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News 2021

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Kenny IS BACK !! 2021-06-11 10:55:03

Clint City, We hope you enjoyed the community event. The rewards are on their way and the best among you will receive Nash in just a few minutes from now! At the moment, we're in the process of working on the next UR update that will involve several improvements to the Wheel and Rush TV systems, but we'll have more for you on all that very soon.We've also received the first version of the storyline for the webtoon and anime, which we're really looking forward to sharing with you! In the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers:Bethelbert , the Riots' queen of system D (Art by NINSKY)TeknoFrog , the Junkz party frog ( (Art by FUDGEGRAFIK)Kenny West, the cult wizard who's risen from the ashes among the GhosTown clan (Art by DJET)Nash, Rex Sweig's brother, down with the Raptors to explain everything... (Art by QUIRKILICIOUZ)Happy gaming to you all! !


eXPerience! 2021-06-09 09:36:02

To become a professional fighter, you need to acquire eXPerience and unsurprisingly, this is achieved through a lot of in-room practice.
For several years now, you've been able to short-circuit this approach by using Clintz to buy XP.
So, in order to encourage fighting as a way to evolve your cards, this paying accelerator is going to undergo an increase, which will be more in line with the current economy.
We'd also like to use this update to tell you about 2 new features regarding XP:
- the Deathmatch room will allow you to earn X times more!
- 2 new "LEVEL UP" and "LEVEL MAX" options are available in your Pro Collection: you can create decks of non-evolved cards and evolve them ALL at once, one EVO at a time or straight to MAX! (Using your XP reserve or Clintz)


Court Summons! 2021-06-08 09:57:03

Lieutenant Cobretti has got her hands on your police file and it's not a pretty picture: you have 4 pending charges against you.
So, together, let's find out what they've got on you!
To respond to each charge, you need to complete 4 missions, in order.
Once the 4 charges have been unveiled, you must quickly finish the 5th mission to burn down the courthouse and rejoin your clan!
The first 50 will win the new character
The first 100 will win a surprise bonus pack
The first 500 will receive a small consolation pack
Meet here now for this new community event! P.S. Withdrawals will be penalized and cheaters will be permanently banned from the game.NB: The points will count everywhere except in TRAINING, DOJO, ARCADE and EVENTS1- Police car theft in Baramca Street - 5-year suspended sentence
2- Hostage taking at Clint City's opera house - 30 years in prison
3- Derailment of the Clint City subway - Life imprisonment
4- The Raptors' airplane crash - Sentenced to death without the option for resurrection with the GhosTown clan
5- Wipe out the police station and join the Raptors! !


Season 48 EFC (Cashprize 1/6) 2021-06-07 10:56:02

Hi Everyone, GG -Miguel Alves! MadredeusThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 07/06End date: 20/06Semi evo modified: MadabookLd modified: Dr Web LdEFC Bonus removed: Chlora, Petra, Bridge, Trixie, Miss DerbyQueenEFC Bonus +2 added: Shogunn, Virginia, RadekEFC Bonus +5 added: Jiro, El PinaSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Chlora 3* (6/5)Taylor 4* (7/6)#Ax Battler 4* (6/6)Petra 3* (7/4) ! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Scarlett MtWeekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: Advisor 1658Happy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


Clint City, we're all set for the EFC SUMMER season, complete with its CASHPRIZE! Why not offer CashPrizes every season? We would rather keep the CashPrizes as special events to avoid boredom setting in and to ensure great prizes. Seasons without CashPrizes can be looked on as training opportunities! I'd like to try EFC, but I haven't got the decks or level needed... Can someone help me?We regularly showcase decks and gameplay videos to inspire you! And for several weeks now there's been a new feature on the block: the deck generator! Thanks to this tool, you can get your hands on a decent deck with the minimum of effort and be immediately launched into the competition! Why not use this money instead to advertize the game?Our most loyal game followers are here. We just want to give them another reason to stay with us! But if you like this change, don't hesitate to talk about Urban Rivals to your entourage and tell your friends all about our CashPrizes. That would be great publicity too! Okay, so when does it start?The "EFC SummerFest CashPrize 2021" starts at 2pm (GMT+2) on Monday, June 7th and ends on Sunday, August 29th.How do I take part?Simply go to the game interface, PVP Mode and select EFC.You have TO READ and accept the Rules for the "SummerFest CashPrize EFC 2021" to be able TO TAKE PART! And then what?Depending on your final season ranking, there are points to be earned. These points will be added up and will determine your final ranking in the Summer CashPrize! For every player, only their 4 best seasons will count! So, a bad week won't necessarily put you out of the running - you can carry on fighting to the bitter end! In the event of a draw, we'll decide between players based on their best EFC score over the entire competition! The best elo score at the end of each CashPrize season will then be used to settle any ties.Here are the rules for the points to determine who will be the overall winner: 1st - 35pts 2nd - 30pts 3rd - 25pts 4th - 22pts 5th - 20pts 6th - 18pts 7th - 16pts 8th - 14pts 9th -12pts 10th - 11pts 11th - 10pts 12th - 9pts 13th - 8pts 14th - 7pts 15th - 6pts 16th - 5pts 17th - 4pts 18th - 3pts 19th - 2pts 20th - 1ptThere you go, now over to you! Let's get this SEASON started! Hold on... So, just how big is this season's Cashprize??€8, 000 to be shared out among the TOP 5 in the rankings!
1st: €4, 000
2nd: €2, 000
3rd: €1, 000
4th: €750
5th: €250
The points system is identical to that of the previous CashPrizes: you earn points if you finish the EFC season in the top 20, and only your 4 best scores from the 6 seasons will count. If there's a draw, players will be selected based on their best final score over the entire competition.
From the very end of the first season, you can view the Summer CashPrize rankings here:
And to take part, it couldn't be easier: meet in the EFC room where you'll need to accept the CashPrize rules before playing and treating us to your ultimate performance!
Over the course of the competition, EFC black missions will be presented to reward progression. Moreover, special rewards will be distributed to players who stream or make EFC videos during the competition (irrespective of level). Finally, all players with an EFC replay of more than 100 views on Rush TV (supported by a screenshot) will win an MT card! Contact Mr- Cold to find out more.
Happy gaming to you all during the Summer CashPrize and may the best player win!


