Becky Rare

iClintz Rarity:


Wife of Beau and mother to Alana and Jacob. Unemployed, a smoker and an alcoholic, she spends her days at home arguing with her father. She ends up giving birth at the nearest hospital and is taken care of by alien doctors against her will. Being racist against the little grey ones, she ends up kicking up a massive fuss only to then run away with her offspring.


Searching for Doggo, AGAIN Sell 2 doubles of Beau, Becky to Kate 4 No
Oh, my shiny Becky ! Sell 2 doubles of Becky to Kate 8 No
Have you seen my Doggo? Win 3 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Becky 10 No
F*** the little grey ones Gain 16 Life Points with Becky 10 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
12-05-2023 Clan Name Cosmohnut => Cosmohnuts
12-05-2023 Released