Bourdasse Common

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Bourdasse, a former prisoner, now serves as the head chef aboard the "Voilier des Loubards". She is a humanoid salamander with red hair and blue skin, equipped with four very skilled arms. Passionate about cooking, she specializes in pan-seared salmon with "Étreinte du Waterwall" sauce, a recipe she has perfected using butter from Cosmo farms and a touch of salt from the Deep Seas. This dish is highly esteemed by Yaccanemba and his crew during their stops. But Bourdasse is not just about cooking: she also wields the chopping axe with formidable precision, especially when the kitchen staff fails to meet her standards. This skill has earned her a reputation as a "temperamental chef" among her gang of ex-convicts. She also maintains a tenuous relationship with Yaccanemba, who seeks to persuade her to permanently join his crew aboard the Piranas' ship.


Top Chef Win 6 rounds with Bourdasse 1 Yes

Card History From 2020 onwards

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21-06-2024 Released