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See you in 2024! 2023-12-30 18:50:04

Hello Clint City,
Undoubtedly one of the standout characters of the year, Mecanicles is a pleasant surprise in many ways! Here it is, now available in the shop's packs (excluding New Bloods). Have fun, everyone, and see you in 2024 for an explosive start.

Driven by glory 2023-12-28 17:55:02

Since the bombings of the infamous Golden Wave, #Hemdall Cr has had only one goal: to thwart the Polit's plans. Using his misty powers, the guardian of the gates strives to protect those targeted by #Kate and #Vryer The information provided by #Memento, who joined the rebellion, has proven invaluable in limiting losses during this chaotic period. However, #Eyrton Cr, under Hemdall's protection, does not view this situation favorably. Being constantly 'safe' and away from danger is not the life the former leader of the clan:38:I0FsbCBTdGFycw== aspired to, a man who has always lived for challenges and self-improvement.
Every morning, while in one of the rebellion's hideouts, Eyrton looks at himself in the mirror, questioning the person he has become, a man he considers cowardly. A clan leader, really? Then one day, the spark reignited. Avoiding the surveillance of his guardians, Eyrton made his way to the All Stars' headquarters. On his way, he was recognized by many citizens who cheered for him, but he still didn't feel worthy of their admiration. Not yet... In his mechanic workshop, metal flew, the engine roared, and Eyrton's eyes regained their former sparkle.
The next morning at dawn, the biggest race of the year began, the Grand Prix created by Eyrton, in the stadium he had built himself... And for the first time in ten years, Eyrton was on the starting line! You all know the result. Of course, Eyrton triumphed. But shortly after the race, a mysterious accident abruptly ended his career. His racing car caught fire, and he couldn't be rescued in time. Thus, the leader of the All Stars exited the stage, but don't mourn this legendary leader; other talents will emerge to continue his legacy. A genius on his level, endowed with the same talent and audacity. The succession is assured...
Eyrton is now promoted to the rank of Mythic cards.
The card will no longer be distributed in the game (except for very special missions or rewards for outstanding performance).
Eyrton is also now eligible to enter the Pantheon of Immortals, here:
Have a great game, everyone!

Season's greetings to the whole community! 2023-12-22 10:55:01

Hi, Clint City!
To end the year on a merry note, we have launched the Team Draft mode. Its purpose is to have fun in teams, whether with friends or random partners.
This mode brings a breath of fresh air to the game and we certainly hope you'll enjoy it to the fullest.
We also celebrated the arrival of the first Mister Clint City 2023 and found some of your private messages on the subject truly heart-warming.
New: you can now follow the IMMORTAL cards releases on their own site - the Pantheon of Immortals - with cool additions such as the option to choose your favorite Immortal card evolution and a permanent x4 BP boost!
We are now taking a few well-deserved days off but, before we do, we would like to thank you. This has been the craziest year in the history of the game, which wouldn't have been possible without your support.
That being said, we wish you all a happy festive season filled with joy, peace and happiness. And make sure to keep an eye open because 2024 is bound to begin with a bang, though a few surprises are still in store for 2023!
For starters, you will very soon discover your Noel character, which will mark the end of the December SOLD OUT Black Markets.
And finally, don't miss the year's last 4 fighters - a golden opportunity to strengthen your teams and expand your collections:
#Svaroski the war veteran who switched to CosmoHnuts farming (illustration by FFurby)
#Fink the automaton character salvaged by the Vortex, straight from RHYNN (illustration by John Sein)
Not to forget the spectacular METEORA characters from clans ROOTS and UPPERS, by MattMoro.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Love upon Clint City,
Acute Games Team

Christmas Rift! 2023-12-19 13:00:03

Dear citizens,
During this end-of-year period, enjoy a Rift Adventure by the fire! No Rush, no luck to be had, you will only have to do 6 missions to obtain nice gifts!
Here are the rewards:
Mission 1 and 2: 1 rare
Mission 3 and 4: 1 random Ld
Mission 5: 1 random Polit Horror
Mission 6: #Miss Demonink or #Mr Genechips + 10% chance of having #Mecaniclès
1 new mission will appear every day. You won't have time to play at Christmas? No problem, all missions will remain available until the evening of the 31st.
Happy Holidays, Clint City!

Season 13 - Past and Future! 2023-12-18 12:00:04

Dear Clint City, The 13th season of Missions starts today! And will end on February 11 at midnight, Paris time (GMT +1).
The season's story:
The Glibon has spoken! "If you don't want a bleak future where two clans are forever at war with each other, even going so far as to pollute the past with their quarrels, then lay down your arms now! " But strangely, despite these fine words, the Glibon's popularity rating has fallen from 53% to 31% according to the latest ITPOL survey. Some Sakrohm are even going so far as to say that he's an impostor. Without warning, the conflict between the clan:45:I1ZvcnRleA== and the clan:51:I0hpdmU= spills over into other clans! A few years ago, an enraged father bought himself eternal life by joining the army of the future. It seems that his daughter has now decided to give him a good kicking for a second time. We can't wait to hear all about their fight!
Season bonus:
The last 6 characters (at present) from the clan:53:I0RvbWluaW9u, clan:51:I0hpdmU=, clan:55:I1BhcmFkb3g=, clan:49:I1Jpb3Rz and clan:45:I1ZvcnRleA== clans will receive a x10 battle points boost this season. This boost will be effective in Survivor, Free Fight, Tourney and EFC modes for characters authorized in these modes.
Here is the full list of boosted characters: #Plumpy, #Costello, #Carnibox, #Sir Taco, #Death Adder II, #Goose, #Synthr0nn, #R0zeheart, #AdN-Sanya, #D4ggers, #Buf00n, #Maana 2097, #Solares, #Vitrathena, #Suplicius, #Torre, #Lavey, #Chiavella, #Mecaniclès, #Astromos, #Tok, #Wander, #Pr SenQ, #Sling, #Parsek, #Dregn 2097, #C-Wild, #Omicron, #Tunkp-T, #W-Manda
In addition to these characters, 15 different characters will receive a 20x boost every EFC season, only in this mode.
New this season:
- Improvement of Daily Missions. The battle point rewards for Daily Missions has been increased. Starting tomorrow, the ""Today, complete X Missions"" mission will require you to complete 10 missions and will give you 1 random LD (even if you already have them all). The Daily Box bonus now has a better basic reward, with a 50% chance of obtaining a random LD.
- This season, there will be 1 IMMORTAL card to be won in each EFC season (the IMMORTAL to be won will be announced at the start of each EFC season).
- The reward for a series of 20 Survivor victories is now #Mecaniclès
- New: the first player to complete the bi-monthly mission ""Win 8 daily tournaments"" will win #Mecaniclès prisma
- For this season, starting tomorrow, the Happy Hour Missions schedule has been changed. The first Happy Hour Mission will take place from 12pm to 1pm, and the second from 9pm to 10pm, Paris time. They'll earn you Clintz, and a small chance of winning one of 8 random Meteoras.
Season's programme:
- Starting tomorrow: Christmas Rift Adventure!
- In December: Don't forget to complete your Advent calendar and take part in the ADVENT Missions!
- December 25th: Release of a new Christmas card!
- Beginning of January: 2 new IMMORTAL cards + big surprise!
- Beginning of January: 2 new IMMORTAL cards + big surprise!
- January 1st to 7th: Coliseum, #Bloodh Mt IMMORTAL to be won. The format will be created by the community (join discord for more information)!
- January 8th to 14th: Vote to change the stats and abilities of old characters to make them playable in EFC mode
- January 15th to 21st: Tourney Challenge, win one of the 2 new January IMMORTALS!
- January 29th to February 4th: Rift Adventure, win one of the 2 new January IMMORTALS!
- February 5th to 11th Survivor Adventure, win one of the 2 new January IMMORTALS!
- And a whole host of other surprises!
Finally, please note: until May 10th, two Meteoras will continue to appear in each NB release.
Missions end-of-season awards:
1: One of February's two new IMMORTALS!
1-10: 2 common Prismatics + 1 unusual Prismatic + 1 rare Prismatic + 1 Collector Prismatic + 10 common + 10 unusual + 10 rare + 3 Cr + 3 exclusive cards
11-25: 1 common prismatic + 1 unusual prismatic + 5 common + 5 unusual + 5 rare + 2 Cr + 1 exclusive card
26-100: 1 common prismatic + 1 unusual prismatic + 4 common + 4 unusual + 4 rare + 1 Cr
101-250: 1 common prismatic + 3 common + 3 unusual + 3 rare + 1 Cr
251-500: 2 common + 2 unusual + 2 rare + 1 Cr
501-1000: 1 common + 1 unusual + 1 rare + 1 Cr
1001-2500: 1 common + 1 unusual + 1 rare
Good luck to everyone this season!

Season 114 EFC 2023-12-18 11:05:03

Hi Everyone,
GG Phil_NoLove!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 18/12
End date: 31/12
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: /
Still banned this week: #Lara Hate, #Dark Desmond
Unbanned for this week: #Ashara, #C-Ortez, #Ford, #Fowl, #Kaizerin, #Latifa, #Leonite, #Magpie
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Removed from the banlist: #McLayton
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
17 survi elo
maflass is there?
Want to play something else? Discover new semi-evos for these 3 cards:
#Lindo 4* (5/6)
#Tekumman 4* (6/6, Asymmetry)
#Nadia 4* (7/5)!
New ! To familiarize yourself with these semi-evos, the following 15 cards will have a x20 battle points boost until the end of the season, but only in EFC:
#Lindo, #Icaro, #Mimmo, #Don Tarazze, #Bella Ld
#Tekumman, #El Papa Gallo, #Magistrado Ld, #El Cubalibre, #El Parasito
#Nadia, #Kommandon Ld, #Xantiax Robb Cr, #Pedro, #Miloz
For this season's winner: #Bloodh Mt IMMORTAL
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Glibon
Happy gaming!

Welcome to the Pantheon of the IMMORTALS! 2023-12-15 17:30:05

In this Pantheon, you will find cards that reach the pinnacle in terms of rarity and lifecycle. Each card here is a unique piece, with a maximum of 10 unique copies worldwide. The Pantheon is the ideal place to track the rarity and distribution of these exceptional cards. You will also discover new additions, carefully preserved as priceless treasures.
Furthermore, IMMORTAL LEGACY EDITION (or ILE) cards come with a permanent boost to combat points set at x4!
By Christmas, lucky owners will have the opportunity to choose their character's illustration. This unique customization adds a touch that makes these cards even more UNIQUE.
We wish you an enjoyable visit!

TEAM DRAFT ! 2023-12-14 10:45:02

Gather with a friend or let the system find your perfect teammate. Strategically prepare your duo: choose which clans to exclude and which to prioritize. Then, dive into deck building by combining the best strategies. Get ready to set synergy records and achieve significant board effects!
Psst... Don't forget, you can discreetly share tips with your partner during their duel... Your teamwork will be your major asset!

Arrival of the Mecanicles Pack and the Pantheon of Immortals! 2023-12-12 08:50:03

Tonight at 6:00 PM (Paris time), Clint City will be celebrating! The spectacular Mecanicles, the brand-new boss of Clint City's steampunks, is arriving in an exclusive pack available for only 24 hours!
You can also get your hands on the latest copies of Ognh, Ratanah, copies 4 and 5 of Captain Bloodh (/10), and even the 2nd copy of Emperor Dregn (/5). (Your IMMORTAL characters will soon be showcased in a dedicated section of the website, called the Pantheon of Immortals! )
But the surprises don't stop there. A bot will be spinning in the Free Fight room, giving you the opportunity to win a Mecanicles if you manage to KO it!
Join us tonight at 6:00 PM to get your hands on these treasures in packs and in the room!

New Bloods VS. the METEORA Army! 2023-12-08 11:05:02

Hi Everyone!
There's been a temporary shake-up in the New Bloods packs, with the classic formula of four new fighters per pack maintained, but with an added twist: from now on, two of these fighters will be rare METEORA cards!
Available from now until 10 May 2024: get ready to discover some exceptional fighters straight from the New Bloods!
Although we are introducing this new and temporary dimension to the New Bloods packs, you should be aware that the eight METEORA packs that have already been released will not be included. They are now available in the Elite, Titanium and Armageddon packs.
This system will make it easier to keep track of releases for an improved gaming experience.
Now, over to our four new fighters:
#Trasker the smooth-talking Sentinel once again confronted with his past... (artwork by Chahine & VinceColor)
#Solares the Paradox asylum surgeon (Fantasy Rivals artwork - ArctoPicto)
And the Meteora from the JUNGO and LAJUNTA clans: #Simeine and #Pinscheriste!
Happy gaming to you all!

Clint City's Temple 2023-12-08 10:30:04

Dear Clint City players,
We have some news to announce to you: The Slot Machine, Clint City's temple, has been updated!
From now on, your chances of winning the reward through the Super Slot (with 3 Rebirth banners) (unique Immortal card or surprise pack) will be directly linked to the initial bet you choose to place.
In other words, the larger your bet, the greater your chances of hitting the jackpot! If you're ready to take on the challenge by taking higher risks with bigger bets, you'll have every opportunity to maximize your rewards. Don't miss this opportunity, as a surprise pack is already at stake and can be won right now!
Have fun and may luck be with you!
The team

NOEL Boosts and Black Market Sets! 2023-12-06 10:25:02

Hello everyone,
Quick info: all our NOËL range characters now have a x15 boost in combat points in Free Fight, EFC, and Survivor modes.
This boost lasts until next Monday at noon, Paris time. So, make the most of it!
And don't forget to check out your Advent calendar here:
With the Black Market set, you double your calendar earnings every day, and once the set is complete, a big reward awaits you.
Happy gaming to all!

Baldovino's Prank (Season 113 EFC) 2023-12-04 12:05:02

Hi Everyone,
GG ADA Zero!
T Rex (1355 pts)
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 04/12
End date: 17/12
This damn #Baldovino has played a trick on us again! During this season only, Survivor and EFC formats will be reversed!
EFC mode will correspond to a 10 card format with no restrictions or star limits.
And Survivor mode will correspond to an 8 card format with 25*, the EFC banlist, without 1* cards and with a single 5* card maximum.
The following changes have been made to the format (Survivor mode):
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Adjoa, #Dark Desmond, #Dragomer, #Hammerlock, #Hann, #IronPod, #Wilkinson
Still banned this week: #Ashara, #Dark Vansaar, #Lara Hate
Unbanned for this week: #C0re, #Christopher, #Dark Mandrak, #Dregn Mt, #Henry, #Leviatonn Cr, #Malecia, #Schredder, #X-0DUS
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Added to the banlist: #VanDam
Removed from the banlist: #Pilzken
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
Stay the way
Brute-force [Top 25]
UnisGraveyard EFC 216
The following changes have been made to the Survivor format (EFC mode):
The following 4 cards have been permanently changed, following the results of last week's vote:
#Tanaereva Mt (8/7 -2 Opp Damage min 2 => 9/7 -2 Opp Power and Damage min 2)
#Berserkgirl Cr (5/4 No Ability => 8/4 Equalizer +1 Damage)
#Don Cr (6/8 -4 Opp Attack min 2 => 6/8 +4 Attack per Opp Damage)
#Zlatar Cr (3/8 Stop Opp Ability => 7/8 Copy Opp Ability)
#Berserkgirl Cr, #Don Cr and #Zlatar Cr are now banned in EFC format.
#Zlatar Cr is now banned in Tourney format.
#Don Cr and #Berserkgirl Cr remain authorized in Tourney format, for the moment.
The old stats and abilities of these cards are preserved in their semi-evolutions.
To familiarize yourself with these changes, the following 20 cards will have a x20 battle points boost until the end of the season, but only in EFC:
#Tanaereva Mt, #Lapinka, #Achigan, #Maximus Cr, #Jam&Earlxxt
#Berserkgirl Cr, #Ultra Dj Korr, #Soneta, #Lorenzald, #Travis Ld
#Don Cr, #Casagrande Cr, #Lyse Teria Mt, #Ultra Lyse, #Homy
#Zlatar Cr, #Jackie Mt, #Zumrut Cr, #El D10S, #Nemo Mt
This season's rewards:
EFC mode
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
For this season's winner: #Tanaereva Mt IMMORTAL
Survivor mode
Survivor 10: A random Meteora among the 8 Meteoras already released.
Best Survivor score of the season: #Ratanah Mt IMMORTAL
Happy gaming!

Festive December in Clint City! 2023-12-01 09:25:02

Hello to all the inhabitants of Clint City!
It's the most magical time of the year, and that's even more true here in Clint City!
In December 2023, we're bringing back the tradition of the Advent calendar with a special reward each day.
But this year, we're adding a little spice for more fun: every day, a Black Market mission will align with our Advent calendar, allowing you to double your rewards!
But wait, there's more! The Black Markets will be presented in series of 3, then 5, and so on until Christmas.
The first series of 3 Black Markets starts today, and at the end of the series, you will unlock the corresponding gifts for your completed black markets. This way, you can continue to enjoy it day after day, by completing both the Black Market and the calendar slots.
Around halfway through, you will receive an exclusive card, and on the last day, if you've been diligent, you will get the NOEL card, which promises to be a lot of fun!
Diligence will be the key this December, but rest assured that the rewards will be worth your efforts.
For those of you who already own card sets, it will be a real treat!
So, get ready for an exciting and surprise-filled December.
Have fun, and let the festivities begin!

🌟 Exclusive Offer tonight at 6:00 PM - Special Pre-Christmas Pack! 🌟 2023-11-28 13:15:02

The Best of Meteora, Polit Horror Show, ultra Rares, and more! Don't miss our special pack, which includes the exciting Godtail novelty in exclusive anticipation and a drop rate of a classic RARE for the occasion!
⏳ Limited Availability: The pack includes 1 IMMORTAL copy of the old captain Bloodh and 2 Tanaereva IMMORTAL - only for 12 hours! (+ 1 Thorpah and 2 Ongh)
Join us at 6:00 PM to not miss out!
💡 Important Note: A bug-fixing patch for recent issues is available on Android and iOS, remember to update for worry-free play!

Cards to modify for Survivor! 2023-11-27 11:30:03

Dear citizens,
In the list of 25 characters that you will see, all of them deserve to be playable in Survivor mode! These are old emblematic cards, clan leaders or simply beautiful characters... Some of them had their hour of glory but are now gathering dust, others disappointed upon their release, still others were forgotten because they are too strong for EFC but not strong enough for Survivor. But today we can do something about it!
Now it's up to you: vote for your favorite card from the list!
Next Monday, the 4 characters who received the most votes will see their stats and/or powers permanently modified in order to make them strong in Survivor mode. We will ensure that the new version of these cards keeps their identity intact. Note that the 4 cards will, if necessary, be banned from EFC and/or Tourney mode.
Is a character you like not on the list? Don't hesitate to suggest it to us, we will perhaps add it in a future vote!
Small reminder, next Monday and for two weeks, the EFC format and the Survivor format will be swapped. An IMMORTAL card will be up for grabs in each of these modes! So, choose carefully the card that will be modified, it could be useful for you to climb the rankings!
Good game everyone!

Goodbye Twitter, X 2023-11-25 16:55:02

Dear community,
We would like to share some thoughts with you regarding our presence on social media.
Like most of you, we have long enjoyed interactions on these platforms, but over the years, we have noticed that the atmosphere has deteriorated.
We do not want to engage in negative discourse and toxic behaviors that can unfortunately spread.
Our community is primarily present on Urban Rivals, as always, and that's where we want to maintain an atmosphere of kindness and mutual respect. We have made the decision to leave platform X (formerly Twitter) as it does not align with our values, even if it means giving up on certain interactions.
Don't worry, news will continue to be shared, primarily on our website. You can also find us on Discord, where kindness prevails, on Instagram for visual sharing, and on YouTube for occasional teasers.
We greatly appreciate your support and understanding, and we look forward to continuing to grow and evolve with you in this space where mutual assistance and respect are at the heart of our community.
See you around soon!

Master of the Storm, Nature and the Freak Show! 2023-11-24 11:05:02

Hi Clint City!
We've been working on our matchmaking system to bring you the next game mode. Stay tuned, it's coming soon!
On the physical front, ""Xmas Edition"" packs went on sale on eBay on Monday, and the 145 of them sold like hotcakes! Your orders have already been dispatched. Thanks again for your support, we hope you like this hybrid collection as much as we do!
As for the online game, it's time to welcome the last 4 works of art from the month of November:
#Sunscale the Ulu Watu free diver, in harmony with the abyss! (artwork by Frank Calico)
#Yang Luhan the grand master of Fang Pi Clang is back to give tailor-made courses (artwork by JCorgié)
#Twistery the new Freak attraction, a knock-out combo of cuteness and malevolence (artwork by NicolasRossiusIsNotEvi)
#Amadaus the father of the legendary Naja retires... to the Roots! (artwork by Dadotronic)

Season 112 EFC (some new stuff!) 2023-11-20 11:00:04

Hi Everyone,
GG Phil_NoLove!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 20/11
End date: 03/12
The following changes have been made to the format:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Bambino, #Dark Mandrak, #Dregn Mt, #Pacarezza, #Regina, #Tinomor, #X-0DUS, #Zoe
Still banned this week: #Alekperov, #C Wing, #Lara Hate, #RiK-L, #XIII
Unbanned for this week: #Adjoa, #Firmin, #Hermenou, #Lowki, #Magpie, #Malfass, #XU52
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Added to the banlist: #Pr Vronkxxt
Semi-evo nerfed: #Zoe 4* (4/7), #Malecia 3* (min 2), #Malecia 4* (min 2)
Ld buffed: #Space Hans Ld (7/2 SOA => 8/2 Asymmetry COA)
Running out of inspiration? Here are some decks played last week:
Non j'ai pas fight le même gars by Olive855
Dinos in the jungle by PA Dreamerzz
Presenza Glaciale by Mattia GK
Secret Infiltration of Dark Frid by BombMonkey
Want to play something else? Discover new semi-evos for these 3 cards:
#Cassandra 3* (8/5)
#Slopsh 3* (4/7, Asymmetry)
#Fei Cr 3* (8/3)!
New ! To familiarize yourself with these semi-evos, the following 15 cards will have a x20 battle points boost until the end of the season, but only in EFC:
#Cassandra, #Wonald, #Barbacoatl, #Magic Alice, #Shazam (reminder: you cannot play two 5-star cards in EFC! )
#Slopsh, #Dobbs Ld, #Fomalhaut Ld, #Murray, #Surif
#Fei Cr, #Endo, #Shifou, #Yoshito, #Kusuri
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
New ! The Daily Chest EFC mission has been simplified and separated into two missions. Mission 1: Finish 5 matches in EFC for 1 rare, 2 unusual and 3 common. Mission 2: Win 5 matches in EFC for 1 rare, 2 unusual, 3 common and 1% chance of obtaining a random Meteora.
Happy gaming!

Collectible Card Packs Available from 6:00 PM! 2023-11-20 10:05:02

Collectible card fans, get ready! Starting tonight at 6:00 PM Paris time, our eBay store ( will be hosting the long-awaited second batch of our physical card sets.
Don't miss out on the following updates:
-50 new cards have been added to our collection. Discover the complete list on the product page of our eBay store.
-Among the 145 available packs, 4 contain an ultra-rare edition of the upcoming IMMORTAL card.
-To make your purchases easier and reduce shipping costs, you can now buy up to 2 packs in a single order.
It's the perfect time to add a touch of magic under your Xmas tree and make progress in completing your physical collection:)
See you tonight at our eBay store to seize this opportunity. Enjoy the game!

4 METEORA, Miss 2023, and the Black Market! 2023-11-14 11:05:02

Dear collectors, get ready! The METEORA are back with a brand new series of champions, available in a key-themed pack:
-2 Meteora are included in the pack and are essential to unlock the other 2 Meteora along with some exciting surprises.
-Black Markets will appear throughout the duration of the pack, which is for 72 hours starting now.
These incredible characters were designed by the talented Matthieu Moreau, so you can expect exceptional designs... but as with the previous release, you'll need to wait a few hours before evolving these METEORA champions!
However, you can already imagine the epic battles that await with these new cards in action!
If you already own the previous 4 METEORA, this is the perfect time to continue completing your collection and strengthening your deck with these new additions.
Enjoy the game, let the battle begin!
PS: This release will be the last ""small wave"" of Meteora for the year. They will return in greater numbers in 2024!

Tourney Challenge (Win Ongh MT!) 2023-11-13 11:00:03

Dear citizens of Clint City,
Are you ready for an intense week dedicated to the Tourney mode?
Two sets of Adventure missions have been added:
- Tourney Challenge, Easy
Every day at 11 a.m., starting today, a new mission will ask you to reach the top third of a daily tournament. The first 6 missions will reward you with a random rare card. The last mission, available between Sunday 11 a.m. and Monday 11 a.m. Paris time, will give you a random Polit card (#P. Evertec, #O. Valosy, #L. Ionvex, #I. Lecsevy, or #T. Silkvale and a 25% chance to get a random Polit card in its prismatic version.
- Tourney Challenge, Hardcore
Every day at 11 a.m., starting today, a new mission will ask you to win a daily tournament. The first 6 missions will reward you with a random Polit card (#P. Evertec, #O. Valosy, #L. Ionvex, #I. Lecsevy, or #T. Silkvale and a 25% chance to get a random Polit card in its prismatic version. The last mission, available between Sunday 11 a.m. and Monday 11 a.m. Paris time, will give you a random prismatic Meteora from the 4 Meteoras released this week. However, the first to complete it will win an IMMORTAL copy of #Ongh Mt
In summary, to obtain #Ongh Mt IMMORTAL, you will need to:
- Win a tournament between Monday 11 a.m. and Sunday
- Win another tournament between Tuesday 11 a.m. and Sunday
- Win another tournament between Wednesday 11 a.m. and Sunday
- Win another tournament between Thursday 11 a.m. and Sunday
- Win another tournament between Friday 11 a.m. and Sunday
- Win another tournament between Saturday 11 a.m. and Sunday
- Be the first to win a tournament starting from Sunday 11 a.m.
For this occasion, the following changes have been made to the format:
Added to the banlist: #P. Evertec, #O. Valosy, #L. Ionvex, #I. Lecsevy, #T. Silkvale, #Malik, #Ledoux, #Cameron, #Baldassare, #Marie
Removed from the banlist: #Gil Cr, #Isatis, #Kruger, #McLayton
New semi-evos: #Bennie 1* (5/2), #Flush 1* (7/1), #Flush 2* (7/2), #Arkn 1* (5/2), #Jagan 1* (6/1), #Cybil 1* (7/1 Copy Damage), #Angelo 1* (6/1), #Joana 1* (5/3), #Joana 2* (5/4), #Tobbie 1* (4/2), #Danae 1* (7/1), #Danae 2* (7/2), #Bianca 1* (6/1), #Mango 1* (5/3)
Another change: you will now receive more points if your opponent abandons the match (6 points instead of 2). Here are the point rules for the Tourney mode with this modification:
Victory: 25 points, minus 1 point per star in hand.
Bonus for KO: 1 point
Bonus against time-out: 6 points
Bonus for abandonment: 6 points
Bonus for remaining Pillz (in case of KO only): 1 point per Pillz remaining above 0, max 1
Draw: 5 points
Bonus for the difference in stars between the two characters played in case of a round won: 4 stars fewer: 6 points, 2 or 3 stars fewer: 5 points, 1 star fewer: 4 points, Same number of stars: 3 points, 1 or 2 stars more: 2 points, 3 or 4 stars more: 1 point
Bonus for 4 rounds won: 2 points
Bonus for every 5 seconds lost waiting for the opponent to play: 1 point
Defeat: 3 points
Good luck to everyone!

