Hekate Rare

iClintz Rarity:


The one known as "The Last Creator" is a magician with origins as mysterious as her countless abilities. A time traveler from an alternate timeline, #Hekate is the mistress of enchantments whose actions have shaped many realities. Her joyful and cunning character hides unmatched intelligence and deep wisdom forged over the ages. Her benevolent actions and infinite knowledge of mystical arts are believed to be the origin of the supernatural phenomena that have transformed Clint City... Wishing to give character to things and improve the lives of all, #Hekate is indirectly responsible for the existence of heavens and hells, magicians, time travelers, vampires, fairies, monsters, and heroes with supernatural powers... Playing a crucial role in the balance of magical forces, she is particularly trying to prevent the impending disaster caused by the misdeeds of another powerful witch from the past and her dark intentions.


Multiply Hekate ! Sell 3 doubles of Hekate to Kate 1 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
06-02-2024 Level 4 => 5
06-02-2024 Damage 4 => 6
06-02-2024 Level 3 => 4
06-02-2024 Power 8 => 9
06-02-2024 Level 2 => 3
06-02-2024 Damage 2 => 4
06-02-2024 Level 1 => 2
06-02-2024 Damage 1 => 2
06-02-2024 Released