News 2022

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It's almost HALLOWEEN! 2022-10-04 10:48:01

Let's get straight to the point. This is going to be an exceptional but short-lived event:
- As of now, the Armageddon pack will be at the one-off price of 320 Credits
- For 2 Armageddon packs, you'll unlock a pack full of all kinds of Prismatic cards, with the chance of also getting your hands on a random CR !
As well as this, there'll be several Black Markets to craft cards, which will be more than generous over this 3-day SALE, so stay tuned!
As an exception, Ultra General and Ultra Guru can temporarily be found in the ARMAGEDDON pack with a TRIPLE drop rate and a X60 battle point boost, available as of now!
PLEASE NOTE: getting them will be the key to the 3rd ULTRA! ! !
Happy gaming to you all!
A diabolical AI is prowling around the Free Fight, Tournament, EFC and Survivor rooms...
Knock it out and get THE NEW ULTRA CARD, available now! You have 72 hours to try to lay your hands on it!
Happy gaming!


Miss 2022 - Part 2 2022-10-04 00:05:01

Hello everyone!
The FINAL stage of the Miss contest is launched today!
Your votes have singled out the following 8 candidates:
Zet, Farell, Rainbow, Leiza, Taka, Cusaghi, Malle, El Arcoiris
These 8 contestants have a x60 XP boost during the next 2 weeks!
To determine the winner, starting today, they will face each other in 1v1 fights in a two-part final stage.
Part 1: quarter-finals, this week
Every day, Adventure missions will require that you win 10 fights using the clan of each selected candidate. If you complete a contestant's mission, you give her your vote.
For every 1v1 encounter, the candidate with the most votes by the end of the week will be qualified for the semi-finals. The 1v1 will go as follows:
Zet vs Malle
Rainbow vs Taka
Farell vs El Arcoiris
Leiza vs Cusaghi
The missions of each candidate do not make you earn any Mission points, and grant you only 1 symbolical clintz each. This means that there is no point in trying to carry them all out. On the other hand, the “Daily Votes” missions grant you the following rewards every day:
1 vote (10 fights won) = 5 common cards + 5 Mission points
2 votes (20 fights won) = 4 uncommon cards + 10 Mission points
3 votes (30 fights won) = 2 rare cards + 15 Mission points
4 votes (40 fights won) = 3 rare cards + 20 Mission points
Every day, a summary post will be pinned to the Spot. It will allow you to follow every candidate's progress in this election.
Part 2: semi-final and final, next week
The semi-finalists will compete in a short standard community Event in 1v1, in which you will have to inflict damage with their respective clans.
The victorious semi-finalists will then compete in the final in the same community Event format.
More information on these community Events and their rewards will be given next week.
Happy gaming everyone, and may the most charismatic lady win!


Hello everyone!
Brief weekly report: we are working on the next game update which will include a large portion of optimization and a fair share of improvements on the battle scene (display of clan bonuses will be restored, among other things! )
The following update will mark the return of the Club chat, emoticons chat and battles in real time (with an overview of the opponent's cards), as well as mission progress displayed in the result window...
This last update is scheduled for November!
Pending the first update, we present the 4 last fighters of September:
#Kardashinkoff: the ex-commando called in for reinforcement by a La Junta who is not about to give in.
Quest: the Junkz Laser Quest champion!
El Toucan: the soft-hearted Huracan who allowed himself to be overwhelmed by Pillz and Clintz!
Bebeboa: the fan of the Oblivion clan, mostly obsessed by “the one who will save us all” - Tyres!
Happy gaming, everyone!


Collection rankings 2022-09-27 16:11:01

Hello everyone,
Here's a little update regarding your Collection rankings!
After some thought, we have decided to simplify the last 2 ranks currently in place by removing 2 prerequisites that are not directly related to the Collection, i.e. the player's LEVEL and their SENIORITY in the game.
From now on, it will be as simple as for the rest:
The Supreme rank = Eternal + 10% of the Prismatic collection
The Absolute rank = Supreme + 50% of the Prismatic collection
Happy gaming, everyone!


And the winner is… 2022-09-26 16:08:01

Phil (">-Miguel Alves) is the big winner of the Summer Cashprize 2022, he wins €1200, Ultra Guru and Ultra Guru Prisma!
A big congratulations to him and to the other finalists of the event:
Sanguin (">-SanGuin) finishes 2nd, he wins €500, Ultra Guru and Ultra General Prisma!
Miguel (">Phil_Nolove) finishes 3rd, he wins €200, Ultra Guru and Genesis Prisma!
Gunner (">Happy Player) finishes 4th and wins €100 and Ultra Guru!
Bone (">PUB_Bone), Seb (">CoachSebastien), Aaron (">0_AAR) and Olive (">Olive855) made it to the final event.
All finalists win Ultra General and Genesis.
If you missed it, here is the final stream: Sanguin vs Phil
See you soon for new competitive events!


It's MattMoro week! 2022-09-26 12:03:02

Hello Clint City,
If you've ever admired Tyres' dynamic pose or the lighting effects of the new Merweiss Cr card, then you no doubt enjoy MattMoro's work!
That's good, so do we!
How about we play one or other of his characters and dazzle a few of our opponents?
For the release of MattMoro's latest NB this Friday, this week embark on a special adventure and get a x60 XP boost with Blast, Oriold, McLain, Merweiss Cr, Kate and Tyres!
Happy gaming, everyone!


Season 82 EFC 2022-09-26 11:01:02

Hi Everyone,
GG ">0 Saber!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 26/09
End date: 09/10
Added to the banlist: Death Wing, Lizbeth Mt, Leone Cr, Rattus, Arno
New semi-evos will be created again next season.
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Ultra Guru
Happy gaming!


Pack price adjustment 2022-09-23 09:59:01

Clint City, hello!
We're taking advantage of the mobile update to make some adjustments to the price of credits and pack content.
The price of the Credits differed between the computer/web and mobile versions. This difference was because of the commissions taken by the various platforms.
So, to ensure mobile players no longer feel cheated, we've chosen to align all prices with those on the web, which were the cheapest.
Here are the packages now available everywhere:
25 Credits = €1.09
215 Crédits = €7.99
305 Crédits = €10.99
630 Crédits = €21.99
1620 Crédits = €54.99
3340 Crédits = €109.99
Regarding the card packs, some packs were less beneficial than they should have been. So, we've made some changes to the Titanium and Armageddon packs.
Titanium: 32 cards -> 34 cards
Armageddon: 62 cards -> 65 cards
The drop rate of rare cards will be automatically updated.
Their prices remain unchanged.


Miss CC 2022! 2022-09-21 12:57:01

Hello Clint City,
Despite the apocalypse, some habits die hard, which means that, this year again, you will get the chance to elect the new Miss Clint City!
Please forgive the female Titans and Oculus who are far too busy tearing down Clint City to take part this year. Naliah and Maana, also caught up with their responsibilities, were unable to enter the competition.
Here are the stages of this election:
From now until October 3rd, you can vote for your favorite female character under this link:
Next, the TOP 8 candidates will be retained and will compete in 1Vs1 short community events from October 3rd.
Additional information on these community events, their dates and awards will be announced shortly.
Happy gaming everyone and may the best gal win!


Tourney week: Banlist+Adventure 2022-09-21 12:03:01

Hi Everyone,
Discover a new Tourney Adventure here:
Tourney Type 1
Added to the banlist: Harston, Ultra Guru, Ultra General, Casagrande, Tyres, Ali, Maana 2097, Zumrut
Tourney Type 2
Added to the banlist: Ultra Guru, Ultra General, Casagrande, Tyres, Ali, Maana 2097, Zumrut
Happy gaming!


LAST SEASON BEFORE... 2022-09-21 10:03:01

Hi Everyone,
Season 5 will take place from September 21 through November 20. A shortened duration as, for us, this is a transition season to a new system of seasoning and rewards.
There'll be no Battle Pass or secret missions this season. However, you will be able to unlock some additional adventures by purchasing a pack or BM (with no mission points to earn), and there'll be more Daily missions to reward the most enthusiastic players among you.
We're also going to create more thematic weeks with associated XP boosts and adventures. Here's the schedule for this content:
Contents of Season 5
These are the new features that await you for the mission season from September 21 to November 20!
This is only a brief overview of the season, other surprises (BM, bots, temporary modes...) may well arrive as and when.
Season bonus: over the entire season, during the Miss contest, all the already elected Misses have a x30 XP boost!
September 21-25
Tourney Week, new ban list and 1 Tourney Adventure
September 26-October 2
MattMoro's week, new MattMoro NB card release!
Adventure and BP boost on some of his characters
October: Ultra Unlock, part 3!
October 3-16
Miss contest: communautary events!
Adventures and BP boost on miss candidates
October 17-23
Reworking of Leaders and Oculus Survivor
Adventure and BP boost for modified Leaders and Oculus cards
October 24-31
Halloween Coliseum, with 1 Adventure Coliseum and special Halloween Daily missions
November: Ultra Unlock, part 4!
November 1-6
Permanent modification of 4 old cards for Survivor mode (after the community vote)
November 7-20
Baldovino's Prank: 2 theme weeks with a change of format to EFC and Survivor modes
1 EFC Adventure and 1 Survivor Adventure
Bonus: for the end of season, all mission point wins will be tripled!
The end-of-season rewards for mission rankings are as follows:
1-10°: 2 common Prisma + 1 uncommon Prisma + 1 rare Prisma + 1 Collector Prisma + 10 commons + 10 uncommons + 10 rares + 3 Cr + 3 Exclusive cards
11-25°: 1 common Prisma + 1 uncommon Prisma + 5 commons + 5 uncommons + 5 rares + 2 Cr + 1 Exclusive card
26-100°: 1 common Prisma + 4 commons + 4 uncommons + 4 rares + 1 Cr
101-250°: 1 common Prisma + 3 commons + 3 uncommons + 3 rares + 1 Cr
251-500°: 2 commons + 2 uncommons + 2 rares + 1 Cr
501-1000°: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare + 1 Cr
1001-2500°: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare
Happy gaming!


