Monkovski Common

iClintz Rarity:


He's a 'space redneck' like you've never seen. The guy used to grow peas on an atoll perched in space, somewhere in the exosphere, far from his native ElectroZova. But don't be fooled by his space farmer look. Monkovski is a first-class slacker and a top-notch smuggler: cigarettes, t-shirts, random goodies, he traffics anything that can be sold. This guy prefers lazing around and making shady deals rather than getting his hands dirty working the land, and that's just fine by him! Now that he's in town, it's all about fights, boozing, and astronomical debts, that's his daily routine. The only things that remind you he's from up there are his debts that climb as fast as Sakrohm rockets. Otherwise, he's just a good-for-nothing who traded his atoll for urban chaos. Monkovski, yeah, the nephew of old Pawel...


Space peas Gain 10 pillz with Monkovski 1 Yes

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
05-07-2024 Released