Catherine Common

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Sabrina and Catherine Clintburn were the two most famous actress/dancers in Poldachie-Golgovina. Every film in which they appeared immediately became a blockbuster! Awards of all sorts were part of the everyday life of these two sisters: no one could hold a torch to them. Then one day, a rather silly producer decided to hire them both to star in the same film... And it was a disaster! Sabrina and Catherine began to bicker with every line they had to say! Forced to choose between the two sisters, the producer decided to keep Catherine on the film. She made her debut in the world of cinema, excelling in action series roles in which she performed her own stunts, without any stand-in. These feats earned her the prestigious Golden World award, but today Catherine Clintburn is hoping to enter a new phase in her career, with a personal project that is close to her heart: a music show called ""The Angry Sisters"", with her sister Sabrina in the lead role.


Sabrina's sister Win 2 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Catherine 10 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

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19-01-2024 Released