Endora's Cauldron is the focus of much desire these days... The old witch is facing pressure from the Oculus, but also from Robert Cobb, who believes the cauldron is, no less, the key to saving Clint City! And as if that wasn't enough, Endora's powers are constantly being called upon by the Nightmare clan who are constantly on the lookout for more souls or monsters to resurrect. But now Endora's had enough and has decided to leave the city, taking her cauldron with her. Her aim is to find a quiet corner where she can once again focus on what she does best: poisons...
Belladone, a former client of Endora, takes this opportunity to leave town and replenish her supplies. Because what could be better than magic poisons for a discreet and traceless eradication? Especially when you're wanted by an even more violent and unstoppable Dark Copper! At the other end of Clint City, two tragedies are looming. The Oblivion already knew from observing Alter Ld's behavior that the days of two iconic Clint City figures were numbered.
He's seen and experienced everything. He's lost loved ones and helped generations of students become the best versions of themselves. And now the only person who knew him as a child - the dark wizard Waldegrin - has turned the Academy into a dangerous and inhospitable place. But before dying of old age, Caelus Cr bequeaths the Seven Stones of Retention to Andy Ld, so the child can unleash his powers on the dark wizards.
Jackie Cr was always the first lady of Clint City, maybe even its queen. Her charisma and presence have made her a symbol of the city, in spite of her total lack of technological, biological or magical enhancements. No one, not even the Oculus, has ever dared go after her. And for good reason: Clint City audiences took her to their hearts long ago ever since discovering her on TV and well before the appearance of Gail or Rodsey's shows. Long live the Queen!
Endora, Belladonna, Caelus, Jackie are blocked from the Market from 19 September and will return on 23 September. Endora and Belladonna will be available in the shop's packs but Caelus and Jackie will no longer be distributed. The cards officially change status as of September 26.
Happy gaming to you all!


Hi Everyone,
We're currently working on the combat and more specifically on the visual feedback of what happens during fights. As the game has complexifies over time, this is an important step in giving it more clarity.
We've also reintroduced the possibility of lining up fights from the result screen and entering the event room. Everything is available as soon as Google and Apple validate the update!
Finally, the Miss contest officially starts next Tuesday. There'll be the official vote followed by a series of small events!
But now, make way for our 4 new challengers:
Cusaghi: a respectable Montana who shouldn't have been wound up (artwork by Frank Calicò)
Bertung: an angry environmentalist who should never have stayed over at the Berzerk Motel (artwork by MikeyComix)
Ponpon Kat: the Saudi cat perfectly tamed by the Raptors (illustration by Patrick Macchi)
McMaster: the All Stars card in tribute to the winners of the 2022 Community Cup, congratulations to them all! (artwork by JCorgie)
Happy gaming to you all (beware of the Black Market)!


Summer CashPrize Final 2022-09-12 15:04:02

Hello Clint City,
The EFC competition has been in full swing this summer, and here are the 8 finalists for the Summer Cashprize 2022: Final Event:
Phil (">-Miguel Alves)
Bone (">PUB_Bone)
Seb (">CoachSebastien)
Miguel (">Phil_Nolove)
Aaron (">Gunner tier)
Gunner (">Happy Player)
Sanguin (">-SanGuin)
Olive (">Olive855)
All 8 have qualified for the final event, a knockout cup, whose table of matches is listed below.
This event will be broadcast and commented on Mini Macho's Twitch channel.
Information about the dates of the meets will be posted on the Spot very soon.
Good luck to the finalists and may the best one win!


Season 81 EFC (Deban wave) 2022-09-12 11:07:01

Hi Everyone,
GG ">-Miguel Alves!
The Summer Cashprize 2022 finals announcement is coming soon!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 12/09
End date: 25/09
Did you enjoy the cashprize? Well then, stay in EFC because there's an air of nostalgia sweeping through the mode! Today, a whole host of cards, particularly the old school ones, are exceptionally unbanned. These changes won't make the clans more balanced, but they will allow you to rediscover cards that have contributed to the game's illustrious history! These characters will almost certainly be banned again after a few weeks, but if any of them work out in EFC, they might just get to stick around! Here's the list of the unbanned characters:
Hans Spinner, Beeboy Mt, Rattus, Death Wing, Alastor Cr, Bogdan, Kuai Liang, Draheera, Comanche, Mjollnirah, Noctezumama, Fowl, Fuzz, Duygu, Ed 13 Cr, Ambre, Leone Cr, Cutey, Tinomor, Lizbeth Mt, Diana, ImperaSloane Cr, Campbell, Hammerlock, Arno, Ahseya, Redfield, Schredder, Nereus, Herman, Balixto
All these cards have a BP x30 bonus in EFC, Free Fight and Training for the duration of this season.
As no Oblivion was unbanned, we exceptionally removed Wez from the player bans.
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Ultra General
Happy gaming!


Coliseum: Cashprize Format 2022-09-05 17:07:01

Dear Clint City, the new Coliseum is here!
Discover the format from the Summer Cashprize 2022 finals in this Coliseum!
Start date: 05/09
End date: 09/09, 17:00 GMT+2
Best rewards:
1st: Ultra General
1st-3rd: Dark Vixen
Top 10: Casagrande
Discover 2 new Coliseum adventures here:
24*, balanced biclan.
No semi-evo/double/Leader.
All Stars – Striker Cr Induren Nathan Mulligan Pastaga Bol Marmalady
Bangers – Blaaster Cr Vermyn N Tasty Tast Randal Farell Doug Snop B Ball
Berzerk – Elvis Gaines Granny May Roger Reino Miloz Leopold
Fang Pi Clang – Fei Cr Heitachi Shifou Sando Kamekun Tenac Kurishen Sensei
GHEIST – Methane Hriger Leviatonn ARN 2000 Bio-Globumm Arkn Z3r0 D34d
GhosTown – Ford Rony Bones Bambino Doc Ollie Dezba Fork Joe Dizzy Vulture
Hive – Lumia Blaame Miyo Nebula RgX Pilum Maa-IA Oon Noel
Jungo – Bros Bridge Cindy Aisha Rodney Jean SnailMan
Junkz – Qubik Adriane Ibanez Romana Cr June Flanagan Veenyle Mt
Komboka – Pavam Cr Anne Derya Rhizom Milla Jagan Anan Mavi
La Junta – Brianna Bryan Mt Chiyoko Star Mutt Glover Natasha IronPod
Montana – Baresco Desmond Mona Cr Santistebana Ottavia Angelo Mimmo
Nightmare – Oshitsune Glorg Pan Crowen Bulza Cr Gorgon Karconte
Piranas – Raeth Raskal Jo Ector Langren Hawkins Cr Sooko Cr
Raptors – Faiza Quinzel Devolver Shaker Annie Mim Maya
Roots – Tuck Bakko Curlix Impudicus Kalumet Fungus Treeman
Sakrohm – Shamurxxt Petra Murray Ngrath Lonerganxxt Aleister Oxo
Sentinel – Cyborg Jakson Carmen Earl Melvin Westwood Fletcher
Skeelz – Galactea Kephren Wan Arantxa Chiara Cr Gosalyn Beck & Nena
Ulu Watu – Wee Lee Numar Mojita Shaun Fuzzy June Mango Turner
Uppers – Kazayan Maurice Rubie Christelle Kunk Blingxxt Dr Six
For more infos, check the Coliseum page.
Happy gaming to you all!


Guru is back, as ULTRA 2022-09-05 11:53:02

Hello Clint City, today there is a new thematic pack in the shop!
It is available right now in the shop on the web and mobile, and will be active for 72 hours.


URbanverse and company! 2022-09-02 10:58:01

Hi Everyone,
Here we go again for one and all and even Clint City!
As you may have noticed, there's a big bug preventing the new app from being played correctly but we're working hard on it and a fix is coming soon to sort it out.
Thank you for your loyalty and patience; we'll do everything we can to put this problem behind us!
By the way, the community event that will finally unveil the identity of the second ULTRA card in the game starts today, so get your best decks ready. This time it will be about winning lives to unlock clues!
Now, let's move on to the 4 challengers for the new UR school year:
Pommeau: the Sentinel inspector from the "silver" dimension! (artwork by Ples)
Tinomor: the traumatized Jungo taken in hand by the Paradox (artwork by JCorgie)
Wiper: the Oblivion pest controller, who's an ace in his field! (artwork by Djetoblster)
Hydrant: the rehabilitated automaton who the Rescue fire brigade can't do without (second part by Frank Calicò)
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 80 EFC (Cashprize 4/4) 2022-08-29 11:00:02

Hi Everyone,
GG ">PUB_Bone!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 29/08
End date: 11/09
Semi evo nerfed: Chloe 3*, Ojibway 3*, Ector 2*
EFC Bonus removed: Dounia Mt, Tessa Mt, Tomoe
EFC Bonus +2 added: Bengal
EFC Bonus +5 added: Praxie, Thomy
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
Weifang 2* (8/2), 3* (8/3) and 4* (8/4)
Lennox 4* (6/6, Asymmetry)
Tsuka 2* (7/2) and 3* (7/3)
Kunk 2* (7/3, Symmetry)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Ultra General
Happy gaming!


New TALENT! 2022-08-19 10:51:01

Clint City, hello!
As you can see, the new app has been released. This is an opportunity for us to thank you for the massive downloads and to tell you that a patch with fixes and lots of new features is coming soon!
You've also unlocked the first ULTRA GENERAl divine fighter. Nice one!
The rest will come in September.
Now, let's make some noise for our 4 new challengers:
Masbulla: the future little Free Fight champion spotted by Solomon, Bangers style! (artwork by Terenard)
Sling: the ingenious little Riots tinkerer (artwork by Madchewi)
Blackfin: the incorrigible bully from the Piranas team (artwork by Mikeycomix)
Ali: the intimidating Oblivion bounty hunter, created by Frank Calicó, our new Urban Rivals illustrator!
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 79 EFC (Cashprize 3/4) 2022-08-15 11:09:01

Hi Everyone,
GG ">CoachSebastien!
Cancer deck [1409]
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 15/08
End date: 28/08
Added to the banlist: Daqun, Fischer
EFC Bonus removed: Kang, Belgosi, Wesley
EFC Bonus +2 added: Anita
EFC Bonus +5 added: Stenmark, Dounia Mt
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
McNeal 3* (7/4, Reprisal: Damage+3)
Miss Stella 3* (6/5) and 4* (7/5)
Peeler 4* (7/6, -3 opp Damage min 3)
Nahema 4* (6/7, Asymmetry) !
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Ultra General
Happy gaming!


Ultra general 2022-08-14 10:24:01

Hello Clint City, today there is a new thematic pack in the shop! Theme: ULTRA GODS It is available right now in the shop on the web and mobile, and will be active for 72 hours. Enjoy!
And you could also find a brand new card... Dark Vixen!


Ultra general 2022-08-12 11:03:02

Hello Clint City, today there is a new thematic pack in the shop!
It is available right now in the shop on the web and mobile, and will be active for 72 hours.
And you could also find a brand new card... Dark Vixen!


MOBILE 2022-08-08 14:26:01

Hi Everyone!
We're delighted to present you with the new mobile app available:
- for Android on:
- for Apple on:
Happy gaming to you all!


Every end has a beginning. 2022-08-06 16:33:02

In 2021 you discovered the Oculus, and their subordonates from the GOVERNMENT.
With this darkest clan you finally saw the eye of GENESIS, the most dangerous of the 7 Titans.
But where do they come from?
How can we put back GENESIS in their dimensional prison?
Who is Kate? Who is Tyres? Are they connected?
Too many questions, so for now, let's stick to a simple plan:
PHASE ONE: Build an ULTRA GODS team to stop the Titan's chaos
PHASE TWO: Trap Genesis
PHASE THREE: Find the Equilibrium protector
And start a new era...
Let's embark on the EPIC final straight to a 17-year storyline end !


