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Latest Cards!
Latest 5 Missions!
2 Tourney won => 30 random uncommons ! Win 2 tournament(s) in tourney mode
Survivor 18 => 75 tickets ! Reach 18 in survivor mode
Survivor 15 => 30 tickets ! Reach 15 in survivor mode
Survivor 12 => 15 tickets ! Reach 12 in survivor mode
Remove 120 lifes with Michel => 750k battle points ! Remove 120 Life points from your opponents with Michel
Daily Tournaments
Dark Zoro 788
I JUANder 519
Sabader- 415
Zi0n-Dzeiri 317
Love boobs 283
Collection Value
1st Crash
2nd Zi0n-RoyalNoby
3rd Fant(MooN)om
4th DV90 viverntahl
5th KC Delain
EFC Weeks Won