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Latest Cards!
Latest 5 Missions!
Ceida the fearless Inflict 24 Damages with Ceida
Uranus the brave Block 40 damage with Uranus
Ahkab the monster Win 20 rounds with Ahkab
BM: 1 Tourney won => 3 Random Collector $$$ ! Win 1 tournament(s) in tourney mode
BM: Win 100 life points => 5 random rares ! Win 100 Life Points
Daily Tournaments
The Slump God 634
I JUANder 519
Sabader- 397
Zi0n-Dzeiri 314
Love boobs 230
Collection Value
1st Crash
2nd Zi0n-Dzeiri
3rd Zi0n - Lyes
4th Psyschu
5th Zi0n-RoyalNoby
EFC Weeks Won