MAJESTIC 2021-06-03 11:22:02

Majestic is now available in the Elite, Titanium & Armageddon pack! Good luck and happy gaming to you all!


P O L I T - Dark Forces 2021-06-02 10:56:03

In Clint City a small number of companies based in Oculus Valley have had such a huge influence on our day-to-day lives for the past few years that their collective name has become synonymous with the Governement. They are Profile, Oilz, Limitless, Infinity and Talks, aka the POLIT.They've even given rise to fledgling companies...These businesses have reignited the Clint City myth of gold and oil prospectors becoming millionaires in just a few strikes of a pickaxe... You'll find Hosts and Advisors in the special DARK FORCES pack, with the added bonus of the "High Sphere" Oculus members, the very ones you've been waiting for all these years: here come THE POLIT! Bukerzerg, Alekperov, Kusm, Rodsey and Zebos are available from now for 48 hours! Happy gaming to you all!


Oculus is launching a charm offensive in town: for just a handful of Clintz, you can visit Oculus Valley where the 5 big companies that drive the megapolis' economy are located:TOGETHER complete all 5 missions to obtain access badges to the companies that the citizens of Clint City have been fantasizing about for years now...And don't be scared! The Oculus will more than fairly reward your efforts...Participatory event for the attention of all Urban Rivals players. To meet the POLIT, aka the Government, players must collectively complete the 5 following missions:
• Win 50, 000 fights through KO
• Evolve 100, 000 characters
• Win 50, 000 fights with 1 Mythic
• 500, 000 Poison Damage
• 1000, 000 Damage As soon as the final mission is completed, the top 100 players in the ranking, together with 50 randomly selected players, will have a POLIT card added free of charge to their collection. They can then immediately use this character in the normal way (play, sell, trade, etc.).To take part in the prize draw, players must have a score of at least 10 in each mission when the last mission ends.You'll be allowed to carry out Solo Missions throughout the community event for bonus rewards! Now over to you!


7.7 and New Bloods! 2021-05-28 09:06:00

Clint City,
The 7.7 update is now available everywhere and includes:
- Rush TV: The Live and Replay UR mode for the top players among you!
- The deck generator, available in the EFT, DT, Survivor, Free Fight and Training modes!
- The Oculus arena and its Player box
- The Skeelz and Oculus KOs
We've also fixed some minor bugs and finally got rid of the login bug on iOS!
The EFC CASHPRIZE summer season starts on JUNE 7 and ends on August 29 with a colossal €8, 000 to be shared out among the TOP 5 players!
So, get ready. Things are really hotting up in the rooms and spectator stands!
Now, let's make some noise for our 4 New Bloods and finish off the month of May in style:
Bol - ALL STARS' expert in 9mm bullets - artwork by Ninsky
#AbsoluteFrost - FROZN warrior all set for fighting to the death - artwork by Tregis#Dragomerayaren - a count straight from Rhynn who's now at home among the NIGHTMARE clan - artwork by ArctoPicto
Corcoza - the PARADOX clan's deranged, elusive and highly manipulative playwright - artwork by Quirkiliciouz
Happy gaming to you all!


