the game has been through.
Today, the game has evolved with the times, ultimately staying simple. UR has stabilized to achieve a cruising pace, allowing us to explore many new possibilities...
To mark this 18th anniversary, a BOT will be active for a few days in Free Fight, and an Adventure Set prepared by Cold will be waiting for you starting at 11:00 AM (Paris time)!
The Black Market will also be back, and the Temple will welcome an IMMORTAL card by 6:00 PM (you will be notified on-site and on Discord).
We wish you a great time playing the game, and once again, we thank you immensely for your loyalty and continuous support.
(Goralion, Cookie, Cold, Quistis, Tatouns, as well as dozens of loyal artists and Saga)

Bryan ILE: The Tourney challenge! 2024-01-15 16:00:04

Hello everyone !
This week, are you ready for a big challenge in Tourney mode to win #Bryan Mt IMMORTAL?
To obtain this ILE card, you will need to:
Step 1: Win 5 tournaments between the time this announcement is posted and this Friday evening midnight Paris time.
Step 2: Achieve the highest score in Tourney this weekend (Saturday morning 00:00 to Monday morning 11:00 Paris time). Only the scores of players who completed step 1 will count for this second step.
Don't think you have what it takes to win #Bryan Mt IMMORTAL?
No problem, you will also get a rare card or a random prismatic card every time you finish in the first third of a tournament (maximum 10 tournaments).
Cards now banned from the Tourney format:
#Sean Rost, #Twistery, #Mr Genechips, #Dark Quetzal, #Mecaniclès
Good luck to everyone !

Season 116 EFC 2024-01-15 11:05:02

"Hi Everyone!
GG Legend!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 15/01
End date: 28/01
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Barcius, #Dark Yookie, #McDaffen, #Miss Demonink, #Ratanah Mt, #Wez, #X-0DUS
Still banned this week: #Ashara, #Christopher, #Leonite, #Marie
Unbanned for this week: #Chelonite, #Dark Vansaar, #Fowl, #Kaizerin, #Lara Hate, #Magpie, #Malfass, #McLayton, #Schredder, #Wee Lee
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Added to the banlist: #Poncho
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
Control de daños (V2) 900EFC
Sentinel - 9° EFC
New score
Thanks for the Rescue! EFC 820
Alien Talent
Nighmare on Paradox St
Want to play something else? Discover the new version of these 4 cards:
#Nerfeniti (5/6 -2 opp Damage min 3 => 5/6 -15 opp Attack min 3)
#Hula (7/1 Poison 2 Min 3 => 8/2 Perfect: Consume 1 min 3)
#Klawz (6/4 Copy Bonus => 7/4 Copy Ability)
#Kiki (4/8 Power +3 => 4/8 +1 Power per Life lost, max 8)!
To familiarize yourself with these cards, the following 20 cards will have a x20 battle points boost until the end of the season, but only in EFC:
#Kiki, #Yookie, #Kalumet, #Curlix, #Bakuta Ld
#Nerfeniti, #Malfass, #Dudley Ld, #Bulza Cr, #Bapho Ld
#Hula, #Barbacoatl, #Bikini Joe Ld, #Pl4gue Ld, #Shazam
#Klawz, #Leviatonn Cr, #Jaxx Ld, #XU91, #Mudster
For this season's winner: #Bryan Mt IMMORTAL
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Sean Rost
Happy gaming!

Cards to modify for EFC 2024-01-12 15:05:03

Dear Clint citizens,
Next Monday, the statistics and/or abilities of 4 cards will be permanently improved to make them playable in EFC mode. And it's up to you to decide which cards will be improved! This weekend, don't forget to vote for the card you prefer in this list:
The 4 cards with the most votes will be modified and will also have a x20 combat points boost in EFC for the next two weeks.
Make the right choice !