The 4 new challengers are here! 2022-08-05 10:45:02

Hi Everyone!
A big community event is coming up on Monday and you're going to have a run for your money finding out just who this first divine fighter is!
But in the meantime, here are Friday's 4 new reinforcements:
Zippy: the dreaded little protégé of the Jungo mafia (artwork by Djetoblaster)
Wez: the much-loved fishmonger, but above all, formidable Oblivion swordsman (artwork by Jcorgie)
Vact: the ugly little bug that escaped from a GHEIST surgery (illustration by Ples)
Saguaro: the peaceful little Roots' lizard! (artwork by Furby)
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 78 EFC (Cashprize 2/4) 2022-08-01 11:09:01

Hi Everyone,
GG ">-Miguel Alves!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 01/08
End date: 14/08
Added to the banlist: Rahi Sledon, Troompah
Oculus buffed: Dark Vansaar, Alekperov
Oculus nerfed: Dark Smokey, Dark Sentogan
Semi-evo modified: Fischer
Ld nerfed: Lois Ld
EFC Bonus removed: George, Ralph, Flush, Aisha
EFC Bonus +2 added: Cindy
EFC Bonus +5 added: Felicia, Kati, Norman
Modified cards (with x60 BP boost on these 5 cards, until the end of the season):
Aigwon Noel
Card changes! Explanations
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Dark Vixen
Happy gaming!


Mid-Season 77 EFC Banlist 2022-07-25 11:09:01

Hi Everyone,
EFC Bonus removed: Sasl Lovelace
EFC Bonus +5 added: Archie
Semi evo nerfed: Bloodh Cr, Memento
Semi evo buffed: Queller
Happy gaming!


Hot, cold, diabolical! 2022-07-22 10:49:02

Clint City, hello!
We're still working on the app. We want to offer you the very best but we're close to a first release in early August with the RIFT mode finally playable for all, and with a tutorial!
A lot of optimizations have also been done so that the game can be played on a maximum of devices (that said, on iPhone 4, it starts to sting).
On top of that, you have the EFC CashPrize (streamers will be able to enjoy the new app) and a community event is coming up next week to introduce you to a new feature!
But now, make way for the 4 new fighters:
Harston: new friend of Tiwi, the fearsome Frozn Yeti (artwork by Grelin)
Emel: a young Komboka with soon to be not very reduced mobility... (artwork by Grelin)
Diabolus: a diabolical but very cute Nightmare kid! (Artwork by Madchewi)
Calitira: the new badass Oblivion fighter (artwork by Jcordié)
Happy gaming


Season 77 EFC (Cashprize 1/4) 2022-07-18 11:01:02

Hi Everyone,
GG ">PUB_Bone!
Pompei (1336)
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 18/07
End date: 31/07
EFC Bonus removed: Sando, Bethelbert, Kerima
EFC Bonus +2 added: Tomoe
EFC Bonus +5 added: Farman, Ceida Cr
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
Sando 2* (6/3)
Revok 3* (7/4)
Bethelbert 3* (7/4)
Kerima 3* (7/4)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Genesis
Happy gaming!


UR WORLD CASHPRIZE 2022-07-15 09:25:01

Hello Clint City,
The much-awaited Summer CashPrize is making its comeback, with a brand-new formula!
This is how it will work:
Qualifying stage - EFC
From July 18 to September 11, there'll be 4 EFC seasons the aim of which will be to attain the best possible ranking. Using the same point system as the previous CashPrize, your final rankings over the 4 seasons will be added up and the top 8 players will qualify for the final stage. In the event of a tie on the CashPrize leaderboard, we'll choose the player with the highest score over the entire competition.
Final stage - Event
The 8 qualified players will compete in a single elimination event, with a simplified WOP format and a Clan draft system.
Before each match, you'll have to choose the 6 Clans you can play from the 21 playable in this format. You'll then see which Clans your opponent has chosen and can ban 3 cards from your opponent's 6 Clans.
The quarter-finals and semi-finals will be decided by 2 winning sets (best of 3) of 5 winning games (best of 9) each. Whereas the third-place play off and final will be decided by 3 winning sets (best of 5) of 5 winning games (best of 9). You'll have to change at least one of your Clans between each set and are strictly forbidden from changing your Deck during the same set.
The final prizes will be as follows:
1st: €1, 200
2nd: €500
3rd: €200
4th: €100
All those finishing in the top 8 will receive a series of Prismatic cards as well as Top Player ranking.
To find out more about this event, follow player: 28469642. The exact format, rewards and schedule will be announced soon on Spot.
So, you don't think you have a chance of winning?
Don't worry, adventures of varying difficulties will be available so you can take part in the competition, whatever your level! Fortnight EFC missions will also have increased rewards throughout the 4 EFC seasons, so you'll be motivated to outdo yourself!
Happy gaming and good luck to you all!


Let's get straight to the point. This is going to be an exceptional but short-lived event:
- As of now, the Armageddon pack will be at the one-off price of 320 Credits
- For 2 Armageddon packs, you'll unlock a pack full of all kinds of Prismatic cards, with the chance of also getting your hands on a random CR !
As well as this, there'll be several Black Markets to craft cards, which will be more than generous over this 3-day SALE, so stay tuned!
For the event, Otium, Genesis, Veles, Zumrut, Griffonmor and Casagrande all have a X3 drop rate and, and as of now, ALL TITANS (Ymirah Mt and Behemot Cr) have a X60 Battle point boost!
Happy gaming to you all!
Casagrande's officially putting down roots in town.
Find this Herculean character in the Elite pack (with a triple drop rate for 72 hours) from NOW.
She is also available in the Titanium and Armageddon packs NOW
Enjoy and happy gaming!


SPECIAL SUMMER WEEK 2022-07-11 10:03:02

Be sure to be at the ready for all the details of this year's summer sales, kicking off TOMORROW morning!
And in the meantime, happy gaming to you all!


Minstrel, nuggets and street art! 2022-07-08 10:56:02

Hello Clint City,
The new basis of the UR WORLD app is finally here. Now, we're just waiting on Google and Apple to approve it. This could take a while but we're optimistic!
Once validated, the game will be updated on a regular basis over the coming months, the objective being to be able to do everything from this app (something that was unthinkable with our previous structures).
This app is under development because we've rebuilt EVERYTHING from scratch to have a solid base (the soft-reboot was also done with this in mind) on which to graft everything we need!
Now, let's move on to a date that hasn't changed - the arrival of the 4 New Bloods:
- Olek: beggar of the nebulous Oblivion turned graffiti artist
- Fateh: the senile great pharaoh R... head of the Paradox nugget!
- MFK: the Uppers' whipping boy, who's nevertheless a djembe drumming genius
- Buf00n: the Hive minstrel of the future, providing a little light relief after all the fighting!
Happy gaming to you all!


The 7 Titans Reunited 2022-07-04 11:26:02

The arrival of the last titan sows panic in all the citizens, who every day dread the great fight between the 7 titans which risks to destroy their city... And while many characters leave Clint City to avoid the oncoming disasters, three heroes do so for altogether other reasons!
Pavam has only ever seen it with one eye, but she's sure of one thing: the Uppers' emerald that protects Zumrut is of Komboka origin! This jewel born in the volcanic rock of the island, which she learned to sculpt as a child, does not belong in the hands of rich thieves! So feeling suitably enraged, Grandma Komboka leaves Clint City to track down a famous adventurer who passed through Komboka Island just a few years ago and goes by the name of Florida Jane!
Bristone is confused. If she is indeed a Sentinel double agent undercover with the GHEIST, how can she fight the number one threat to her clan: the Montana titan, Casagrande? And if the GHEIST is really a top-secret division of the Sentinel, why did Edmund buy so many weapons from notorious criminal Leone? Might she actually be a triple agent of the Montana, infiltrating the Sentinel to investigate the GHEIST, and thus helping her clan? Mired in confusion, Bristone goes in search of Copper who must know more about her case...
Enigma is certainly the clan leader with the biggest ego in town: he won't be happy until the whole of Clint City is his Museum. It is therefore totally unacceptable for our funeral god to see 7 clans get a titan, but not his own! Furious, Enigma leaves to find Pandemos, his huge pet monster who disappeared after slaughtering Kolos and Mechakolos.
Our three heroes are no longer available on the Market until July 7th.
You'll only find them in the packs with a triple drop rate for the occasion
They'll be back in their new COLLECTOR rarity from Monday, July 11th. From then on, you'll be able to get them on the Market, in Missions or if you reach the top of the game rankings!
Happy gaming!


Season 76 EFC 2022-07-04 11:08:02

Hi Everyone,
GG ">Phil_NoLove!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 04/07
End date: 17/07
Semi-evo modified: Dragomer Ayaren
EFC Bonus removed: Ratchek, Marlysa Mt, Elendir
EFC Bonus +2 added: Sando, Celsius
EFC Bonus +5 added: Oakley
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
Garrik 2* (6/3, Asymmetry)
Ratchek 2* (7/2)
Powaqa 2* (6/3)
Torth 4* (7/6)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Casagrande
Happy gaming!


LD & Kate 2022-06-30 11:11:01

Clint City, hello!
The Prismatics have been in town for a while now, but some of them are hardly ever around, namely the Legendary Prismatics.
Apart from appearing in BM rewards in amongst other Prismatic cards, they were previously inaccessible.
But now, you can unlock them with CRAFT BMs.
Like the BMs "X MT = 1 Prismatic MT", you can now sell your LDs to Kate to unlock Prismatic LDs.
To allow you to carry out these BMs, we've made it possible for you to sell LDs to Kate only.
You can also own SEVERAL copies of the same LD card. Very soon, the Arcade will be integrated into The Rift to allow you to farm them!
Happy gaming to you all!


Tyres is AVAILABLE ! 2022-06-28 15:50:02

Tyres is now available in the Elite, Titanium & Armageddon pack!
Good luck and happy gaming to you all!


The Rift Update 2022-06-28 14:14:01

Hello Clint City!
In 2 days, we're going to carry out an update to The Rift, which is still in BETA.
This is what will change:
- Arenas added (Freaks & All Stars)
- The camp and Leader station are now separated
- Borgia's Palace added. You can now spend your rewards along the way
- At the end, you can also spend your rewards in installments. A warning message will appear if you try to leave the game without spending everything.
- Rift Tutorial (EN & FR for now)
- Balancing
On the balancing side, some adjustments have been made:
Minimum Damage score per duel won: goes from 20 to 30
Minimum draw size: goes from 0 to 1 (during certain Fogs)
Eklore, drop rate of rare Perks: goes from x1.3 to x1.15
Shield Perks: -25% value (for example, goes from 80 to 60 for the common version)
Guardians 3 Bonus: goes from +50 Shields if defeated to +30 shields if defeated
Guardians 6 Bonus: goes from +50 Lives and Max Lives if defeated to +30 Lives and Max Lives
When the update is rolled out, ALL stored rewards will be deleted.
We therefore strongly encourage you to spend your rewards BEFOREHAND.
As a reminder, you can access the reward spending screen either by losing or by quitting the game in the options.
See you soon in The Rift!