Update 7.7! 2021-05-26 15:49:00

Hello Clint City! We're delighted to introduce two great new additions to the game that we've been working on for several months now. They are:-RUSH-TV Mode:This much-awaited mode will allow you to watch games played in competitive* modes and join other viewers for the big LIVE games.10 replays per game mode will be updated with each new top score and stored for a maximum of 7 days.The LIVES will center around the top players (with the best scores), which we hope will encourage everyone to really excel at their game, so as to be seen and share their craziest strategies.*the so-called competitive modes are all the modes with a ranking system i.e. EFC, Survivor, Tourneys, Terminus, Deathmatch and Coliseum.-The Deck Generator:This button existed in the DECK section of every competitive room.However, there were a few things that weren't quite right with it, that have since been corrected.Now, you'll find this button in PVP Competitive rooms + Free Fight and in Training.How does it work?By clicking this button, you'll have to choose between a maximum of 1 and 8 clans. The system will then generate a deck that's compatible with the room format.The choice of cards is first determined by the availability you have in your own collection, and then by the overall meta-game of the game i.e. the cards' competitivity. Where this information is not available, the release date of the most recent card will be favored.So-called "hard core" players will see this tool as a just an option, but for other players who think they've tried out all the various combinations or for those whose enjoyment doesn't center around creating new decks, this will be an ideal timesaving approach and an incentive to take a look at the more expert modes.On the Training side of things, the deck generator is there to facilitate cards' massive XP win, which will be a real plus for a good few players.We strongly encourage you to update your apps (7.7) and test it all out, so you can then share your first impressions with us! Happy gaming to you all!


Season 47 EFC 2021-05-24 10:54:00

Hi Everyone, GG CoachSebastien! [1443] Ready for the $ CashPrizeThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 24/05End date: 06/06Added to the banlist: Statam, AhnuttEFC Bonus removed: Oda Helpah, Digging Bill, Matheo, Annuqa, MirandaEFC Bonus +2 added: John, Aaylah, FordEFC Bonus +5 added: Martha, Sah Brinak CrSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Jordygn 2* (8/2) et 3* (8/3)Lena 4* (8/5)Jakson 3* (8/4)Haaken 2* (6/3)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Scarlett MtWeekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: AdministratorHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


2 Departures and 1 Myth! 2021-05-20 11:02:00

After years spent splashing around in the old Clint City Zoo, Elea decides a change of scene is required. That way she can mark some distance between her and the new Jungo boss, who she's not a big fan of! On her journey toward the faraway lakes, she comes across a mysterious mercenary with a ghostly body and some very shady intentions...
Ever since CRyptos replaced tokenz, there's been plenty of money sloshing around in Purgatory and as a result, Sentenza has lost his monopoly. Judge Lynch has started to recruit other mercenaries and is now in the process of raising an army of ghosts. After having resurrected the old Komboka and Nightmare chiefs, he's now about to dig up a boy with explosive powers! Totally disillusioned with the situation, Sentenza leaves the clan and goes to work for the highest bidders... such as a certain Majestic.
Splata the tattooed one has never been the big brute the Freaks wanted him to be. As a woman trapped in a giant's body, Splata only ever used his hatchet to entertain children and redress injustices. But his tender heart will be his downfall: these days there's no room for goodness in the Freaks' circus, not now that the folly of Majestic reigns supreme! But who knows, maybe Judge Lynch will see fit to resurrect the giant after he was so brutally murdered by Sentenza?
#Elea and #Sentenza are available for one last time in the packs! #Splata Cr can be found for the last time in the Collector pack with a considerably boosted drop rate! Our 3 fighters are back on the Market on May 24 and will have their new status from May 27!


May's Private Sales! 2021-05-19 10:01:00

Hello Clint City! And welcome to the Private Sales! We wanted to thank you for your loyalty to the game and plan to carry on spoiling you all summer long: you'll receive a sneak preview with the 7.7 version of the game that includes RUSH TV MODE (Replay + Spec) and AUTO DECK, followed by the EFC CashPrize that kicks off at the end of the month! So, without further ado, here's what's on the program for these CRAZY 48 hours: - The Armageddon Pack will be at the exceptional price of 330 credits and for every 2 packs purchased, you'll receive 7, 000 CRyptocoinz and 3 Mystery tickets! - The Collectors' pack will be at the exceptional price of just 3, 900 CRyptos! (valid at Carmine's place! ) and for every 4 packs purchased, you'll receive 4 additional Mystery tickets! - 2 NEW Oculus cards are available in the ELITE, TITANIUM and ARMAGEDDON packs as well as via the missions! - MAJESTIC is AVAILABLE in the ELITE pack with a doubled drop rate! - The $$$ CRs will all have a X10 drop rate! ! ! - The 5 most expensive CRs will have a X5 drop rate! ! ! - 2 cards turn Collector and 1 turns MYTHIC! Find them for one last time in the packs and prepare your stocks... We officially declare this crazy sale now open! Ends on May 21st at 11am! Happy gaming! P.S. Happy Hours and BM will also be along for the ride!


Hello Clint City,
This is a crucial testing week for us with the arrival of Auto Deck and Spectator/Replay Mode!
All this coming very soon, and there'll be more news on this in just a few days' time...
On the lore side of things, the storyline is in the process of being written. It will be used in the Webtoon and of course the cartoon - first version scheduled for the end of May.
In the meantime, the city just keeps on recruiting. Here's how the 4 New Challengers are shaping up:
Nagataa, artificial geisha joining the ranks of the Hive warriors (artwork by Ples)
Cobretti, Sentinel lieutenant on the cold case of the "Raptors crash" (artwork by Rudyles)
Anya, a tough cookie from the Little Stivale neighborhood - pure Montana Mafiosa (artwork by Katjagger)
Jean-Muriel, the superlative trans athlete and star of the Ulu Watu Volleyz Tournaments! (artwork by Grelin)
Happy gaming! !


