Kuwaka Cr Collector

iClintz Rarity:


On the death of the old chief of the archipelago, power was passed on to his four daughters, who were just teenagers at the time. Four factions of warriors were then formed, each taking charge of a vital aspect of clan life. Naturally, it was #Kuwaka, the eldest, who was chosen to lead the faction of fire. And so, what has she been up to since then, with that volcanic temperament of hers? Oh, nothing much… She’s only found a way to partially immunize skin from burns, invented a piece of technology capable of transforming lava into sustainable energy and extracted a gigantic obsidian blade from the lava dome that she now uses as a weapon… Ah, if only she hadn’t killed the clan’s only surviving male in a mad fit of jealousy, she’d be a worthy successor to her father.


[Five Sisters, for Dark Kupanda] 8/8 Sell 1 doubles of Kuwaka Cr to Kate 20 No
[Five Sisters, for Dark Kupanda] 2/8 Gain 30 Life Points with Kuwaka Cr 20 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
13-02-2023 Rarity r => cr
05-07-2019 Released