Dark Uchtul Rare

iClintz Rarity:


The Nightmare clan, who liberate evil creatures every Friday in long drawn-out seances, had very nearly forgotten about Uchtul. It has to be said that the cosmic octupus had disappointed quite a few people with his depressive and suicidal tendencies. So, Uchtul decided to announce his departure to return home and "boost his spiritual energy" - basically a polite way of saying he was going back to his native dimension to drown his sorrows. But that was before he ran into an Oculus symbiote who possessed him and transformed his sadness into destructive energy! Now Uchtul is back in Clint City to return the hurt that was inflicted on him, and with every passing day, his energy just seems to grow and grow... (Advisor 1032)


Sold out Dark Uchtul, RUSH it !! Purchase 1 000 Dark Uchtul on the Market 2 No
[Clintz] Autumn special! Win 6 rounds with Dark Uchtul 10 No
UNLOCKED ! 2 Dark Uchtul => 30B Cash + Prisma Dark Uchtul Sell 2 doubles of Dark Uchtul to Kate 9 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
09-03-2022 Released