Lycosite Rare

iClintz Rarity:


Years after it was built, the Red One Motel has seen thousands of guests pass through its doors, each more shady than the last... But a meteor? Now that's a first! When Sylvia saw it on the pavement, she first wondered whether the potholes in the road were capable of producing eggs. But when the meteor hatched and the young offspring started moaning just about anything and everything, Sylvia knew it was born to be in the clan. Lycosite, or B46 compound, has become a champion, a real mascot for the Berzerk clan. "Give that yob a gun, anything!" Sylvia now orders, "So he can express his anger!"


Prisma Lycosite & a bonus... Sell 2 doubles of Lycosite to Kate 1 No
Lone wolf gone berzerk Remove 16 Life points from your opponents with Lycosite 0 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
04-02-2024 New Semi-Evo Level 2
04-02-2024 Level 2 => 3
04-02-2024 Ability Unison : +4 Attack Per Opp. Damage => Unison : Damage Exchange
03-02-2024 New Semi-Evo Level 1
03-02-2024 Level 1 => 2
03-02-2024 Damage 1 => 2
03-02-2024 Ability Unison : -4 Opp Power, Min 4 => Unison : +4 Attack Per Opp. Damage
02-02-2024 Released