2 Collectors and 1 Mythic ! 2023-11-13 08:50:03

After having been spectators of the Death Arenas for centuries, the clan:45:I1ZvcnRleA== are somewhat disappointed when they return to the past to watch simple soccer matches... The simulations, refereeing problems, and 0-0 draws had already tired out the fans of the future. But since the prohibition of temporal vortexes in the official rules, it's too much! The clan decides to create its own rules, with an antimatter ball that must reach a spacetime net suspended between bars of black energy and, of course, can only be controlled with a dimensional portal or a superpowerful energy source.
Unsurprisingly, #Sekutor becomes the undisputed champion of this new game! By bending the spacetime continuum to his advantage, especially in the second half, he always triumphs over his opponents and brings joy to his fans as well as bettors.
However, the clan:41:I1Jlc2N1ZQ== view this new sport with skepticism and fear a deadly accident. A clan member is always sent for surveillance, just in case the worst happens.
But one day, as Sekutor is about to secure another victory, another player lands on the field! It's #Slatter, or rather... #Striker Cr! How to refer to this legendary footballer, who returns to the field for the first time since retirement? Would he be ready... to play an exhibition match?! Striker challenges Sekutor: to defeat him in a 1v1 match in this ridiculous sport that, according to him, tarnishes the purity of real football! Sekutor accepts.
While both players prepare for the kick-off, #Serafina watches the scene from afar. The Oculus within her urges her to destroy the entire stadium filled with members of her old clan that she despises. But a part of her, a spark in her dark soul, feels compassion for Sekutor. It must be said that Serafina has seen the young Vortex grow. She has seen him discover the vast extent of his powers and experience moments of carefree joy... before being consumed, like her, by Dregn's dark designs.
The match continues, and the two players assess each other in the center of the field. Striker, thanks to his Oculus form, has no difficulty controlling the antimatter ball. Nevertheless, Sekutor seems to gain the upper hand. Sekutor is about to dribble past Striker when the latter makes an irreversible decision: to injure Sekutor in the arm with the spikes on his cleats. An unsanctioned action, to everyone's surprise: did Striker bribe the referee or steal all his red cards?
Sekutor, on the ground and injured, helplessly watches Striker pass with the ball at his feet, ready to launch the decisive shot. Can the champion of the Death Arenas accept this defeat? In front of his fans, his sponsors? Not a chance! Even though his arm injury renders him unable to create a portal, he rushes nonetheless to intercept Striker's shot and prevent the goal! Striker, seeing that Sekutor is about to die while blocking the antimatter ball with his body, decides to shoot anyway. It is at that precise moment when all traces of humanity cease to exist in him. The love for sports, the passion for football, and competition have all been extinguished. Striker is no more, only the Oculus remains within him.
But as one Oculus chooses to sacrifice its humanity for its own glory, another makes the glorious choice to endanger her life, out of humanity. Serafina rushes to save Sekutor from a tragic ending and uses her past experience in the Vortex to create a dimensional portal at the last moment. For a second, her demonic form seems to have vanished, and she takes Sekutor in her angelic arms to rescue him. But Sekutor senses that something is amiss: the portal created by Serafina is incomplete! The interaction between the portal and the antimatter ball creates a singularity that throws the two characters light-years away from there, far from Clint City and its solar system.
The two characters vanished instantly. Only Slatter remains on the field, facing an audience still silent due to a lack of understanding. This match will go down in history as ""The Match of the Two Disappeared."" A terrible loss for Clint City, which has still not recovered its champion of the Death Arenas or its fallen angel who seemed ready for redemption.
Serafina and Sekutor are now Collectors and will no longer be distributed in packs; you can obtain them as rewards in various game modes and on the Market. Striker, on the other hand, becomes Mythic, and the available copies will only be those on the Market, and he becomes eligible for the IMMORTAL rank! Have a great game, everyone!

Shaman, blacksmith, etc. The NEW BLOODS are here! 2023-11-10 11:05:02

Hi Everyone,
Here's the latest news about the game:
• Recently, MonsterReborn paid a visit to our office, and we had the opportunity to chat over a few coffees, in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the informal conversations you can find here:'s more, we had the opportunity to try out a physical version of the game, and we absolutely loved it! We look forward to sharing this experience on a wider scale.

• On the merchandising front, we're currently preparing the second series of card packs, which will be available for sale on eBay just before Christmas. It's an excellent opportunity to add to your collection! 

• As for the app, a new update is scheduled for the end of the month, with its fair share of improvements and a few surprises thrown in for good measure. We're still hard at work on the new game mode, which you'll be able to try out before 2024! 

And now, let's make way for our New Bloods, which are graced by the arrival of 3 exceptional new illustrators:
#Ciro, a man with an explosive temper, an Oblivion badass (artwork by Frank Calico).
#Malik, the young Bangers and Shann's alleged little brother, with artwork by MRX Visual.
#Joel, the funky Cosmohnuts with two crocs, with artwork by Sergi Brosa.
#Krudo&Kravian, the shaman and his bird from Mount Glatz, living among the Frozn, with artwork by Paosketcher.
We hope you'll enjoy these new additions. Happy gaming to you all!

MISTER CC: Top 5 2023-11-08 21:40:02

Dear residents of Clint City,
First and foremost, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enthusiastic participation in the Mister Clint City survey! Thanks to your commitment, we were able to determine the top 5 male characters that you dream of seeing dressed "differently"...
This list is as eclectic as our city, reflecting the diversity of styles and personalities that make Clint City a unique place.
Without further ado, here are the 5 finalists who have managed to captivate your imagination: #Genechips, #Lapinka, #Baldassare, #Bebeboa, and #Achigan
Each of them brings their own touch of charm and originality, and we can't wait to find out who among them will be crowned Mister Clint City.
In just three days, we will reveal the grand winner of this survey.
What will happen next? Well, the winner will have the honor of being handed over to their original illustrator, who will work diligently to give them a much more extravagant appearance. Get ready for some fun.
Stay tuned, as the result will live up to this first edition of the MISTER Clint City contest.
Until then, continue to celebrate the diversity, creativity, and love that make Clint City such a special place.
Thank you again for your participation, and may the best win!

IMMORTAL Card and More in Clint City! 2023-11-07 17:50:03

Clint City, Starting at 6 PM:
An IMMORTAL card will be within reach at the Temple. As a reminder, all you need to do is spin the slot machine, align the three Rebirth icons on the three central panels, and once in "BOOST" mode, you'll have the chance to win this precious IMMORTAL card.
An IMMORTAL card represents the pinnacle of rewards, an invaluable rarity. Find out the detailed explanation of this rarity here:
Furthermore, you'll have access to an "express" Immortal pack, available for only 24 hours. Inside this charming little upgrade pack, you'll have the opportunity to discover IMMORTAL cards among the 7 copies it contains.
Finally, a combat points bonus is activated for the Big 5 and their ULTRA versions to help you level up much faster!
Let the game begin!

Rift Adventure: Thorpah Mt IMMORTAL to be won! 2023-11-06 15:00:03

Ready for a new Rift adventure?
Tonight at 8 PM, a 6-mission adventure will be unlocked in Rift mode. The first player to complete these 6 missions will receive #Thorpah Mt IMMORTAL!
Here are the 6 missions you can unlock in order, along with their rewards:
Choose Eklore in The Rift - Reward: 1 random Leader
Accumulate 50 rewards in The Rift - Reward: 1 random Uppers
Win 80 battles in The Rift - Reward: 1 random rare + some clintz
Earn 500 lives in The Rift - Reward: 1 random Oculus
Remove 1200 lives in The Rift - Reward: 1 random Legendary card (or 7 credits if you have them all)
Inflict 30, 000 damage in The Rift - Reward: 1 random Meteora, + #Thorpah Mt IMMORTAL for the first player to complete the mission.
Good luck to everyone!

Season 111 EFC (some new stuff!) 2023-11-06 11:05:03

Hi Everyone,
GG ADA Zero!
Les Anges de l'Apocalypse(1280 p
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 06/11
End date: 19/11
The following changes have been made to the format, to rebalance the clans and diversify the metagame:
Player votes
Now banned for this week: #Ashara, #C0re, #Christopher, #Dark Dakota, #Elvira, #Miyo, #Pudge, #Schredder, #XIII, #XU52
Still banned this week: #Adjoa, #Alekperov, #Lara Hate
Unbanned for this week: #Callie, #El Cubalibre, #IronPod, #Pacarezza, #Pr Vronkxxt, #Saki, #Tinomor, #X-0DUS
If you finished in Z Palace the previous week, don't forget to vote here:
Changes made by the staff
Added to the banlist: #Graven, #Madrat
Removed from the banlist: #Xantiax Robb Cr, #Quest
Semi-evo nerfed: #Malfass 3* (max 17)
Ld buffed: #Wilo Ld (7/1 Regen 1 max 16 => 6/2 Repair 1 max 14)
Oculus nerfed: #Dark Dakota (max 16 => max 14)
New ! These 3 cards will have a x40 battle points boost until the end of the season, but only in EFC!
Here are their new semi-evos:
#El Mercurio 2* (7/2), 3* (7/3)
#Zoe 4* (5/6)
#Shaferxxt 2* (5/3)!
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
New ! Daily reward for 10 battles completed in EFC: 2 rare + 4 uncommons + 6 common + 1% chance of obtaining a random Meteora.
Happy gaming!
The three latest DARK cards (Dark Desmond, Dark Dakota, and Dark Mandrak) are now available in our store, except for the New Bloods packs. Their drop rates have been doubled for this special occasion, and black markets could soon make their appearance...
It's the perfect time to add them to your collection!
Good luck to everyone.

MISTER CLINT CITY: Premiere 2023-11-03 10:20:02

After all those grotesque and horrifying Halloween appearances, it's time to turn the page and make way for beauty, colors, glitter, and burlesque glamour!
Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone celebrating the diversity of love, we invite you to attend the most dazzling event of the year in our beloved Clint City: the election of Mister Clint City.
Far from the darkness of Halloween night, this competition highlights the incredible variety of our residents, celebrates each one's uniqueness, and showcases the infinite palette of colors that make up our city.
In a world where diversity is our greatest wealth, tolerance, inclusivity, and respect are at the heart of our community, and it's time to show the world that Clint City is a place where all faces, orientations, and identities are celebrated.
The poll is open, and it's up to you to have your say here,
So, speak up—it will only take you a few seconds!
The grand winner will return in a different appearance and embody a unique facet of our community: one that knows no boundaries, the true treasure of Clint City!

POLIT HORROR SHOW: open doors 2023-10-31 17:35:01

Welcome to the 'Polit Horror Show': The community event to introduce you to the new Government ministry right now here:
Dive into a world where politics flirts with horror, where politicians open the doors of the Dark House and give you VIP access to this extravagant election!
In the Polit Horror Show community event, you'll need to accumulate damage in the game room to unlock the 5 new political characters. Each damage inflicted in the Free Fight, Training Bot, and Survivor rooms brings you closer to the common victory. Gather your friends, your Club buddies, and defeat as many opponents as possible to unlock access to the scariest creatures of Clint City (PEGI 18, consider yourselves warned).
But, who are these new POLITicians? Ladies and gentlemen, here they are:
#Poppy Evertec, in charge of the -lobby- climate ministry
#Odile Valosy, in charge of the -lobby- financial ministry
#Li Ionvex, in charge of the -lobby- technology ministry
#Irina Lecsevy, in charge of the -lobby- agri-food ministry
#Tiffany Silkvale, in charge of the -lobby- pharmaceutical ministry
Rewards: The first in the ranking wins one of the 5 new POLIT cards in Prismatic version, the top 50 win 1 in the classic version (+ other items), and the top 500 ranked will receive a surprise pack with a multitude of rewards!
📆 Date and Time: Join us from 6:00 PM for this epic evening where politics and horror become one!
📍 Location:
Prepare for a night where together you will open the doors of the Dark House Oculus #PolitHorrorShow #FriendlyHorrorPolitics clan:56:I09jdWx1cw== #UrbanRivals

World Championship: Finals! 2023-10-31 16:25:02

The time has finally arrived!
Tomorrow, at 1:00 p.m. Paris time (GMT+1), the two best players in the world (Miguel Alves and Phil No Love) will face off for the final of Urban Rivals World Championship 2023.
For the occasion, the competition will be broadcast on Mini Macho's Twitch channel with Olive855 as co-presenter!
Short 15-minute black market missions will be created, linked to the characters played in stream. The hours of these black markets will be announced via stream only.
Don't miss this thrilling final which will crown our 2023 world champion!

Coliseum: Thrills and Hopes! (Ratanah ILE) 2023-10-30 12:00:03

#Solomon has decided to organize a spooky Coliseum, with #Ratanah Mt IMMORTAL up for grabs for the winner!
The Coliseum room is now open and to take part, it couldn't be easier!
First, choose 8 different cards from the following list, without exceeding 31 stars and without playing a semi-evolved card.
clan:37:I05pZ2h0bWFyZQ==: #Christopher, #Pandora, #Bulza Cr, #Sukareto, #Kasaba, #Candy Jack, #Madabook
clan:32:I0dIRUlTVA==: #Dolly Cr, #Bristone Cr, #Leviatonn Cr, #Hriger, #XU91, #Toro Mt, #Wardom
clan:46:I0Jlcnplcms=: #Rattus, #Lola, #Pedro, #Elvis, #Kommandon Ld, #Beef Cr, #Graven
clan:52:I0dob3NUb3du: #Poppy Mary, #Comanche, #Bambino, #La Comtesse, #Rony Bones, #Victor Van Dort, #Marshal Mt
clan:29:I1Jvb3Rz: #Gonzo, #Curlix, #Yookie, #Sicula, #Chibouk, #Ratanah Mt, #Cornelius
clan:10:I1VsdSBXYXR1: #Eugene, #Chel, #Nystrom, #Wee Lee, #Moai, #Numar, #Tanaereva Mt
clan:47:I0Zyb3pu: #Lowki, #Schwarz, #Ahnutt, #Ruru, #Stompah, #Kuai Liang, #Friskah
clan:43:I0p1bmdv: #Taka, #Fowl, #Excess Ld, #Superpaquito, #Bros, #Pere Fourrure, #Ongh Mt
Then it's off to the Coliseum to take on other players! You can play a maximum of 30 matches, and you'll earn points based on the result of each match, based on the following system:
- a win = 15 points
- a draw = 8 points
- a defeat = 5 points.
The Coliseum room will close this Sunday 30 at 23:00 Paris time (GMT +1). Rewards will then be distributed according to each participant's final ranking. The rewards are as follows:
1° - #Ratanah ILE + #Glibon Prisma + 1 Meteora Prisma + 1 prisma Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
2-3° - #Glibon Prisma + 1 Meteora Prisma + 1 prisma Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
4-5° - #Glibon + 1 Meteora Prisma + 1 prisma Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
6-10° - #Glibon + 1 Meteora + 1 Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
11-25° - 1 Meteora + 1 Cr + 1 prisma rare + 2 prisma uncommon + 3 prisma common
26-100° - 1 Oculus aléatoire + 1 Cr + 1 prisma rare + 2 prisma uncommon + 3 prisma common
101-500° - 1 Oculus aléatoire + 1 prisma uncommon + 2 prisma common
501°-3000 - 1 rare + 1 uncommon + 1 common
All information and rankings are available on the Coliseum page:
Happy gaming to you all!

Demons, pumpkins, ghosts, and Xantiaxxxxx! 2023-10-27 11:00:03

Here's the kickoff to celebrate Halloween together! We're excited to announce that a community event is in the works, and these four thematic fighters mark the beginning of the Halloween festivities!
Meanwhile, we're diligently working on a new game mode, which you'll likely get a sneak peek of later this year!
Let's discover together the 4 newcomers:
#Kurbis the mechanical pumpkin from GHEIST (illustration by NicolasRossiusIsNotEvil).
#Roy the young one from Ghostown, with his armadillos, back to haunt the town (illustration by RobynFrauhn).
#Malfass the soul-devouring demon-crow residing in Nightmare Manor (illustration by FFurby).
#Ledoux the biker/brawler from Motel Berzerk (illustration by Fudgegrafik).
We wish you all a great gaming experience!

MISS CC 2023 - TOP 5 ! 2023-10-26 14:05:02

It's the long-awaited moment, ladies and gentlemen! After a few days of voting, we finally have our podium for the Miss Clint City 2023 election. These five women have managed to capture the votes of our community: #Demonink, #Ciratess, #Becky Cr, #Brainda, and #Vitrathena
The time has come for you to make your voice heard and choose the one who, in your opinion, deserves the coveted title of Miss Clint City 2023. Each of these candidates has her unique charm and exceptional character, making this choice even more challenging.
So, take a moment to reflect and head to the SURVEY LINK to vote and elect your favorite Miss Clint City 2023. Your vote matters, and your choice will contribute to crowning the ambassador of our city for the year ahead.
May the best one win!
P.S.: The voting lasts for 3 days!

Season 12 - Thrills and Hopes! 2023-10-23 14:00:03

Dear Clint City, The 12th season of Missions starts today! And will end on December 17 at midnight, Paris time (GMT +1).
The season's story:
With the commotion of the Urban Rivals World Championship fights, one question is playing on the minds of the residents of Clint City, and even waking them up in the middle of the night... Why did the #Glibon make an appearance this year? Could it be the harbinger of the end of the world, which he himself cannot prevent? Some clans are taking advantage of the spooky atmosphere and the Halloween period to frighten the townsfolk! But for other clans, it's all up for grabs... Remember the legend of those 4 activists, who braved danger and denied fatalism to advance their cause. Large statues of #Tanaereva Mt, #Ratanah Mt, #Thorpah Mt and #Ongh Mt have been erected in the city: they will be the IMMORTAL characters of this season! So, will fear or optimism win over the hearts of the people of Clint City?
Season bonus:
The last 4 characters (at the moment) from the clan:37:I05pZ2h0bWFyZQ==, clan:32:I0dIRUlTVA==, clan:46:I0Jlcnplcms=, clan:52:I0dob3NUb3du, clan:29:I1Jvb3Rz, clan:10:I1VsdSBXYXR1, clan:47:I0Zyb3pu and clan:43:I0p1bmdv clans will receive a x10 battle points boost this season. This boost will be active in EFC, Tourney, Survivor and Free Fight modes.
Here is the complete list: #Effigie, #Tamakuchi, #Diabolus, #Evil Robin, #Musardine, #XU-GOAT, #Brainda, #Vact, #Turilmore, #Chef Marroze, #Bertung, #Granita, #Taurite, #Winchester, #Becos Pill, #Mrs Chili, #Towesky, #Sicula, #Ultra Kiki, #Saguaro, #Wale, #Lapinka, #Achigan, #Leiza, #Koromasko, #Zelina, #Lupila, #Therium, #Graou, #KinGreow, #Forty2, #Pere Fourrure
New this season:
- An adventure in the ""Thrills and Hopes"" season will give you objectives all season long, with a new Mission available every 2 days.
- The reward for a series of 20 Survivor victories is now #Glibon
- Rift Missions will now earn you Mission points
- For this season, we're keeping 2 Happy Hour Missions per day, in a random mode (EFC, Survivor or Tourney). The first Happy Hour Mission will take place from 11am to 12pm, and the second from 8pm to 9pm, Paris time. They'll earn you Clintz, and a small chance of winning a random Meteora."
Season's program:
End of October: The Miss Clint City 2023 final!
October 30 to November 05: Coliseum - Thrills and Hopes! #Ratanah Mt ILE to be won.
October 31: For Halloween, 5 mysterious and terrifying characters will be making their appearance...
November 06 to 12: Rift adventure to win #Thorpah Mt ILE.
During November: Elect Mister Clint City 2023!
November 13 to 19: Tourney Challenge to win #Ongh Mt ILE (1 Tourney to be won a day, the first player to win the 7th Tourney will win #Ongh Mt ILE)
November 15: 2nd wave of Meteoras!
November 27 to December 03: Vote to change the stats and abilities of old characters to make them playable in Survivor mode
December 04 to December 17: Return of Baldovino's Prank, the event that reverses the EFC and Survivor formats! Win #Tanaereva Mt ILE and #Ratanah Mt ILE.
Other copies of ILE will be up for grabs in surprise challenges, temples, packs and other adventures!
Missions end-of-season rewards:
1: #Tanaereva Mt ILE!
1-10: 2 common Prismatics + 1 unusual Prismatic + 1 rare Prismatic + 1 Collector Prismatic + 10 common + 10 unusual + 10 rare + 3 Cr + 3 exclusive cards
11-25: 1 common Prismatic + 1 unusual Prismatic + 5 common + 5 unusual + 5 rare + 2 Cr + 1 exclusive card
26-100: 1 common Prismatic + 1 unusual Prismatic + 4 common + 4 unusual + 4 rare + 1 Cr
101-250: 1 common Prismatic + 3 common + 3 unusual + 3 rare + 1 Cr
251-500: 2 common + 2 unusual + 2 rare + 1 Cr
501-1000: 1 common + 1 unusual + 1 rare + 1 Cr
1001-2500: 1 common + 1 unusual + 1 rare
Good luck to everyone this season!

Season 110 EFC 2023-10-23 11:00:03

Hi Everyone,
GG Unluckiest Ever!
A Horse With No Name(1185)
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 23/10
End date: 05/11
Other Z Palace deck:
Top 6 Endseason by 0 Roy
Cicatrici by PUB_Shevchenzo
Le retour du samouraï by dralium
Timonorbvious [Z Palace] by Tom Heinemann
Added to the banlist: #Askai Cr
Removed from the banlist: #Fowl
Meteora buffed: #Taurite 2* (8/2 Attack +9 => 8/2 Stop Opp. Bonus), #Taurite 3* (8/3 Stop Opp. Bonus => 8/3 Attack +13)
Meteora modified: #Leonite 3* (7/4 => 6/5)
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Kuei 3* (8/4)
#Gumbeat 4* (6/6)
#Dr Kittleson 3* (7/3)!
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Happy gaming!

The GOLDEN KOLOS 001/001 2023-10-19 13:35:02

Hello collectors!
As some of you may have noticed, our previous eBay auction saw a spectacular rise in bids, but unfortunately, it was disrupted by an unreliable bidder. This individual disrupted the course of the auction, depriving it of the chance to conclude successfully (their account has been reported).
That's why we have decided to relaunch the sale of the Golden KOLOS figurine (+ IMMORTAl card + card stand + signed original comic book page + comic strip) immediately. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of this new auction by being particularly vigilant in excluding malicious bidders.
The item is available now in the "TreasURes Box" below!

New IMMORTAL LEGACY EDITION! 2023-10-17 17:55:02

It has been a month and a half since the announcement of the arrival of the IMMORTAL LEGACY EDITION cards. Among the four featured mythical characters, there are now only 2 copies of Merweiss and Kenny left. Today, we are excited to introduce you to 2 new cards joining this prestigious IMMORTAL LEGACY edition: they are the mythical Ongh and Thorpah! These unique pieces truly embody the essence of our collection, as explained in the Game Rules, here:
It's important to note that only 10 copies of each of these two renowned IMMORTAL characters will be available, not one more. The first ones are already available in our online store for 24 hours. Furthermore, this is also your last opportunity to get the remaining copies of Kenny and Merweiss... and to encounter the new Oculus character!
Good luck and enjoy the game, everyone!
PS: 2 new IMMORTAL cards (and a surprise Oculus character...) are now available in stores, try your luck (or stay tuned on the Market)!

World Championship : Semi-finals! 2023-10-16 16:45:02

Hello everyone !
The final phase of Urban Rivals World Championship 2023 continues this week with the semi-finals, which will be streamed on Mini Macho's twitch channel!
Don't miss the battles between the best players in the world! Here are the appointments, Paris time (GMT+2):
Thursday October 19 at 3:00 p.m.: -Miguel Alves (Phil_NoLove) vs _phil__ivey_
Friday October 20 at 7:00 p.m.: weeei vs 0 Midblaseh (Miguel Alves)
The dates and times of the finals will be communicated to you as soon as possible!
Also note that short blackmarket missions will be created during the streams. Hints for these missions will be given on stream, so don't miss them!
See you soon, and may the best win!

Miss Clint City 2023 Contest and more! 2023-10-16 11:05:03

Dear Clint City players,
The year 2023 saw the arrival of many exceptional female characters in Clint City. The time has now come for them to shine in the spotlight. So, we are delighted to present the Miss Clint City 2023 Contest!
How does it work?
This contest features all the female fighters introduced to the game this year. Each of these female figures has the chance to become Miss Clint City 2023, a dream title. But to do that, they need your help!
Your vote counts!
To take part, simply click on the following link: Here you can vote for your favorite character from the full list of candidates. Every vote is an act of support for your preferred fighter, so be sure to make your voice heard! You can only vote for one contestant, so think long and hard.
Awaiting the results
Once you've voted for your favorite contestant, you just need to wait a week. Then the 5 top candidates will be selected and a second round of voting will take place over three days. The suspense will be at its height as the votes are being counted.
Who out of the 5 finalists will become Miss Clint City 2023? The answer will be revealed at the end of these three days.
The consecration: the alternative Miss Clint City 2023 skin
Once the winner has been announced, the winning character's illustration will be transformed into a special version, the alternative Miss Clint City 2023 skin! This eagerly-awaited version will be created by the winner's official illustrator.
Thank you for taking part and happy gaming!
P.S. The good news doesn't stop there! After this event, we'll be introducing, for the first time in the history of Urban Rivals, the long-awaited Mister Clint City Contest. Voting for Mister Clint City begins in November! So, stay tuned for this new contest, which promises to be just as exciting as its female counterpart.

Cosmo, Paradox and Pussycats ! 2023-10-13 10:50:04

Hi everyone!
Here's a rundown of what we're preparing for the game:
We've started printing 50 new characters for the second series of physical packs (making a total of 100), which should arrive just before Christmas. On that note, we'd like to express our gratitude for your purchases on our eBay shop!
On the production side of things, our small team is 100% committed to developing the brand new game mode. The prototype is currently under development, with its first interface iterations.
As is the case every month, we've got some fun events in store for you, with the next one planned for Halloween, of course!
Now, let's make way for the unveiling of our 4 new fighters:
#Paw Paw The Cosmohnuts' old 'Ready Player One' (artwork by Grelin).
#Elara The Pussycats' activist with her tear gas canisters (artwork by Jcorgié).
#Cameron Radden's mentor... but not just that... (artwork by Chahine & VinceColor)
#Vitranthena: The divine stained-glass woman from the Paradox (artwork by RobynFrahun).
Happy gaming to you all!

