Malik Rare

iClintz Rarity:


In the outskirts of Clint City, this young tough guy dresses up as a vigilante/superhero inspired by his Urban Comics collection. He fights "petty" crime right after school, using his urban acrobatic skills and finely honed boxing techniques. Rumor has it that he's the brother of the famous Shann, a legendary urban acrobat. As for Malik, he's already a star among the youth and a symbol of hope for the city. Meanwhile, his sister Shann watches over him from the rooftops of the city, as the pair of them continue to write new pages in the history of Urban Rivals...


Shiny Malik Sell 2 doubles of Malik to Kate 2 No
25 Millions easy ! Sell 4 doubles of Malik to Kate 2 No
Brother of the myth Win 9 rounds with Malik 10 No

Card History From 2020 onwards

DateUpdate TypeDescription
10-11-2023 Released