Chadwik Uncommon

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Always surrounded by girls, Chadwik has often been the target of local thugs, but he never chose rebellion as a way of life. His thing is dance, specifically the Gova. Inspired by a dance born in the LGBTQ+ clubs of the Pussycats district, the Gova is a stylish and energetic fusion of poses, where every movement is a statement, an affirmation of his identity and place in the world. Driven by this feeling, Chadwik has always let his flair guide him. This is how he found his place within the Komboka clan, a group of powerful and kind-hearted women who welcomed him like a brother. With them, wild nights and memorable parties are part of everyday life. Every night is a festival where he shines brightly, chaining his infectious dances to make the heart of his community beat.


In a world of girls Gain 22 Life Points with Chadwik 1 Yes

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
05-07-2024 Released