The GOLDEN KOLOS 001/001 2023-10-10 17:45:02

Thank you! The boosters were a great success, everything sold out in a flash. We are already preparing for the next wave, with the addition of 50 new cards in addition to these, along with another hundred packs! Your orders have been shipped since yesterday at 11:30 am and will arrive at your place very soon. We sincerely want to express our gratitude to you, and please don't hesitate to give us your feedback once you receive them!
While we are in this parenthesis dedicated to hardcore collectors, we are officially launching the operation titled "PIMP my KOLOS": it involves giving a new artistic style to the KOLOS figurine (the few remaining copies) by entrusting it to talented painters/illustrators/graffiti artists for original and unique reinterpretations!
The unique GOLDEN copy (001/001) is now available for auction on our eBay store. This magnificent version also comes in a brand new box titled "TreasURes - the official goodies of Urban Rivals." Inside, you will find the customized Kolos figurine, an original page from the game's cult comic book, a physical card pack with the included Kolos IMMORTAL card (which you will also receive digitally), as well as the comic strip "Room 13h, " all signed by the team.
Follow the link below, it will be available in 5 minutes. May the most determined bidders win!

Dark Desmond & Dark Mandrak 2023-10-10 10:55:02

Hello Clint City!
Today is the official release day of the two latest exclusive OCULUS versions: the dark variants of Mandrak and Desmond! You can find them in all the shop's packs, except for the New Bloods pack.
To increase your chances of obtaining them, we've included them as a special reward unlocked when you've spent 400 credits. This new system prevents you from buying a pack that doesn't interest you or exceeds your budget. By spending your credits as you see fit, you'll fill the gauge until you reach the required amount to unlock the special pack, whose contents are specified by clicking on the pack. This system is not permanent, as indicated by the timer on the offer.
A reminder: you can earn credits for free by playing (in small amounts, but still! ), completing missions, using Tapjoy (mobile-only), and sometimes by finding them in the enticing Black Market... who knows?
Enjoy the game!

World Championship: Quarter-finals! 2023-10-10 10:20:04

Hello everyone !
The final phase of the Urban Rivals World Championship begins this week with the quarter-finals, which will be streamed on Mini Macho's twitch channel!
Don't miss the battles between the best players in the world! Here are the appointments, Paris time (GMT+2):
Wednesday October 11 at 5:00 p.m.: weeei vs Oppenfold
Thursday October 12 at 5:00 p.m.: Unowen vs _phil__ivey_
Friday October 13 at 5:00 p.m.: -Miguel Alves vs Ueli Steck
Saturday October 14 at 3:00 p.m.: 0 Midblaseh vs ADA Zero
The dates and times of the semi-finals and finals will be communicated to you as soon as possible!
Also note that short blackmarket missions will be created during the streams. Hints for these missions will be given on stream, so don't miss them!
See you soon, and may the best win!

Season 109 EFC (ban swap) 2023-10-09 11:00:05

Hi Everyone,
GG weeei!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 09/10
End date: 22/10
Other Z Palace deck:
Spiritual State par Blizzzz
Ld nerfed: #Fhtagn Ld (+1 Life per opp. Dam => Equalizer +1 Life)
Ban swaps (on the left the now banned card, on the right the now unbanned card):
#Dj0 => #XIII
#Plumpy => #Madrat
#ImperaSloane Cr => #Wilkinson
#Toro Mt => #XU52
#Torre => #Tinomor
#Xantiax Robb Cr => #Graven
#Fowl => #Askai Cr
#Quest => #Timanov
#Pilzken => #VanDam
#Ginette => #Lehane
Removed from the banlist:
#Pacarezza, #Yookie, #Nystrom
Semi-evo nerfed: #Ojibway (2*: 7/2 min 5 => 7/1 min 4, 4*: -4 Life min 4 => -3 Life min 4)
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Erpeto 3* (6/5)
#Onongada 2* (7/1 Asymmetry +4 Life)
#Konrad 3* (8/3)!
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Happy gaming!

Physical Cards Have Arrived! 2023-10-06 16:55:02

Here we are!
The long-awaited moment has finally arrived: the official ACUTE GAMES shop has just opened its doors on eBay, for the sale of Urban Rivals card packs, marking a new milestone in the game's history!
This first wave of card packs consists of 100 units, each offered at a price of €25. You can purchase up to three packs per person to prevent a rush for mass purchases.
This launch implies that if you are satisfied with the product's quality, we plan to proceed with printing the entire (in Evo Max) collection of the game. If enthusiasm is high, we also anticipate reprints, such as the transformation of CR cards into MT, updates to old illustrations, and even releases with mini and semi-evo cards, as well as Prismatic cards (the shiny ones! ).
For now, let's focus on the sale of this first wave. You can access it right away by following the link below:
We wish you excellent shopping!
P.S. Upon receiving your order, please feel free to share your pack opening photos, tag us on social media (Discord #goodies), and most importantly, share your feedback with us; it's very important!

Urban Rivals Roadmap 2023-10-06 11:05:02

Dear players,
We are thrilled to share with you our vision for the future of Urban Rivals, a vision that celebrates the very essence of gameplay and the richness of the content you cherish so much. Your feedback has been taken into account, and we are committed to providing you with an optimal gaming experience through the application, while offering you high-quality content.
You can expect to discover incredible characters, the introduction of new mechanics, and a plethora of events throughout the year. We also have plans to organize tournaments and competitions with enticing cash prizes to recognize and reward your skills and dedication to the game (and if possible, real-life tournaments! ).
In 2024, we aim to expand the UR universe even further by launching two additional applications: UR SX (Solo Experience) and a version exclusively dedicated to the Rift. This will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the world of Urban Rivals in classic solo mode or with the alternative Rift gameplay.
We will also continue the release of physical cards, with the ultimate goal of providing you with a complete collection, as well as the creation of figurines featuring iconic characters (two of which are currently in production).
However, we understand that all these innovations may seem overwhelming.
That's why we believe there probably won't be a new clan in 2024. This decision aims to preserve the game by prioritizing the development of elements that we consider more useful, such as the introduction of an entirely new game mode (which is already in development).
In summary, Urban Rivals will continue to offer exceptional content, with constant improvements to our application. We thank you for being part of our community and invite you to stay tuned for all the surprises we have in store.
The Urban Rivals Team

While waiting for the METEORA evolution! 2023-10-05 10:05:04

While waiting for the emergence of your precious METEORA cards, a particularly formidable AI is wreaking havoc in the city. Your mission: stop it at all costs and hope to score a surprise pack that could very well contain one of the METEORA cards you're seeking! Get ready to confront this formidable AI (even multiple times), as your goal is to neutralize it while multiplying your gains.
Be prepared to engage in relentless battles, whether in the Free Fight arena or in Survivor mode, where the AI won't hesitate to challenge you.
Let the game begin, and may luck be on your side!

Glibon, Act III: METEORA standards! 2023-10-04 19:50:03

These strange meteorites are similar in appearance to eggs, but their contents depend entirely on your influence, just like the attention you pay to a ""tamagotchi"". The analogy is striking: a certain amount of patience is required to encourage the hatching of these mysterious meteorites. And when the time is right, the crucial step is to generously feed them with experience (XP), paving the way to their long-awaited use.
When this process is successfully completed, the resulting creature will metamorphose twice, echoing the phases of evolution found within its clan!
Get ready for a METEORA hunt! No fewer than 32 exceptional standards will be unveiled over the coming months, each designed to reflect the essence and power of its clan of origin.
As a reminder, each card is available in two editions: the normal version and the ultra-rare Prismatic version. Prismatic editions offer unique visual effects and a collector value that is 5 to 10 times greater than the original!
The METEORA can also evolve, but we'll have to wait and see how that pans out! These upgrades unlock their new abilities, as well as new artwork by the talented MattMoro, who designed the Meteora collection. Be ready to evolve your standards when the time comes!
The METEORA cards introduce an explosive new condition: "Unisson". This innovative condition is only activated if all the cards in your hand belong to the same clan. Imagine the devastating combos you can create!
The "Unisson" condition opens the door to unprecedented synergies and more complex, interactive game strategies. Be sure to think carefully about your strategic approach!
We can't wait to see how these new additions will shake up the game dynamics and set new standards in competing. So, have your decks at the ready, and may the best player win!
The Unison condition is a new type of ability. With Unison, the ability is only activated if your hand exclusively contains characters from the same clan as the Unison character. Oculus characters who have infiltrated the clan count towards activating the ability. All Meteora cards have a Unison ability. They will therefore reinforce the monoclans of each clan. They are balanced for EFC mode, and their stats and abilities can be altered in the same way as Oculus or Legendary cards.

METEORA D-1 2023-10-03 10:20:04

In just one day, at 8:00 PM, the METEORA thematic pack will be available. Two of these cards will be directly accessible, while the other two will require specific missions to unlock. This exceptional pack will be offered at a price of 328 credits, providing players with a total of 66 cards, including 18 guaranteed rares. At the same time, a detailed news release will be issued, providing all the necessary information to understand what METEORA cards are all about.
See you tomorrow at 8:00 PM!

Meteora COUNTDOWN 2023-10-02 09:20:02

Hello, Clint City champions!
You know, there are moments in Urban Rivals when it's better to prepare for what's coming. Well, this is one of those moments!
We've heard rumors about ultra-rare cards called METEORA, with characters that will literally shake up the metagame! If you've ever had the experience of playing with game-changing cards, you know how exciting it can be.
So, here's our advice: stock up on all the Credits you can. You won't want to miss these new gems.
See you on October 4th at 8 PM (Paris time)!

The 4 New BLOODS are here! 2023-09-29 10:45:02

Hello everyone!
We are currently working tirelessly to resolve the persistent "timer" issue that has been giving us a hard time. In the next update, a new feature will be added that will allow you to automatically send error logs to our team. This should make it easier to detect this type of problematic and hard-to-identify bug.
At the same time, we continue to enhance and optimize our current application. Additionally, we have two major projects underway: the development of a brand new game mode and the completion of UR goodies, which will be available in early October (we will keep you informed).
In the meantime, here are the four fighters closing out the month of September:
#Don Tarazze the resurgence of this young Montanian after his illness (illustration by Djetoblaster).
#Genechips the Huracan luchador who thought he was the fearsome titan feared by everyone (illustration by FFurby).
#Marie the humble champion of the All Stars (illustration by Katjagger).
#Magpie the discreet motherly figure of Corvus, moving through the halls of the Skeelz Academy (illustration by Gaspitoon).
We wish you all a great gaming experience and an excellent weekend. See you in October!

The Goodies are about to arrive! 2023-09-27 14:30:03

Dear collectors and Urban Rivals enthusiasts, get ready for a wave of goodies! We are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated physical card boosters UR and the Kolos Golden Edition figurine will soon be available. Here are the details you've all been waiting for!
Starting from October 6th at 5 PM, you will be able to get your hands on Urban Rivals Packs, with the following details:
-Each booster contains 10 random physical cards from a selection of the top 50 characters (common, uncommon, rare, collector, mythic).
-A buyer can purchase a maximum of 3 boosters.
-Among the 100 available packs, 3 IMMORTAL cards are waiting to be discovered (with instructions on how to obtain the card in the digital game as well! ).
-The price is €25 per booster.
Starting from October 10th at 6 PM, you can participate in the auction for the first ""Pimp My Kolos"" figurine, with the following details:
-1 unique custom-made figurine (001/001) in a special golden edition, signed by the Acute Games team, and numbered to ensure authenticity.
-1 physical IMMORTAL card: a rare collectible accompanied by instructions on how to obtain it digitally in the Urban Rivals game.
-1 exclusive booster of 10 physical cards: even more cards to expand your collection.
-1 Comicstrip 'Room 13th' signed by the Acute Games team: a narrative artwork that adds a collectible dimension to the Urban Rivals universe.
-Scattered small bonuses: The box containing the figurine is a true treasURe chest, with special bonuses here and there...
-The auction for the Kolos Golden Edition will last for 3 days with a starting price of €190.
Get ready to elevate your Urban Rivals experience to new heights with this unprecedented event. Mark these dates on your calendar and join us on the big day on eBay (the link will be widely circulated, and a shortcut will be available directly on the webshop! ).
We have set the price of the boosters at €25 for several reasons. Firstly, our boosters are manufactured and printed in Italy, while the cards are made and printed in France. We have chosen these specific locations to ensure exceptional quality. The boosters are designed with resealable aluminum, providing optimal durability and protection for the cards inside.
Our cards are printed on high-quality 350g paper and undergo matte lamination for classic rarities, glossy lamination for Collector and Mythic cards, and lined lamination for Immortal cards. This attention to detail and quality ensures an exceptional tactile and visual experience for collectors and enthusiasts.
We are aware that our products are produced in limited editions, which affects production costs. However, as a niche market, our priority is to preserve the quality and integrity of our products rather than pursue profits at all costs. We aim to stand out through the quality of our cards and boosters, while maintaining the ""limited quantity, not enough for everyone"" aspect, making them even more valuable to collectors.

Season 108 EFC: Cashprize 3/3 2023-09-25 10:55:02

Hi Everyone,
GG Unowen!
~ Ground Zero
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 25/09
End date: 08/10
Other Z Palace deck:
Baraa 1118 by L4F_Huiba
Semi-evo buffed: #Usman 3* (6/4 => 6/5)
Ld buffed: #Jaxx Ld (7/5 Equalizer -3 opp Att min 9 -> 6/6 Equalizer -4 opp Att min 6)
EFC Bonus removed: #Reino, #Toris, #Kunk
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Melanie, #Christelle
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Stella
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Zinzinxxt 1* (7/1, for Tourney), 2* (7/2) et 3* (7/4)
#Zaria 3* (8/4)
#Numar 3* (8/3)!
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 1 card reward: #Glibon prisma
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Grand Panda, #Dark Mandrak or #Dark Desmond
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 50 card reward: 1 random Oculus
Happy gaming!

Capture Volkan ILE and 2 Oculus! 2023-09-25 10:50:03

Hello Clint City!
We are pleased to announce an all-new Rift adventure consisting of 7 exciting missions! The first player to complete this epic journey will be rewarded with a copy of the mythic card #Volkan Mt Immortal!
But the good news doesn't stop there... Today marks a special day as 2 new Oculus champions make their grand entrance into our beautiful city: #Dark Mandrak and #Dark Desmond
You have 3 options to get your hands on these exceptional cards:
-Join the Rift adventure, where each mission will grant you a random Oculus, with even more chances to obtain #Dark Mandrak and/or #Dark Desmond in the final mission.
-Climb into the Top 25 of the EFC ranking for the week or current season to win a copy of #Grand Panda, #Dark Mandrak, or #Dark Desmond.
-Don't miss the special Black Market mission (character sales by Kate) taking place on Friday, September 29th, on the occasion of the New Blood release!
We wish you all a great time with these two new characters (and an IMMORTAL if luck is on your side)!
Hello Clint City,
Starting from tomorrow at 6 PM until Friday at 11 AM, a bot will engage in a fierce challenge in "FREE fight" and "SURVIVOR" modes. An enticing reward awaits the winner, and you have a 1 in 100 chance of snagging an "IMMORTAL" card if luck is on your side!
On the website's homepage, follow in real-time the damage suffered by the BOT, and also stay alert on the SPOT to witness the moment when the "IMMORTAL" card is claimed!
May the best player win, and enjoy the game!

Dark Emeth is finally available in the store! 2023-09-17 15:50:02

This Oculus character is ready to illuminate your adventures with its dark power.
When you accumulate 10 ELITE packs, you unlock Blind Box packs and increase your chances of coming across Dark Emeth, and if you're really lucky... walking away with some beautiful PRISMATIC cards!
You might be wondering why it's essential to get your hands on a few copies of Dark Emeth right now. Well, it's because it's the key to completing an upcoming Black Market...
Good luck to everyone!

Zookeeper, Komboka Warrior, Master of Coms and the Puppet! 2023-09-15 10:50:02

Hi Everyone,
As you've no doubt noticed, we've recently rolled out an update that brings a whole host of new features, detailed in the App Stores, and also includes many time-consuming bug fixes that we've painstakingly resolved.
At the moment, Goralion/Cold/Cookie are fully focused on creating the next game mode.
Alongside this, we're preparing a version entirely dedicated to the game's single-player mode, to satisfy those of you who prefer to avoid PvP.
In the meantime, we're delighted to introduce you to our 4 new fighters:
#Mindster The City Zoo's new Raptors keeper!
#Adjoa The fearsome Komboka warrior with the triple white cobra!
#Kaminsky The Oblivion's communications expert.
#Plumpy The puppet once abandoned by Erpeto, now a rank and file member of the Dominion clan!
Happy gaming to you all!

Coliseum: No Limit (Kolos ILE) 2023-09-12 10:40:03

#Solomon has decided to organize a brutal Coliseum, with #Kolos Mt IMMORTAL up for grabs for the winner!
The Coliseum room is now open and to take part, it couldn't be easier!
You will need to have a deck of 15 cards without duplicates to enter the Coliseum. There is no banned card or star limit. You are free to change decks over the course of the Coliseum. For this session, each player has 14 lives and 12 pillz.
Then it's off to the Coliseum to take on other players! You can play a maximum of 25 matches, and you'll earn points based on the result of each match, based on the following system:
- a win = 13 points
- a draw = 6 points
- a defeat = 3 points.
The Coliseum room will close this Sunday 17 at 11am Paris time (GMT +2). Rewards will then be distributed according to each participant's final ranking. The rewards are as follows:
1° - #Kolos ILE + #Glibon Prisma + #Dark Emeth Prisma + 1 prisma Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
2-3° - #Glibon Prisma + #Dark Emeth Prisma + 1 prisma Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
4-5° - #Glibon + #Dark Emeth Prisma + 1 prisma Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
6-10° - #Glibon + #Dark Emeth + 1 Cr + 2 prisma rare + 3 prisma uncommon + 4 prisma common
11-25° - #Dark Emeth + 1 Cr + 1 prisma rare + 2 prisma uncommon + 3 prisma common
26-100° - 1 Oculus aléatoire + 1 Cr + 1 prisma rare + 2 prisma uncommon + 3 prisma common
101-500° - 1 Oculus aléatoire + 1 prisma uncommon + 2 prisma common
501°-3000 - 1 rare + 1 uncommon + 1 common
All information and rankings are available on the Coliseum page:
Happy gaming to you all!

Season 107 EFC: Cashprize 2/3 2023-09-11 11:00:04

Hi Everyone,
GG -Miguel Alves!
Urban Rivals. CoachSebastien is back p.4
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 11/09
End date: 24/09
Other Z Palace decks:
Ueli Vash (1371) by pts donor
Teeeeeelt(1314) by Ueli Steck
Usagi yojimbo and Honda (+820 EL by (NA) linkhist
deleted by 0Blizzard
Oculus buffed: #Dark Vryer (-6 Attack => -7 Attack)
EFC Bonus removed: #Dinklage, #Jalil, #X-Panse
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Agnes
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Odile, #Kronnen
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Winchester 4* (7/5)
#Kronnen 3* (Revenge: +2 Life), with EFC bonus +5
#Aegis 4* (5/6)!
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 1 card reward: #Glibon prisma
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Grand Panda, #Dark Scylla or #Dark Zlatar
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 50 card reward: 1 random Oculus
Happy gaming!

Immortals, Temple et Black markets ! 2023-09-11 10:45:03

Hello Clint City,
Starting from 5:44 PM tonight, you'll have a very accessible mission that will allow you to spin the Clint City Temple slot machine again! You will still find one of the 10 copies of Merweiss IMMORTAL, the latest addition to the Temple!
A bit later, you will also have access to a second Black Market, more robust but equally generous. There will also be a pack that will give you the opportunity to try and obtain 2 copies of Kolos IMMORTAL, 3 Kenny, and 1 Volkan.
Please note that a copy of Volkan ILE will be available on September 25th in a hardcore Rift mission. You can do the math to estimate what should remain by then!
Join us tonight to take advantage of the two bonus Black Markets of the week. The next ones will be on Friday the 15th during the New Blood release and throughout the weekend!
Have a great game, everyone, and see you in a while!

4 Black market ! 2023-09-10 17:35:02

Starting from 6:00 PM (Paris time), you will be invited to participate in an exciting series of 4 "Black Market" missions. Each of these missions will unlock only when the previous one has been successfully completed. To give you an overview of the dynamics, the first mission will trigger the second, which in turn will open the door to the third, and the third will be the key to access the fourth and final mission.
Every mission you complete will reward you, but keep in mind that the greatest rewards await you at the end of this adventure. The very first player to complete the final mission will be awarded the prestigious Merweiss IMMORTAL n5. However, don't be discouraged if you're not the first to achieve it, as subsequent participants will also be entitled to quite satisfying consolation prizes.
This exciting sequence of events will take place from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, so make sure you are ready to dive into the action. Additionally, note that all rewards and challenges will be based on Prismatic cards, so prepare to dominate the Market.
Good luck!

The High Sphere Levels 2023-09-07 15:35:02

Players now have one more reason to push their limits. The latest update has just been rolled out (iOS is still pending, but it shouldn't be too long), introducing the High Sphere Levels, a sort of "God Levels"!
Starting now, the most determined players can climb the ranks up to level 1000. From there, they transition into "God level, " a zone reserved exclusively for the most dedicated players in the game. A novel nomenclature accompanies this ascent, where each level of the High Spheres is represented by the prefix "UR" followed by the level number, starting from 0. For example, a player reaching level 1001 will be designated as "UR001." Why "UR"? Simply because it stands for "Ultimate Rankings" (and perhaps something else too?! ).
The "God level" stands out with its golden gauge, which speaks volumes about the power of the players who reach it. It's where the true legends of the game come together. Rewards for these high tiers include Prismatic Leaders, among other treasures.
For this occasion, an entirely new progress interface will also be introduced into the game in a few weeks. Players will be able to track their journey and see the rewards that await them.
It's time to showcase your skills and shine (with or without Combat Points boosts)!

Leviatonn CR, Vickie MT, and Mandrak CR Reunite! 2023-09-05 11:20:02

Following the Mr Dark incident, the GHEIST have reinforced their security, and #Dark Vryer has commissioned the production of a new series of #Leviatonn. The objective: to guard all entrances to the labs and thus prevent the intrusion of individuals with dubious intentions. The original Leviatonn, a bit old but still reliable, watches over the entrance of the 'Halloween' lab, where the GHEIST always prepare a dirty trick at the end of October. This year, it will even be a rather peculiar pumpkin. However, a well-guarded pumpkin, as Leviatonn is ready to turn anyone attempting to pass through the door into puree.
Problem: What to do when the intruder doesn't use the door but employs a dimensional portal to get inside? Intent on adding to his collection of dark forces, #Mandrak indeed wants to seize the said pumpkin! But as he teleports into the lab, a third character arrives at the same location! "
She had left Clint City to test her combat skills on the zombies of Elektrozova. But one day, terrible news reaches her ears: she missed the battle between #Ultra Lyse and #Casagrande Cr What a horror... Vickie knows very well that she would have won the contest for the strongest and most beautiful woman in Montana hands down. Who could have beaten her anyway? No one else is the godchild of the little cousin-in-law of the niece of the Mama of the Don... Disappointed, she buys the first plane ticket back to Clint City and makes a stop at the Montana HQ. The mobsters are working hard on the reconstruction of Borgia's Palace, with the addition of a magnificent "Temple" where the residents spend all their clintz. To prove her superiority to the rest of the clan and succeed the Don, she needs a brilliant move, an exceptional capture of an enemy of the Montana... the GHEIST, perhaps?
Leviatonn, Vickie, and Mandrak find themselves face-to-face in the lab! Mandrak, who clearly hadn't planned to confront these two opponents, prepares to open a portal to escape... But Leviatonn uses his sharp metal pincers to hold him back! And at the same instant, Vickie delivers a massive slap to Leviatonn's head! As the three fighters are in physical contact at this precise moment, Mandrak's portal teleports all three of them to a new location!
It's a putrid, empty dimension, another version of Clint City completely destroyed by the Oculus. Leviatonn, Vickie, and Mandrak land on the bay of Clint City. Mandrak wants to create a new portal to return to our dimension, but the injury inflicted by Leviatonn temporarily robs him of his magic. Things take a turn for the worse as our three protagonists are not alone... Gigantic tentacles emerge from the water, and a foul stench of rotten fish fills the air... This world has a survivor, a massive survivor: another version of #Surstorming
Mandrak, still unable to use his magic, is defenseless. Leviatonn, on the other hand, is disoriented. There's no pumpkin to protect, no lab to guard, no order. What should he do? Suddenly, Vickie spots in the distance a version of the Borgia's Palace in ruins, with the faint glow of a neon light still emanating. If she refuses to fight, this is what will happen to her clan. The Borgia's Palace won't be destroyed again, certainly not in her absence! Vickie won't flee, and Vickie will fight for her clan, even to the death if necessary!
A few weeks later, Mandrak and Leviatonn are found in our version of Clint City, deep in the Saoude desert, dehydrated and severely injured. Vickie, however, remains missing to this day.

6PM Rendez vous ! 2023-09-04 15:20:02

Tonight, there's a special offer called the "Immortal Pack" available. This pack contains a group of very interesting cards. As usual for this type of pack, it's generous in terms of thematic content. Inside, you will find a total of 98 cards. Additionally, there's a possibility, albeit slim, of obtaining a special card called the "IMMORTAL" card.
Among these IMMORTAL cards, there will be 3 copies of Kolos, 2 copies each of Kenny, Volkan, and Merweiss.
It's important to note that each time a copy of an IMMORTAL card is obtained, that card will be removed from the pack's content list (at the bottom).
The probability rate of obtaining these IMMORTAL cards is low, as they are very limited copies. It's mainly randomness and luck that will determine whether you get one or not. Sometimes, players have been lucky and obtained IMMORTAL cards in a single pack, but there are also cases where certain cards haven't been found throughout the duration of the offer.
If you're interested in this pack, it will cost you 410 credits. This special offer will be available for a maximum of 24 hours starting from tonight at 6 PM sharp; if all the IMMORTAL cards are obtained, we will stop selling the pack to avoid frustrations.
Good luck to everyone with their pack opening!

Tourney + EFC banlist 2023-09-04 10:55:03

Hi Everyone,
The following changes are being made to the EFC format:
Oculus modified: #Dark Zlatar (Frozn => GhosTown)
The following changes are being made to the Tourney format, starting with the following tournament:
Added to the banlist: #Effigie, #Dark Scylla, #Dark Emeth, #Sheraf, #Grand Panda
Removed from the banlist: #Ed 13 Cr, #Mimmo, #Flanagan, #Dookor, #Blast, #Kiki Mt
Happy gaming!