Ah aH AH ah Ah aH AH ah 2021-05-11 11:02:00

ACUTE GAMES wanders around on the game, at any time he can face you! You knock him out, you take the reward: Majestic himself! Stay tuned and ready to beat him! The bot is available now and for 72 hours!


Season 46 EFC 2021-05-10 09:36:00

Hi Everyone, GG CoachSebastien! Coach is back in kfc:)The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 10/05End date: 23/05Added to the banlist: FugOmaticLd modified: Phalloide Ld, Bonnie LdEFC Bonus removed: Phyllis, Burdock, Pr Hartnell, Puff, Miss PandoraEFC Bonus +2 added: Oshitsune, Amanie, DinklageEFC Bonus +5 added: Tyd, HubertSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Stanly 4* (6/7)Norma 4* (7/6)Khrull 3* (8/4)Dianzi 3* (6/4)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: MajesticWeekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: AdministratorHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


Even more fighting! 2021-05-07 08:44:00

The Free Fight mode is currently saturated with decks designed to win, and as a result is not very appealing to new players.
And the competitive modes are not as profitable as they should be.
To reverse this tendency, we've recalibrated the spins of the wheel won in the various game modes:
- 5 spins per win in Free Fight
- 15 per win in ranked modes (EFC, Survivor and Tourney)
In these ranked modes (EFC, Survivor and Tourney), as well as your usual rewards, you'll also receive random CARDS!
Happy gaming to you all!


Can You Introduce Me As MAJESTIC? 2021-05-05 17:50:00

"Completely inhabited by his role and totally demented, he has his audiences on the edge of their seats from the start to finish of every Freaks' show. A complex personality, torn between a desire to do good and his inner demons, you cannot help but feel a sense of compassion, tinged with just a slight uneasiness, when watching this one-man show. "Majestic" embodies the very notion of madness and not just that of his character. He's also consumed by the increasing madness of the city, its Government and the unequal treatment of its citizens. It's a show that's as dark as it is grandiose, conjuring up a curious sense of unease and intense pleasure. Masterful, dark, violent, divine."Isn't It majestic?Majestic is now exclusively AVAILABLE in a brutal "The GREATEST" pack! The pack is AVAILABLE for 48 hours.Majestic will then be back in the ELITE pack on May 19th.And then in the TITANIUM and ARMAGEDDON packs from June 3rd.Good luck!


Coliseum: For Majestic! 2021-05-05 14:45:00

Dear Clint City, the new Coliseum is here! Start date: 05/05End date: 10/05, 15:00 GMT+1Your
Deck can only contain the following 88 Character(s): Mulligan, #Robb
Mt, Saki, Kora Mail Ld, MBalaze, Randal, Sabotage, Doug Snop, #Pa
Mei, Sando, Shifou, Kusuri, ARN 2000, Dolly Cr, Leviatonn, Arkn,
Aisha, Excess Ld, Fowl, Jean, Ravebot, Romana Cr, Tremorh,
Flanagan, Bazalt, Hilal, Rhizom, Kupanda, Floyd, Glover, #Naja
Ld, W4r Ld, Bella Ld, Figaro, Mona Cr, Icaro, Bulza, Christopher,
Pan, Artus, De4th Ld, Ector, Langren, Triton, Ashikaze Ld,
Denna, Mina, Lucy, Chopper Ld, Kruger, Rattle, Mim, #Dr Van Wesel
Ld, Fastbender, Olivia, Dr Web Ld, Curlix, Gonzo, Kalumet,
Fungus, Baka, Dobbs Ld, Murray, Oxo, Carmen, Melvin, Statam,
Lehane, Eugene, Lianah Ld, Nystrom, Mango, Oxen, Rubie, #Zatman
Cr, Saltsberg, Granny May, Rattus, Xantiax Robb Cr, Miloz,
Bambino, Comanche, Wild Holiday Ld, Dakota Cr, Andy Ld, Arantxa,
Sopiket, Yomi Ld.For more infos, #check the Coliseum page.Happy gaming
to you all!


New Tourney Banlist 2021-05-01 14:08:00

Tourney Type 1:Added to the banlist: Mokra, Kashink, LangrenRemoved from the banlist: Scooty, Beck - Nena, MimTourney Type 2:Added to the banlist: Kashink, KsendraRemoved from the banlist: Beck - Nena, Schatzi, Romana CrHappy gaming!


