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Melody Rare

iClintz Rarity:

There was the inauguration of Riotspolis in 1920, the great Rootstock festival in 1970, the first rave by #Dj Korr cr in 1985 and the day of the Prophesy of the 5th world in 2013. But what do all these events have in common? The unexpected presence of a strange, visiting young woman who has been interacting with Clint city for many years now. Known as “Melody” in the online esoteric forums, this visitor from another dimension moves freely through the flow of time thanks to her strange machine. But who is she really? Only #Pr Hartnell, who accompanied her in her youth, and #Pilzken, the Warrior of Clint City, can answer that... But if you ask them, they’ll probably reply she’s just an eccentric who likes to travel through time dragging poor innocent bystanders into impossible situations!