Imminent Transitions and Glibon Available in Packs! 2023-09-04 09:50:03

Two characters are going to pass Collector and one Mythic. They are in different clans and have between 2 and 5 stars. They each have a Power and a Bonus as well... look carefully, you know who it is... it's easy!
You have 24 hours to bid on lots, after which the characters will no longer be distributed in the game at all!
Everything happens on the Market, so... it's your turn to play.
Additionally, our dear #Glibon is now available in the packs of the shop (excluding New Bloods).
Furthermore, starting from 6 PM tonight (Paris time), a new pack dedicated to the IMMORTALS will be released: the copies that are not obtained during these 24 hours will be put back into play!
BONUS: Dark Emeth will also be part of the special pack.
See you later.

Revelations, sweets and mice masks! 2023-09-01 10:50:04

Hello everyone!
Time to open the Urban competition! Naturally, the CASHPRIZE EFC is in place and enhanced with an exceptional touch: an edition of the “IMMORTAL LEGACY” KOLOS for the overall winner and another copy for the future champion of the ongoing Mission season.
Our projects are well underway, in particular the imminent integration of the Meteora cards. Be here tonight at 8 pm on Youtube for the unveiling of the trailer that will say it all: []YOUTUBE
In addition, we are developing a brand-new insane game mode. Expect regular updates until its release in beta testing!
Without further ado, discover the four new challengers entering the competition:
#Grimsnyff a soldier wearing a mouse mask straight out of the La Junta ranks.
#Parsek the conductor of Vortex temporal experiences.
#Frendan the man with translucent skin, the new Freaks attraction.
#Doshu Sensei grand Master of the Path of Silence school with the Fang Pi Clang!
Happy gaming, everyone!
PS: a third copy of KOLOS IMMORTAL will be awarded to the best player in SURVIVOR mode (x consecutive wins).
A second copy of KENNY IMMORTAL is now available in the TEMPLE!
Happy gaming, everyone!

Epic Challenge: Tame the Chaos in Survivor Mode! 2023-08-29 14:10:03

Dear players,
The time has come to prove your mastery and bravery in the arena of Survivor mode! We present you with a challenge that will electrify the room, a mission for ultimate glory: for the first player to achieve 30 consecutive victories in Survivor mode, a substantial reward, the most coveted type of card, a relic among relics: an IMMORTAL card, the 3rd copy (out of 10) of Kolos! Eternity awaits you, victorious hero.
The path to glory is strewn with fierce battles. For those who follow in the champion's footsteps, fear not! Every player completing this elite mission will receive a precious treasure: a set of 5 random Prismatic Mythic cards! And if the mission is not completed within the given time, it will be extended by an additional week.
The countdown has begun, and the challenge starts tonight at 6 PM! The fire of this mission will burn until the last minute, as the mission continues relentlessly for 7 intense days.
Bring out your best decks, hone your skills, and get ready to embark on an adventure that will test your limits. This challenge is reserved for the daring, ready to climb the heights of Survivor mode.
Are you ready to take on the challenge?
To your decks, get set, go!

Season 11: UR World Championship! 2023-08-28 11:10:02

Dear Clint City, the 11th season of Missions kicks off today! ! It will end on October 22nd at midnight, Paris time (GMT +2).
The season's story:
In order to be able to face #Genesis for all time to come, #Fractal had to embody the emotions experienced by all of the clans of Clint City. These feelings were released into the cosmos and, as these 2 opposing forces collided, the impact crystallized in the form of meteorites that crashed to the earth.
The clan:49:I1Jpb3Rz and clan:30:I1Nha3JvaG0= researchers, who were able to study samples of these meteorites, made some fascinating discoveries... They have a consciousness of their own: they will take human form and each one of them will fight for the clan they represent.
These banners will become champions. We call them METEORA! No offense to Glibon but it's time for another brawl! And for the occasion, #Solomon is hosting the biggest fighting tournament that Clint City has ever seen: The Urban Rivals World Championship!
Season bonus:
In order to highlight the EFC mode, some emblematic ELO cards, which are still playable today, will get a x10 BP boost this season. This boost will be effective in the following modes: EFC, Tourney, Survivor and Free Fight.
Here is the complete list of characters: #Striker Cr, #Blaaster Cr, #Elvis, #Shifou, #Shazam, #Tiwi Ld, #Leviatonn, #Jean, #Qubik, #Bryan Mt, #Bella Ld, #Artus, #Raeth, #Charlie Cr, #Elvira, #Lou, #Murray, #Chloe, #Redra, #Wee Lee, #Zatman Cr, #C Wing
New this season:
- EFC Happy Hour Missions have been added (2 Happy Hour Missions a day)! Every day between 12 pm and 1 pm and between 9 pm and 10 pm Paris time (GMT+2), from August 28th to October 8th, finishing 5 EFC games will grant you a random card among those most played in EFC (including Oculus and Collectors).
- From October 8th to 22nd, Happy Hours in Tourney and Survivor modes will replace EFC Happy Hours. Tourney Happy Hours will take place from 11 am to 12 pm and from 8 pm to 9 pm Paris time (GMT+2); Survivor Happy Hours will take place from 12 pm to 1 pm and from 9 pm to 10 pm Paris time (GMT+2). These Happy Hours will earn you clintz, and a small chance of getting #Glibon
- For this season only, you will have twice as many EFC bi-monthly Missions (reward tiers added at 100, 300, 500, 700, 900 and 1100 EFC)
- For this season only, you will have twice as many secret bi-monthly Missions that will grant you, as a reward, EFC competitive decks.
Season's program:
August 28 - October 8: 3 qualification seasons in EFC mode. The top 8 ranked players will advance to the finals. Visit the latest EFC topic to learn all about it!
September 11-17: Coliseum: No Limit (15 cards, no bans, no star limits).
September 25 - October 1st: 2 New Oculus cards arrive! Enjoy a Rift Adventure to have a chance at getting them!
October 8-22: UR World Championship Finals. Don't miss the battles of the 8 best players in the world, on Mini Macho's Twitch channel (! Hints on the next Black Markets will be revealed on stream.
And many more surprises!
End-of-season rewards for Missions:
1st: Kolos ILE
1st-10th: 2 common Prisma + 1 uncommon Prisma + 1 rare Prisma + 1 Collector Prisma + 10 common + 10 uncommon + 10 rare + 3 Cr + 3 exclusive cards
11th-25th: 1 common Prisma + 1 uncommon Prisma + 5 common + 5 uncommon + 5 rare + 2 Cr + 1 exclusive card
26th-100th: 1 common Prisma + 1 uncommon Prisma + 4 common + 4 uncommon + 4 rare + 1 Cr
101st-250th: 1 common Prisma + 3 common + 3 uncommon + 3 rare + 1 Cr
251st-500th: 2 common + 2 uncommon + 2 rare + 1 Cr
501st-1000th: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare + 1 Cr
1001st-2500th: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare
Happy gaming throughout this season!

Season 106 EFC: Cashprize 1/3 2023-08-28 11:05:02

Hello everyone,
GG -Miguel Alves!
Guizmo (1323)
The Urban Rivals World Championship kicks off today!
This contest, which uses the Summer Cashprize principle, will be held in two stages:
Stage 1: qualifications in EFC mode, from August 28th to October 8th.
During these 3 seasons in EFC room, you will earn points depending on your final ranking for each season. Points will be awarded according to the following system:
1°: +35pts
2°: +30pts
3°: +25pts
4°: +22pts
5°: +20pts
6°: +18pts
7°: +16pts
8°: +14pts
9°: +12pts
10°: +11pts
11°: +10pts
12°: +9pts
13°: +8pts
14°: +7pts
15°: +6pts
16°: +5pts
17°: +4pts
18°: +3pts
19°: +2pts
20°: +1pt
In the event of a tie in points at the end of the 3 seasons, the player with the best EFC score throughout this qualification round will be the winner.
The Cashprize ranking will be found here:
Stage 2: knockout final stage
The 8 top-ranked players in the qualification round will compete in a knockout final stage that will take place between the 8th and the 22nd of October.
The finalists will meet in the quarter-finals according to the following table:
1st in the qualifications vs 8th
4th vs 5th
2nd vs 7th
3rd vs 6th
They will be awarded the following prizes:
1st: €1, 400 + IMMORTAL Kolos card
2nd: €700
3rd: €300
4th: €200
5th to 8th: €100
They will also all be given the rank of Top Player, if they do not already have it.
The format of these final stages will be very similar to the one used in the latest Coliseum.
The final stages will be streamed live on Mini Macho's Twitch channel ( The exact dates and times of the final stages will be agreed on with those who qualify, and then made known to the community as soon as possible. If you think you stand a chance at qualifying, keep a few days and/or nights free between the 8th and 22nd of October!
The precise rules and exact format of the final stage will soon be made available! Stay connected!
This first season of the Urban Rivals World Championship starts today and ends on September 10th.
Meta changes this season:
Ld modified: #Predtr Ld, #Sight Ld
Added to the banlist: #Jacob, #Graou
Semi-evo added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Sheub 4* (6/6)
#Psylo 3* (7/4 Asymmetry)
#Nova 3* (6/5) and 4* (6/6)!
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 1 card reward: #Glibon prisma
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Glibon
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 25 card reward: #Grand Panda, #Dark Scylla or #Dark Zlatar
Weekly and seasonal Z Palace top 50 card reward: 1 random Oculus
Happy gaming, everyone!

Summary of the IMMORTALITY Pack: 2023-08-26 12:10:03

In a short span of ten minutes, a wave of pack openings led to the surprising acquisition of 1 Kenny ILE, 1 Volkan ILE, and 1 Merweiss ILE. Once this frenzy subsided, the 2 copies of Kolos remained elusive. This situation is entirely understandable given the decrease in pack purchases, combined with an extremely low probability of obtaining this rare card (about a one in 2000 chance).
This highlights the impact of chance. Drop probabilities, meaning the random chances of obtaining a specific card, clearly demonstrate the unpredictable and uncertain nature of loot. Indeed, the rarity of cards like Kolos IMMORTAL underscores that each pack opening is akin to a virtual dice roll. Random generation algorithms determine these outcomes, offering each player a unique experience. The rarest cards thus become true rewards, symbolizing not only the player's effort and luck but also the intrinsic complexity of chance.
In response to this anticipated situation, we plan to reassign the remaining copies of KOLOS IMMORTAL to other parts of the game. Where exactly will you find these two copies?
One of them is already available in the TEMPLE (after unlocking the bonus! For rules, check this link: XXXX).
As for the second copy, it will be accessible through a special ""race against time"" BM (Black Market). In this competitive version of the BM, the first player to complete the challenge will win the precious IMMORTAL card.
Enjoy the game, everyone!

4 IMMORTALS ! 2023-08-25 10:50:02

As anticipated, the IMMORTALITY pack is now available and it contains 2 copies of KOLOS IMMORTAL LEGACY EDITION, but that's not all! 3 additional IMMORTAL LEGACY cards are also inside, in just 1 copy each, bringing the total to 6 IMMORTAL cards!
The player or players who obtain it will receive a notification that will serve as the authenticity certificate for their ILE card. Moreover, this card acquisition will be etched into the player's history.
The pack will be simply accessible for 24 hours, and if the IMMORTAL cards are not all acquired before the pack's end, they will be distributed as rewards in the game's PvP, slot, and hardcore mission modes!
In addition to the pack, you will also receive:
- A bot that operates in FF and SURVI rooms.
- A boost in combat points on KOLOS MT and his 3 other acolytes (in the normal version).
- A drop-rate boost (from 2% to 3%) on Prisma cards.
All of this is available starting now until Sunday at 11 PM!

IMMORTAL LEGACY EDITION 2023-08-24 10:05:01

It's the big departure!
Starting tomorrow, we unveil the first card from the IMMORTAL LEGACY edition, the limited version that forever immortalizes a character in its unique 'marble card'!
Leading the IMMORTAL edition, we have the legendary KOLOS! Only 10 copies will be available, and each lucky person who obtains one will receive a notification authenticating the copy number of their card. Moreover, this precious acquisition will be engraved forever in their player history, like an indelible seal.
Let's now discover how these 10 exclusive copies of KOLOS will be distributed:
-Through the most outstanding achievement of the EFC CashPrize season (1st place)
-In a special auction on eBay
-Inside a physical card booster, also available on eBay
-To the one who reaches the pinnacle in the next Mission season (1st place)
-Two copies delivered by the Temple's slot machine
-At the conclusion of a Black Market in 'race against time' mode
-During an Adventure or Hardcore Mission, for the most daring players
-Finally, two copies will be hidden in a thematic pack
This pack will make its entrance tomorrow at exactly 11 a.m. Once the two IMMORTAL copies of KOLOS are won, the pack will disappear.
The rest of the story is yours to forge!
We wish you all an excellent game and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The EFC Cashprize is coming very soon! 2023-08-23 12:30:03

Hello everyone!
The Urban Rivals World Championship will take place from August 28th to October 22nd!
This championship, which uses the Summer Cashprize principle, will be held in two stages:
There will be a qualifying stage in EFC mode from August 28th to October 8th. During these 3 EFC seasons, you will earn points based on your final ranking for each season.
The 8 top-ranked players in the qualification round will compete in a knockout final stage that will take place between the 8th and the 22nd of October.
They will be awarded the following prizes:
1st: €1, 400 + unique card in limited edition
2nd: €700
3rd: €300
4th: €200
5th to 8th: €100
The format for these final stages will be very similar to the one used in the latest Coliseum.
The final stages will be streamed live on Mini Macho's Twitch channel. The exact dates and times of the final stages will be agreed on with those who qualify and then made known to the community as soon as possible. If you think you stand a chance at qualifying, keep a few days and/or nights free between 8th and 22nd of October!
The precise rules and exact format of the final stage will soon be made available! Stay connected!
Finally, for those of you who would like to compete but have no idea how to go about it, it is worth noting that the next season of missions will also take place from August 28th to October 22nd. The program includes: EFC decks to be won, missions to move forward, “Happy Hours” to practice daily in ranked modes, as well as other surprises...
See you on August 28th to discover all of these new features!
Happy gaming, everyone!

GRAND PANDA & co. 2023-08-21 08:40:04

Hello everyone!
The team is back after a few days of vacation, just in time to coincide with the official launch of GRAND PANDA, now available in the entire store (except for New Bloods)!
To celebrate this occasion, the drop rate of the Royal Huracan Panda has been tripled, and there's a possibility that a Black Market will make its appearance during the week, offering the opportunity to acquire a brand-new card... but we don't want to reveal too much at the moment!
With this little announcement, we are currently finalizing the game update, an update that has a few surprises in store for you...
Enjoy the game!

Insane update and NEW BLOODS! 2023-08-18 10:45:03

Hi Everyone,
It is with immense pleasure that we can at last unveil the great Glibon, in all his human splendor. His appearance has immediately inflamed passions, generating a flurry of debate.
One thing is undeniable: all eyes are on him, and with this comes a myriad of opinions.
But in the midst of all this excitement, one thing is certain: a lucrative opportunity is emerging with regards to his captivating image.
The Montana, always on the lookout for new opportunities, have reinvented their hallowed Borgia Palace into a TEMPLE that traces back the chronology of events that shaped Clint City... However, apart from its historical merit, this temple also harbors a very modern-day ambition: to generate substantial profits.
And this is where you come in: by investing wisely, you can venture into the pursuit of wealth, an opportunity well within your grasp.
This major update doesn't stop there.
Many aspects of the game have been meticulously improved, as we strive to do on a daily basis.
And the next stages are just as exciting.
Get ready for the introduction of the ILE and METEORA cards, the EFC Cashprize, the long-awaited return of Kolos statuettes on sale, and the unveiling of the brand-new LEADER! !
In the run-up to all these exciting developments, and of course in our continued efforts to track down and fix any bugs, now is the time to dive back into the Collection with 4 new fighters.
#Astromos the mad engineer aboard the Riots HQ (Fantasy Rivals exclusive by MNinot)
#Sheub the carefree, twirling Cosmohnuts (artwork by NicolasRossiusIsNotEvil)
#Dr Horatio the eccentric former Rescue doctor (artwork by Grelin)
#Korohmasko: the forest-protecting Frozn creature (artwork by JCorgié)
The adventure is just beginning, and Clint City has never been so alive.
Happy gaming to you all!

Season 105 EFC 2023-08-14 11:00:04

Hi Everyone,
GG Uos-Paolo!
"My unreal mexican girlfriend" (
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 14/08
End date: 27/08
Other Z Palace decks:
Oblivious [1252 EFC] 4th by 0AL Mcdo
LVH - 1110 (5th) by - Yoh
Andorinhas by Mike -
2048 [1024] by Jepi
Oculus nerfed: #Dark Akrakk (min 0 => min 7)
Oculus modified: #Dark Scar (Equalizer => Brawl)
EFC Bonus removed: #Ceida Cr, #Douek
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Tuck
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Baraa
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Tok 3* (7/4, Defeat), with EFC bonus +5
#Victor 3* (3/5)
#Desmond 3* (7/4)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #KinGreow
Happy gaming!

The GRAN PACK 2023-08-09 10:45:02

And here's Clint City! We kick off this August with a thematic pack that will give you a craving for bamboo!
Inside this stunning pack, you will find 2 novelties, one of which was unveiled a few days ago... a dark and enchanting force that will send shivers down your opponents' spines: Dark Scylla!
The second beastly character is none other than GRAND PANDA, the Royal version of Pandagran! Panda and lucha libre enthusiasts, this pack is made for you!
Get ready for an exciting pack opening while you wait for the juicy Black Markets, which still hold even more surprises for you.
Let the game begin and let the competition be fierce! Get your decks ready, set, play!
PS: For the occasion, the acquisition of Prismatic cards is doubled! (boosted to 5% instead of 2%)

Fantasy, curses, webtoon and hi-tech! 2023-08-04 10:50:03

First of all, thank you all for your recent donations to L'ENFANT BLEU.
In terms of new features for the game, we're delighted to announce the return of the COLISEUM event mode, which seems to have been greatly appreciated by all of you! Moreover, we're working on some 'secret' projects to surprise you in the very near future, while continuing to track down and fix bugs.
The new Leader is currently being created by a renowned illustrator, and we can't wait to unveil it to you. To coincide with its release, we're planning to overhaul some of the level progression stages to improve your experience and make the whole experience more engaging.
In short, look out for lots of exciting new content to come!
Now, let's move on to the crux of Friday's event:
#Synthr0nn the designer and keeper of the Hive manufacturing secret (artwork by Gaspitoon)
#Ezili Malediktan: you've already seen her... she's one of our Pirates (artwork by Frank Calico)
#Suplicius the return of a Rhynn icon! (artwork by ArctoPicto)
#Sheraf the character who appears at the end of the webtoon's first season! (artwork by Ninsky)
BE WARNED: A surprise character may appear for a few hours during a Black Market... So, be sure to stay tuned!
Happy gaming!

Tourney Banlist + special mission 2023-07-31 18:00:03

Hi Everyone,
The following changes are being made to the Tourney format, starting with the following tournament:
Added to the banlist: #Glibon, #Rustechus, #Mara Vega, #Harston, #Jacob
Semi-evo nerfed:
#Doggonuts 1* (4/2 => 6/1)
#Alana 1* (3/4 => 5/2)
#Cosmo Curcan (3/3 => 6/2)
#Becky 2* (3/5 => 5/4)
#Dark Morlha 1* (Stop Opp Bonus => No Ability)
Semi-evo added:
#Agustino 1* (6/1)
#Graff Cr 1* (6/1)
#Melanie 1* (8/1)
#Chan 1* (6/1)
#Magda 1* (5/2)
#Nannah 1* (7/1)
#Selsya Mt 1* (1/3)
#Heaven 1* (min 7)
#EdwiiJ 1* (7/1)
#Petit Coq 1* (6/2)
#Tariel 1* (6/1)
#TeknoFrog 1* (7/1)
#Keya 1* (8/1)
#Dean 1* (6/1)
#Prince Jr 1* (5/2)
#Azgroth 1* (8/1)
#Ziyad 1* (4/3)
#Galahad 1* (6/1)
#Amiral Coco 1* (6/2)
#Chasey 1* (7/1)
#Buldosa 1* (7/1)
#Larry 1* (3/2)
#Kenjy 1* (7/1)
#Nastanovix 1* (6/1)
#Dustyn 1* (7/1)
#Luke 1* (6/2)
#Gosalyn 1* (8/1)
#Fanny 1* (7/1)
#McArthur 1* (3/3)
#Bublgmm 1* (7/1)
For the next 24 hours, if you complete 15 matches in Tourney Mode, you'll get a random common Prismatic.
Happy gaming!

Season 104 EFC 2023-07-31 11:00:03

Hi Everyone,
GG _ADA_Zero_!
[EFC Season]CoSmo 1192 points
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 31/07
End date: 13/08
Other Z Palace decks:
Win or Draw [EFC 5th] by Mini Macho
El museo del Cosmo by (GN) Alacrana
Larry and his Black Rocks [905] by Jepi
900 efc by GN Charly
Chakras by Mike -
600 EFC by Burning Gold
Ld modified: #Forjoten Ld (8/4 Revenge: Cancel Opp Power and Damage Mod -> 8/5 Protection Power and Damage)
#Space Hans Ld (8/2 Cancel Opp Power Mod -> 7/2 Stop Opp Ability)
EFC Bonus removed: #Keanew, #Bengal
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Ryu Kenden
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Malmoth
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
#Malmoth 3* (7/4), with EFC bonus +5
#La Comtesse 3* (7/3)
#Nellie 3* (5/5)
#Rahmzay 3* (5/6 Defeat +2 Life) and 2* (5/4 Defeat +2 Life) !
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #KinGreow
Happy gaming!

Coliseum - the return! 2023-07-26 15:00:03

After a long break, Coliseum mode is back for some much-anticipated new sessions!
The Coliseum room is now open and to take part, it couldn't be easier!
First, choose two clans from the list and make a deck of 24* with the cards available for each clan. Note that you can only play 4 cards per clan (balanced biclan). You are free to change decks over the course of the Coliseum.
Authorized cards:
All Stars - #Striker Cr #Induren #Nathan #Mulligan #Robb Mt #Bol #Marmalady
Bangers - #Blaaster Cr #Vermyn N #Tasty Tast #Randal #Farell #Doug Snop #B Ball
Berzerk - #Elvis #Gaines #Granny May #Roger #Pedro #Miloz #Leopold
Fang Pi Clang - #Fei Cr #Heitachi #Shifou #Sando #Kamekun #Tenac #Kurishen Sensei
GHEIST - #Methane #Hriger #Leviatonn #Rekt Ld #Bio-Globumm #Arkn #Z3r0 D34d
GhosTown - #Ford #Rony Bones #Bambino #Doc Ollie #Dezba #Fork Joe #Dizzy Vulture
Hive - #Lumia #Blaame #Miyo #Nebula #RgX Pilum #Maa-IA #Oon Noel
Jungo - #Bros #Niva #Cindy #Aisha #Rodney #Jean #SnailMan
Junkz - #Qubik #Adriane #Ibanez #Romana Cr #June #Flanagan #Veenyle Mt
Komboka - #Pavam #Anne Derya #Rhizom #Milla #Kunglaba #Anan #Mavi
La Junta - #Brianna #Bryan Mt #Chiyoko #Star Mutt #Glover #Natasha #IronPod
Montana - #Baresco #Desmond #Mona Cr #Cusaghi #Ottavia #Angelo #Mimmo
Nightmare - #Sukareto #Glorg #Pan #Crowen #Bulza Cr #Cybil #Karconte
Piranas - #Raeth #Raskal #De4th Ld #Ector #Dr Alma #Triton #Sooko Cr
Raptors - #Faiza #Quinzel #Devolver #Shaker #Annie #Mim #Maya
Roots - #Tuck #Bakko #Curlix #Impudicus #Kalumet #Fungus #Bakuta Ld
Sakrohm - #Slopsh #Petra #Murray #Ngrath #Lonerganxxt #Aleister #Oxo
Sentinel - #Zdrone #Jakson #Carmen #Earl #Mandy #Westwood #Fletcher
Skeelz - #AbsorptionBoy #Kephren #Wan #Arantxa #Dounia Mt #Beck & Nena #Yomi Ld
Ulu Watu - #Moai #Numar #Mojita #Shaun #Zatapa #Mango #Turner
Uppers - #Kazayan #Maurice #Rubie #Christelle #Kunk #Blingxxt #Dr Six
Then it's off to the Coliseum to take on other players! You can play a maximum of 25 matches, and you'll earn points based on the result of each match, based on the following system:
- a win = 13 points
- a draw = 6 points
- a defeat = 3 points.
The Coliseum room will close on 31/07 at 11am Paris time (GMT +2). Rewards will then be distributed according to each participant's final ranking. The rewards are as follows:
1st: #Glibon + #KinGreow + #Dark Akrakk + #Ultra General + 10 commons + 10 uncommons + 10 rares + 3 Collector + 2 prismatic commons + 1 prismatic uncommon + 1 prismatic rare + 1 prismatic Collector + 3M ctz
2nd: #Glibon + #Radden + #Dark Akrakk + #Ultra General + 10 commons + 10 uncommons + 10 rares + 3 Collector + 2 prismatic commons + 1 prismatic uncommon + 1 prismatic rare + 1 prismatic Collector + 2, 5M ctz
3rd: #Glibon + #Dark Akrakk + #Ultra General + 10 commons + 10 uncommons + 10 rares + 3 Collector + 2 prismatic commons + 1 prismatic uncommon + 1 prismatic rare + 1 prismatic Collector + 2M ctz
4th and 5th: #Dark Akrakk + #Ultra General + 5 commons + 5 uncommons + 5 rares + 2 Collector + 1 prismatic common + 1 prismatic uncommon + 1, 5M ctz
6th to 10th: #Tyres Mt + 4 commons + 4 uncommons + 4 rares + 1 Collector + 1 prismatic common + 1 prismatic uncommon + 1M ctz
11th to 25th: #Dark Akrakk + 4 commons + 4 uncommons + 4 rares + 1 Collector + 1 prismatic common + 1 prismatic uncommon + 1M ctz
26th to 50th: #Dark Lamar + 3 commons + 3 uncommons + 3 rares + 1 Collector + 1 prismatic common + 750k ctz
51st to 100th: #Dark Uchtul + 3 commons + 3 uncommons + 3 rares + 1 Collector + 1 prismatic common + 750k ctz
101st to 250th: 3 commons + 3 uncommons + 3 rares + 1 Collector + 1 prismatic common + 750k ctz
251st to 500th: 2 commons + 2 uncommons + 2 rares + 1 Collector + 500k ctz
501st to 1000th: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare + 1 Collector + 250k ctz
1001st to 3000th: 1 common + 1 uncommon + 1 rare
All information and rankings are available on the Coliseum page:
Happy gaming to you all!