NO TAX DAY & BIG SALES 2024-01-09 10:55:03

Discover the new formula of the MEGA SALES of Clint City with a simplified and improved offer!
Enjoy an exceptional 40% discount on the Armageddon packs! This is the perfect time to try your luck with this pack of 64 amazing cards.
For every 400 credits spent, you will receive a Bonus pack that could contain the very latest figure from the All Stars, Sean ROST! Be lucky during these 4 days, and you might even get your hands on the 1st copy of Eyrton IMMORTAL...
The second copy is in the Temple... And the more you bet big, the more your chances of obtaining this exclusive card increase!
Finally, a major new feature accompanying these MEGA SALES will revolutionize the Market for 4 days: each PURCHASE made will contribute to filling a meter that will unlock 100% Tax-Free SALES for you!
Expect a trading experience that is very intense. Have fun!

The PRIVATE SALES of Clint City start tomorrow! 2024-01-08 10:05:03

Exceptional discounts and a credits spent meter are planned, along with an exclusive character, an IMMORTAL card at the Temple, and a small revolution on the Market will accompany these private sales!
Expect something really big for the start of 2024, but in the meantime: remember to complete your missions!

2024 New Bloods get off to a flying start 2024-01-05 11:10:06

Hello Clint City!
We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to attack 2024 with a vengeance! For our part, we're more than ready to bring you the big stuff.
On the agenda: the return of the 2v2 mode, upgrades here, there and everywhere, exclusive goodies, and a demonic story arc with a whole host of surprises in store. It's going to be an action-packed year, and we can't wait to share it with you.
But let's get off to a gentle start with the introduction of our 4 latest New Blood cards:
#Luv the Jungo's adorable electro-technician, beautifully illustrated by the talented CindyLuv.
#Shawnia a forest guru sent by the Sakrohm and brought to life by the fabulous Frank Calico.
And finally, there's MattMoro at the reins of the 2 new METEORA cards, one each for the Sentinel and Ulu Watu clans!
We hope you all have a great time on UR!

Team Draft : 2nd Beta 2024-01-04 18:10:04

Hello Clint City,
Here's the return of Team Draft in a second beta session. It will last from today at 6 PM GMT+1 to Monday, January 15th, at midnight GMT+1.
The updates for this session include:
- a new rotation of playable characters in the mode
- the rankings accessible for this session here:
- at the end of the session, rewards distribution based on the rankings
Due to the year-end holidays, not all the bugs encountered during the first gaming session could be fixed. Therefore, you may come across them during your games; however, some of them may be partially fixed during this session. Nevertheless, disruptions are to be expected.
The ranking system we want to test is quite simple. It keeps track of your last 50 played match results throughout your session in the form of wins/draws/losses. Players are ranked based on the quantity of wins achieved in the last 50 matches. Draws are settled by the quantity of draws achieved, then by the quantity of matches played (max 50), and finally by the date of the last played match. Feel free to give us your feedback on this system.
The rewards will be communicated to you during the week via the future page dedicated to game modes. They will be based on the EFC end-of-season rewards but less significant (as this is a beta session, it's part of the testing process). Also, don't hesitate to give us your feedback on this when you have all the details.
Enjoy the game, everyone!