Deliveries for BORGIA'S PALACE 2022-06-28 10:54:02

The Montana have a new secret weapon too.
And it has been given free accommodation at Borgia's Palace, that's been specially redesigned in its honor...
So, what exactly is it? There's talk of the last of the 7 titans and just to be sure, Tyres has decided to pay the palace a visit!
But the mafiosi intend to make the most of this. To get through the door at Borgia's, Tyres will have to collect goods for them from 3 pick-up points in the area.
Every time you take part in a fight, you win Clintz.
And it's these accumulated Clintz that you'll use to move Tyres to the various delivery points.
Each delivery point reached by Tyres guarantees you a reward, multiplied by 2 at the second point and 3 at the third.
The last point is Borgia's Palace where the surprise, for all those finishing in the TOP 10 of the ranking table, is hidden!
First CheckPoint at GYRO: The equivalent of a DAILY BOX EFC Tower for the first 300
Second CheckPoint at the GRANDE HOTEL: The equivalent of a DAILY BOX Polit Arena for the first 200
Third CheckPoint in the DONNIE limousine: The equivalent of a DAILY BOX Z Palace for the first 100
Borgia's Palace by CASAGRANDE: 1 mystery character for the TOP 10 and the Prismatic version for the 1st of the ranking
Happy racing to you all!


Mission Season Reset 2022-06-27 15:50:02

Clint City, hello!
During the changeover to the new season, a problem occurred where, for some players, the points from the last Seasonal missions were counted on the old season AND the new one.
In the interest of fairness between players, we will again reset the Mission rankings TOMORROW.
Your "new" points will be the cumulative points of completed AND still visible Missions as of tomorrow.
Nothing will be counted twice; if you completed the current Missions before the reset, your points will still count.
The completion status of the Missions will remain unchanged.
Happy season to you all!


Music, Insects and Merchandize! 2022-06-24 10:52:02

Clint City, hello!
As you can see, it's the new season of Missions and the return of the CashPrize to up the competitive feel even more!
On our side of things, we're still working on the new UR WORLD mobile app so you can finally play The Rift (with its many improvements and fixes).
And finally, a new community event is coming up next week so a fun time can be had by all!
But now, let's make way for the 4 new challengers:
Gibus - the Oblivion merchant (artwork by Mikeycomix)
Gosalyn - the insect whisperer and old Skeelz loon (artwork by Fudgegrafik)
El Cazador - the luchador fan of budget blades for Huracan underground shows (artwork by JCorgie)
Mozaert - the new buzz on the Junkz soundwaves (artwork by Madchewi)
Happy gaming to you all!


Tyres is in the Elite packs 2022-06-22 10:02:02

To celebrate the arrival of Tyres in the Elite packs, we're offering you a X3 drop rate on our clan's boss! Over to you now!


Alter Ld 2022-06-21 18:03:01

Find the little shape-shifter in an Adventure MISSION now!
Happy gaming!
Enjoy the festival of music and have a wonderful summer! !


Outcome of the Wars! 2022-06-21 13:47:01

Clint City, hello!
After 3 months, the Clubz war season finally came to a close yesterday with ""La Congrégation de l'Ombre"" walking away victorious. A big well done to them!
For 24 hours, they'll receive all the proceeds from Kate's Market tax.
As a result of your feedback, we realized a number of changes were needed to make the Clubz wars a more fun gaming experience.
But as you know, we're a small team and currently have to prioritise the development side of things. The transition to World is eating up a huge chunk of our time this summer and, as a result, we don't want to rush through hasty changes to the Clubz wars.
So, we're going to take our time to reflect on the various changes needed to make things more fun and, in terms of prizes, transparent. We'll get back to you on this when the update is up and ready to go.
In the meantime, it's all happening in Clint City over the next few weeks!
Happy gaming to you all!


Clint City Summer Missions 2022-06-21 11:07:01

Dear Clint City,
The 4th season of missions kicks off today!
And ends on September 21st at midnight (GMT +2).
This season will follow the same format as the previous one, with a number of new features!
Small reminder: during this summer season, you can complete a variety of temporary missions to pocket some extra rewards of your choice.
On the program:
- 3 DAILY missions to win small prizes, +1 DAILY mission in the Rift or Memories
- FORTNIGHT (bi-monthly) missions including 7 Legendary missions with each New Blood release, 5 missions to accompany your progress in each ranked mode, and 1 secret mission (see below for more info)
- Sets of varied ADVENTURE missions to get hold of the most recent exclusive cards, amongst other things
- A SPECIAL mission per clan
- As a bonus, BLACK MARKET missions and flash missions at a variable rate
- BASE missions that will be permanently available.
The changes:
- The secret missions will appear in the FORTNIGHT tab. Every second Wednesday, there'll be a new objective for you to guess. The name of the mission will give you a clue! Once you've come up with the answer, carry out the mission and don't forget to tell your friends!
- As well as the usual weekly adventures, a seasonal adventure (Summer Battle Pass) will accompany you over these 3 months, awarding you never seen before prizes. To unlock this seasonal adventure, you must buy two ARMAGEDDON packs in the Shop. Once you've carried out this purchase, you'll have access to a new mission every week. You have until September 21st to complete all these missions, one by one. There are 12 in all! The rewards feature: Zumrut Prismatic, Tyres Prismatic, Dark Fridlia Prisma, the exclusive end of season Prismatic card and much, much more!
- To help you and make things clearer, we've simplified the clans' Seasonal missions: from now on, there'll only be one mission per clan. The prizes will stay the same.
- Characters linked to the summer theme will appear more often in the Daily missions!
- A vote will take place to permanently change the stats of a few slightly neglected characters. The characters you've chosen will have their own special adventure!
The season will end with the arrival of a mysterious hooded character, who will be awarded to those placed in the top 10 of the ranking table!
Happy missions to you all!


Season 75 EFC 2022-06-20 11:09:01

Hi Everyone,
GG ">0_AAR!
Fairplay is back (1382)!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 20/06
End date: 03/07
Removed from the banlist: Troompah
EFC Bonus removed: Odile, Loocio, Leonaparte
EFC Bonus +2 added: Divus
EFC Bonus +5 added: Jalil, Juicy Lord
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
Pride 2* (8/2) and 3* (8/4)
Trixie 2* (5/4)
Ford 3* (7/4, min 2)
Schaap 3* (7/4)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Tyres
Happy gaming!


Jump through time with MEMORIES! 2022-06-14 13:56:02

And what if we jumped into the meta of 2010?
This is now possible in the PVP room called MEMORIES!
In this archive room, the format is pretty simple: 25 stars max and only cards released before 2011.
And from time to time, temporal randoms will change the years available in the room.
This mode is only currently available on WebGL 3D for testing purposes.
You'll also be able to carry out missions in this mode. But these missions won't earn you any mission points so as to keep things fair with mobile and steam players.
See you soon in the MEMORIES room!


Infinity Snake! 2022-06-14 10:51:01

He's here!
The Oblivion boss is now available in his special ""INFINITY PACK"".
If you get him, be sure to keep hold of him as he'll be key to getting your hands on a new and even darker character...
Tyres will then be availabe in the ELITE pack on 22 June, and next in the TITANIUM and ARMAGEDDON packs on 28 June.
Happy gaming to you all!


Totems, Medicine and Oblivion! 2022-06-10 10:51:02

Hello Clint City,
We're still in a transition phase in terms of the app interfaces, its optimization and intensive testing!
We realize that for you this probably seems like a long process, but it's totally necessary for a game that's over 16 years old!
And for the nostalgic among you, never fear... As of Monday, there'll be something for you too on webGL 3D...
We won't give anything else away, but we're pretty sure you're gonna love the surprise!
Moving on to our 4 fighters:
Malle - sophisticated-looking fighter and Oblivion guardian of Clint City's cultural archives (artwork by Madchewi)
Dr L Home - the anti-social, ethically borderline but brilliant Rescue doctor (artwork by Rdemy)
Onongada - back from the dead, he's the GhosTown's mystical totem sculptor (artwork by Rdemy)
Jochar - roguish brother of Wilmot, Tyres and Kassar, he's the furtive, highly-strung Oblivion fighter (artwork by Chahine-Vincecolor)
Happy gaming to you all!


Coliseum: Technophiles 2022-06-06 18:03:01

Dear Clint City, the new Coliseum is here!
Start date: 06/06
End date: 12/06, 18:00 GMT+1
Best rewards:
1st: Dark Uchtul
2nd: Genesis
Top 10: Tyres
Discover 2 new Coliseum adventures here:
Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 8 characters.
The sum of the character levels in your Deck must not exceed 23.
Your Deck can only contain the 5 following Clans: Hive, Sakrohm, Riots, GHEIST, Vortex.
Your Deck cannot contain any level 1 character.
Your Deck cannot contain any level 5 characters.
Your Deck cannot contain any Legendary character.
Your Deck cannot contain characters banned by staff in the ELO mode.
Your Deck cannot contain any double characters.
For more infos, check the Coliseum page.
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 74 EFC 2022-06-06 11:03:02

Hi Everyone,
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 06/06
End date: 19/06
EFC Bonus removed: Randy, Craho, Rei
EFC Bonus +2 added: Sidar, Pastaga, Douek
EFC Bonus +5 added: Ralph
Semi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
Rohese 3* (6/5)
Palmer 4* (7/6)
Alexei 3* (6/4)
Bloodh Cr 4* (7/5)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Tyres
Happy gaming!


ZUMRUT is finally here. 2022-06-02 10:20:02

Zumrut's officially putting down roots in town.
Find this Herculean character in the Elite pack (with a triple drop rate for 48 hours) from NOW.
He will then also be available in the Titanium and Armageddon packs
Enjoy and happy gaming!


WELCOME TYRES 2022-05-30 18:05:02

Play together, unlock rewards
Your progress will be displayed on this page:
There's a bunch of prizes to be won and an awesome reward for those ranking in the top 10!
Ready? Here we go to unlock the OBLIVION boss!