NB: Across the #Fire T! 2021-04-30 08:52:00

Clint City,
We're making good progress on the Replay - Spectator mode and will soon be entering the testing phase! The new auto-deck tool is finally ready. It will be available for the next update, scheduled for the end of May, and will allow you to create fun decks in just 2 clicks of the mouse!
We were able to make a donation to Emmaus and Accpetess-T thanks to your involvement in the Kashink operation, so we'd like to say a big THANK YOU.
And to finish off the month of April in style, this weekend will be the turn of the Les Petits Princes (a charity that supports seriously ill children).
Now, without further ado, let us present our 4 new challengers:
Wilbur, the angry Jungo market gardener - artwork by Rdemy
Survivor from the abysms of Rhynn, #Wystuurxxt is welcomed in by the well-meaning Sakrohm - collection piece by Phalloide
Aristocratic Emporio joins the Paradox clan - artwork by the Chahine/Vince duo
Who said that icons always take retirement? THROPAH is back with the Komboka in "Fire T" mode - artwork by Quirkilicious
Happy gaming! !


Season 45 EFC 2021-04-26 10:45:00

Hi Everyone, GG El TatoX! Macarroni con salsaThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 26/04End date: 09/05Added to the banlist: Nystrom, Mamba, YookieLd modified: Phalloide Ld, Naja LdEFC Bonus removed: Spudd, Roxie, Boohma, Dean, Walkie, WardogEFC Bonus +2 added: Shaker, BriannaEFC Bonus +5 added: Stenmark, Jayzel, Rodney, Wyre Semi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Spudd 2* (7/2) and 3* (7/3)Stalfhaust 2* (6/3)Iguana Samson 2* (8/2)Sentadown 2* (8/1)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: AdministratorWeekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: KateHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


Host 254 > Carlos 2021-04-26 09:45:00

Carlos has some very high-placed lawyers in the heart of Government, and he's decided to file a lawsuit against the Sentinel clan who kicked him out. A never-ending legal battle looms large, which the Sentinel apparently have very little chance of winning...This scoundrel Carlos is AVAILABLE for one last time in the Collector pack.He'll be back on the Market on April 30th and will turn MYTHIC on Monday, May 3rd!


Carlos, the crooked cop, infiltrator and above all, the first host discovered by the inhabitants of Clint City and brought to light by the coming of the Oculus.
He is now just a shell, all he once was has been heightened, with the Oculus parasite having total control over him and transcending his basic physical and mental strength.
Thorpah has crossed the "Waterwall", a place previously little talked about, but that is now on everyone's lips thanks to the Komboka.
Far from all the commotion, Thorpah took some time out to reconnect with nature, but can now no longer stand the strict lockdown he imposed on himself several years earlier. His warrior soul wants to get back to the action, but he's going to have to be pretty radical to strike up a possible return to Clint City...
Rescued by Host 516 when she wanted to reach the Komboka, but why?
"There are concrete realities that you simply can't overcome…
Go back to your archipelago, leader of the Komboka. You've caused enough problems as it is in Clint City…”
This sentence was pronounced during a face to face with Kate and haunted her to such an extent that we haven't heard a peep from her since... It's believed that Her spirit has fused with that of the Komboka volcano, in which she now stokes the flames as Griffonmor did before her...
Carlos will be AVAILABLE for one last time in the Elite, Titanium and Armageddon packs.He'll be back on the Market on April 26th and will turn MYTHIC on Monday, May 3rd! Thorpah Cr and Volkan Cr are AVAILABLE for one last time in the COLLECTOR pack.They'll be back on the Market on April 26th and will turn MYTHIC on Monday, May 3rd!


Old World and Digital Detox 2021-04-21 18:51:00

Needles in Clint City are a bit "passé" these days... business has not been going well, which old #Fei freely admits... As the last acupuncturist of his generation, tonight Fei casts one final, nostalgic look over his workshop before taking the last subway toward Golden Mountain. From up there, he can always keep an eye on the Fang Pi Clang neighborhood.#Aegis has been shaken to the very core of his artificial tissues: first by C-ortez, but above all by Nadia... who stirred up unimaginable feelings in him that have since made him do a big spiritual clean-out and spurred him on to completely disconnect from the digital world in order to reconnect to a possible "human" life.
Is this achievable for a Hive?
This is what Aegis is going to try and work out by leaving behind his clan, HQ and Nadia... not forgetting to prep her last order...
Fei and Aegis are AVAILABLE for one last time in the Elite, Titanium and Armageddon packs.They'll be back on the Market on April 28th and will turn COLLECTOR on Monday, May 3rd!