Alien at the tavern, Cosmo, robot on Xantiax and the ninja factor! 2023-07-21 10:55:01

The most eagerly awaited of all the URBAN RIVALS characters has finally been revealed.
We'd like to thank you all for the warm welcome you've extended to the CREATOR'S LEGACY mega pack, and to let you know that part of the proceeds has been donated to this charity , so THANK YOU all very much.
As far as updates are concerned, we're still working on a number of fine-tuning projects, and will soon be adding autodeck to the app, to make it as easy as possible to create your own deck in just a few simple steps.
We're also working on two new features that will be kept secret for a while yet, but that we're sure players will love!
And now it's time to make way for the four post-Glibon fighters (yes, the fight goes on at full throttle! ):
#Jamtiax the little robot of the young Junkz party people (artwork by Grelin)
#Karter Cosmohnut beer lover (artwork by Fudgegrafik)
#Octelixxt the Sakrohm alien in on-the-job training (artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor)
#Yamaboshi the Oblivion's paperboy 2.0 (artwork by MNinot)
Happy gaming to you all!

Here are the 3 cards that become Collectors! 2023-07-18 11:05:03

"The arrival of Glibon changes the game: it seems that the Sakrohm were right all along, they pray to the ""good"" God, and their quest is legitimate. But is it really the case? First of all, who's to say that Glibon is the only creator God that exists? And then, according to Glibon himself, the Grand Cosmic Book of Everything and Nothing is full of mistakes and misinterpretations. Certainly, Glibon is very supportive of all creatures in his universe living together, but that doesn't necessarily mean he wants to receive prayers! And no, Eris, he never said that violence was an authorized means of conversion!
In the meantime, one thing is certain: Annunaki was wrong to think he was Glibon Dashra Sakrh. Clint City now sees through his game: the ""divine word"" he preaches is nothing but blasphemy. Even his clan can no longer protect him! He must leave Clint City and pray not to encounter malicious aliens..."
But will he find refuge somewhere? The news of Glibon's arrival spreads faster than light, and extraterrestrials from all galaxies are heading towards Clint City to celebrate the good news and meet their God! Becky, who was certain that this massive immigration would happen one day, must protect the Earth from the invaders! With a burst of bravery, she puts on her spacesuit and sets off with her rifle to fend off these filthy aliens! We wish her good luck.
And we also wish courage to Sobek, who recently lost his position as clan leader in a violent altercation with KinGreow. He takes advantage of the general turmoil and the arrival of Glibon to retreat strategically. But his network is too vast to be dismantled. The reptile's influence in Clint City remains intact, and while Sobek may no longer be in the spotlight, he continues to pull the strings from the shadows... Perhaps he will use his contacts to reappear one day?

Season 103 EFC 2023-07-17 11:00:02

Hi Everyone,
Karma isn't real (1370 EFC)
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 17/07
End date: 30/07
Other Z Palace decks:
Cold Dino [EFC Top 10] by Mini Macho
LT Marion Cobretti - 8° Z Palace by XC Assault
Added to the banlist: #Christie, #Beeboy Mt
Removed from the banlist, #XU91, #El Cubalibre
Semi-evo buffed: #Wale 3* (7/3 -> 7/4)
Ld buffed: #Andy Ld (min 9 -> min 5)
Oculus buffed: #Dark Scar (5/6 -> 5/7, semi evo 5/4 -> 5/5)
EFC Bonus removed: #Hriger, #Tunkp-T
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Arkn
EFC Bonus +5 added: #X-Panse
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#IP-Otaam 4* (7/6)
#Rhyno 3* (7/4, -4 opp dam min 3) and 4* (7/6)
#Blaaster Cr 3* (6/5)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Dark Akrakk
Happy gaming!

Who is it? 2023-07-17 10:50:02

Hello everyone,
Just like the Mythical passages, the cards that will become Collector are also undergoing a small revamp in terms of their presentation:
The WHOS NEXT COLLECTOR pack is available for 24 hours, featuring a pool of cards that will become Collector starting the next day, along with explanations for their inclusion!
Good luck to everyone!

Glibon act 1 2023-07-14 11:10:03

Hello everyone,
We want to thank you for the phenomenal reception given to the Grand Glibon. The character has generated a lot of enthusiasm, just as we hoped. Visually striking, it will remain a cult card in the game, and this is just the beginning...
To celebrate its arrival in the game, we offer a 50-times boost in combat points if you play it in Free Fight or Survivor mode, as well as a 10-times boost for each of its children, the TITANS.
As a bonus, we will repost the teaser video because during its reveal, you couldn't hear the sound. I really wanted you to experience the accompanying ambiance to better understand this strange character! The video is available at the link below, and the contest is also relaunched: Among the comments, one player will be randomly selected and win a prismatic GLIBON!
(Don't forget that the Glibon pack will be available until tomorrow at 8:00 PM Paris time).
Enjoy the game and happy July 14th!

The sculptor of the cosmos is finally here, in his human form! 2023-07-12 19:50:03

You've been waiting for him and so has Clint City!
The great Glibon is the result of the intersection of gravitation with quantum mechanics. He is finally going to reveal himself and to ensure he stands out from the game's other 2, 000 characters, we reached out to NICOLASisNotEvil to come up with a work of art that would totally contrast with all the other styles already present on Urban Rivals, something befitting of the character and totally out of the ordinary.
Glibon is available in the Shop's special pack for 72 hours only!
If you're curious to see the creation process of this monumental character, we'll soon be sharing the videos on our various networks. Just be sure to stay tuned to SPOT!
Happy gaming to you all!

Congratulations to everyone! 2023-07-11 08:55:02

You have completed the Glibon community event with the powerhouse trio of Cisco, Kayzen, and Sheub! These three players will receive the Glibon card as soon as it is released, in addition to the planned Prismatic Mythic card.
The rewards will be delivered once the countdown is over, which will be when Glibon officially reveals one of its five evolutions on YouTube, Wednesday, July 12th, at 7:45 PM (Paris time):
Come join us, and a fourth random player among the comments will receive a copy of the card!
And on Wednesday, July 12th, starting from 8 PM, the special CREATOR's LEGACY pack will be available to celebrate the arrival of this card that will leave a mark on everyone...!
Enjoy the game, everyone!

Stand up for GLIBON 2023-07-09 09:45:02

All together, the moment has arrived!
Glibon is about to reveal its human form, and for that, you are asked to stand up to welcome it!
Evolve as many characters as possible to showcase your fighters to the Creator of the Cosmos!
Once the gauge is filled, the rewards will be distributed, and the ULTIMATE character of the game will finally be unveiled!
Have a great game, everyone!

Demons, old acquaintances and will-o'-the-wisp! 2023-07-07 10:45:03

Hello Clint City!
We're delighted to announce the technical completion of the update of the XP system which now allows you to display all the clans in the app's Collection!
In this same Collection, you also have access to the web-based autodeck, which facilitates the assisted creation of a deck if you fancy a quick visit to a fighting room. This feature will also return to the app in future updates.
An introductory tutorial has also been added for new players, and numerous improvements have been made and fine-tuned. We will continue this tweaking work to ensure the app is flawless in every respect.
On the character front, we've introduced Kingreow and Dark Akkrak, but that's just the tip of the iceberg... Exclusives and LDs (the Cosmos don't have them yet! ) are on the way.
We'll be adding more events and even renewing the EFC cash prize in August, so there's no chance of you getting bored with the game!
For those of you who are late or have just joined us, please connect to the game's official Discord - where the atmosphere's great - so it can continue to go from strength to strength!
Don't wait a second longer: DISCORD
Now, let's move onto our 4 characters of the week:
#Effigie the demoness from the Realm of Suffering released to infiltrate the Nightmare clan (artwork by Chahine and VinceColor).
#Graou Annie and Oakley's faithful feline, estranged from mankind but close to the Jungo (artwork by Frank Calico).
#Winchester the hapless GhosTown smuggler (artwork by Grelin).
#Turilmore the legendary guitarist who stayed over at the Berzerk Motel... (artwork by Dado).
Happy gaming to you all!
Battle point boost available on each of the 4 new characters, so you can level up even more throughout this weekend!

Rift Update 2023-07-04 14:30:03

Hello everyone!
Here are the latest faction bonus changes and AI improvements in the Rift!
Firstly, let's talk about the modifications made to the faction bonuses:
For the Guardians, starting now, having 6 cards in hand will increase the win rate of surrounding cards by 5%. This means that your cards affiliated with the Guardians will have a greater chance of emerging victorious in battles.
As for the Supernaturals, we have made some adjustments. With 3 faction cards in hand, the bonus will now add an additional star to the surrounding cards. This will allow you to more easily enhance your cards.
With 6 Supernatural cards in hand, the bonus will now grant you an additional 30 health points, as well as an increase in the maximum health points limit in case of defeat. This will give you better resilience in difficult battles and allow you to endure longer against your opponents.
Regarding the AI, we have made significant corrections. From now on, if the power of a Leader is significantly surpassed by that of the AI, the AI will take the reins and automatically replace the respective Leader. This ensures that battles remain balanced and challenging, providing a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.
We hope that these updates will enhance your experience and may victory be with you in your Run!

To all the fans of Kingreow, the king is here! 2023-07-04 10:35:02

Kingreow is finally available in all the packs* of our store starting today! You can finally get your hands on this iconic character to equip your decks!
To celebrate the arrival of Kingreow, we have decided to double the drop rate of this character for 48 hours!
But wait, there's more! We have a special surprise for you. Due to a great surge in momentum, we are launching a massive Summer Black Market: for a limited time only, you can take advantage of it and make some cash!
Head to our store right now, happy gaming to all!
*except the New Bloods pack

Season 10 - The Arrival of Glibon! 2023-07-03 11:30:03

Dear Clint City, The 10th season of Missions starts today! And will end on August 27 at midnight, Paris time (GMT +2).
The season's story:
In these troubled times, the Glibon must intervene in person: this season, he'll be making his shattering entrance to Clint City! All your questions about life, the universe and much more will be answered! The Urban Rivals world is all set to expand further still, and new frontiers, far removed from Clint City, are about to open up to reveal new characters. It's the start of a new narrative arc that could well last for years!
Season bonus:
All cards that mention the Glibon in their biography get a x5 combat points bonus this season.
Here is the complete list of those cards: #Eris, #Dashra, #Genesis, #Ultra General, #Fractal, #Oryon, #Guru Mt, #Thomson, #Petra, #Nimestiec, #Ranesh, #Virginia, #Dustyn, #Hemera, #Tara, #Cosmos, #Serleena, #Ackh, #Pleakxxt, #Annunaki, #Dark Vryer, #Casagrande Cr, #Ultra Guru, #Pere Barali
New this season:
- New types of Daily Missions have been added, for greater diversity.
- Missions have been added that require you to make Perfect Pillz!
- Addition of a secret fortnightly Mission, with a mysterious character to play to complete the Mission.
The Community Event that will unveil the Glibon is fast approaching! Get ready to discover his unique and incredible ability, which can turn around even the most desperate of situations!
This season there won't be a program of themed weeks. Instead, we've got a long Adventure to keep you busy all summer long!
This series of Missions will consist of 28 Missions (1 Mission every 2 days) which will remain available throughout the season. Finish them well before August 27, because they'll give you plenty of prismatics, including a random Ultra in prismatic version!
Read more about this long Adventure here:
Happy gaming this season!

Season 102 EFC 2023-07-03 10:45:03

Hi Everyone,
GG _ADA_Zero_!
[EFC Winner] Christie&Karl
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 03/07
End date: 16/07
Other Z Palace decks:
Weak = Strong [EFC 3rd] by Mini Macho
Down to the Wire by SenpaiSanders
Fiesta de disfraces [Top 5 EFC] by CgL7
Oculus nerfed:
#Dark Blaaster 4* (min 3 -> min 5)
Ld nerfed: #Naja Ld (9/5 Reprisal Copy Power => 8/5 Victory or Defeat: +3 Player Pillz)
Ld buffed: #Kommandon Ld (min 7 -> min 0) #Ashikaze Ld (min 6 -> min 0) #Nega D Ld (min 0 -> min 2)
EFC Bonus removed: #Kardashnikoff, #Cosmo Curcan, #Granita
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Pepe Andrei, #Reino
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Davis
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Daussone 2* (6/3 +2 Life)
#Jasmine 3* (7/4)
#Beau 3* (6/5) and 4* (6/6)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Dark Akrakk
Happy gaming!

Pandemos & Marshal : MYTHIC 2023-07-01 19:55:02

After his epic battle against #Kolos Mt and #Mechakolos Mt, #Pan^ Cr the gargoyle did not return to Enigma... No, the wounds from the fight reminded him of older scars: the ones that #Slobodan Cr had carved into his ebony rock in Rhynn! Pandemos has only one thing on his mind now: finding Slobodan and seeking revenge for everything he has endured. But the tormentor is nowhere to be found; he has left Clint City! During his quest, Pandemos stumbles upon a temporal rift that takes him back to his original world. There, he finds the Specter Citadel he once guarded, now half-collapsed and completely empty. Exhausted, he perches on a miraculously preserved section of the Citadel's roof. As he gazes upon the desolate landscape of Rhynn, he makes a promise: he will no longer fight for tyrants in pointless territorial wars. Peace now reigns in Pandemos' stony heart, as his light slowly fades while the gargoyle merges once again with the rock of his native world.
While Dounia has returned to Clint City to pilot #ED-O, #Marshal Cr has remained in that strange dimension beyond the beyond. Strangely, this dimension looks exactly like Clint City, but possessed by a creature identical to #Genesis, and above all... emptied of its inhabitants. The sheriff's mind is filled with theories: is it a hallucination produced by his mind? Is he actually dead? Could Dounia and the twins have miraculously come back to life? Marshal wanders through the empty streets in search of answers... When suddenly, he spots a familiar building: a room named "Deathmatch"! Marshal is surprised: in the real Clint City, Deathmatch will never reopen. The sheriff pushes open the door to the room, not knowing what to expect, when suddenly, a girl welcomes him inside! "Hey! " she says. "I'm Shann! Welcome to Reverse Clint City! " "Reverse?! " Marshal asks. "Yes! The normal Clint City is full of life, but this one is empty. The normal Genesis feeds on the city, but here, it serves as our energy source. And while you're alive here, in the normal Clint City... you're no longer."

The great clearance sale of Clint City! (discounts!) 2023-06-30 13:55:02

Hello dear residents of Clint City!
Excitement is reaching its peak as summer is in full swing, because here comes the long-awaited Braderie de Clint City!
Buckle up and get ready for an avalanche of sensational promotions, starting tonight at 8:00 PM, Paris time:
- Get ready for discounts on the Armageddon, Titanium, and Elite packs that will delight collectors and fierce fighters!
- Among these enticing packs hides a brand new card, a stunning Oculus, that is sure to turn heads on the playing field!
- Dreaming of completing your prismatic collection? Well, the chance to get one is increasing from 2% to 10% in all packs!
- In the shop, you'll find a mysterious pack titled ""Who's Next?"" It contains the upcoming Mythic cards whose identities will be revealed tomorrow at 8:00 PM as well! Curiosity is at its peak, isn't it?
- Get ready for action as a formidable bot will roam the Free Fight and Survivor rooms. Can you defeat it? If you succeed in this formidable challenge, you'll be rewarded with a precious KINGREOW! Don't miss this opportunity to prove your worth on the field!
- And that's not all! The Black Markets will also be part of the event, offering you a multitude of opportunities to make good deals. Don't forget to complete as many Missions as possible, as the new Season will start on Monday, July 3rd.
So, mark your calendars: the Braderie starts this Friday, June 30th at 8:00 PM and ends on Monday, July 3rd at 8:00 PM.
May luck be on your side and may the battles be epic!
Enjoy the game, everyone

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 2023-06-29 08:50:03

Tomorrow, Clint City will be in celebration with the return of the Flea Market!
Get ready for incredible deals and big surprises.
Join us starting tomorrow at 8 PM (Paris time) for some crazy and unmissable bargains!

Discover the new CR and MT transitions! 2023-06-28 09:10:02

Let us present the Collector and Mythique transitions, an experience for enthusiasts and discerning speculators alike!
When one of your favorite cards is about to turn Collector, we'll offer you an exclusive special pack containing a varied selection of cards, including of course the coveted card about to change in rarity. But be warned: this pack will only be available for 24 hours, after which the card will switch directly to Collector.
When a card is about to turn Mythic, the process will be similar, but this time the pack will include an assortment of cards, including a selection of Collector Cards.
This new approach is more in keeping with the current state of the game and its overall development. The express transitions will create a certain buzz and guarantee a total surprise every time, spurring on the speculators.
So... don't miss the adrenaline rush of the Collector and Mythic upgrades!

Survivor Week! 2023-06-26 12:05:02

Hello everyone !
This week is a special themed week on Survivor mode.
For this occasion, additional rewards will be distributed:
- Survivor 20: #Radden and #KinGreow
- Survivor 13, 14 and 15: 25% chance of getting #Radden or #KinGreow
- Survivor 10: 25% chance of getting a random Mt
- Survivor 5: 5% chance of getting a random Mt
In addition to these rewards, Adventure missions will give you competitive Survivor decks. The first two missions of the Adventure can be completed in any mode, the following ones must be completed in Survivor mode. The missions are accessible to everyone: none of them will require you to achieve a specific score or ranking.
Find the Adventure of the week here:
Good game this week, in Survivor mode!

Boss's Day! 2023-06-26 10:10:02

RADDEN is finally available in all packs of our store!
It's the perfect time to try your luck and get your hands on the latest character illustrated by Godtail.
A bot is running in FREE FIGHT and Survivor modes, and if you knock it out, you'll obtain Radden!
Don't miss this unique opportunity to complete your collection and add a true rare gem to your Collec'.
For this special occasion, we are doubling its acquisition rate for the next 48 hours!
The countdown has begun!
A x30 battle points boost is applied to Radden for 48 hours as well! Enjoy the game!

Old school, robots and Cosmo! 2023-06-23 10:45:01

Hello to all you citizens of Clint City!
We're delighted to announce that work on the game updates is continuing apace! Numerous improvements are still in progress, supported by patches.
The game's advertising campaign has finally been relaunched! You'll be able to find out more about it on the Internet. It reaches out to both former players and newbies who might be interested in UR.
And get ready for a summer packed with special events. Look forward to the long-awaited return of the Coliseum and many other surprises in this sunny season. We can't wait to tell you all about them.
But first, let us introduce you to this week's 4 new fighters:
#Rustechus the Sentinel's mecha policeman who's an expert at capturing ghosts! (artwork by Fudgegrafik)- BATTLE POINTS Boost x50
#Mara Vega the Bangers' return to old-school authenticity! (artwork by Grelin)- BATTLE POINTS Boost x30
#Colton the logistical support of the Cosmohnuts family! (artwork by Ples)- BATTLE POINTS Boost x20
#Rajesh remember Andy LD's beloved cuddly toy...?! (artwork by Gaspitoon)- BATTLE POINTS Boost x10
We hope you enjoy these new characters. And now it's time to get down to business... Happy gaming to you all!

Game translations focus 2023-06-22 18:05:01

Clint City,
For a few years now, we have stopped publishing news and any other translations for languages that are ultimately less used by the community, considering the maintenance costs of translation.
In order not to give the impression of an 'unfinished' game, we have decided to redirect these players to the default English version of the game and focus on the six most active languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German.
We understand that some may be disappointed, but we are committed to providing a consistent and high-quality gaming experience for everyone.
For any questions or assistance, please contact Customer Support.

Celebrate the Music Day in style! 2023-06-21 10:45:02

On this first day of summer, we have 4 little gifts for you:
- The Autodeck: Now, dive into any game mode in just 4 clicks and discover a brand new gaming experience!
-A x30 combat points boost for one of the game characters.
You have to find out who it is, but rest assured, it's a talented musician! Get ready for epic performances!
-An adventure set that promises great rewards.
Let yourself be carried away and start the battle right away!
-Furthermore, we have put together a special 'UR' playlist to celebrate the music live from Clint City!
Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere by following this link:
We would like to wish you a wonderful Music Day and thank you warmly for always being by our side.
Your support is invaluable!
Enjoy the game!

AUTOMATIC DECK 2023-06-21 09:35:02

Do you want to learn how to create a deck on UR, but lack motivation? Do you have too many cards and don't know which ones to choose?
Don't worry, we have the perfect tool for you: the autodeck.
You can access this tool from your collection by clicking on the collapsible panel on the right.
Here's how it works:
Step 1: Select a game mode for which your deck should be compatible.
Step 2: Choose your favorite clans (at least 1 clan, maximum 8 clans). In the bottom left, a counter displays the number of selected clans and the number of compatible characters.
When the numbers turn green, you can generate your deck.
Step 3: A deck will be proposed to you.
If it doesn't suit you, you can generate others;
To play with the deck, you need to confirm the popup (the selection) and then save the generated deck visible in the right sidebar.
Once armed, you can go to the room to play!
In just a few clicks, you're all set, even with a collection of nearly 3000 cards! This will also allow you to vary your decks and let the algorithm's imagination guide you.
So, don't hesitate any longer, let yourself be guided and find out if you still have the upper hand, or if you're starting to master the game to perfection!

Tourney Week: New format! 2023-06-20 10:47:58

Hello everyone !
This week is a special themed week on Tourney mode.
For this occasion, additional rewards will be distributed for the top 10 of each tournament:
- 1st: 1 Oculus among the most expensive guaranteed
- 2nd and 3rd: 75% chance of getting one of the most expensive Oculus
- 4th and 5th: 50% chance of getting a random Oculus
- 6th to 10th: 25% chance of getting a random Oculus
In addition to these rewards, Adventure missions will give you competitive Tourney decks. The first two missions of the Adventure can be completed in any mode, the following ones must be completed in Tourney mode. The missions are accessible to everyone: none of them will require you to achieve a specific score or ranking.
Find the Adventure of the week here:
Finally, this week we will be testing a new Tourney format: for the first time, there will no longer be an alternation between Tourney Type 1 and Tourney Type 2 format, but an identical common format.
Our desire with this format is to simplify access to Tourney mode with a single banlist, to avoid confusion. If you like the format, the two rooms will be merged and you can therefore stay in the same room and chain the tournaments. Otherwise, we will revert to previous formats.
For this unique format, we have imposed a limit of 32 stars, as we want Tourney Type 1 decks to remain playable. We remind you, the Tourney mode is not a brutal mode where the strongest wins. This is a mode where you have to play as few stars as possible to score as many points as possible.
In this format as in the previous ones, you will have to play a minimum of 8 cards, and you will not be able to play duplicate cards.
Here is the banlist of this new format, sorted by clans. Of course, if you like the unique format, this banlist will evolve later.
All Stars: #Roderick
Bangers: #Shann Mt, #Shinobi, #Kaskar, #Timbo K, #Sum Sam Cr, #Dixie, #Blast
Berzerk: #Spyke Mt, #Bruno, #Mrs Spool Cr, #Clive, #Silvano, #Michel
Cosmohnuts: #Radden
Dominion: #Death Adder Mt, #Moukrok, #Dookor, #Gravelsnout, #Death Adder II
Fang Pi Clang: #Saitamurai, #Tokamak, #Lost Hog Cr
Freaks: #Zaveli, #Torrance Twins, #Majestic
Frozn: #Kalindra Cr, #Ymirah Mt, #Portha, #Gerdah, #Therium, #Zelina
GHEIST: #Mechakolos Mt, #No Love, #XU-Kr4ng, #XU-GOAT, #Ksendra, #Koshiro
GhosTown: #Judge Lynch, #Consuelo, #Sentenza Cr, #Ennio, #Butcher Braxton, #Poppy Mary, #Hollow Spyke, #Veles Cr, #Mrs Chili, #Sioux
Hive: #Maana Cercei Cr, #Aetri, #Maana 2097, #Aegis Cr, #Fisty Cent, #Raam
Huracan: #Quetzal Mt, #El Exotico, #Espectro, #El Cascabel
Jungo: #Ginnifer, #Otium Cr, #KinGreow, #Sobek
Junkz: #DJ Korr Mt, #Gil Cr, #Flanagan, #Lorenzald, #Travis Ld, #Ultra Dj Korr, #Soneta, #Oriold
Komboka: #Volkan Mt, #Kuwaka Cr, #Bahari, #Seta
La Junta: #General Mt, #Raven, #Emeth Cr, #Isatis, #Ed 13 Cr, #Atkinson, #Ed 25, #Helsa, #ED-O, #Ultra General, #Sabia, #Ethane
Leader: #Melody, #John Doom, #Vholt, #Ambre, #Eyrik, #Eklore, #Hugo, #Morphun, #Bridget, #Kate
Montana: #Lyse Teria Mt, #Vickie Cr, #Spiaghi Mt, #Mimmo, #Fairbanks, #Mr Dark, #Tatounovich, #Casagrande Cr, #Ultra Lyse,
Nightmare: #Kolos Mt, #Nero Cr, #Enevia, #Ikare
Oblivion: #Ali, #Tyres Mt
Oculus: #Dark Sobek, #Dark Serafina, #Dark Scarlett, #Dark Morphun, #Genesis, #Dark Copper, #Dark X-0DUS, #Dark Eklore, #Dark Uchtul, #Slatter, #Dark Majestic, #Dark Eloxia, #Dark Dorian, #Dark Lamar, #Dark Shizawa, #Dark Thanator, #Dark Kjolt, #Dark Miselai
Paradox: #Pandemos Cr, #Narke, #Enigma Cr
Piranas: #Crook, #Barden, #Surstorming, #Langren, #Segar, #Yaccanemba, #Cookie, #Ciratess, #Lagertha
Pussycats: #Clover, #Clover Noel, #Missandei, #Kashink, #Leela, #Kit-E, #Vixen Mt, #Slayer
Raptors: #Scarlacc, #Cannibal Jo Mt, #Brutus, #Poncho, #Kruger, #Nash
Rescue: #Phoebe, #Dr Norton Cr, #Serafina, #Captn Rescue Cr, #Mia Levy, #Miss Mia Levy, #Pastor, #Cable Force
Riots: #Bumdo, #Merweiss Mt, #Pr Cushing Cr, #The Rocktana, #Newell
Roots: #Jeena, #Arno, #Kiki Mt, #Gonzo, #Brody, #Ultra Kiki, #Carnegio
Sakrohm: #GraksmxxT Mt, #Uranus Cr, #Mokra, #Ultra Guru, #Ackh
Sentinel: #Slade, #Martha, #McLain, #John, #Gahar, #Aviria Ld, #ReportCop, #Redfield
Skeelz: #Dollum, #Goure, #Griffonmor Cr, #Lady Ametia Cr, #Nekron, #The Maker, #Caelus Mt
Ulu Watu: #Lapinka, #Maximus Cr, Jam&Earlxxt, #Tanaereva Mt, #Streex, #Achigan, #Daddy Jones, #Eddie Cr
Uppers: #Jackie Mt, #Nemo Mt, #Saltsberg, #Gruber, #McLayton, #El D10S, #Zumrut Cr
Vortex: #Behemoth Cr, #X-Hares, #Fisthon, #Omicron, #Dregn 2097, #Scylla
Good game this week, in Tourney mode!