OBLIVION FULL DECK! 2022-05-27 10:56:01

Hello Clint City!
The 2/3 project is underway. This is the mobile version with the RIFT update and the finalized interfaces. We'll be sure to keep you informed about any further progress we make in this major stage.
But coming back to our inhabitants located in a hidden dimension... This week we finally have what's needed to create a 100% Oblivion deck!
And just to remind you, the Oblivion clan are part of the SUPERNATURALS faction that can be used in THE RIFT solo mode!
And for players who've just returned or who aren't up-to-date on everything, meet in the room to find out about the new clan's bonus - COPY ABILITY!
Here they are:
Garstill - blacksmith of the best katana in town (by Chahine/ vince color)
Firmin - specialist in crossb... in violins! A go-to address for musicians... (by JCorgie)
Rohese - the Ghetto Mart cashier, a real local figure who's been sat at her till for... ever?! (by Fudgegrafik)
Wilmot - the quiet giant behind the ""Lost Bread"" counter, the bakery of the city's upmarket neighborhoods (by Mikeycomix)
Get the 8 OBLIVION cards in the New Blood packs now!
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 73 EFC 2022-05-23 11:05:01

Hi Everyone,
GG ">Gyomba-!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 23/05
End date: 05/06
Semi-evo nerfed: Dashra
EFC Bonus removed: Darth, James, Felicia
EFC Bonus +2 added: Aisha
EFC Bonus +5 added: Ghenom, George
Semi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
Zatapa 2* (6/3, min 2)
Abey 3* (7/4)
Karl 4* (6/7)
Heitachi 3* (8/4)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Dark Uchtul
Happy gaming!


Titan of Greed! 2022-05-19 20:44:02

As the very epitome of the Uppers' wealth, this year the titan has decided to unleash all his mighty power and is set to do some serious DAMAGE!
Find him now in the special GOLDEN AGE pack, available for 48 hours only!
(You will also get hold of him in THE RIFT by performing an endurance mission. The question is… can you handle it?)
So, get ready, Zumrut's here. Now, over to you!


They infiltrated Oblivion! 2022-05-18 12:09:02

Hello Clint City! The Oculus needs new high ranking reinforcements to manage the arrival of the shapeshifters in town.So, please welcome 5 new members of the Polit who, from today, can infiltrate the Oblivion clan! SlatterDark EkloreDark VryerDark KaizerinDark ScarThese 5 characters have a x60 battle points bonus in Free Fight, Training and ELO or Survivor for the next two weeks! Happy gaming to you all!


THE NEW OBLIVION CLAN! 2022-05-13 10:53:01

Hello Clint City!
As the first season of the webtoon has just come to an end, it's time for us to reveal to you our new Clan!
These inhabitants, located in a hidden dimension, go by the name of Oblivion and have always been here, protecting their headquarters christened Archium, which act as a true backup of Clint City's entire history.
The Oblivion clan are part of the SUPERNATURALS faction that can be used in THE RIFT solo mode!
For all players with access to MULTI, see you in the room to find out more about the COPY ABILITY bonus!
Get OBLIVION in the New Blood packs now!
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 72 EFC 2022-05-12 19:47:04

Hi Everyone, GG - Jules! Please don't let Vash win -1561-The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 09/05End date: 22/05All the Lds are back to normal.EFC Bonus removed: Belmundo, B Bazooka, LennardEFC Bonus +2 added: Randal, WesleyEFC Bonus +5 added: TorisSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):#Wonder Lana 2* (7/1)Elios 3* (7/4)Zaria 4* (8/5)Karmov 2* (7/2)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Dark UchtulHappy gaming!


URBAN RIVALS WORLD 1/3 2022-05-12 19:47:01

The future is now: let us present the new Urban Rivals' chapter, WORLD! For months now, we've been working on giving the game a new lease of life to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible. And all the while, taking into account your varied feedback and opinions, collected over time, in order to tackle this new chapter in the best possible way.The whole team is very proud to finally present you with the new version of the site, as well as webGL, that is now online! The mobile and Steam versions will be released later this summer.As the webGL is a BETA version, we'll need your help to flag up any bugs you might encounter so we can fix them as quickly as possible.Again, we'd like to thank you for your loyalty and look forward to the adventure continuing with Urban Rivals World.Happy gaming to you all!


The Super Clintz 2022-05-06 15:03:01

Clint City, hello!
We warned you, the city continues in its transformation to welcome chapter 2 - Urban Rivals World.
And to kick off this transition, a Clintz reform is needed.
Numbers with 6 or 9 zeroes make the amounts difficult to read and complicated to handle in big transactions.
This is why we've made the decision to divide the value of Clintz by 10, 000.
There are several stages involved in implementing this reform:
- Divide the cash by 10, 000
- A market RESET: all sales will be cancelled
- Cash wins from the missions will be adjusted
- Kate will buy your cards for 50 Clintz, as before
Finally, everyone will be in the same boat and your "purchasing power" will remain the same.
You'll lose nothing but will gain in visibility.
Maintenance work will take place all day on MONDAY, MAY 09 to implement all these changes.
We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you that the team is still working on some big projects all set to arrive this summer:
- The 2 latest Titans
- The boss of the new clan
- Some Oculus cards
- The seasoning system
- The new mobile version
- The new Steam version
And of course, we'll see you on May 13 for the release of the new clan!
Stay tuned!


Legendary adjustments 2022-05-02 11:31:02

Hello Clint City, Here are some temporary adjustments to the Legendary cards, for the second week of this special EFC season:
Sylvia Ld (Growth Power+1 => Reprisal Power +4)
Lord Oon Ld (7/3 Regen 1 Max 16 => 7/2 Repair 1 max 14)
#Dokuja (8/5 -4 opp Damage => 9/5 Equalizer -1 opp Damage
min 2)
Jaxx Ld (-10 attack => -12 attack)
#Bella (5/6 SOA => 6/5 Asymmetry SOA)
Chopper Ld (min 5 => min 4)
Scott Ld (+2 Players Life => Stop +3 Life)
Andy Ld (8/3 => 8/4)
Fhtagn Ld (Courage +1 Life per Opp damage => Courage +5 Life)Happy gaming!


Wild New Bloods! 2022-04-29 10:52:02

Hello Clint City, We're still working on chapter 2 that will be called World and which you'll be able to switch over to from next week on the Internet (and webGL).Next, will be the turn of cell phones with the Seasons system, and then on STEAM in July when everything will finally be fully available.For more information about the transition, click on the link below: now, make way for the 4 new fighters:C-Wild: the new and dangerous Vortex (artwork by Furby)Yoshito: the already legendary Fang Pi Clang troublemaker (artwork by Grelin)Schaap: the black and white Freaks straight out of a parallel dimension (artwork by Ninsky)Maana 2097: the new version of the Hive queen back from 2097 (artwork by Quirkilicious)Happy gaming to you all!


Legendary EFC Season 2022-04-25 11:33:02

Hi Everyone, GG Gyomba-! You are not gonna win efc seasonThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 25/04End date: 08/05Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: VelesDear Clint City, This season's going to be a special EFC season! Here are the bonuses you'll get over the course of the season:- All the legendary cards are modified for the entire season! Test out these new abilities! - The drop rate of the prismatic cards is multiplied by 3 in the Daily Box- 3 sets of easy adventure missions, just for fun- A set of difficult adventure missions - objective Z Palace... and beyond! - Every now and again, a bot will be wandering around EFC, handing out copies of Veles. Follow Spot to know when the bot's in town! - The season's winner will earn Top Player ranking! Good luck to you all!


TITAN: Veles 2022-04-20 14:51:01

Veles is now available in the Elite, Titanium & Armageddon pack! Good luck and happy gaming to you all!


Return of the REAL Black Market 2022-04-18 10:24:02

Clint City,
As you already know, we're working our socks off to take UR into Chapter 2.
And to do that, we've started work on a bunch of big changes, while doing everything we can not to upset the DNA of the game.
Regarding the Black Market - a feature many of you are big fans of - we're going to reframe it into what it was supposed to be from the start: street peddling.
And to come back to that, the format will be slightly different: the duration will be very short and there'll be several in the same day, either different or identical.
So, keep your notifications switched on to be sure not to miss out on anything, or just enjoy the surprise ;)
Happy gaming to you all!


Myths against Veles! 2022-04-18 09:55:01

Over the years, Clint City has undergone a lot of changes. The near peaceful megalopolis has become the center of the universe's conflicts... And as the Vortex know, its history has already been written: the 7 titans will soon gather to give battle, killing millions of inhabitants and spelling the end of civilisation as we know it! From the ruins of Clint City, the Vortex will build a new empire to reign over a desertic and crystallized world. To stop the inevitable, some eminent figures are returning to defend the city.The young prodigy, Veenyle, has developed a sound so powerful and anarchic that he could paralyze the most resistant of enemies! Bryan, our favorite commando, makes a comeback with a flame-thrower that's one hundred times more powerful! And last but not least, big brother, Beeboy, returns to protect his neighborhood and family. And his devotion will melt even the cruelest of hearts! But our three fighters have stumbled across someone even tougher than them. Veles, who is insensitive to sound, heat and devoid of all feeling is mercilessly venting his fury with his mower. How many more innocent souls will be subjected to his destructive jealousy? And what will we do to honor our mythical fighters?_________________________________Back to Basics "New Formula"
#Bryan Cr, #Beeboy Cr and #Veenyle Cr will no longer be available on the Market until Wednesday April 20th.
When the Market reopens, a Black Market targeting these cards will be activated at the same time.
If you had these cards in Prismatic version, you'll get them automatically in Prismatic Mythic.
The 3 cards will officially become MYTHIC from Monday, April 25th and will no longer to distributed in the game.
Happy gaming to you all!


New Bloods : Serious Killaz 2022-04-15 10:54:01

Hello Clint CityWe'd like to thank you all for the way you've welcomed our new mode, The Rift.We'll continue to develop this mode as well as everything around it - the interfaces, PvP modes turning 3D, publicity, etc.But in the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers:#Granit - the incredibly talented Berzerk stone-cutter#LeFlerken - the half-plastic, half-symbiote Dominion doggie Spillane - the discreet narco who keeps on expanding the Montana cartelDevolver - the Raptors' hired manHappy gaming to you all!


Back to Basics 2022-04-11 16:50:02

It's officially the end of tickets, the wheel, CRyptos and Collector packs.
From now on, you can directly get hold of Collector cards by ranking in the PvP modes or by betting on cards before they turn Collector and building batches of them!
As for Mythic cards, they'll no longer be distributed at all.
It's through this return to basics that UR is preparing for its metaphorphosis into the second chapter.
The idea is simple - we're going to split the game into 2 distinct sections:
- the SOLO section with The Rift as the main game mode and the chance to see your collection in an album format.
- the MULTI section with all the PvP modes you're already familiar with and the deck builder/collection
These two sections will have 4 common interfaces:
- profile
- missions
- market
- shop
You can switch from one section to another in just a click of a button.
New players will arrive directly in the SOLO section and will unlock the PvP mode by reaching Level 30.
This new game approach will encourage the arrival of new players thanks to its simplified content (more accessible game system, 6 factions, etc.)
We'll be unveiling this new version to you very soon, so be sure to stay connected ;)
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 70 EFC 2022-04-11 11:05:01

Hi Everyone, GG Entre-Cot! Master Shay (1321)The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 11/04End date: 24/04EFC Bonus removed: Orka, Zera, Oda Helpah, HeitachiEFC Bonus +2 added: Golrock, Cassandra, Elendir, Marlysa MtSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Kluwn 2* (5/4)Selina 4* (8/5)Araaknat 3* (7/2)Ryu Kenden 4* (8/5)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: VelesHappy gaming!


