Ch4d 0Sage Rare

iClintz Rarity:


At night, in the research and development center of the #Hive, a brilliant scientist is pondering a way to preserve humanity in all its diversity. Fascinated by the abilities of the #Oblivion, Ch4d 0Sage studies metamorphosis magic, hoping to adapt it to his clan's technologies. But the task proves more complex than expected… Even after saving the DNA data of many Clint City inhabitants, an immense obstacle stands before him: synthetic bodies are not designed to be malleable. By drawing inspiration from #XIII's abilities and generalizing them to the entire body with the help of #Lumia Cr, he constructed the Z32: a hybrid, almost organic shell, capable of supporting such changes. Now, he just needs to stabilize and secure his discovery… (Congratulations to the winning team of the Community Cup 2023, player:34639071, player:3926350, player:26922225, player:10600960, and player:35023799!)


Congratulations, team England! (one year later ^^) Win 7 rounds with Ch4d 0Sage 1 Yes

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
05-07-2024 Released