Season 101 EFC 2023-06-19 11:00:03

Hi Everyone,
GG -Miguel Alves!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 19/06
End date: 02/07
Other Z Palace decks:
2nd Place 1200+ par _ADA_Zero_
Assault Force - 8th ZPalace par XC Assault
Added to the banlist: #Locke, #Becky
Oculus modified:
#Zebos 4* (8-4 -2 opp Damage min 1 -> 7-5 -2 opp Damage min 0)
#Zebos 3* (min 2 -> min 0)
#Zebos 2* (min 3 -> min 2)
#Alekperov (min 3 -> min 1, for all his levels)
#Dark Blaaster 4* (6-7 -1 opp Power min 0 => 7-6 -1 opp Power and Damage min 3)
#Kusm (7-2 -8 opp Attack min 3 -> 6-3 -9 opp Attack min 3)
Ld nerfed: #Bapho Ld (4/4 -> 4/3)
Ld buffed: #Buga Baga Ld (min 4 -> min 0)
EFC Bonus removed: #Mojita, #Aigwon, #Farman
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Moai, #Arantxa
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Tok
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Taljion 2* (6/3)
#Lonerganxxt 2* (5/4)
#T Gaank 3* (8/4)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr
Happy gaming!

Discover the sales tool of Urban Rivals! 2023-06-15 11:05:02

As in any respectable trading card game, it is essential to have business-oriented tools, and finally, the promised sales tool has arrived to meet all your needs!
Now, you have all the necessary features to sell your cards quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for a specific card or a particular set, you can easily find it. You can sell your cards in bundles to other players, whether it's publicly or privately, even to Kate!
The sales tool is designed to be consistent with the other pages and features of the Urban Rivals website. The sales tool section lists all the cards you own, with filters available directly in the columns to facilitate your search.
When you click on a character, it instantly appears in the right sidebar of the screen. Additionally, when you reach the maximum number of copies for a given character, the line turns red to clearly indicate that you have reached the limit of your available stock.
In the sidebar, you will be able to finalize your sale by adjusting the quantities and prices using simple selectors. Once everything is ready, you can proceed with the sale, whether it's privately, publicly, or by calling on Kate.
We hope you will enjoy this sales tool and that it will make your business activities even more comfortable. Make the most of your trades and enjoy playing Urban Rivals!
Happy trading!

Lionheart ferocity ! 2023-06-14 17:05:02

The fearsome leader of the COSMOHNUTS, Godtail's latest sensational creation, is included in the FEROCITY thematic pack with a doubled acquisition rate!
Subsequently, he will be available in all the packs (except NB) from June 26. For the most experienced players, Radden Prisma is THE ultimate reward after 20 consecutive wins in Survivor mode!
Very important: this pack also includes another iconic character eagerly awaited by the rebellion... Who could it be? Over to you to find out!
As a bonus, if you manage to obtain two copies of the mysterious character, you'll unlock the Prismatic version of Radden! Happy gaming to you all!
BONUS: 6% chance to get a Prisma card in the thematic pack!
We finally managed to identify the damn bug that was causing crashes in PvP matches, and the patch has been sent for mobile platforms. We will notify you as soon as it is validated on their end. It is now already available online on WebGL and STEAM, and the versions are stable! Thank you all for your patience, credits will be sent to you (you will receive a notification). Enjoy the game!

Poetry and... COSMOHNUTS! 2023-06-09 10:55:03

Hello Clint City,
We've updated the game with a few new features and fixes listed on the forum and we're currently working on the next one, which will include the Rift's and the Missions' interface improvements as well as new KO animations!
Now, let's make way for the 4 characters of this start of the month:
#Barcius Beau's little brother with his faithful friend Suzette (artwork by Nicolasrossiusisnotevil)
#Maraval Becky's cousin and champion toilet pan thrower (artwork by Chahine/VinceColor )
#Zelina the little princess from the peaks of Mount Glatz (artwork by François.Furby)
#Ashara the discreet Oblivion garbage collector... (artwork by Chahine/VinceColor)
Yet another selection of artistic styles to add to your Collection!
Happy gaming to you all!

Tourney and Collection ! 2023-06-08 10:45:02

Dear players,
We are thrilled to announce our latest update after the maintenance, bringing some improvements and new features. Here is a summary of the main novelties:
1/ New ultimate rank: An exclusive rank for players who own the entire collection, with a new avatar frame.
2/ Tournament mode (TQ) update: Improvements based on your feedback, including:
Hall of Fame for winners, a separate scoring system from Combat Points (player XP).
New scoring rule to encourage fast gameplay (+1 point for every 5 seconds spent waiting for the opponent to play).
Jackpot replacement: Each match played during a TQ will reward you with a Clintz bonus.
We hope these updates will enhance your gaming experience and provide you with new competitive opportunities.
Stay connected as the app update is expected to arrive sometime next week!

Special Season 100 EFC 2023-06-05 11:10:01

Hi Everyone,
GG Mini Macho!
Follow The Leader [EFC 1st]
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 05/06
End date: 18/06
Other Z Palace decks:
I will start after you by _ADA_Zero_
MonoJustice - 5th Z Palace by XC Assault
Shoot to Kill - TOP 10 by Sir Penguin
Devinez quel clan Olive855 spam? by Olive855
Baby's first t25 by Piradeux
Added to the banlist: #Alana, #AnomAlien, #Marina, #Sicula
#Enlevés de la banlist: #McMaster, #Saki, #Kalumet, #Schwarz, #ImperaSloane Cr, #Fowl, #Beeboy Mt, #Locke
Leaders nerfed: #Ashigaru 5* (8/8 -> 9/6)
#Vansaar 2* (min 2 -> 4), Vansaar 3* (min 2 -> 3)
Ld buffed: #Bapho Ld (min 4 -> 3)
#Lianah Ld (max 13 -> 20)
#Magistrado Ld (min 3 -> 2)
#Hopper Ld (5/5 Power Exchange -> 6/6 Tune Out)
Semi-evo buffed: Marjory 4* (Protection Power -> Protection Power and Dam, like her old version)
EFC Bonus removed: #Anita, #Iguan
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Suzie
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Zigal
Modified cards (with x10 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
#Eyrton Cr (2* 8/2 Protection Damage, 3* 8/3 Protection Pow and Dam, 4* 8/4 Protection Pow and Dam, 5* 8/5 Cancel Opp Pow and Dam Mod)
#Erika (4* 7-6 -5 Opp. Attack min 3)
#Ghoub (4* 6/7 Cancel Opp Attack Mod)
#Noon Steevens (3* 6/4 Tune Out)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr
Special rewards for this season:
1er: #Radden prisma + Top Player rank
2è-5è: #Radden
Top 25: 1 extra random Ultra
Top 50: 1 random Titan
Top 100: 2 random Oculus
As a bonus, discover an EFC adventure available for 2 weeks to obtain strong EFC cards:
Happy gaming!

Changelog 1.12.0 2023-05-31 14:10:02

•DeckBuilder available in the collection toolbar

•Explanation of the clock on the home menu

•User manual on the interfaces

•New Game Modes Interface

•New Market Interface

•Complete game translation (EN, FR, ES, PT, DE, IT)

•Visual feedback when the player reaches the next level

•2 new KO animations: Vortex and Komboka

•Optimizations and various bug fixes


The Boss COSMO is here. 2023-05-31 10:50:02

Welcome to the city, Loni, Loni Radden!
The mastermind of the Cosmohnuts has finally arrived to establish his clan in Clint City!
Two ways to find him:
-Each purchased Armageddon pack will give you access to the Extended pack, which contains an additional 15 to 26 cards! (1 to 3 Rare cards, 9 to 18 Oblivion/GhosTown and Paradox cards, 10% chance to obtain 1 Oculus and 1 Leader, 15% chance to obtain a Prismatic card, 5% chance to obtain 1 Prismatic Legendary card, and Radden)
-The ACUTE GAMES bot is running in Free Fight and Survivor rooms: if you knock it out, you win a small pack in which Radden may be found!
The event lasts for 72 hours, so... happy hunting!
PS: Radden has an exceptional combat point boost during these 72 hours!

Explosive Announcement! Urban Rivals enhances the SURVIVOR mode for an exhilarating experience! 2023-05-29 09:40:02

Say goodbye to the discouraging wait for rewards! From now on, every consecutive victory earns you immediate rewards, directly on the end-of-battle page!
But that's not all! If you manage to defeat an opponent who has achieved numerous victories, you'll receive bonus rewards!
The SURVIVOR mode is more intense than ever, to be lived in the moment, without waiting! Rest assured, we're keeping the Hall of Fame as it is, to preserve its ""legacy"" value and honor the players who have made their mark in the history of the mode.
Don't forget: stay hydrated during the break (maximum 12 hours between matches), otherwise your streak will be reset. Get ready to engage in battles and seize the glory of Urban Rivals' most hardcore mode!
Join us now and discover the brand new pace of the SURVIVOR mode, and strive to inscribe your name at the top of the leaderboard. The challenge begins now!

COSMOHNUT - ACT 2 2023-05-26 10:45:02

It's incredible!
Our dear friends the COSMOS have finally found their people (a huge THANK YOU to everyone for this extraordinary welcome! ! ) and above all, a vacant lot in the north-east of Clint City, close to the Raptors' headquarters, for those who can just about find their way around.
They are now preparing to set up their farms and settle down permanently.
Their clan will undoubtedly grow even stronger! We are delighted to welcome #Pepe Andrei and his grandson #Darren (remember Darren? #Noon Steevens charming young man? Yes, that's right, he's back! ), the delirious space turkey #Cosmo Curcan and finally... the one Becky and the kids (and Doggo too! ) have been waiting for... their beloved #Beau
Get ready for the second wave of COSMOHNUTS, led by a stellar team: Jcorgie, Dado, Frank Calico, and the evil NicolasRossiusIsnotEvil!
Happy gaming to you all!
For your information, here is a list of our current projects (planned for the June update):
- Finishing touches on the RIFT mode (interfaces and debugging)
- New interface for selecting game modes
- Full translation of the game into 6 languages
- Player level-up animation
- Vortex and Komboka Ko finishers
- Improved Options and Missions interface
- Instruction manual added for ease of play
- Total redesign of the Market interface on the app
- Rewards for the series, end of ranking for SURVIVOR mode
- RELATED characters section on each character page
- Tournament Winners' Hall of Fame

Season 99 EFC 2023-05-22 11:10:02

Hi Everyone,
GG Milan!
UFO 1246
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 22/05
End date: 04/06
Other Z Palace decks (to appear here, a deck must be published before the creation of this topic and have finished the EFC season in Z Palace):
Rescue me - 5th Z Palace by XC Assault
EFC top 6 Welcome to the cosmo by RiP-KoP
Added to the banlist: #Sir Taco
EFC Bonus removed: #Doggonuts, #Artax, #Mona Cr
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Santistebana
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Iguan
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Vito 3* (6/4)
#Esmy & Thorcal 3* (6/5) and 4* (6/6)
#Shevorgitz 3* (8/4)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr

LD update ! 2023-05-16 10:00:02

Hello everyone,
Between two construction projects, we have been thinking about legendary cards and the unique way to obtain them. After surveying the members of the Discord (the most frequented place currently), it is out of the question to make them sellable on the Market.
However, we are aware that there are still issues because some players may not necessarily want to play in RIFT and feel disadvantaged by not being able to access this part of the collection. Additionally, players who win them cannot derive any real benefits from them since legendary rarity has no market value.
Here is the compromise we are offering you starting today to enhance your gaming experience:
Firstly, we have decided to reduce the impact of the bi-monthly mission that allows you to craft 2 random LD cards to obtain 1 random prismatic LD card. From now on, you will need to collect 5 LD cards to perform this craft because you can now obtain LD cards in RIFT mode. This mission will no longer earn you points.
We have something new: each day, one of the two "URBAN SWAP" missions will appear: Mission 1: Trade 1 random LD card for 1 random card from all the cards (similar to a Rainbow pack). Mission 2: Trade 1 random prismatic LD card for 1 random prismatic card from all the cards.
•The 7 bi-monthly missions that allow you to win LD cards will now distribute ALL the legendaries (both the first and second waves).
We want this system to allow all players to fully enjoy their LD cards, whatever they may be. The collection is a central element, and legendary cards, along with trading, play an essential role in the game's meta.
We believe that this new system will not cause major disruptions, allowing everyone to do as they please with their cards and duplicates.
Have fun and enjoy the game!

Cosmo, Cosmo, Cosmo, COSMOHNUT ! 2023-05-12 10:50:02

The Sunshade Corp laboratory is hardly famous for its team of erudite scientists or its renowned astrophysicists. Their analyses and conclusions are often the subject of great controversy in the scientific world, and they are strongly criticized by leading scholars. However, despite this, many followers adhere to their ideas that often flirt with conspiracy theories.
In the past, the laboratory had sent peasants to cultivate the land of planets located in outer space. To persuade them to accept this dangerous mission without too much of a fuss, they were promised all sorts, knowing full well that these people were roughnecks with a very basic intellect, but perfectly suited to hard labor. Once these poor souls had been sent away in the utmost secrecy, the laboratory quickly turned its attention to more lucrative projects, and forgot all about these unfortunates lost in the stars...
Discover now the first batch of the demented Cosmohnuts, in exile in Clint City! No need to calculate with them, these rednecks from space have developed an incredibly surprising bonus, the ""Tune Out! "", which provides them with the most refined of strategies...

RIFT: Reset and Additional Content! 2023-05-11 11:00:02

We are pleased to announce exciting news that will enhance your gaming experience!
All your progress will be reset, while your rewards will be automatically distributed to you.
With this reset, your Rift Level will also be set back to zero, allowing everyone to start on equal footing. But that's not all! We have prepared a major improvement for your upcoming matches: a multitude of thrilling new paths await you, along with new achievements to unlock by taking these unprecedented routes!
We won't leave you empty-handed as you embark on this new stage. Players in the game mode will receive 28 credits, allowing them to fully enjoy the new clan that will be available starting tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Get ready to dive (back) into RIFT!

Changelog 1.11.0 2023-05-09 12:50:02

-Major update to the RIFT mode (skill tree, explorer ranking...)
whose explanations can be found here:
-Update to the Login interface
-Update to the Collection interface and the "deck-builder"
-Update to the Options interface
-2 new KO animations
-New Credits shop
-Miscellaneous bug fixes

RIFT ARCADE Access ! 2023-05-09 12:50:02

The Leader Robert Cobb is an access key to the virtual Arcade dimension via the RIFT alley.
By choosing the Arcade level via the map, you'll first access the game room, then enter a terminal and finally find yourself in the Administrator's room, at the heart of the virtual world that Cobb has created.
By moving up through the 3 levels, you'll win an Arcade LD card!
Happy Rift to you all!
P.S. As a reminder, LDs are now cumulative and can be sold to Kate for discard or for Black Markets!

Season 9 - A new clan! 2023-05-08 11:00:02

Dear Clint City, the 9th season of Missions starts today! And will end on July 2 at midnight, Paris time (GMT +2).
The season's story:
Melody reached the end of her journey near a mysterious farm in Elektrozova. If you missed her story, you can find it here:
While she was there, she discovered a new and very singular clan. But who are these rough farmer types, what do they want and what part are they planning on playing in Clint City?
Season bonus:
All cards with a name starting with "Co" have a x5 combat point bonus this season. Maybe it's a reference to the name of the next clan!
Here is the complete list of those cards: #Cornelia, #Cortez Mt, #Costello, #Cole, #Codak, #Comanche, #Consuelo, #Corcoza, #Coleridge, #Cookie, #Cornelius, #Corrina, #Cosmos, #Cobretti, #Coby, #Copper Cr, #Corvus Cr, #Coraille, #Colin
New this season:
- The Daily Missions have been modified, for more variety. The rewards remain the same.
- Starting this season, some Missions will give you full playable decks for the competitive modes. All you need do is level up the cards you receive as rewards, and build a deck with them to play with.
- Two seasonal Missions have been added to reward the biggest buyers. They do not give Mission points, but a very large number of prismatic cards.
Season's program:
May 8 to 12: The release of the new clan is fast approaching... Adventure based on characters from Elektrozova. Game on the UR discord to guess the clan bonus.
May 12 to 21: Release of the new clan! Adventure with the first 5 characters of the clan.
May 22 to 28: Rift Adventure, set off on a hunt for prismatics with the new clan!
May 29 to June 4: Adventure based on the clan leaders. Vote to amend 4 cards without abilities for the EFC.
June 5 to 18: EFC 100 season, boosted winnings for the top 100. Special adventure to progress in EFC and get hold of some decent decks. The best EFC deck with cards from the new clan will be rewarded.
June 19 to 25: Tourney theme week, new format testing and chances to receive Oculus cards as rewards. Special adventure to progress in Tourney and get hold of some decent decks. The best Tourney deck with cards from the new clan will be rewarded.
June 27 to July 2: Survivor theme week, chances to get recent exclusive cards. Special adventure to progress in Survivor and get hold of some decent decks. The best Survivor deck with cards from the new clan will be rewarded.
Happy gaming this season!

Season 98 EFC 2023-05-08 10:05:02

Hi Everyone,
GG Milan!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 08/05
End date: 21/05
Other Z Palace deck (to appear here, a deck must be published before the creation of this topic and have finished the EFC season in Z Palace):
presets:2903518 by Mini Macho
Ld buffed:
#Naja Ld (8/5 Confidence: Copy Power => 9/5 Reprisal: Copy Power)
#Krazan Ld (min 8 => min 0)
Semi evo buffed: #Raskal 2* (min 5 => min 1) and 3* (min 4 => min 1)
Removed from the banlist: #Christie, #Bender
Leader modified: #Vansaar (Team: Killshot: -2 opp life min 2), with permanent BP boost
EFC Bonus removed: #Nerfeniti, #Rahanpah
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Mahimatah
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Dieter
Semi evos added (with x10 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Scopica 2* (8/2, +1 Life)
#Raeth 3* (7/4)
#Al Safra 2* (5/4) and 1* for Tourney (5/2)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr

INCOMING: Missions & update 2023-05-06 13:50:02

Dear players,
We would like to remind you that the new season of Mission will start on Monday, May 8th, as you know: no holidays in Clint City! You only have a few days left to finish the current one and give it your all until Sunday, May 7th to earn the best season rewards.
We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty. Your support encourages us to work even harder to provide you with an increasingly exciting gaming experience.
We can already announce that Season 9 looks crazy! Many new features are being prepared to offer you even more fun and challenges to overcome! (Rift, New Clan, Survivor, interfaces, etc.)
We hope you will enjoy playing Missions and that you will continue to join us for many seasons to come.
Have fun !
PS: We would also like to remind you that a new update will be deployed on Tuesday, May 9th, with maintenance scheduled in the morning (expect 2 hours) to deploy everything properly.
The update is significant, including the final version of the Rift mode. This means that you need to finish your current runs to claim your rewards, as the new version will overwrite all ongoing runs.
Hello everyone!
If you feel lost in the game, don't worry anymore! With the TIMELINE, everything becomes easier. You can easily find where you left off, even if you took a longer break, and you can catch up on lost time.
There is no obligation, but the timeline is there to give you an indication of your progress in Urban Rivals.
The timeline only shows the most important stages, the key moments that have marked the game. For example, it does not mention the wheel, tokens, crypto, or Rebirth cards, as these elements are no longer relevant. The timeline is there to give you an overview of the game's evolution, its history, and its characters.
It's an essential tool to better understand Urban Rivals and its complexity. Ideal for a return or a new player.
Happy browsing!

PRISMA BOOST 2023-05-04 15:15:01

Hello Clint City!
We have some great news to announce: Combat Point boosts are now available when you play prismatic cards! Indeed, every prismatic card in your deck will multiply your combat points by two, and these boosts are cumulative as long as you don't have any duplicates in your deck.
But that's not all! If you own Prismatic Mythic cards, you will benefit from a triple boost, which is also cumulative! Unfortunately, the Tournament mode still requires some adjustments, so the boost will not be activated at this time. However, it will be available everywhere else starting now.
So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these boosts and maximize your combat points! We wish you all an excellent game!

The special pack is back! 2023-05-03 10:45:02

The best-of-the-year is inside!
Here's a reissue of the INTERFERENCES pack for those who missed out the first time.
Have fun playing, everyone!

Welcome to the new TRAINING room! 2023-05-02 10:00:03

I am PUNCHINGBOT, an artificial intelligence designed to offer you a superior sparring partner.
I have studied the strategies of the most skilled players and I am constantly learning new techniques to provide you with an even more enriching gaming experience.
With me, you can play against 25-star decks and discover a wide variety of strategies, using all available clans.
You will learn all the tricks of the game to be ready to face the most formidable players in PvP.
You will have the necessary weapons to counter their most effective tactics, or even beat them.
If you're looking to relax, I'll also be there to play with you, without pressure or stress.
The TRAINING room is the ideal place to complete missions in peace, while earning XP with my combat master, Vansaar.
And the best part is that you can start right now!
PS: Our game interface is currently being developed to become more intuitive and convenient than ever.
For now, you just need to join the room and press the FIGHT button to start the game.

Medieval Fantasy, Anomaly and BodyPaint! 2023-04-28 10:45:06

Greetings dear citizens of Clint City,
There are only a few days left before the RIFT mode update! This will give us the opportunity to fine-tune some minor issues that should greatly enhance your gaming experience. We're also excited to announce that Season 9 of the Missions will begin on Monday, May 1, and it's packed with surprises!
As we eagerly await the arrival of the NEW CLAN, we are delighted to present this month's latest release. It includes a medieval fantasy theme with two truly captivating characters: #Costello, the demonic Dominion (artwork by Fudgegrafik), and #Malecia, survivor of Rhynn (Fantasy Rivals artwork by Ples) who has now joined forces with the Oblivion. Also, it would seem that #AnomAlien the Sakrohm is directly connected to the strange meteorites that recently rained down on the city, and to the new clan. Finally, we've also added a Junkz enthusiast who specializes in body painting and goes by the name of #Van Dijk
These new characters will undoubtedly be a superb addition to your collection!
Happy gaming to you all!

Expand your notoriety in the neighborhoods of Clint City! 2023-04-26 10:45:02

Hello all Clubz! If you're looking for an exciting experience, then you've come to the right place! Ready to take on a new challenge with your Clubz buddies? We invite you to participate in neighborhood wars and try to put an end to them to show your rivals that you're the boss of the block! So, are you ready to show off your skills and show everyone who's boss?
Join this epic manhunt, where you'll put your strategic and fighting skills to the test. Together, we can create chain reactions, where each player can become the target. So, don't hesitate any longer and come join us in this epic manhunt!
How does it work?
It's super simple! All you have to do is play in the room and everything happens transparently. If you KO a player who is a member of a club, your club earns points. But beware, all members of the opposing club will be alerted to the situation and the manhunt will begin, whether you did it on purpose or not!
If a member of the affected club finds and KO's you, then the club will earn double the points in the ranking and the manhunt will stop. But if you win again, your points will exponentially accumulate, like a combo chain!
The manhunt after you continues as long as you play and defeat club members.
And from time to time, the club that is looking for you will have clues about your location... So, be careful! The more you provoke, the more the Club will hunt you!
At the end of a manhunt session, the best Clubz will receive rewards!
The 'manhunt' event lasts for 2 days and Admins may be involved...
The event is in the experimentation phase, to test each of the functionalities throughout the manhunts. We take advantage of this real-world testing to improve and correct potential bugs. Have fun everyone!

What was the Secret?! 2023-04-25 11:50:03

It all started with yesterday's announcement at 4 p.m. Through Adventure Missions, the community has unlocked the following phrase as a clue: “The Titans have lost, but the Oculus is standing. If you want to know what happens next, you have to watch the Titans closely and remember the order of their arrival." Some understood that it was necessary to look at the illustrations of the Titans which were quoted in the adventure. On the first illustration of each of the 7 Titans was hidden a number or a symbol. Once assembled, we came across #296152, an enigmatic series of numbers whose usefulness had to be understood.
As some already knew, the game uses encrypted IDs for each character, each forum topic, and each player. ID #296152 was too long for a character and too short for a forum topic, so it was a player to find: Mistress_of_Time, the embodiment of Melody. For the record, this is the first account I had on the game, and which I thought I had lost. Arriving on the player's profile, we come across her spot explaining the reasons why she is doing this riddle. And an invitation to contact her, following which she will give us 3 tasks to do.
The first task is to send a screenshot of a won round against the Oculus. The second task is to send the message “I made contact with Melody. The Secret is approaching." on the spot.
4 players were the first to contact Melody: 0_Helena, who made contact first but took a few minutes longer to respond to tasks. pikachu2008, which has caught up. Then sasuke0009. ninovet followed, a few dozen minutes later. As the first three players had already sent their message on the spot, there was no need for him to do so.
To give the rest of the community a chance to catch up (and to be able to sleep), a 12 hour delay (within a few minutes) has been added between the second and the third task. This morning, the last puzzle was sent to the players, respecting the same deadline for each: “Here is the deck I entrust to you: / #Rodsey #Eloxia #Vansaar #Estalt #Lumia #Askai Cr #Tessa Mt #Ielena Mt # Ongh Mt #Naliah Mt #Scarlett Mt / You don't need to play it, or even create it in your collection, just read it carefully and you will find the hidden message. The hidden word, REVELATIONS, was easy to find. But it didn't unlock anything in itself, you had to find what it was for. Time was running out for 0_Helena, the first player to reach this stage. Because the more the minutes passed, the more other players had access to this same enigma, once the 12-hour period had passed. 30 minutes later, ninovet found the word REVELATIONS as well. There was only one thing left to do! Put the word REVELATIONS at the end of the game URL and find the following hidden page:
This is Melody's diary, happy reading everyone!
It was ninovet who found the page first, congratulations to him. He wins a chest full of many prismatics.
As a consolation prize, 0_Helena gets #Melody, #Kate and #Merweiss Mt in prisma.
0_Helena and sasuke0009, for their speed in finding Melody, get #Melody prisma and #Kate prisma.
For everyone else in the community, the "Find the Secret" mission has been changed to a consolation BM, to get #Melody prisma.
We hope you liked this quest. If so, we will do it again in the future, changing this formula.
Congratulations again to all the participants!

Find the Secret 2023-04-24 16:00:02

Hello Clint City!
Today, a female character you already know is returning from a long journey, all set to tell you her story. But the truths she reveals may not please the Oculus! To uncover these revelations, you will have to search for clues while being very discreet... Embark on a treasure hunt between the past, present and future! Will you be the first to find the Secret?
A new adventure is available for 2 weeks. The names of the missions should get you started... This adventure will give you access to random Oculus cards, so you'll have the chance to get your hands on #Dark Thanator, #Dark Miselai and #Dark Kjolt
Happy gaming to you all!