Coliseum 2024! (Bloodh ILE) 2024-01-01 17:05:02

#Solomon has decided to organize a Coliseum for this new year 2024, with #Bloodh Mt IMMORTAL up for grabs for the winner!
The Coliseum room is now open and to take part, it couldn't be easier!
You will have to play a 24* deck without a banned card in EFC, without a 5-star card, without semi-evo and without the following clans: clan:38:I0FsbCBTdGFycw==, clan:31:I0JhbmdlcnM=, clan:53:I0RvbWluaW9u, clan:40:I0ZyZWFrcw==, clan:47:I0Zyb3pu, clan:48:I0h1cmFjYW4=, clan:57:I09ibGl2aW9u, clan:4:I1B1c3N5Y2F0cw==, clan:10:I1VsdSBXYXR1, clan:45:I1ZvcnRleA==.
Your deck must contain two different clans and be balanced (4 cards from one clan and 4 cards from the other).
Warning: you will be playing with 24 lives and 15 pillz! Some cards will therefore be much stronger than usual...
(format by ER-MIONE)
Then it's off to the Coliseum to take on other players! You can play a maximum of 24 matches, and you'll earn points based on the result of each match, based on the following system:
- a win = 18 points
- a draw = 8 points
- a defeat = 4 points.
The Coliseum room will close this Sunday 7 at 23:00 Paris time (GMT +1). Rewards will then be distributed according to each participant's final ranking. The rewards are as follows:
1° - #Bloodh Mt ILE + #Glibon + #Mecaniclès + 1 Meteora + 2 prisma C + 1 prisma U + 1 prisma R + 1 prisma Cr + 4 Cr + 12 R + 12 U + 12 C
2-3° - #Glibon + #Mecaniclès + 1 Meteora + 2 prisma C + 1 prisma U + 1 prisma R + 1 prisma Cr + 4 Cr + 12 R + 12 U + 12 C
4-5° - #Glibon + #Mecaniclès + 1 Meteora + 2 prisma C + 1 prisma U + 1 prisma R + 1 prisma Cr + 4 Cr + 11 R + 11 U + 11 C
6-10° - #Glibon + #Mecaniclès + 1 Meteora + 2 prisma C + 1 prisma U + 1 prisma R + 1 prisma Cr + 3 Cr + 10 R + 10 U + 10 C
11-25° - #Mecaniclès + 1 prisma C + 1 prisma U + 2 Cr + 5 R + 5 U + 5 C
26-50° - 1 Polit Horror + 1 prisma C + 1 prisma U + 1 Cr + 4 R + 4 U + 4 C
51-100° - 1 prisma C + 1 prisma U + 1 Cr + 4 R + 4 U + 4 C
101-250° - 1 prisma C + 1 Cr + 3 R + 3 U + 3 C
251-500° - 1 Cr + 2 R + 2 U + 2 C
501+ - 1 R + 1 U + 1 C
All information and rankings are available on the Coliseum page:
Happy gaming to you all!

Season 115 EFC 2024-01-01 11:05:03

Hi Everyone and happy new year 2024!
GG Ada Dark Zero!
Bloodh Ile
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 01/01
End date: 14/01
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Alekperov, #Bambino, #C0re, #Dark Vansaar, #Figaro, #Kaizerin, #Krompah, #Lowki, #Malfass, #McLayton, #Pere Barali, #Stompah, #Zatman Cr
Still banned this week: #Lara Hate, #Demonink
Unbanned for this week: #Madabook
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Meteora modified: #Corvine (6/5 => 7/4)
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
Control de daños (top25)
Top 10 EFC hunta
The fight for life
Want to play something else? Discover new semi-evos for these 3 cards:
#Sir Geralt 3* (6/5)
#Rimikaru 3* (8/3)
#Rowdy Cr 3* (6/5)!
To familiarize yourself with these semi-evos, the following 15 cards will have a x20 battle points boost until the end of the season, but only in EFC:
#Sir Geralt, #Lord Oon Ld, #Pudge, #Peeps, #Wilo Ld
#Rimikaru, #Futoshi Ld, #Yoshito, #Kusuri, #Shifou
#Rowdy Cr, #Qubik, #Quest, #Absolem, #D4 Funk
For this season's winner: #Dregn Mt IMMORTAL
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Mecaniclès
Happy gaming!

Welcome to 2024! 2024-01-01 10:10:04

An exciting year lies ahead, highlighted by the best of the Black Market series, blending tradition and modernity. Starting this Friday, dive (back) into the world of the 'Meteora' series by New Bloods.
You will soon embark on a journey through a new narrative arc full of fascinating characters, and will benefit from numerous updates and optimizations to further enhance your gaming experience.
And this is just the beginning: expect a series of surprises month after month.
May 2024 be a year of success, joy, and fulfillment for each of you.
Happy gaming and happy new year!