KASHINK, Wan, Khrull & Barcelo ! 2021-04-16 08:43:00

Clint City, As promised, there's big things going down this April: what with the release of the Administrator and the Oculus duo, the servers are pushed to the max! The new Black Market style has also made its mark and the VS event has been very, if perhaps a little too quicky, wrapped up... But don't worry, we're going to adapt the next installment of the storyline to reflect what happened after Nadia's defeat and offer you yet more juicy content.On the production side of things, everything's going just fine, particularly Replay Mode and the Hosts Project! And now the time has come to introduce you to today's 4 new challengers. But be warned, it's gonna be big:Barcelo , the fish/robot and "firestarter" of the Pirana brawls - artwork by Jo-1CKhrull , the terrifying orc straight from Rhynn, who's landed in Orfanwood with the Dominion! Artwork by JSein + Chahine/Vincent for the "chibi" versionWan, THE "Game Wizard" who's known by everyone on UR for his game playing...and is now a member of the Skeelz! Artwork by Furby#Kahink - inspired by the REAL "street artist" of the same name ( - she's THE new Pussycat boss - artwork by MattMoroCONTEST on Instagram: 1/ Use the "kashinked" filter on your face (or someone else's)2/ Paste it onto the story @acutegames #acutagemes #contest #urbanrivals 3/ @Tag 2 friends on the story4/ Share the story! You've got 48 hours in which to take part. On Monday, April 19, we'll release the list of the 20 players who're the lucky winners of a SUPRISE PACK! P.S. Every KASHINK received today will be put into a prize pool that will then be donated to EMMAUS and ACCEPTESS-TThank you all and happy gaming!


Season 44 EFC 2021-04-12 10:52:00

Hi Everyone, GG PUB_Bone! The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 12/04End date: 25/04Ld modified: Phalloide LdEFC Bonus removed: Miss Twice Cr, Calumma, Uttam, El Kaktus, NgrathEFC Bonus +2 added: Derby Queen, Petra, PalamuEFC Bonus +5 added: Julia, KerimaSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Logan 3* (8/1)Berghart 2* (7/2)Uttam 2* (8/2)Host 254 4* (7/5), new ultra evo! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: AdministratorWeekly Z Palace top 25 card reward: KateHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


Tourney Banlist 2021-04-11 14:59:00

Tourney Type 1
Added to the banlist: Cable Force, Advisor 1767, #Torrance
Twins, Gonzo, Dookor, Surstorming, Enevia
Tourney Type 2
Added to the banlist: Cable Force, Advisor 1767, #Torrance
TwinsHappy gaming!


Meet at the Planetarium... 2021-04-09 10:50:00

Having been notified of the bitter defeat of his robot, Rahi Sledon informed Prince Sekutor who, wild with rage, has made plans to send in his latest gladiator to exact revenge! !
But nothing's quite right in the Empire since Dregn's disappearance... The two interim leaders are tearing each other apart...
Sekutor wants to send in X-Hares but in the end, it's Scylla who has the last word: C-ortez will be more than enough to put the Hive back in their place.
Nadia has restored her clan's image and is the talk of the town.
Just recently, she's often found hanging out downtown with Aegis...
One evening, the two of them had arranged to meet for a night training session but just as he was coming out of the back of the Planetarium, #Aegis stumbled across the menacing C-Ortez who knocked him out.
On arriving at the meeting point, Nadia recognized his shadow in the alleyway!
And by a stroke of luck, was able to neck a few pillz and invite her opponent to turn around and finally confront her!
Over to you now: who will you choose between the Vortex assassin and the unstoppable Nadia?Nadia's damage will weaken C-Ortez, and C-Ortez' damage will weaken Nadia. The fight's over when either character is left KO and the top 10 in the ranking will receive, along with everything else, a Administrator card Happy gaming to you all!


Oculus III & Virus 2021-04-07 17:44:00

Clint City,
This time an Advisor and a Host are joining the political ranks of the Oculus!
Come and discover them STRAIGHT from the shop's packs (except the New Blood ones) with a X3 drop rate (the same drop as a common card)!
Yes, that's right, this time we're going straight to the classic packs (no special pack) but they'll be accompanied by a special Black Market... you'll know everything in
@#&////* %$ ȣ
@#&////* %$ ȣ@#&////* %$ ȣ WARNING, there's a quirk in the BM: an infiltrated program known as THE ADMINISTRATOR! It's THE NEW LEADER available to all players with a level of 250+ (you just need to take part in a fight to unlock it) and by completing this Black Market mission!
Good luck!
P.S. By the way, the previous 2 Hosts and Advisors, as well as the Leader 250, are also in the packs.
P.S. There's no point trying to select Oculus or LEADER, the cards will appear as 'SURPRISES':)


Leader & Virus 2021-04-06 17:50:00

Be warned, this Special pack contains an anomaly: an infiltrated program otherwise known as THE ADMINISTRATOR! It's THE NEW LEADER available to all players with a level of 250+ (you just need to take part in a fight to unlock it) and as a bonus card in this Virus pack for 24 hours only. Good luck! Despite the arrival of the Administrator, the battle between the alliance and the Oculus has gone from bad to worse. To prepare for the imminent fight, Kate and Memento now have an extra damage!