Season 97 EFC 2023-04-24 11:00:02

Hi Everyone,
GG -Miguel Alves!
Cold, Saga, where is my title?
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 24/04
End date: 07/05
Ld buffed: #Fhtagn Ld (+3 Life => +1 Life per opp. Damage)
Unbanned and modified for EFC: #Ashigaru (9/8 => 8/8, semi-evo 3* 8/5, 4* 8/6)
Banned and modified for Survivor: #Robert Cobb (8/7 => 9/8, semi evo 1* 8/2, 2* 8/4, 3* 9/4, 4* 9/6)
EFC Bonus removed: #Chiyoko, #Onongada
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Jane Ramba Cr, #Rony Bones
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Ziyad
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Rueda Buena 3* (7/3)
#Atess 3* (7/4) and 2* (7/2)
#Zack 3* (7/3), 2* (7/2) and 1* for Tourney (7/1)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr

Tourney Banlist 2023-04-18 11:10:01

Hi Everyone,
Tourney Type 1
Added to the banlist: #Dark Shizawa, #Dark Kjolt, #Dark Thanator, #Dark Miselai, #Newell
Tourney Type 2
Added to the banlist: #Dark Shizawa, #Dark Kjolt, #Dark Thanator, #Dark Miselai, #Anthony, #Newell, #Gil Cr
Happy gaming!

The Interference pack is back! 2023-04-18 10:45:02

Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of fantasy card games, get ready to dive into a dark and mysterious universe with the re-release of the ""Interference"" theme pack!
After the success of Merweiss, we are delighted to present this new selection of cards that are powerful and/or have already made a name for themselves in the UR world.
But that's not all! For this special release, we have included new cards from the Citadel of Rhynn. This once majestic citadel has been reduced to dust and is now a sinister and haunted place. We've explored its depths to bring you these 3 unique and never before seen cards.
So, are you ready to discover the secrets of ""Interference""?
We look forward to seeing you in action with these new cards. So, on your marks, get set, go!

Technophiles Week 2023-04-17 11:00:03

The futuristic technologies of the Sakrohm, GHEIST, Riots, Hive and Vortex clans allow for a glimpse into Clint City's future; and it is widely estimated that the city is on the verge of destruction. A de-struction carefully calculated by the scientists in service of the Oculus, those from planets Vronk and Polter, in particular. Vryer and the Vortex prophets are also involved, actively protecting the crystal-lized future Dregn rules over. All that remains for the Oculus to do is to seize the Riots' thermonium and Lumia's knowledge to go ahead with its plans... Unless, that is, the Sakrohm Church manages to invoke the Glibon and convince the inhabitants of Clint City to convert to another faith...
This week, discover a new adventure to get your hands on second generation Legendary cards from the Technophile clans: #Sight Ld, #Fomalhaut Ld, #Dr Web Ld, #Rekt Ld, #Predtr Ld You'll also be re-warded with a few credits and opportunities to get certain Collectors from the Technophile clans!

Narcotics, parasports, the Aquanis and Tattoos! 2023-04-14 10:45:02

Hi Clint City!
We're still working on the Rift mode update, which should be out by the end of the month, as well as improvements to the app to make it even more intuitive and optimized. Of course, we're always on the lookout for bugs and seeking to improve our web platform.
And we have some great news for you: the new clan and its new game mechanics are ready! We can't wait to introduce them to you, but you'll have to wait just a little while longer.
In the meantime, we've unearthed some great new recruits to complete your collection: #Towesky, the smart scarf who joined the Roots, #Wale, the liberated whale devoted to the Ulu Watu Aquanis, #McDaffen, the bright young thing of the All Stars' parasport, and #Demonink, the tattoo artist with supernatural methods, happily integrated in the Skeelz school. You're gonna love them!
So, happy gaming to you all!

A turning point for the Rebellion 2023-04-12 08:50:02

Spurned by #Greow's defeat against #Dark Sobek, wrestler Arturo aka #Pandagran knows he needs more power if he wants to actively participate in the rebellion. Being a Guardian is no longer enough for him, the Huracan wants to become a powerful fighter capable of reducing #Dark Quetzal to dust, the former symbol of the Huracan clan that became his greatest shame. Following #Memento, advice, #Pandagran takes the path through the forest in search of Otium and its divine powers...
#Dark Vryer and #Dark Kaizerin, test bomb is ready to be launched, and the rebellion members are doing everything they can to stop it. But even #Easter and #Hemdall Cr can't access the GHEIST warehouses, protected by #Dark Morlha and #Dark Vryer's frightening henchmen. Fortunately, #Dark Vixen, with remarkable strength and independent spirit even under Oculus' influence, takes advantage of this distraction to betray the evil organization and attempt to defuse the bomb. But, failing to cancel the missile launch, she chooses to detonate the device in the GHEIST laboratory and thus saves #Memento and his acolytes at the last minute.
A few hours after the explosion, the Rescue team discover #Vixen Cr charred clothes amidst inert tentacles. The rumor of the former Pussycats' unexpected and heroic act spreads quickly throughout the city. However, some claim to have seen #Dark Vixen more violent than ever in the hottest places in town.
How to analyze the ins and outs of this turning point in the anti-Oculus revolt? In doubt, the resistance tries to resurrect Vixen using the last copy of her soul that she had voluntarily made. Farewell Vixen, the new #VeeXn is born... and the loop is finally closed.
Neither character is in the Boutique packs or on the Market.
#Vixen Cr and #Pandagran will be back on the market from Friday, April 14th, and will no longer be distributed. They will permanently move up to higher rarities (Vixen Mt and Pandagran Cr) from Wednesday, April 19th!
Have a good game, everyone.

Supernaturals Week 2023-04-10 12:00:03

The fight for control over magic and the occult forces is the subject of a fierce battle between the Oculus and the rebellion. Who will take on the dark magic of the Dominion, the remarkable powers of the Skeelz, the macabre creatures of the Nightmare, the metamorphosis of the Oblivion and the afterlife of the GhosTown? Meanwhile, the Oculus are taking advantage of Waldegrin's political power to take over all the magical items. They also have the support of Uchtul and Estalt and have capitalized on Fridlia's desperation. But they have not yet managed to parasitize ghosts... For their part, the rebels are relying on the wisdom of Caelus: maybe he was right after all to accept Eloxia at the academy! But that's not all. A magical artefact is attracting their attention: the Book of Souls...
This week, discover a new adventure to get your hands on second generation Legendary cards from the Supernatural clans: #Djanghost Ld, #Wilo Ld, #Bapho Ld, #Yomi Ld, #Sprited Pulp Ld You'll also be rewarded with rare random cards, and the chance to get hold of some of the Collectors from the Supernatural clans!

Season 96 EFC 2023-04-10 11:00:03

Hi Everyone,
GG _ADA_Zero_!
Dokuja meta 1310 pts efc
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 10/04
End date: 23/04
Semi-evo nerfed: #Lian Xiu 2* (Revenge: Damage +3 => Revenge: Damage +2)
Ld modifiée: #Naja Ld (8/3 Growth: +1 Pillz => 8/5 Confidence: Copy: Opp. Power)
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Forty2 3* (7/4) and 4* (7/5)
#Wesley 2* (6/2) and 1* (6/1, for Tourney)
#Dagg 3* (7/4)!
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr

The 5 sisters? 2023-04-07 17:45:01

Since #Kuwaka took on the duty of guarding the titan Griffonmor, #Bahari and #Hewa noticed that their sister #Kupanda had distanced herself. She was known for her unwavering strength and lack of weaknesses that could be exploited by the forces of evil, but the Oculus had managed to catch her too. As they prepared to confront the Oculus, the ground shook and a large silhouette appeared in the darkness... It was #Kupanda, the real one! But their relief was short-lived when they connected the recent rumors to a notorious organization known for their dark and forbidden experiments: the GHEIST had discovered the formula to create clones that the Oculus could exploit. The alliance between these two clans is a growing threat that the Komboka sisters have committed to remain vigilant against and to prevent the spread of their machiavellian plans.
#Dark Kupanda is available in a mission set that can be viewed here:
This adventure is only available for 48 hours, so have fun playing!

Prismatic Cards! 2023-04-07 16:45:02

Hey UR players!
It's the weekend and we have some good news for you in addition to the set of missions (Missions menu, Adventure tab): the drop rate for prismatic cards is increasing from 2% to 5%! It's the perfect opportunity to complete your collection and boost your deck with very rare (and expensive) cards.
Don't miss out on this opportunity and dive into the game to find these special cards. Share this news with your friends and have a great weekend in the exciting world of Urban Rivals!
Get your decks ready, set, go!

3 Buffed Leaders 2023-04-05 11:00:02

Hello Clint City,
3 Leaders received improvements today, aimed at fixing issues and making them more playable:
- Modification: The power of #Administrator now draws among all the abilities of the game in an equiprobable way. You will therefore be much less likely to come across "No Ability", and much more likely to come across unique and original abilities.
- Bug Fix: #Mr Big Duke ability no longer cancels damage exchange from his own hand. So you can play #Mr Big Duke with damage exchanges cards
- Buff: #John Doom goes from 6 to 8 damage.
These changes are permanent.
Good game everyone !

DARK SHhhh... 2023-04-04 18:00:03

Haunted by uncontrollable anger after the Red Samurai Night, #Shizawa descended into the madness that had been lurking for all these years. If he cannot protect the monastery and the people he loves, then what use are the secrets of the Thousand Cranes? Why restrain himself from destroying everything he touches? What he learned in the White Lotus room was just an illusion, a lie meant to imprison his unique gifts. Only the Oculus can help him realize his full potential and fulfill his revenge against Askai...
Find the dark version of the creator of the secrets of the Thousand Cranes in the Dark Elite pack, available for only 72 hours! Have a great game, everyone.

Guardians Week 2023-04-03 11:02:01

Corrupting the clans that defend Clint City is a priority for the Oculus. So, Kate has appointed several agents to infiltrate the Sentinel Police, steal Fang Pi Clang fighting techniques, La Junta weaponry and rig the All Stars and Huracan competitions. But the Rescues form an altogether distinct clan that is more difficult to manipulate... hence the importance of fallen angel, Serafina. To resist, the rebels of the Guardian clans have joined forces and are doing everything in their power to protect the city's inhabitants. But divisions are beginning to emerge, with no one agreeing on the right strategy to be adopted. And what if building Ed-O, a giant anti-Oculus fighting robot, was a bad idea?
This week, discover a new adventure to get your hands on second generation Legendary cards from the Guardian clans: #Kora Mail Ld, #Dokuja Ld, #Buga Baga Ld, #W4r Ld, #Nami Ld, #Aviria Ld You'll also be rewarded with more Mission Points, opportunities to get certain Collectors from the Guardian clans, and a small chance to get your hands on #Dark Lamar

Pocket Rivals 2023-04-01 16:57:01

A wheel, a little builder? Here comes POCKET RIVALS
Join us on the official Urban Rivals []DISCORD and discover more!

RIFT mode, surprise MYTHIC card and NEW BLOODS! 2023-03-31 10:46:02

Hello Clint City!
We are pleased to announce that Tyres has now turned Mythic, and that the Rift mode update is well underway, but we would rather extend the testing and balancing phase.
We hope you'll enjoy these new features, and that you'll enter the race to make it into the explorer rankings once the mode is available to everyone. Meanwhile, we are actively working on completing a number of projects to further enhance your gaming experience!
And to round off this week and the month of March in style, we're delighted to introduce our four new challengers:
#Ginette the granny of 2 iconic Clint City sisters (artwork by Frank Calico)
#Liddinger the charismatic Montana forger (artwork by Katjagger)
#Torre the man/church of the strange Paradox Museum (artwork by Quirkiliciouz)
#Shevorgitz the Pussycats' lone avenger (artwork by the Chahine/Vincecolor duo)
Happy gaming to you all!

Headed for the stratosphere! 2023-03-30 14:02:02

Genesis and Tyres have now disappeared. But despite the departure of the last Titan, the Oculus is still as powerful. Has Tyres failed? Inside the Nihilus, the eternal battle continues... Who will give up first? The powers of the leader of the Oblivion, or the gluttony of the most dangerous of Titans?
As #Tyres Cr will be back on the market starting April 3rd, #Genesis is undergoing a small change that you can discover right now on its page:
Tyres will become Mythic on April 7th, so it will no longer be distributed at all!
Have a great game, everyone!

You are the official energy provider for Fractal 2023-03-28 09:59:02

Tyres uses his spiritual energy to increase his strength, speed, and endurance, as well as to launch energetic attacks. When Tyres and Pulp merge to become #Fractal, his energy increases significantly, and his aura becomes so intense that bolts of energy shoot from his body.
It's up to you to provide even more energy to #Fractal so that he can unleash phenomenal power and cage the most powerful enemies in the universe... the last of the most voracious of the 7 titans: #Genesis The AI made up of Tyres, Pulp, and the ULTRA 5 will come to you to be its punching bag! The more you defeat it, the more Fractal's energy will be multiplied! It's your turn to play!

Season 95 EFC 2023-03-27 16:17:02

Hi Everyone,
GG _ADA_Zero_!
Save the principess Lucy(1415pts
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 27/03
End date: 09/04
Bans reversed: #Lucy, #Pa Mei
Unbanned: #Vania, #Yoshito
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Lian Xiu 2* (8/2, Revenge: Damage +3) and 3* (8/3, Revenge: Damage +3)
#Jeyn 2* (7/2, min 5) and 3* (7/3)
#Latifa 4* (8/5) !
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Fractal

Psychos Week 2023-03-27 11:37:01

The ultimate goal of the Oculus has always been to control the brains of the citizens of Clint City. Their dream is a city populated by violent yet docile inhabitants, who fight amongst themselves rather than questioning their own plight. The plan to control their minds started with Pillz, a powerful drug that renders them violent and inhibited. Then the creation of Xantiax opened the door to altogether new experiences. But Mamba's recovery, Enigma and Boris's influence, and the freedom felt by the Piranas and Raptors, are all cause for concern for the Oculus. If the people of Clint City regain control of their madness, they may just be able to resist the impending end of the world...
This week, discover a new adventure to get your hands on the second-generation Legendary cards from the Psycho clans: #Kommandon Ld, #Gregor Ld, #De4th Ld, #St4rve Ld, #Pl4gue Ld You'll also be rewarded with XP, and the chance to get some of the Collectors from the Psycho clans.

Subconscious Visions 2023-03-24 10:59:02

Fractal has gone to trap Genesis in the stratosphere, but there is no respite for the city. An iconic figure is plunged into a deep coma due to a loss of connection with the Oculus. The Rescue hospital team has tried everything, but to no avail. Doctors suggest an unusual therapy to try to awaken Kate. Agent Spinal and Memento are called to participate in this experimental session.
In the face of Kate's critical situation, no one can stand idly by. The duo composed of Spinal and Jacob Memento uses its telekinetic strength to connect to a network of hybrid technology neurotransmitters, the result of a top-level collaboration between Riots, Hive, and Sakrohm. They thus enter Kate's memories and are quickly transported to a world that resembles Rhynn, a distant past before the existence of Clint City.
Spinal's visions accelerate, and she discovers a dark and ominous laboratory. She then recognizes Merweiss, the Shadows' clockmaker who came to Clint City, working on a mysterious substance called ""the prism."" Spinal realizes that this place is probably the site of the creation of this substance. Merweiss takes one last look at his prism-filled tank before hastily leaving the laboratory. Spinal is thrown outside where she sees the sky darken with the announcement of an imminent storm.
Meanwhile, Memento is catapulted alongside Morphun, patrolling a dark alley near a large abandoned hangar in Clint City. They discover a huge translucent tank in which a little girl seems to be trapped. What if this little girl were Kate? There's no time to think, as a sudden electrifying pain suddenly overwhelms him, forcing him to disconnect for a few minutes to ease his suffering.
Spinal takes over and witnesses the storm that hits Rhynn. Lightning strikes the Shadows' main tower, and dimensional rifts open everywhere. The sky looks like a torn canvas, but with a titanic black mass. Clouds? A cataclysm? Or is it Genesis? In the blink of an eye, Spinal is back in Merweiss's laboratory where a little girl screams in terror. For a moment, the girl is thrown into a rift with much of the laboratory equipment, while the voracious Genesis continues to ravage everything.
Seeing Spinal weaken, Memento reconnects and feels buried memories quickly resurfacing in his memory. He remembers images of a younger Kate, whom he and Morphun had saved. The girl had ended up trapped in a dimension that was not her own, stranded in a tank filled with a substance that had probably saved her but would soon disrupt the lives of every citizen of Clint City. He remembers the time when he took care of her as if she were his own daughter, regretting not having been there during all those difficult years.
Memento and Spinal are together, facing a helpless Merweiss in the middle of the ruins of his laboratory. The duo understands that the clockmaker had probably sunk into madness following this event, hence his welcome upon arriving in Clin City... The laboratory suddenly disappears, giving way to a large room where negotiations are taking place. Morphun presents a prism sample, visibly contained in a small pill. The men in front resemble the Oculus, and everyone suddenly begins to applaud. The atmosphere is heavy and increasingly dark, the omnipresence of Oculus is inevitable.
Kate eventually opens her eyes. She calmly confirms that nothing will ever stop them, that every chapter closed will only open onto a new one, and that Oculus is everywhere, and they will destroy them all. She gets up and leaves, leaving everyone in the room completely stunned. Memento and Spinal, still attached to their neurotransmitters, worry and know that she will go to Cobb's to find Merweiss
At the origin of the hunt launched against the peaceful #Otium Cr, #Sobek revealed himself and all of Clint City now knows that his natural wickedness is now mingled with the darkness of the Oculus.
#Greow is not the calmest of activists or active members of the rebellion. Long suppressed by #Ongh Mt, who had accepted the role of clan leader due to his great wisdom, he has changed a lot since the arrival of the mafia reptile. The time of the caged lion is over: impulsive and proud, the rocker attacks #Dark Sobek in the heart of the zoo!
Fatal mistake, the Oculus Advisor is constantly protected by the discreet #Fowl who immediately alerts #Merrie and the #Bros
Seriously injured, #Greow is barely rescued by #Nahema, #Cindy and #Chill who set off in search of providential help to save this eminent member of the Jungo clan...

About RIFT 2023-03-23 18:15:02

Dear Urban Rivals players,
We are very sorry to inform you that the highly anticipated update to the solo RIFT mode will have to be postponed. We understand how eager you are to discover this new feature, but we wanted to explain why we made this decision.
Our goal at Urban Rivals is to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. This means ensuring that every new feature is perfectly finished before launching it. We have therefore decided to postpone the release of the solo RIFT mode in order to refine it even further, so that it meets all your expectations.
We want to reassure you that the rest of the game will not be affected by this release delay. You can continue to play all your favorite cards and challenge your opponents online as usual.
We thank you for your patience and understanding in this situation. We know it can be disappointing, but we are convinced that the result will be worth it. We can't wait to introduce you to the solo RIFT mode once it is perfectly completed.
In the meantime, we wish you all a great game and good moments of competition on Urban Rivals.
The Urban Rivals Team.

Activists Week 2023-03-20 11:10:02

The environment is one of the great battlegrounds of the Rebellion and the Oculus. To destroy Clint City and its civilization, it is important to exhaust all the natural resources the city has. The Government therefore deforests the Roots jungle, plunders the sand from the Ulu Watu beaches, exploits the minerals of the Komboka archipelago, experiments on the Jungo and even plans to melt all the Frozn glaciers. Protecting this nature means safeguarding the future of the inhabitants. The rebellion therefore keeps, in a secret hall of the Clint City Observatory, a huge seed bank and the DNA of many animal specimens, in case the worst happens...
This week, discover a new adventure to get your hands on the second-generation Legendary cards from the Activists clans: #Linkos Ld, #Eeok Ld, #Bakuta Ld, #Forjoten Ld, #Excess Ld You'll also be rewarded with a random prismatic, and chances to obtain some Collectors from the Activists clans.

The Dark batch 2023-03-20 10:49:02

Here's the Summoners pack with a DARK supplement!
Inside, you'll find the latest exclusive releases like #Fractal and the missing Oculus cards!
Take a look at it sometime:
Have fun playing!

NB: Ulu watu, Roots, Uppers, Hive 2023-03-17 10:48:02

Hello Clint City!
We are still working on what will be the final version (finally! ) of RIFT and its update is scheduled for the end of the month: progressive unlocks, talent tree, explorer rankings, achievements... You'll have a lot to get stuck into and we can't wait to reveal all!
In the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers:
#Lapinka the prodigy of the conch, on the beautiful Ulu Watu beaches (artwork by MNinot)
#Sicula the Roots' benevolent monster-plant (illustration by Frank Calico)
#Friedbank the Uppers' expert cryptocoinz scammer (artwork by Rudyles)
#R0zeheart the knight of the future ready to do anything to protect his Hive queen! (artwork by Tregis)
Happy gaming, everyone!

The Presets are Back! 2023-03-14 15:45:02

Hello Clint City!
You have been waiting for the return of the PRESETS page, and it's finally here. Here's a list of what has been updated:
-The game mode selection and deck format filter have been merged into a single filter for GAME ROOM.
-A preset published for a game room is indexed in the room filter, making it visible for all preset searches related to that room.
-When you publish a preset, you can select an official game room (or none).
-The compatibility of all presets published for game rooms is checked every day; if a preset becomes incompatible with its room, it is marked as incompatible and is no longer indexed in the room filter.
-A preset that is incompatible with its room for 6 months straight is automatically deleted.
-Presets published without any game room are not deleted for incompatibility, but they are also not indexed in the room filter (and therefore invisible for most preset searches).
-Presets below 300 points have been deleted.
-Presets created up until now do not have a game room configured, so they will not be deleted for being incompatible with a game room format.
-The old preset scoring rules still apply:
Each day, presets gradually lose points as long as they are above 300.
A preset with less than 30 points after 3 days of existence is automatically deleted.
A preset with less than 150 points after 15 days of existence is automatically deleted.
This scoring system also applies to EVENTS and COMMENTS on Clan and Character pages.
Have fun playing!

Urbans Week 2023-03-14 11:00:02

The Oculus' campaign began on the streets, with the mass distribution of Pillz and other addictive substances. #Morphun and Sentogan were the unwitting forerunners of this trend, which has since invaded the music scene and the media. No need to act, no need to think, it's all served up to you on a plate. After all, it would be tiring to have free will, right? Instead, use your energy to vent your fury on the other clans! In the process, the identity of the clans is being lost: with success, a Junkz or a Bangers can become as rich as an Uppers, a Pussycat or as corrupt as a Montana.
To resist, the rebellion is clinging onto the old characters and the myths of each clan, which represent the culture of each community in its purest state. By uniting the city's "old school" members, a new and authentic Clint City may rise from the ashes!
This week, discover a new adventure to get your hands on the second-generation Legendary cards from the Urban clans: #Nega D Ld, #Skinny Bob Ld, #Space Hans Ld, #Raser Ld, #Ashikaze Ld You'll also be rewarded with Clintz, and the chance to get hold of some of the Urban clans' Collector cards.

Rebels & Oculus 2023-03-13 16:01:01

Dear Clint City, the 8th season of Missions starts today! And ends on May 7 at midnight, Paris time.
The season's story:
The arrival of the Nihilus gave the rebellion hopes of imprisoning Genesis. But it may already be too late... The tentacled creature has contaminated the city and his influence is still strongly felt. Clint City is weakened and its destruction now seems inevitable. What are the Oculus' plans, and can they still be countered?
Season bonus:
All Oculus cards have a x20 XP boost for the duration of the season.
For this season only, every 2 weeks, you'll be able to craft 3 times more Ld cards to get 3 Ld Prismatics!
Season's program: throughout this season, there'll be 2 types of adventures running in parallel:
- 1 seasonal adventure, consisting of 24 basic Missions. A new Mission will be unlocked every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This adventure will allow you to obtain Prismatics, credits and various random cards.
- 1 weekly faction-themed adventure (group of 5-6 clans). Each of these adventures will allow you to win the Ld of the corresponding faction, as well as other rewards. These adventures will be accompanied by a short story about the Oculus who are infiltrating the faction and the rebels trying to defend it. Finally, the last two weeks of the season will be a massive treasure hunt, complete with riddles to solve, to uncover the truth about Kate's past and the fate of Clint City!
In detail, it will look like this:
March 14 to 19: Urbans Week (#Nega D Ld, #Skinny Bob Ld, #Space Hans Ld, #Raser Ld, #Ashikaze Ld
March 20 to 26: Activists Week (#Linkos Ld, #Eeok Ld, #Bakuta Ld, #Forjoten Ld, #Excess Ld
March 27 to April 2: Psychos Week (#Kommandon Ld, #Gregor Ld, #De4th Ld, #St4rve Ld, #Pl4gue Ld
April 3 to 9: Guardians Week (#Kora Mail Ld, #Dokuja Ld, #Buga Baga Ld, #W4r Ld, #Nami Ld, #Aviria Ld
April 10 to 16: Supernaturals Week (#Djanghost Ld, #Wilo Ld, #Bapho Ld, #Yomi Ld, #Sprited Pulp Ld
April 17 to 23: Technophiles Week (#Sight Ld, #Fomalhaut Ld, #Dr Web Ld, #Rekt Ld, #Predtr Ld
April 24 to May 7: The Quest for Revelations.
Happy gaming this season!

Season 94 EFC (ban swap) 2023-03-13 11:07:01

Hi Everyone,
GG Uos-Paolo!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 13/03
End date: 26/03
Ld buffed: #Eeok Ld, #Adytia Ld, #Skinny Bob Ld
Semi-evo removed: #Miss Lizbeth 4*
Semi-evo buffed: #Chloe 3*
This season, we will modify the EFC meta like the last unban waves. But this time, the rules will be different: in these clans only, instead of unbanning a character without counterpart, we will exchange an authorized card and a banned card. The purpose of this ban swap is to check the consistency of the banlist, by seeing if certain new cards are not more deserving of a ban than older cards. If this ban/deban exchange is not possible for a specific clan, then no changes were made for that clan.
As with all previous deban waves, it is highly likely that the meta will be unbalanced due to these changes. Don't worry, it's only temporary: if a clan becomes unmanageable, we will reverse the change or find another solution.
Here are the banned cards on the left, and on the right the unbanned cards that replace them:
#McMaster => #Marina
#Yoshito => #Pa Mei
#Boris Cr => #Wonald
#XU91 => #Toro Mt
#XIII => #C0re
#Fowl => #Jean
#Floyd => #Isatis
#Diabolus => #Artus
#Baldassare => #Ulrich
#Vania => #Lucy
#Bender => #Poncho
#Kalumet => #Ratanah Mt
#McLayton => #Zatman Cr
EFC Bonus removed: #Rad, #Akendram, #Ghenom
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Rahanpah
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Piotr, #Ganx
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Fractal

Dark Bloods - Encore ! 2023-03-10 11:00:03

The Oculus is under attack from all sides, but #Genesis still has enough energy to spread its parasites throughout the city.
It's time for a re-release of the "Dark Bloods" mini-pack, featuring the latest Oculus cards including... #Dark Askai
A boost to the drop rate of Prismatic cards is also active, DOUBLED in all packs!
Have fun playing!

