A long time ago, cosmonauts managed to germinate peas in floating greenhouses. With the overpopulation of the Earth, it became crucial to optimize the productivity of these terrestrial greenhouses. For this purpose, the farmers of Elektrozova were sent as guinea pigs to colonize virgin planets located in outer space. Over the decades, the space farmers started families with one other, and each island turned into small communities on the margins of everything, made up of degenerates, alcoholics and rednecks. Due to the shortage of resources, these families are now back on earth to seek out the wealth promised to every newcomer in Clint City!

Clan Bonus: When a Tune Out card is played, the Attack calculation is ignored and the winner of the round is the player who bet the most Pillz. In case of a tie in Pillz, the two cards are decided in the same way as for a tie in Attack.