Ponpon Kat Uncommon

iClintz Rarity:


According to an article in Clint City Geographic, #Ponpon Kat is an endangered feline species whose breed is endemic to the Saudi Desert. They've adapted to the local flora and fauna and the extreme temperatures found there. As they grow older, their bodies become covered with bony growths which they use for both attacking and defending themselves. However, the main use of this natural armor is during courtship, when they must impress the female by parading in front of her and proving she'll be protected from danger. Despite their very recognizable coat, it is still rare to come across them in the desert, so to think that the #Raptors have actually managed to tame one is really quite something!


Growing defense Block 50 damage with Ponpon Kat 10 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
16-09-2022 Released