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Latest Cards!
Latest 5 Missions!
BLACKMARKET: 50 Sparkle => 1M ! Sell 50 doubles of Sparkle to Kate
Second Cashprize Season Win 35 fights in elo mode
Waiting for Virus Team Win 30 fights through knock-outs in survivor mode
Last week of the DT event Finish in the top 30 of 2 tournament(s) in tourney mode
BLACKMARKET: 5 Ombre CR => Griffonmor ! Sell 5 doubles of Ombre Cr to Kate
Daily Tournaments
Dark Zoro 591
I JUANder 394
Sabader- 388
Zi0n-Dzeiri 300
Sanguemistopu 195
Collection Value
1 Crash
2 Zi0n - Lyes
3 Psyschu
4 Zi0n-Dzeiri
5 Inivitavel
EFC Weeks Won