The new Godtail creation is available in a special pack now.
As a small reminder, the grim-reaper goddess is also available in THE RIFT, when you reach 1, 200 fights!
The Rift is available here in open beta:


Titans Event! 2022-04-06 14:16:02

A new titan is in town and it's up to you to hunt her down!
In an attempt to join her clan, she got swallowed up in the Rift alleyway.
By the end of 1, 200 fights, you'll reach her, so what are you waiting for?
As a reminder, your Rift game will be saved for 7 days. It's up to you to try and take it as far as possible and win the new Titan!
The Rift is available here in open beta:


MARKET ALERT ! 2022-04-06 09:47:01

A first on the Market:
Tomorrow from 11am, you'll see 5 copies of a card turning up on the Market over the course of the day.
So, be at the ready, these 5 copies are going to sell for a high price...


UR2: The Rift Open Beta 2022-04-05 13:43:02

Hello Clint City! As you may have noticed, we've been pretty quiet over the past few weeks, and although things might seem calm, the truth is we've embarked upon a massive transformation of the game by resetting all the game mechanics and the problems inherent with these.Our initial findings:The PvP game is now a few years old and its mechanics are very complex, and although the more strategic players among you might still be happy with it, a good deal of players are just spending their time spinning the wheel as an alternative to playing in the classic way.However, there are two problems with the wheel: it's difficult to balance and the idea behind it distances you from the TCG genre.But this only serves to highlight the fact that the common denominator among UR players is the collection.So, how do we meet the needs of all our UR players?How do we boost new players without drowning them in all this content?The idea would be to find a proper alternative to the current gameplay and replace the wheel with a game mode that's accessible to new players but also adds a new dimension that more experienced players would enjoy, thus giving them the chance to replay UR from another angle.It was also important that the game should be able to be played in a calm way and given the constant traffic in the Arcade and even Dojo modes, we opted for PvE.We also needed to put the Collection at the heart of the mode, so as to return to the famous "Play, Collect, Evolve" idea. Finally, there needed to be a good deal of replayability, so players wouldn't get bored with the mode, as well as excellent rewards at the end of it all.So, let us present the new alternative to UR, the first building block in CHAPTER II of the game.A highly ambitious rogue-like on paper, we wanted to use this opportunity to tip the game into 3D.Basic rules of the mode previously known as "Matanza":Your team of 7 fighters is randomly selected from your collection.Each card has base attack points calculated on several criteria (rareness, stars, etc.) and you need to position your fighters correctly for them to be able to beat the cards they're up against.When you position your fighters, a victory percentage will be displayed which just serves an indication: the outcome of the fight is random and might very often surprise you! As a result, it's very adrenaline-fuelled - a feeling that intensifies each time you level up.And we're going to overlay these basic mechanics with a draw phase and a choice of Perks phase.The more varied the cards in your collection are, the more draw choices you'll have.The draw feature will notably allow you to bring together cards from the same faction and unlock synergies.There are 6 factions that regroup the current clans, and these are presented here: choice of Perks can apply to your cards or directly to your opponent's and will also give you the opportunity to claim your rewards. It will be up to you to choose how you want to manage your game and what road you want to take! The game kicks off in a dangerous alleyway, situated over a major dimensional breach: apparently when you embark on this road, it can take up to seven days to reach the other side...You'll be teleported to different places within Clint City, improbable places where time no longer exists and unpredictable weather interferes with your games! The mode is available in open beta, which means it is not completely finished: the rewards will change over time as well as the entire game balance.You can access it directly from your browser and be sure to tell us what you think. We welcome any constructive feedback you may have to offer us about any necessary improvements.We hope to see you in large numbers here:, see you on the other side of THE RIFT? Happy gaming to you all!


Tourney Banlist 2022-04-02 13:24:02

Tourney Type 1:Added to the banlist: Kaskar, Silvano, Ginnifer, Otium, Dark Uchtul, Slatter,
Pastor, Brody, The Maker, Omicron
Removed from the banlist: Sue
Tourney Type 2: Added to the banlist: Kaskar, Chang, Majestic, Otium, Seta, Dark Uchtul,
Slatter, Yaccanemba, Kit-E, Pastor, Pr Balthazar, Brody, Carnegio, The Maker,
Eddie Cr, Omicron


BOOOOOM : New Bloods ! 2022-04-01 10:54:02

Hello Clint City,
As you know, we're still working on the new mode that we've christened THE RIFT (previously Matanza).
We're now in the process of fine-tuning it and will be able to unveil it to you by the middle of next week!
We'd like to remind you that this mode will be launched exclusively on SquareOne and Nintendo Switch OLED, a demonstration of which is AVAILABLE HERE
But now, make way for the 4 new challengers:
Torth, the Riots' working-class representative (artwork by Grelin)
Leiza, the stunning Ulu Watu professional fisher (artwork by Tregis)
Marmalady, the cheery candy girl seller at the All Stars stadium (artwork by chaine and vince color)
Surif, preacher of the Sakrohm's cosmic word (artwork by Fudge)
Happy gaming! !


Season 69 EFC 2022-03-28 11:02:02

Hi Everyone, GG Gyomba NOBOT! CiMiNoMpAh(1274 efc)The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 28/03End date: 10/04Removed from the banlist: GertjanLd modified: Eeok Ld, Buga Baga LdEFC Bonus removed: Slopsh, Gaia, Milovan, PalamuEFC Bonus +2 added: JakobsEFC Bonus +5 added: Felicia, Belmundo, LorenzoSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Varoslav 2* (7/2)Star Frog 4* (7/5)Eduardo 4* (7/5)Lumber Jack 4* (8/5)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Dark UchtulHappy gaming!


Missions: Season 3 2022-03-21 08:20:02

Dear Clint City,
The 3rd season of missions kicks off today!
It will end on June 21st at midnight, Paris time.
This season will follow the same format as the previous one.
As a reminder, during this 3rd season you will be able to complete various temporary missions that will allow you to receive additional rewards of your choice.
The program includes:
- 3 DAILIES to earn small rewards
- FORTNIGHTLIES (bi-monthlies), including 7 Legendary missions with every New Blood release and 5 missions to mark your progress in each ranked mode
- Sets of various ADVENTURE missions to get the latest exclusive characters, among others
- A set of 3 SEASONALS per clan
- The BONUSES will offer Black Market and flash missions with varying frequency
- BASIC missions, that are there permanently.
Changes involve:
- All ticket, CRyptos and Mt rewards have been replaced by Clintz and cards of equivalent value
- The pool of DAILIES will be renewed each month in order to offer you different awards and goals!
- SEASONALS will last longer to keep you busy throughout the season and will grant large quantities of Clintz
- Finally, there will be plenty more adventures to get your teeth into!
The season will end with the sensational arrival of the #Tyres, which will be given as a reward to the top 10 of the missions ranking!
Happy missions to you all!


Clint City,
As we announced on March 6th, we have decided to hold off the release of the new game mode you are all waiting for.
It would probably have been easier to release a sequel to UR by suggesting we start all over from scratch. However, our purpose is clear: convert the newcomers while satisfying the veterans.
A common, although tricky, challenge for an experienced franchise.
This is why we have to offer you the best of modes. We will keep you posted but it won't be long now.
Make room for the 4 new fighters:
Jilted: the amazing performer with a cyberJunkz voice! (illustration by Jcorgie)
Archivist: Na Boh has found himself a new boss and a new role to play with the Paradox (illustration by Ples)
IronPod: the La Junta's latest discovery, well-suited to steep terrain (illustration by Furby)
Ciminompah: the Jungo traveler who fell in love with the Frozn life (illustration by Ninsky)
Happy gaming!


Season 68 EFC 2022-03-14 11:01:02

Hi Everyone, GG 4o1! °Ginseng Strip° [1402]The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 14/03End date: 27/03Added to the banlist: RainbowEFC Bonus removed: Stiko, Klawz, Hal GladiusEFC Bonus +2 added: NamekoEFC Bonus +5 added: Sasl Lovelace, DarthSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Rimikaru 4* (8/4)Skyler 4* (6/6)Fire T 4* (8/5, Revenge: +1 Pillz And Life)Tasty Tast 2* (6/3)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Dark UchtulHappy gaming!


Hi Everyone!
As you've all seen, the Oculus have been dreaming of supremacy ever since their arrival... but they didn't realize it was going to be quite so hard to achieve.
After the initial tax audits at Borgia's Palace, the Montana managed to calm things down and continue to do business, while gaining even more ground in town.
But being the tyrannical rulers they are, the Oculus then decided to take forcible sanctions against them by closing down Borgia's in a month's time and destroying all the tickets.
Impacted by this on different levels, all the inhabitants of Clint City are watching closely to see the first backlash of this decision for the Oculus and their CRyptocoinz currency: its stock price has already undergone a dire blow and is now worth nothing compared to Clintz!
Head for Borgia's Palace and use your Tickets before its planned permanent closure in exactly one month's time.
Similarly, use up all your CRyptos before they disappear from Clint City's financial markets!
As you've probably realized, this reform marks a return to basics.
"How do you get hold of Collector cards?"
- by speculating on batches of cards and by timing it well in terms of cards turning CR
- by winning them directly in the top rankings of the PvP modes
- by buying them on the Market
"How do you get hold of Mythic cards?"
- by speculating on batches of CR cards and by timing it well in terms of cards turning MT
- by buying them on the Market
"OK, so CR cards are distributed in-game to the top players, but what about MT cards? Are they not a little too inaccessible?"
The Black Market will essentially become a tool in which to craft rare cards and to get hold of even rarer ones.
At the end of the day, every card works as a bargaining chip.
To properly understand cards' rareness values, here's a basic outline:
Common < Unusual < Rare < CR < MT
Common PRISMA < Unusual PRISMA < Rare PRISMA < CR Prisma < MT Prisma
(Oculus, Leaders and Legendary cards are separate)
Every rare card can be used to craft more, on an ad hoc basis, on the Black Market.
This system basically focuses on the rareness value of each card.
It also places a lot of importance on cards turning Collector and Mythic, so be prepared for a return to real trading!
Finally, as the game's Collection continues to grow, we've created a brand new ranking called ABSOLUTE ranking
To become ABSOLUTE, you need first to be Supreme, with level 500 or more, and more than 50% of Prismatic cards per clan.
As soon as you reach "ABSOLUTE" ranking, you'll receive a special avatar card and players will begin to kow tow to you...
This ranking is available as of now!
Happy gaming to you all!