Legendary! 2021-04-04 17:48:00

UR veterans, you are of course familiar with her.
She's Clint City's Minister of Immigration, working 24/7/365.
How does she do it? It's very simple, the "Phalloide" version of Kate is a robot.
Although her technology has been out of date for a few years, that doesn't stop her being incredibly efficient.
For several weeks now, the Oculus has infiltrated her circuits and the upgrade seems to be working.
The robot and the super alien are now one, making our Phalloide, legendary!
______We would like to thank you via this news as we've officially reached 7, 000 followers on Instagram.
This is quite something for "old timers" like us, but you seem to like the content we put out, so that has motivated us to try and hit the 10, 000 mark - a significant Instagram milestone it would seem...
In the meantime, as promised, we've brought forward the release of this Legendary card thanks to your unfailing support of UR!
So, returning to our card: how can you get hold of this little Oculus gem?
It's couldn't be easier: in just a few minutes, you'll have a Black MISSION, so make sure you're all set!
Happy gaming to you all


Old School and the Future! 2021-04-02 09:23:00

Clint City,
- Does everyone have the updated app? (version 7.6)
In this version, there are various updates and numerous clan KOs. So, why not try it out in the arenas of the All Stars, LaJunta, Uppers, Roots, Jungo, Ulu Watu, Vortex, Hive and Fang Pi Clang?
- We've created new a game design and started to code Replay mode... and we'll soon be asking you for ideas on NAMES for this much-awaited mode!
- By mid-April, a meeting will be held to decide on the anime's story arc and the storyboard for the teaser video!
- Finally, after yesterday's April Fools, you no doubt suspected there was a hidden message... did you find it?
And now, let's make some noise for the 4 NEW BLOODS (that's what we're here for after all):
- Dominicius, the old priest from Rhynn, all set to become one of the Paradox disciples
- Catchred, the nurse who's specialized in nanotechnology vaccination, by Pauline_aillet
- Dodger, an "Old School" Bangers, just how we like 'em, by Quirkilicious
- Cable Force, the head of the new Rescue venture "SOS", by Fudgegrafik
P.S. Not enough or no Credits? For the Easter weekend only, we've set up a x2 credit multiplier through the TAPJOY Offerwall!


KENNY 2021-04-01 09:02:00

Are you lucky enough to have several copies of Kenny Mt?
Awesome, you're gonna be able to make the most of his temporary ultra-evo 5*! What's that???
His stats are only visible from when you open your DAILY BOX and his ultra-evo will only be randomly available, so you'll need to keep a close eye on Kenny Mt!
And there's a little contest to celebrate this innovation: share the card on SPOT (on the character page, TAG button) and 5 randomly selected players will receive a Mythic card!
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 43 EFC 2021-03-29 10:54:00

Hi Everyone, GG thissmurf5262! The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 29/03End date: 11/04Added to the banlist: Khann, Dj Korps, MoukrokEFC Bonus removed: Esmeralda, Kresh, Artax, Stenmark, JuneEFC Bonus +2 added: Orka, Jessie, Gibson CrEFC Bonus +5 added: Orfeo, Tyris FlareSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):La Cobra 4* (7/5, heal 1 max. 12)Corrina 2* (6/3)Gus Rope 2* (6/3)Fischer 4* (7/5, -3 opp. damage min. 2)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Advisor 259 + Advisor 1767 + 200k battle pointsHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


M2 Vs RgX : It's on ! 2021-03-25 11:31:00

Immovable and imposing, just like every other morning, M2 Sansot is posted in front of the dimensional breach located to the south of the Vortex HQ.More active, RgX Pilum paces back and forth as he patrols the other breach in the Hive quarter.It's a classic Clint City morning, when suddenly the dimensional breach goes into a spin, hoovering up Pilum who finds himself catapulted to the north-east of the city in a matter of seconds and landing face to face with the iron automat.Surprised, Pilum picks himself up off the ground and focuses in on M2 Sansot, THE target that he must take down at any price: it's the perfect moment to limber himself up a little! As the two hone in on each other, another figure suddenly appears in the breach behind them, an unknown and frankly, not particularly reassuring figure...But the tension is too intense – questions can be saved until later! Your turn to play: who out of the Vortex automat and the Hive arachnoid golem will you opt for?The Hive damage will weaken M2 Sansot and the VORTEX damage will weaken RgX Pilum.The fight's over when a character is left KO. This then unlocks the SURPRISE that the ranking's top 10 will receive as a prize.Happy gaming to you all!


4 Oculus 2021-03-24 10:00:00

2 Oculus cards are now in the packs (except NB).Oculus will never be available on the wheel (except for a Happy Hour special).For 24 hours, their drop rate will be multiplied by 10, after which the chances of getting hold of them will be as slim as getting your hands on the Leaders! As a reminder, you can also get them through:- LEVELLING-UP: every 10 levels you'll receive a FREE random Oculus card starting from level 300! - BLACK MISSIONS: they'll be offered to you on a temporary basis and will be of medium-high difficulty level! - BLACK MARKET: for all you budding businessmen and women out there! Good luck and happy gaming!