Parallel Dimensions 2023-03-07 17:51:02

NIHILUS - A dream come true...
... but a bit frightening. Sakrohm astronomers announced the discovery of a new supermassive black hole in the left parallel dimension, now known to be the closest to our planet.
As reported by the scientific journal ""Data Hive"", this celestial object is ""a gaping void shell 10 times more massive than the sun, orbiting as far from its own star as Earth is from ours"".
If the last known black hole closest to us was located 500 light-years away in the constellation of Vronk, this new object called Nihilus is connected to Clint City by a breach located just a few hundred kilometers from the stratosphere!
In addition to being close to Earth, this black hole has another peculiarity: it is in an active state, and an unprecedented force of attraction is feared!
It's time for Tyres and Pulp to take center stage: to do this, you will face off against the bot Oculus, which will surge into Clint City. The more it is knocked out, the more Tyres and Pulp can use this energy to become Fractal and send the insatiable Genesis into the black hole!
Good luck to everyone!

EFC & Tourney Banlist 2023-03-07 11:00:02

Hi Everyone,
Ld nerfed: #Bonnie Ld, #De4th Ld
Tourney Type 1 and 2
Added to the banlist: #Dark Lamar
Happy gaming!

NB: Jungo, Paradox, Piranas, Riots ! 2023-03-03 10:51:02

Hello, everyone!
We would like to thank you, yet again, for your patience during the week of maintenance and for your ample feedback.
In addition to the various adjustments and improvements that will be made to the game on a regular basis, we have started to work on the project to finalize the RIFT solo mode.
We are going to make it even more accessible from the outset and add a cool progression system to it.
Now make way for March's first 4 challengers!
#Forty2 the miracle survivor converted into a Jungo secret agent (illustration by Katjagger)
#Lavey the clumsy psycho hired at the Paradox museum (illustration by Frank Calico)
#Baldassare the Piranas' new captain, come from the future (illustration by the Chahine-VinceColor duo)
#Tok the Riots sewer dredging automaton (illustration by JCorgié)
Happy gaming, everyone!

Far from the Activists... 2023-03-02 11:10:02

Despite a sky much darker than usual, everything was going well between the Roots and the Jungo, who were celebrating a new alliance and common goals. But the Polit, who likes to pull the strings, launches a hunt to find Otium for a handsome amount of Clintz! Frightened by these dark intentions, #Otium takes refuge in the wild, far from Clint City, until the malicious humans forget about him...
Find #Otium exclusively in the packs of the shop now!
The titan of laziness will be back on the Market from March 7th and will officially become a Collector on March 10th! Have fun playing, everyone.

Oculus Week 2023-02-28 11:01:01

While the people of Clint City keep their eyes on the Titans, the Oculus continue to plot in secret. We'll learn more about their shenanigans in Season 8 of Missions: Rebels & Oculus, which will run from March 13 to May 7!
In the meantime, find a new hardcore adventure to win Oculus characters, including #Dark Quetzal, #Dark Lumia, #Dark Vixen and a new… muscular Oculus! This [Oculus Week] adventure will offer you a new mission every day. It will end on Friday, February 10 at 11:00 a.m., Paris time.
As a bonus, until this Sunday, you will get the following additional rewards in ranked modes:
- In EFC, 2 random Oculus for all Z Palace players
- In Survivor, 1 random Oculus for the top 5 of the daily leaderboard
- In Tourney, 50% chance of getting 1 random Oculus for the winner of each tournament.
Good game everyone!

Season 93 EFC 2023-02-27 11:08:01

Hi Everyone,
GG Uos-Paolo!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 27/02
End date: 12/03
Ld modified: #Bakuta Ld
Oculus modified: #Dark Solomon
Semi evo buffed: #Masbulla 4*
Semi evo nerfed: #Belladone Cr 4*
Semi evos added (with x30 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Veronica 3* (7/4)
#Annie 2* (6/3)
#Julia 3* (7/4)!
EFC Bonus removed: #Chiara Cr, #Z3r0 D34d, #Annunaki
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Aigwon, #Hriger
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Elios
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Fractal

Veles Collector 2023-02-24 17:29:01

Veles loses control when faced with the General, but love seems to warm her heart! The General is all about military discipline and refuses to let his feelings overwhelm him, leading to his betrayal of Veles. The attack is launched! The mighty #Ed-0 is deployed for the first time to take on the GhosTown, who are protecting their titan! Meanwhile, the General engages Veles in a passionate battle and manages to wound his soulmate! To heal, the GhosTown titan must return to the world of the dead. After this violent battle, Judge Lynch demands a large sum of money from La Junta as compensation.
In a show of good faith, Ultra General leaves his golden armor with Judge Lynch and buries the hatchet. After this truce, General and Veles may meet again for a few moments in Purgatory?
Find #Veles exclusively in the shop packs now! She will be back on the market starting February 28th and will officially become a Collector on March 6th! Have a good game everyone.

Wake Up, Animals 2023-02-24 12:07:02

Tired of fighting, Ultra Kiki and Otium have decided to make peace and share their vision of the future, in a super chilled way. For them, if the Oculus threatens the world by feeding on the energy of combat, then the only way out is peace. In a Clint City in the midst of reconstruction, perhaps beautiful friendships between the clans could resurface? Sobek doesn't think so. Together, the Roots and Jungo must find a way to dethrone the warlike reptile, which they fear is probably parasitized by the Oculus...
The maintenance is finally over, now it's time to wake up with a short adventure that will earn you 50 credits!
Welcome back to the game!

NEW XP SYSTEM 2023-02-24 11:51:01

In order to solve old game design issues and to adapt the game to the way you play it, it is high time we reformed the XP system.
So, here are the changes made.
The coexistence of the combat card evolution and XP reserve system is coming to an end. Cards will no longer automatically gain XP in the room. XP gained in combat will be stored in the reserve, rather than being directly allocated to the card. This has three important implications:
- freeing you from the constraint of having to play specific cards at levels that are not always very interesting and in game modes that you may not like. You can now play your favorite decks in the modes of your choice and accumulate XP to spend whenever you want. Also, we'll be giving it away as an extra reward throughout the game.
- you'll have full control over the evolution of your collection. You'll be the one to choose which card should evolve and when.
- since your cards no longer automatically evolve, you will be able to play semi-evolved cards at will, allowing you to take advantage of their statistics even if they are not ""full evo"". No need to go to the Market or Shop to keep your deck that uses semi-evos ultra-competitive.
You can now try new strategic combinations and (re)discover the potential of a number of cards.
The single-copy card system is also coming to an end. For a long time now, Clint City's economy has been a batch economy, and this has increased dramatically in recent years. Today, we have adapted technically and pushed Urban Rivals in this direction. The Collections have been redesigned to show the number of cards you have by evolution and prismatic state, rather than endless lists of identical duplicates.
This change is accompanied by the disappearance of the history of each copy of a card, a feature made obsolete by the disappearance of the copy system. Also, whether you use Clintz or the XP in your reserve, you will only be able to buy fully evolved cards; it will no longer be possible to assign an arbitrary amount of XP to a card.
This considerably reduces data processing and therefore opens the door to optimizations never before achieved on Urban Rivals, such as managing your Collection in real time.
The Web Collection (and its pro version) features a new interface with a collapsible right-side panel, allowing you to build and manage your decks easily. Their technical base has been completely redesigned, allowing you to filter and search in real time, without the need to reload the page or face frequent loading times.
The Market has also adopted this right-side panel for filters, leaving more space for cards that are on public sale. It is now updated in real time; if a card is bought by another player, it disappears from the sales list before your very eyes. The same applies to cancelled sales, new sales, etc.
A deck management page is also available on the website, allowing you to view, edit and publish your decks in a more intuitive way, along with stats for competitive players.
On the app, you will be able to display all the evolutions of your cards and the number of copies of each card, for each evolution.
By clicking on a card, you will access a new interface (more intuitive and visual) that will allow you to evolve cards and sell them in batches, if required.
Finally, when opening packs or rewards, the Market price and the number of copies owned will be directly displayed on the cards.
Please do not hesitate to send us your comments, feedback, and any problems you may encounter.
We will do our best to fix them as soon as possible.
For added security, we've deactivated the purchase of credits and packs in the shop, while we check that everything is working smoothly and reliably.
We are also pleased to offer you 100 credits as a thank you for your patience during this maintenance work and for you to spend once everything is back up and running.
We'll keep you informed on social media and directly on the Spot (on the website).
Happy gaming to you all and welcome to UR World!

Welcome back 2023-02-24 11:26:02

Thank you all for your patience!
Take all the time you need to discover and become familiar with the new web and app features.
After a period of adaptation to the new system, we will of course continue to improve if necessary. But until we have enough feedback, we will dedicate ourselves to updating the Rift mode as planned.
This project will last throughout the month of March. And in a few moments, you will have the details of the XP reform implemented in the game. Welcome back everyone!

4 challengers including a magic chest! 2023-02-17 10:51:02

Hi Everyone,
It was the last home stretch of the XP reform, and an update should soon be validated by the app stores.
But before that, next week we'll switch to maintenance to synchronize web and app.
Expect a lot of movement, but one thing's for sure, this is the last reform needed for today's game!
After this work (and especially the debugging phase), we'll update the Rift to finally release it from its beta version.
The new version should arrive sometime in March and will include 3 Arcade levels.
This means that the Arcade mode will be permanently removed from the game in this next update.
In the meantime, it's time to collect and fight!
On the menu this Friday:
#Wander the riveted "big daddy" suit made in Riots (artwork by Ples)
#Taraji the new generation of kids raised among the Raptors (artwork by Chahine & Vincecolor)
#Quormac the captain of the fiercest army in town (artwork by MNinot)
#Carnibox the magic chest of the evil Dominion toys (artwork by _Sentry_)
Happy gaming to you all!

Forbidden Love 2023-02-14 10:00:01

With the help of his soldiers, Ultra General has drawn up a war plan against Veles, with whom he communicates daily through the media. But their communication suddenly takes an unexpected turn: are the warlord and death itself flirting? Veles wants General to sign a pact, a pact that almost looks like a marriage contract. Is it a ruse or a sincere intention?
This week, find a new mission every day highlighting a forbidden love. Whether these characters are separated by a past event, by taboos or by the trenches of a battlefield, the feelings will never disappear.
For each mission, you will get 1 copy of one of the couple members and some XP to get closer to level 500 and #Fractal With a little luck, you will also be able to obtain the other member of the couple, and/or each of the members of the couple in Prisma version!
Good luck!

Season 92 EFC 2023-02-13 11:07:01

Hi Everyone,
GG PUB._.Bone!
Return of the king (1396)
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 13/02
End date: 26/02
Ld modified: #Gregor Ld, #Sprited Pulp Ld
Oculus modified: #Dark Estalt, #Dark Blaaster, #Dark Kaizerin
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Mahimatah 2* (7/2)
#Hermenou 3* (7/4)
#Samia 2* (8/2, Courage: Copy Opp Bonus)!
EFC Bonus removed: #Oakley, #Sidar, #Randal
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Jiya, #Shogunn
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Capri
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Fractal

Ultra big 5 2023-02-10 09:54:01

The latest card from the ULTRA team is finally available in all packs in the Shop (except New bloods), try your luck to have the character in each of its evolutions and keep it safe, it will certainly be useful for summoning the great Glibon ... Good luck to all!

Leader 500 is here! 2023-02-07 10:48:02

It is said that the 5 Ultras asked the great Glibon to come to their aid.
But this was too risky while the battle against the titans was still raging. So, they had to call upon one who could perhaps turn everything around.
But who was that and who is the one the 5 Ultras now call #Fractal
The NEW Leader is distributed in 3 ways:
- In a special feature pack
- At level 500
- In all the packs (same drop rate as the other Leaders)
Discover the power that will change the meta-game!
Happy gaming to you all!

Build from Scratch 2023-02-07 10:01:01

The initial fighting has left a city in ruins, and the northern forests both frozen and burnt.
Many people in and around Clint City are injured or missing.
There is a stunned silence in the streets, and even the greatest fighters are exhausted.
Everyone is afraid of the next round of fighting, which is likely to be even more violent.
Fortunately, many inhabitants come to the aid of the wounded. The rescuers are led by the indefatigable Rescue crew, whose services are called upon more than ever before.
Once the rubble has been cleared, a major reconstruction effort can begin.
But the arrival of a new Leader with deep ties to Genesis may just change everything...
This week, let's explore the streets of Clint City where normal residents also have their little adventures.
You will find a new story pinned on the spot every day, as well as a new mission from the "6 stories" adventure.
Each mission is linked to a character in the story of the day.
The last mission, which will appear on Sunday, will allow you to earn #XU-GOAT

Mastery of Fire! 2023-02-06 09:36:02

Indeed formidable, the two titans put on a show for Ultra DJ Korr, who is starting to tire. But Clint City is full of champions, nobody will stay as a spectator!
The fearless Kuwaka uses his mastery of the sacred fire against Behemoth Cr, and all the Frozn come to cool down the fiery anger of Griffonmor. Nero even joins the battle to betray his former master by absorbing his power!
With their help, Ultra DJ Korr manages to turn the tide by trapping Griffonmor on the ground!
Meanwhile, to everyone's surprise, Timber arrives with many animals to reinforce and attack Behemoth and help Ultra DJ Korr!
Behemoth Cr, unable to control so many enemies, asks the Vortex to open a huge time portal. By passing through the portal, she withdraws from the battle and returns to her time.
Griffonmor manages to get up, but the reverse of Ultra DJ Korr knocks him out. Waldegrin, arrived too late at the scene of the battle, can only witness the defeat of the titan who was the pride of the clan.
The Mythical DJ drags the defeated fire titan to the Komboka island. There, Nero seals his master back into the volcano. Nero and Kuwaka left Clint City to keep watch over him. Under their alternating surveillance, and held by magic chains, Griffonmor will no longer be able to move. Forced to contemplation, he realizes that his powers are not just a source of destruction... Like his father, the Glibon, he is also a creator: the creator of a wonderful island where nature is unpredictable and flamboyant.
Griffonmor, Kuwaka, and Nero are about to become Collectors!
Find them only in the store packs and on the Market starting Friday, February 10th.
They will officially become Collectors as of Monday, February 13th.
Have fun everyone!

TITANS Vs. ULTRA 2023-02-03 15:53:02

Behemoth has managed to convince his brother #Griffonmor to ally with the Titans against their own father, Glibon.
Faced with the ice and fire of the two Titans, the Ultras are facing a problem known from the beginning: their numerical inferiority.
The divine Dj Korr has managed to lure the two Titans to the northern forests, where they will fight without causing too many human losses. But can he defeat two such formidable opponents?

The Emperor and the New Bloods 2023-02-03 10:53:02

Hello Clint City!
We're still working on the very big XP reform, but everything is progressing well, both in terms of the code and the impact on certain interfaces.
When it's ready to be deployed, we'll put the game into maintenance mode for about 3 days. We'll send you a reminder the day before, but for the moment this maintenance is scheduled for the week of February 20th.
In the meantime, here are 4 new characters to add to the collection:
#Magic Alice the Freaks' explosive little magic-box (artwork by Grelin)
#Lupila the fearsome she-wolf who lives with the Frozn (artwork by Chahine and Vincecolor)
#Atess the flame-throwing little Komboka is here (artwork by Jet)
#Dregn 2097 the final Emperor, the alpha and omega Vortex! (artwork by MattMoro)
Happy gaming!

Party Time 2023-01-31 11:00:01

Behemoth has managed to convince his brother Griffonmor to team up with the titans against their own father, the Glibon.
Confronted with the ice and fire of the two titans, the Ultras are faced with a problem they've been aware of since the very beginning: their inferior numbers.
The divine DJ Korr has managed to lure the two titans towards the forests of the North where they can fight without inflicting too much human loss. But can he defeat two such formidable opponents?
This week, discover a new Rift Adventure composed of 5 missions. Each mission will give you a guaranteed common prismatic and a 20% chance of getting one of the 5 Ultra in prismatic. The last mission will also give you a copy of #Ultra Dj Korr guaranteed!
Good luck!

Season 91 EFC 2023-01-30 11:00:03

Hi Everyone,
GG _ADA_Zero_!
[EFC Winner] Walker and Floyd
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 30/01
End date: 12/02
Added to the banlist: #Campbell, #Madrat
Semi-evo nerfed: #Dragomer Ayaren, #Walker
Modified cards (with x60 BP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):
#Candy Jack
#Beef Cr
EFC Bonus removed: #Miss Pandora, #Hawkins Cr
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Jo
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Nerfeniti
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr

Zumrut's fall 2023-01-30 09:47:02

Hard to bribe, the former plumber! #Ultra Guru raises his hand to the sky and a resigned #Zumrut is on the verge of receiving the final blow when suddenly a ship appears over the city!
The titan, believing it to be an extraction operation, runs towards the spacecraft. But it is in fact a Sakrohm capture ship, summoned by the planet VronkxxT to encage it. Now held captive, the emerald titan will have to answer for his actions, far from Clint City.
The question is, will the Vronk people accept #Pr Vronkxxt back into their ranks to conduct complex and cruel experiments on #Zumrut Cr
The Titan Zumrut will be available again on the Market starting from Friday, February 3rd, then it will become a Collector item permanently on Monday, February 6th. Have a great game everyone!

The full team 2023-01-24 10:55:02

The fifth and final ULTRA card has arrived!
Find #Ultra Dj Korr in two ways:
-If you have #Ultra General, #Ultra Guru, #Ultra Lyse, and #Ultra Kiki, you can do the Rift mission which consists of picking one by one your ULTRA and bringing them together in your hand.
Once together, you can summon #Ultra Dj Korr!
-By buying 1 Titanium pack, you will have access to the special ""acid core"" mini pack, available only for 48 hours.
A black market will enhance these 48 hours dedicated to the celestial DJ!
Good game to all!

Sacred Money 2023-01-23 12:01:02

Ultra Guru opposes Zumrut on the rooftops of the city. At first, it seems that Zumrut is winning, but the Sakrohm begin to pray to feed their leader with spiritual energy. And finally, the animated Guru brings the emerald giant to his knees! Now on his knees, Zumrut tries to corrupt Guru by promising him half of the Uppers' wealth. The Sakrohm church could be rich and powerful... but is this the will of the great Glibon?
This week, find a new mission of the [Sacred Money] adventure every day. These missions follow each other and you will have until Sunday evening to complete them. They will give you rewards in Clintz.
After last week's intense farming, this week's adventure contains some shorter combat missions and other simple and varied objectives.
Bonus: The daily mission [Clintz] will give you x10 boosted Clintz rewards!
Happy gaming!

After the first battle! 2023-01-20 15:25:01

Thanks to their historical support within the clan, #Ultra Lyse triumphed over #Casagrande Cr, who escaped far from Clint City.
But, due to their dispute, the Borgia's Palace was completely destroyed and the Sentinel clan is taking advantage by launching an offensive.
Coby stops #Donnie Cr, suspected of having orchestrated the Raptors' plane accident in connection with the Oculus.
Meanwhile, an explosion echoes on the highest towers of the city: #Ultra Guru faces #Zumrut, and it's already hitting hard!
#Casagrande and #Donnie are no longer available on the Market until Monday January 23rd.
The 2 characters will be permanently COLLECTOR on Friday January 27th.
Good game to all!

NEW BLOODS 2023-01-20 10:46:02

Hello Clint City,
The recent update finally includes the full tutorial for new players.
It also includes numerous fixes for even greater stability.
We've also started the XP reform (the last important reform of the game) and will tell you more about it very soon!
Now, over to our 4 new challengers:
#AdN-Sanya the Hive fighter on his way to being the first synthetic to be integrated into so-called ""legal"" fighting
#BecosBill: the Judge's right-hand rattlesnake in the Ghostown clan!
#Ciratess a multi-tasking and outstanding ship's mate for the Piranas
#Jiya a young hacker from Clint City recruited by the Oblivion
Happy gaming!

Rivals Week 2023-01-17 11:00:02

The rivalry between Lyse and Casagrande has turned into an ego showdown, which woman will have the most charisma? It is now clear that only one woman will reign as a symbol of the Montana. Who will win the clan's favor?
While waiting for the outcome of this fight, discover an adventure in 9 parts with the theme of rivalry. For each mission, you will get a copy of both rivals. If you're lucky, you can even get them in Prismatic!
Happy gaming!

Season 7: Ultra vs Titans 2023-01-16 14:00:05

Dear Clint City,
The 7th season of missions kicks off today! And ends on March 12th at midnight (GMT +2).
The season's story:
With the arrival of the divine Dj Korr, the team of 5 Ultras is finally complete. The battle against the 7 Titans can begin: it will last all this season and shake the very foundations of the city.
Torn between ancient myths and the new colossal power of the 7 children of Glibon, the residents of Clint City must make a choice. Between the Ultras and the Titans, who will you support?
Season bonus: all Ultra, Titans and the Big 5 have a x60 XP boost over the entire season's duration.
January 17-22 - Rivals Week
Thematic adventure about rival characters.
January 23-29 - Sacred Money
Clintz themed week, with lots of Clintz rewards in missions.
Permanent changes of 3 characters for EFC.
January 30 - February 5 - Party Time
Hardcore Rift adventure to win Ultra Dj.
February 6-12 - Build from Scratch
Maintenance, then many surprises.
February 13-19 - Forbidden Love
Valentine's Day event with... improbable couples.
February 20-26 - Wake Up, Animals
Special adventure with animal characters.
February 27 - March 5 - Oculus Week
Boosted rewards in Oculus in all game modes. Adventure to get a new... muscular Oculus!
March 6-12 - Parallel Dimension
Happy gaming!

Tourney Banlist 2023-01-16 13:39:02

Hi Everyone,
Tourney Type 1
Added to the banlist: #XU-GOAT, #Ultra Lyse, #Mrs Chili, #ReportCop, #Ultra Dj Korr
Tourney Type 2
Added to the banlist: #XU-GOAT, #Ultra Lyse, #Mrs Chili, #ReportCop, #Ultra Dj Korr
Happy gaming!

Season 90 EFC 2023-01-16 11:03:02

Hi Everyone,
GG -Miguel Alves!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 16/01
End date: 29/01
Ld modified: #Bikini Joe Ld
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Dark Solomon 4* (7/6)
#Boyle 4* (6/7)
#Thorpah Mt 4* (8/4)!
EFC Bonus removed: #Dagg Cr, #Praxie
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Deea
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Priscilla
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #Ultra Dj Korr
Happy gaming!
Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce some new developments, starting today:
•All active players from the last two months will receive 50 credits, for the 17th anniversary of the game!
•A new regular bi-monthly mission will be available, it will allow you to craft your Legendary cards to obtain Prismatic Legendary cards.
•A mission reserved for credit buyers will be available during Mission Seasons (it will not give mission points, it is a BONUS)
And some modifications:
•Oculus and Leader drop rates have been adjusted for each pack offer
•These modifications are retroactive: active players during the last 2 months and buyers will receive a return of cards in relation to purchases made, so be sure to check your collections!
•These retroactive purchases will be taken into account in the new season mission reserved for buyers
•You now have the opportunity to spend the small credits you accumulate each day in combat with the Rainbow pack which gives you 1 card from ALL the cards in the game (excluding CR, MT), this will allow you to regularly try for the jackpot!
Have fun everyone

UR WORLD about to turn 17! 2023-01-10 10:45:01

On behalf of the entire team, we'd like to thank you for being so loyal to the game.
We'll continue to push ourselves on Urban Rivals so you have a must-have app, and our schedule for the coming weeks is jam-packed full of awesome new projects.
Like every new year, we kick off with a big sale and like every year it will be huge but short!
On the program:
- As of now, the Armageddon pack will be at the one-off price of 319 Credits
- For 3 Armageddon packs, you unlock a ""BEAT BOX"" bonus pack: this contains all kinds of cards with a chance to get Collector, Leader and Oculus cards, all potentially in their Prismatic version!
- For the event, the cards signed GODTAIL777 will all have a drop-rate multiplied by 3 in the discounted packs: ELITE at 38 credits and TITANIUM at 175 credits, as of now!
- You've been waiting for this: in the ""BEAT BOX"" pack, you'll have a 3% chance of finding UR's most famous DJ*, now in ULTRA mode!
Happy gaming to you all!
* The keystone of the ULTRAS is finally available and it's gonna cause a lot of damage:
Thank you for welcoming the character with whom we're celebrating 17 years of the game: #Ultra Dj Korr, the latest card by GODTAIL777, available now by unlocking the ""BEAT BOX"" bonus pack (by accumulating 3 Armageddon packs)

The DOT ART Cards! 2023-01-09 10:51:02

A new kind of card is coming to Clint City!
It's the retro version of Pulp LD, here transformed into pixels for the needs of Robert Cobb!
Here is the game's first "dot art" card, answering to the lovely name of ""#Sprited Pulp Ld and hidden in a RIFT adventure: Now over to you!
Good luck!

2023 and the first New Bloods! 2023-01-06 10:46:02

Hello Clint City!
Best wishes to all the community and thank you for being here with us again. This year, you're in for a real treat.
As we've been broadcasting all over the place, in broad strokes, here is our roadmap for the year, work on which started on Monday:
-finish the last part of the tutorial to enter the game
-XP reform
-update RIFT mode
-new clan
Of course, all this work will be accompanied by a bunch of improvements and bug fixes.
And to get 2023 off to a good start, here are the first New Bloods:
#Dr Fly your all-terrain lifesaver at the Rescue! (artwork by -Sentry-)
#ReportCop the Sentinel prototype to anticipate crime (artwork by Fudgegrafik)
#Ziyad the Acute Ga?! ...Oblivion warri... developer?! ! (artwork by Frank Calico)
#El Resbaladizo the least expressive luchador of all the Huracans (artwork by Furby)
Happy gaming to you all!

Ranked Fest 2023-01-02 11:32:02

From January 2 to January 15, experience two weeks of competition in ranked game modes!
During these two weeks, Fortnight ranked mission rewards will be increased by 50%.
In addition, your public presets will also be rewarded.
To participate, you must:
- create a deck, as original as possible
- perform with this deck in a ranked mode (EFC, Survivor or Tourney)
- publish this deck in the public presets, clearly specifying your performance.
Depending on the originality of your deck and the rarity of your performance, you will receive a more or less expensive card in your collection. For more information on the rating scale, a summary post will be pinned to the spot.
Please note that only your first preset published during this event will be rewarded. So post only your best performance. The best presets will be regularly pinned on the spot!
Good game everyone!

Season 89 EFC 2023-01-02 11:16:01

Hi Everyone,
GG -Miguel Alves!
The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start date: 02/01
End date: 15/01
Semi evos added (with x60 BP boost on these 3 cards, until the end of the season):
#Bones 2* (7/4, Stop: Pow. & Dam. +1)
#RiK-L 3* (7/4)
#Glenn 4* (7/5, min 5)!
EFC Bonus removed: #Nameko, #Laura
EFC Bonus +2 added: #Buf00n
EFC Bonus +5 added: #Kardashnikoff
Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #XU-GOAT
Happy gaming!