Call of Uchtul 2022-03-09 10:58:01

Here's a collection of the best horror stories every created in Clint City.
And inside are two new Oculus recruits who you can have the pleasure of gettting to know right now.
Tell us what you think on Spot by sharing your coolest catches!
And if you get both of them, be sure to keep hold of them...
Happy gaming!


OLD SCHOOL KO 2022-03-08 10:52:01

Old-school style: open the doors of hell and let the punches rain down in FREE FIGHT - nothing but intense mindless fighting!
The event unlocks 2 characters from the collection and the 10 best fighters will directly receive 1 copy in prismatic version, even before its official release!
But be warned, the event is short so it's all about KO.
And a word to players who like to withdraw mid-fight: every report of this will result in a temporary ban from the mode.
Happy fighting to you all!


New Bloods & Rift 2022-03-04 10:59:02

Hello Clint City!
It's March already - a month that's all set to turn the game upside down!
For months now we've been working flat out on the "Matanza" mode whose game design is a reflection of the up and coming Chapter II, a return to basics centered on the Collection and (re)playability. See you on Monday for the open beta whose live Twitch will start around 8pm (GMT+1) so we can all discover the new mode together:
In the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers!
Evil Robin: the demon from the Nightmare cauldron, lured by Endora ! (artwork by MikeyComix)
La Picaflor: the flamboyant Huracan in the Los Santos jungle colors (artwork by furby)
The Maker: the enigmatic little golem-maker and new genius from the Skeelz Academy (artwork by JCorgie)
Quistis: the Pussycats survivor from The Rift... (artwork by Grelin)
Happy gaming!


Season 67 EFC 2022-02-28 11:00:02

Hi Everyone, GG Gyomba-! Say no to WarThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 28/02End date: 13/03EFC Bonus removed: Dave, Flux, EdmundEFC Bonus +2 added: MojitaEFC Bonus +5 added: Stiko, KlawzSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Nakata 2* (8/2)Belladone 4* (7/7, no ability)Matriochka 2* (8/2)Ojibway 2* (7/2, -3 Life min 5), 3* (7-3, -4 Life min 5) and 4* (7/5 -4 Life min 4)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: OtiumHappy gaming!


Community Cup 2022 2022-02-25 17:05:02

Hello Clint City!
After 3 years the Community Cup is back reaching its 10th
⭐ Community Cup 2022 ⭐
For the uninitiated, before being replaced in 2020 by the
Top Teams Tournament event, the Community Cup was the most important event of
Urban Rivals, it took place once a year, was sponsored by the staff and at the
time it was conceived and managed by ChaosDragon88, Lord Cristian and
The purpose of this event is to determine the strongest
Those who qualify for the event will form a team of 6
players for each community for a total of 48 players and will see them face off
in 3 knockout stages (quarter-finals, semifinals and final).
In order to access the official event, you must first
qualify for the qualification phase of your community and then finish in the
top 6 of the event in question.
Read the event rules carefully! In order to participate in
the qualifiers of your community, in addition to having the appropriate flag in
your profile, you will need to rank in the following competitive modes from
February 28 to March 27:
◆ Top 8 players
in EFC seasons 68 and 69.
◆ Top 8 with the
highest score recorded in DT 1 & 2 (best 2 results per format every 2
◆ Top 8 scores in
Survivor T3 (best 2 scores each week)
◆ Top 4 scores of
the Coliseum in March
◆ Top 4 players
from your community sub-event
You will find more details in the qualification event for
your community.
Messages will be regularly posted on PMB SuperGoldone's Spot
to inform you of the current qualifications and classifications of each
Here is the list of all the qualifying events by community:
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier IT ⚔️
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier EN ⚔️
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier FR ⚔️
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier ES ⚔️
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier PT ⚔️
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier DE ⚔️
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier East Europe ⚔️
⚔️ Community Cup 2022 - Qualifier Rest of the World ⚔️
Many thanks to PMB SuperGoldone for the organization, as well
as all the moderators and players who will make this event great!
Huge prizes await anyone who qualifies for the ⭐ Community Cup 2022 ⭐!
Are you ready to represent your community?

Good luck to all of you!


OTIUM 2022-02-23 10:51:02

The galaxy's laziest Titan has just forged out a place for himself in the New Bloods pack, where he's available to everyone!
Discover his abilities and go wreak havoc with him in the fight rooms! His Prismatic version will give you access to a special Black Market...
Happy gaming!


Spells, art and show business! 2022-02-18 10:59:02

Hi Everyone!
We're still in the process of preparing Chapter II of the game, which is why we're not so present on the forums at the moment.
But never fear, all things come to those who wait!
And before we reveal all, why not let us introduce you to our 4 new challengers?
Taka: Hashi's animal version who's teamed up with the Jungo on a part-time basis (artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor)
Hashi: the human version of Taka and a rebel Komboka (artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor)
Venizia: the young artist in therapy with the Paradox (artwork by Ples)
Precious: Uppers' pretty boy and rising star in the Clint City K-pop scene (artwork by Fudge)
Happy gaming!


Season 66 EFC 2022-02-14 11:04:01

Hi Everyone, GG Papacena! ROOM 401[1283]The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 14/02End date: 27/02Oculus modified: Dark SmokeyEFC Bonus removed: Aaylah, Randal, TrishEFC Bonus +2 added: Oda Helpah, B BazookaEFC Bonus +5 added: LauraSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):July 2* (7/2) and 3* (7/4)Micciui 3* (5/5)Lovhak 2* (8/4) and 3* (8/5)Aaylah 3* (8/2)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: SlatterHappy gaming!


Happy Valentine's Day! 2022-02-14 10:05:01

Dear citizens of Clint City,
Although the Oculus is on preying on everyone's mind right now, these dark times mustn't make us forget what's important!
And this week, it's time for love to conquer all!
For 7 days, you can complete missions connected to 5 of the city's couples:
- Rony Bones and Narendra
- Mikki and GraksmxxT Mt
- Chloe and Havok
- Narke and Enigma
- July and Romana Cr, who are at last officially an item!
These missions will be divided into 2 adventures that you can carry out simultaneously to speed up your progress.
With each mission, you'll receive random cards, and a small chance to obtain the card in question in its prismatic version!
So, will you be able to reunite the prismatic couples before Sunday?
Good luck to you all!


Pitch Black 2022-02-07 19:52:02

Hello everyone, While we wait to introduce you to the new game mode,
here's a stratospheric pack, with a hairy surprise inside...
An AI is also on the loose in the Free Fight room and if you leave it KO, you'll receive some pretty nice rewards, including CREDITS!
And all this marks just the beginning of the new chapter...
Happy gaming to you all!
P.S. As well as the "ball of fluff from the dark side", you'll
also find a new ally of the GOVERNMENT and a true Clint City legend...
Available for 3 days only EXCLUSIVELY in this pack! !


Clint City, hello!
As you know, we're working our socks off to make 2022 a year packed full of new game features.
What with the webtoon and clan, the new game mode currently under development, and the resumption of Pocket Rivals, the months ahead are looking pretty busy!
But in the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers:
Kaskar, the hardcore fan of the "Legend of the Infinite Serpent" from the Bangers quarter (artwork by MikeyComix)
Nutty, the loyal mascot of the MegaNutz chocolate bar who livens up the All Stars' stadium (artwork by Ninsky)
Impudicus, the peace & love, stinking, mutant mushroom hanging out with the Roots (artwork by Furby)
Omicron , the Vortex pangolin wanted by the GHEIST (artwork by Jcorgie)
Happy gaming!


Come on... Terminus is here! 2022-02-03 14:18:02

Hello Clint City, All set for a ride in a ghost train?Terminus mode opens today at 7am (Paris time) for a duration of 72 hours! And there are three deck themes on offer: Past, Present and Future in a strategic 22* format with 10 Pillz and lives only. Play all three to go as far as possible! Rewards from Ghost Level: 2 MTs, 1 Collector, 1 common Prismatic and much, much more...! Reminder of the mode rules: In Terminus, you pay the modest sum of just 200 CRyptos to climb aboard the GhosTown ghost train. Judge Lynch is mean but fair: he'll reimburse your CRyptos and give you a whole lot more if you manage to get far enough! You'll play three theme decks in your order of choice. No need to own the cards or create your deck: it's all ready and waiting for you. You'll challenge other players, with every win taking you forward a stage and bringing you closer to the next train wagon. However, every time you lose, a wagon will break away. The journey ends when the wagon on which you're riding breaks away. To reach the very last wagon of Ghost Level, you'll need to tally up 12 consecutive wins, with the 13th win unlocking the final prizes. But you can make your journey profitable way before then! So, all set to climb aboard?Good luck to you all!


3 Collectors ! 2022-01-31 17:27:02

Rivaled by the big fast food chains like Taco Belly, and obliged to pay more and more in taxes, Gyro is having a tough time of it. But fortunately, his favorite deliverer, who's way too nice for a Clint City citizen, still offers a quality service. "Tyrès, are you there? You're late, Fifty has put in two orders! Tyrès?! The idiot still isn't here! So now he's not even coming to work! If I can't rely on him then I'm outta this place! "
During this time, Captain Rescue has just been taken down by a strange ninja and his Jungo sidekick. And what if this defeat is a sign? A sign that he's still not strong enough to protect the citizens and the Rescue hospital. Feeling desperate, he decides to set out in search of one of these idols: Kerry.
Leone hasn't managed to retrieve the weapons from Rhynn, but he's determined to continue his efforts. The question is, is the mysterious mana that hails from this world more or less powerful than pillz? Unsure of the answer, Leone sets out to track down the survivors of Rhynn, in particular Merweiss...
Return to the Market for these 3 characters, this New Bloods' Friday, February 4th!
In the meantime, find them in all the packs (expect the NB ones) before they turn Collector on Monday, February 7th!


Season 65 EFC 2022-01-31 11:03:01

Hi Everyone, GG Phil_NoLove! Tobbie hell trigger (1351)The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 31/01End date: 13/02Added to the banlist: SakiEFC Bonus removed: Tobbie, JessieEFC Bonus +2 added: RandyEFC Bonus +5 added: Tessa MtSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Beetenka 2* (7/2) and 3* (7/3)Deea 2* (6/3)Bengal 2* (8/2)Adler 4* (8/5, Stop: +2 Damage)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: GenesisHappy gaming!


