Jam&Earlxxt Rare

iClintz Rarity:


The young #Komboka refer to him as “Ikater”, the god of marine species and sirens… In Clint City, rumor has it that Jam is one of #Tanaereva Cr's secret sons, which would explain his omnipresence when he rides the ocean wave. Others claim that he comes from Vronk because of his very close relationship with Earlxxt, an odd little squid with a sturdy character which Jam often carries on his shoulder... Their appearance always attracts attention since their freestyle is combined with spectacular releases of ink during which little Earlxxt moves quickly and blows all other rival surfers out of the water! #Jam&Earlxxt's arrogance both annoys and fascinates the #Ulu Watu but the clan knows that theirs is the most promising twosome of the year: the perfect representatives of the seashores and the sea world, athletes as well as experienced fighters!


No mission found for this character.

Card History From 2020 onwards

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30-08-2019 Released