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Latest Cards!
Latest 5 Missions!
Vortex UP (0pts) Win 7 fights by using at least 2 Vortex in elo mode
Uppers OP (0pts) Remove 60 Life points from your opponents with a Uppers
Ulu Watu UP (0pts) Win 15 rounds with the Ulu Watu in elo mode
Skeelz UP (0pts) Win 7 fights by using at least 2 Skeelz in elo mode
Sentinel OP (0pts) Inflict 220 Damage with the Sentinel
Daily Tournaments
Dark Zoro 387
DT Sabader 283
Zi0n-Dzeiri 170
Dope SmoK3r 158
0 siris 152
Collection Value
1 Psyschu
2 Zi0n-Dzeiri
3 DV90 Dark
4 CJ3t
5 Cc Astaroth
iClintz Donations
PlayerAmount (€)
Mini Macho X 30
ChannyBoi 20
UM_AaaBattery 11
DUC-Puma 10
PUB-Bodi 5
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