16 years and yet more New Bloods! 2022-01-21 10:53:02

Hello Clint City!
First, we would like to thank you for your loyalty to the game. 16 years of UR is no mean feat.
On the development side of things, we're still working on the "Matanza" mode which is progressing well.
As is also the case for the webtoon and new clan. And the close of season 1 of the webtoon should coincide with the release of the new UR clan.
Now, make some noise for the New Bloods:
Kaijuet: a plastic multi-coloured critter and latest DOMINION eco-find (artwork by Djet)
Dr Kittleson: doctor friend of the animals and 2022 GHEIST revelation (artwork by Djet)
Queller: half-man, half-excavator, the ultimate worker on the RAPTORS' construction site (artwork by Ninsky)
Nobutomo: SENTINEL agent with questionable methods for whom a file cannot be shelved "no follow-up" (artwork by Furby)
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 64 EFC 2022-01-17 11:10:02

Hi Everyone, GG Gyomba-! Minimacho is the new Gyomba(1329The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 17/01End date: 30/01Ld modified: Bonnie Ld, Kreenk LdAdded to the banlist: Ulrich, XingshuSemi-evo modified: MarjoryEFC Bonus removed: Dayton, Otakool, ArchieEFC Bonus +2 added: AdrianeEFC Bonus +5 added: Tobbie, FluxSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):B16 Sestra 3* (6/3)Sandro Cr 2* (6/3)Slash 2* (4/5)Ayah 2* (7/2), 3* (7/3) and 4* (7/4)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: GenesisHappy gaming!


This is a Godtail day! 2022-01-14 10:58:01

Get your Clintz at the ready as Dark Copper, Yaccanemba and Genesis are all now available in the Elite, Titanium and Armageddon packs with a double drop rate thrown in for good measure!
Low on credits?
Other than Tapjoy on your mobile, Happy Hours might well appear over the course of the weekend with "credit" slots!
Happy fishing!
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New UR episode! 2022-01-14 10:07:01

Clint City, hello!
The new Urban Rivals' episode is now available on the Webtoon!
The whole team awaits you for the next chapter in the adventure!
Happy reading to you all and happy gaming!
WEBTOON & search 'Urban RIvals'


Tourney Banlist 2022-01-12 12:01:01

Tourney Type 1
Added to the banlist:
Genesis, Narke, Espectro, Tanaereva Mt, Hollow Spyke, #Dark
Copper, Ikare, Miss Mia Levy, Dark X-0DUS, Dark Eklore, Streex, Gahar,
Administrator, Yaccanemba
Tourney Type 2
Added to the banlist:
Genesis, Narke, Espectro, Tanaereva Mt, Hollow Spyke, #Dark
Copper, Ikare, Miss Mia Levy, Dark X-0DUS, Dark Eklore, Streex
Removed from the banlist:
ZRobbie Cr, Faiza


NEW Clubz & Wars! 2022-01-11 12:18:01

Clint City, After a lot of feedback and a long beta phase, we've made changes to both how the Clubz work and the War system, as described below:- We've removed the club Bank, Safe and Plunder system that we thought were too complicated to understand and were therefore the cause of a lot of frustration.- From now on, you won't be penalized for your defeats that will only have an impact on the overall ranking.- Your Bonuses will increase based on your Club level. - Temporary Bonuses will be automatically activated for the 10 leading Clubz in the ranking.- A Club member will be seen as active if they have played for last 7 rather than 30 days (the President has the opportunity to select members taking part in the war, a minimum of 15) .- To be able to declare a Club War, you must have at least 10 active members, without which this option will not be displayed.- A Seasons system is in place for the Clubz Wars: to begin with, we're going to start with a 2 month "test" season. We'll then adjust the length based on the overall SEASONING system (level and missions) - The winning Club of the season of wars will have their name posted on the Market and for 24 hours, a percentage of Kate's tax will be directly awarded to the Club's active members, like a temporary income that could reach stratospheric levels! - The sharing out of the spoils will be calculated as a percentage based on the rankings of each member who took part in the Wars over the course of the Season (and who are still in the Club).With these changes comes a brand-new look to the Clubz's web page that will feature handling options and updates on rankings and wars in progress. This has just been released online here: All Donations to the Clubz are fully reimbursed.We hope you like these changes and that you're going to get the most out of your Clubz!


Rum and T1 Survivor 2022-01-10 11:05:01

Hello Clint City,
This week, T3 Survivor is turning into T1 Survivor!
Your Deck cannot contain fewer than 8 characters.
The sum of the levels of the characters within your Deck cannot surpass 25.
Additional rule: Your Deck cannot contain a 5-star card.
Bonus of the week: Prismatic cards' drop rate increased in daily Survivor rewards!
To see the new drop rates, click here: Survivor Updated Rewards
Additional bonus: this week, Yaccanemba will have an x60 XP bonus in the Survivor, Training and Free Fight modes. Make the most of it!
Stand by to board!


NB: Happy 2022! 2022-01-07 10:51:02

Hello Clint City!
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and welcome back to UR!
After the recent changes to the wheel, the much-awaited adjustment to in-game rewards and the new webtoon episodes - that more and more of you are following - here we are with the first New Blood release of the year and we're marking the occasion with:
Turner - Gaia's little brother and "old school" Ulu Watu surfer
Rainbow - the new girl from the Skeelz Academy open day
Cerny - the greedy and utterly Uppers' influencer
Hollow Spyke - the new role Lynch is offering the mythical Spyke!
Happy gaming to you all!


The Soleil Go Out 2022-01-04 10:00:01

Tessa has finally left our dimension and now finds herself face to face with him... the Glibon Dashra Sakrh. She didn't expect the creator god to look like that! He talks to her in her mind:
"This world was my dream... and it's turning into a nightmare. I'd like to do something, but I can only create, I cannot transform. And I'm scared my creations are just making things worse. Genesis will slowly swallow up everything. World after world."
Knocked sideways by this news, Tessa replies: "14 years ago, you asked me to leave Clint City. Why?"
"To protect you. You and all the Soleil. This fight is not yours. You're not from this world. I hoped that by distancing you from the city, you would be safe. But you've continued to resist. So now, the Oculus is going to round up all your friends and make them disappear. I hope you had time to say goodbye to them."
Tessa breaks down in tears. She thinks back on all those years, on all those mythical Soleil heroes who, from one day to the next, will simply be extinguished.


New Game Mode Rewards! 2022-01-03 16:15:02

We are currently creating new pages for each gamemode. In
the meantime, here are all the updated rewards, starting today. Some rewards
are random: for example, 5-15M Clintz means you can get anything from 5 million
to 15 million Clintz.
All of the random Clintz values will vary depending on the
market: if the prices go up, the rewards will go up too.
5-15M Clintz + 100-200 Cryptocoinz + 2-4 Tickets + 2-4 commons
+ 1-2 uncommon (droprate: 20%) + 1 rare (droprate: 10%) + 1 common Prisma (droprate:
The mission rewards are the same for everyone, so if you get
the best possible reward, tell all your friends to do that mission!
Daily missions: 2-4 tickets or 10000-30000 battle points.
Ld missions: As always, a legendary card that you don't own,
or 7 credits if you have all.
Seasonal clan 1/3: 20M clintz or 2 credits.
Seasonal clan 2/3: 4 tickets or 1500 cryptos.
Seasonal clan 3/3: An expensive card of the clan, usually worth
around 300M clintz (of course, their price can vary greatly).
Ranked black mission, level 1 (for each mode): 1500-2500
cryptos or 3 rares
Ranked black mission, level 2 (for each mode): 10-20
tickets or 1 Collector
Ranked black mission, level 3 (for each mode): 3
Collectors or 7-9 Leaders
Ranked black mission, level 4 (for each mode): 2 Mythics
or 2 Oculus
Ranked black mission, level 5 (for each mode): 3
Mythics (40% chance), an uncommon Prisma (20% chance), a rare Prisma (20%
chance), a Collector Prisma (10% chance) or a Mythic Prisma (10% chance).
All the other missions don't have fixed rewards.
1-10°: 40 Tickets + 2 common Prisma + 1 uncommon Prisma + 1
rare Prisma + 1 Collector Prisma + 10 commons + 10 uncommons + 10 rares + 3 Cr
+ 2 Mt + Exclusive end of season card
11-25°: 32 Tickets + 1 common Prisma + 1 uncommon Prisma + 5
commons + 5 uncommons + 5 rares + 2 Cr + 1 Mt
26-100°: 24 Tickets + 1 common Prisma + 4 commons + 4
uncommons + 4 rares + 1 Cr
101-250°: 16 Tickets + 1 common Prisma + 3 commons + 3
uncommons + 3 rares + 1 Cr
251-500°: 10 Tickets + 2 commons + 2 uncommons + 2 rares + 1
501-1000°: 6 Tickets + 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare + 1 Cr
1001-2500°: 3 Tickets + 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare
The Arcade mode is currently being reworked, the rewards
will be added to this post when it's done.
Any change on the rewards will be updated here too.
Happy gaming!


Season 63 EFC 2022-01-03 12:22:02

Hi Everyone, GG El TatoX! Flash comebackThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 03/01End date: 16/01Oculus modified: Dark Nunavik, Dark Smokey, Dark CarlosRemoved from the banlist: FloydEFC Bonus removed: VioletEFC Bonus +5 added: BethelbertSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Kola 3* (3/5)El Goonch 3* (6/5)Pyro 3* (7/4)Mortenzen 3* (5/2) and 4* (5/3)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: GenesisHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more information!


Winter Sales 2022! 2022-01-03 10:52:01

Hello Clint City,
We'd like to take this opportunity to once again wish you a very happy 2022.
Soon, we're going to be celebrating 16 years of the game, so just one thing: THANK YOU!
We're continuing to work hard on Urban Rivals, so that 2022 will mark the year of its second chapter:
And this kicks off with changes to the Wheel and new Rewards in Tournament, Survivor and EFC modes, where the best competitive players will have the chance to win yet more prizes!
We're introducing these permanent modifications with the Winter Sales which consist of:
- the Armageddon pack is reduced to 299 credits!
- for every 2 Armageddon packs you buy, you'll unlock a Surprise pack containing 20 tickets and for the very first time, a random Prismatic Leader!
Every day, you'll be able to take part in additional, Black Market-focused, Daily Missions, so stay tuned because we're talking big prizes!
And to further boost the outcomes of these missions, HAPPY HOURS will be launched during the following time slots:
6-8am / 12-2pm / 6-8pm / 12-2am (Paris time) with no fewer than 10 Jackpot slots available!
The drop rates of the $$$ CRs are multiplied by 5 in the Collector packs!
And an AI has been let loose in the game in the EFC room and, if you beat it, you'll win a Surprise bonus pack!
Happy gaming to you all!
AH! There's a Pirate BONUS! Could you team up with Captain Yaccanemba? Find this character exclusively in the Armageddon pack, available at a cut-down price in the sales! As a massive fan of cult pirate manga, it was our artist Godtail777 who did the honors! Happy mutineering to you all!