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Esmy & Thorcal Uncommon

iClintz Rarity:

Genmaicha: "It took me some time to cover the miles between Mount Glatz and Orfanwood forest. And as I was making my way through the trees, I came head-to-head with a colossal ourg. I was all set to slip on my chromatophore cloak when I heard a reedy, sing-song voice emerge from the beast: "Are you the Stranger from Clint City?". I was speechless for a few moments before seeing a young girl slip down out the coat of this animal with its razor-sharp fangs. "So, are you or aren’t you?" She snapped. "I haven’t got all day." I slowly nodded my head while attempting to string together a coherent answer, "Er…yes. But what…". The creature, who I would later learn was named Thorcal, had already turned on its heel and the young girl sat astride it, smiled back at me saying, "Follow me stranger of the city, you must take me to your clan, everything is destroyed on the other side! We've no time to lose."