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Memento Rare

iClintz Rarity:

Before the invention of pillz and before Morphun, Clint City was a far more peaceful place. So peaceful that Jacob, a security guard in charge of protecting the members of the Government, felt like his job was pretty pointless. But gradually, his employers picked up on his intelligence, his unusual powers of deduction and his incredible memory… So, he went from being a simple body guard to becoming the confidant and then adviser to the most powerful, until his expertise made him utterly indispensable and a true…Leader. For him and his oldest daughter, everything should have been perfect, but they hadn’t banked on the Oculus, that was attracted by the recent invention of pillz and saw an opportunity to create conflict on this planet. Only, the Oculus needed servants: in search of a recruiter, they chose…his daughter. And then gave the role of strategist to none other than…Jacob. Having been given the gift of eternal life and the powers of Dounia, Jacob went on to become Memento, the omniscient being in charge of dividing all those recruited by his daughter. And the father and daughter, not knowing what had become of the other, both lost their minds serving a being that went beyond all human understanding… Can the Oculus ever be defeated?