Smoke and Dimensional Tunnels 2021-03-19 10:33:00

Hi Everyone,
We're making the most of this "New Bloods" space to share some interesting info with you that's just waiting here in the wings:
- We've nailed a game design for the next Replay mode
-The Rgx Pilum vs M2 Sansot event is coming to you next week
-Brainstorming ideas on the "UR anime" project have kicked off and it's all starting to come together!
-An update of the app (7.6) is scheduled before the end of the month
-The Oculus LD card might be brought forward to celebrate our 7k followers on Instagram
Now, over to our 4 new challengers:
- Chiyoko, one of the Junta sergeants, reboosted since the Oculus revealed part of its face (by Grelin)
- Dezba, the latest, little recruit from the Purgatory Judge, who's utterly merciless in combat (by Chahine/Vincecolor)
- Carnegio, the Roots who's self-sufficient with his own plantation... (by Djety)
- Alastor, all the way from Rhynn, to upscale the Fang Pi Clang masterclasses (by John Sein)
Happy gaming to you all!


Catch him ! 2021-03-16 11:15:00

Advisor 1767 wanders around on the game, at any time he can face you! You knock him out, you take the reward: Advisor 1767 himself! Stay tuned and ready to beat him! The bot is available now and for 72 hours!


The 5th World 2021-03-15 11:47:00

In his infinite wisdom, Glibon Dashra Sakrh wanted to warn humans about the danger they faced. And this is how Guru found out that the invention of pillz would attract the Oculus, an interdimensional entity who are currently responsible for the destruction of four worlds. To save the 5th world, which has Clint City at its very heart, all the clans had to unite and ally themselves with the aliens to benefit from their technologies and know-how. Today, this dream has become a reality: ED-O is the result of the common effort of several clans and peoples and would have never seen the light of day without the Sakrohm. And it is precisely because of this that #Guru Cr must go... To stop the "Exo-nation" interfering with the Oculus projects, Sobek has been ordered to put an end to Guru, once and for all.Guru Cr will turn MYTHIC on March 22nd. The market will reopen on March 18th! Happy gaming ! For the event, the Collector pack is 4, 500 CRyptos (and at Carmine's too! ) for just 48 hours! And this will be the last time this month, so it's THE moment to dispose of your CRyptos.
Let's get this party started!


Season 42 EFC 2021-03-15 11:38:00

Hi Everyone, GG C_Costa! Kóngurinn MefistoThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 15/03End date: 28/03EFC Bonus removed: Rei, Kati, Nahi Cr, Farman, JulyEFC Bonus +2 added: ChanEFC Bonus +5 added: Sayura, Molder, Delija, AnnieSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Beauregard 4* (7/6)Hattori 4* (8/4)Keitha 3* (8/4) and 4* (8/5)Hemdall Cr 3* (8/4, defeat: +2 pillz) and 4* (8/5)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Advisor 259 + Advisor 1767 + 200k battle pointsHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


They've always been there, hiding among the crowd, they're everywhere.
They're everyone and no one, all rolled into one. But now they have a face, that is often familiar.
Find the first OCULUS characters in the OCULUS packs only, exclusively available for 48 hours!
The way they're distributed is similar to that of the Leaders. You can also get hold of them through:
- LEVELLING UP: every 10 levels you'll receive a FREE random Oculus card starting from level 300!
- BLACK MISSIONS: they'll be offered to you on a temporary basis and will be of a medium-high difficulty level!
- Black MARKET: for all you budding businessmen and women!
After this, they'll arrive in the packs (except the NEW BLOOD ones). You'll be notified when they're available.
Small detail: the previous Oculus cards are ALSO available in this pack. The more Oculus releases there are, the more "Hosts" the pack will contain! Good luck!


To kick off the month in style, here are 4 original recruits to complete your fabulous Urban Rivals Collection! The vertiginous X-Panse, the new recruit who's come to inject new blood into the Vortex clan, artwork by the Chahine/Vincecolor duo! Visionary Hermenou has seen Oculus! He knows! And that's what interests the Paradox! Jack Legrand, the agent hired by the Watchmakers and now being held by the RiotsAnd finally, the Torrance Twins with their murky, mysterious past, topping the bill of the Freaks' Circus for the foreseeable future...So, go find out more about them!


Season 41 EFC 2021-03-01 10:43:00

Hi Everyone, GG Clb_Roxx! The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 01/03End date: 14/03Added to the banlist: Oon Cr, JeanRemoved from the banlist: MosesEFC Bonus removed: Bobby, Krash, Edd Cr, Vito, Galahad, Custodia, WarrenEFC Bonus +2 added: Lennard, Vermaire, LeonaparteEFC Bonus +5 added: Joana, Ottavia, Doela, GeorgeSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Fizzle 3* (6/4)Shirley 3* (6/5)Bodenpower Cr 4* (7/6)Liona 3* (7/4, -9 Att.) ! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Host 254 + Host 516 + 200k battle pointsHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


Coliseum: Monsters! 2021-02-28 16:48:00

Dear Clint City, the new Coliseum is here! Start date: 28/02End date: 04/03, 17:00 GMT+1Your Deck can only contain the following 60 Character(s): #BBazooka, Beeboy Cr, Christie, Willy, Ghumbo, Kolos Mt, Madabook, Nistarok, Charlie Cr, Leela, Sera M1, Slayer, Dokuja Ld, Kerozinn Mt, Lee Long, Yoshida, Mechakolos Mt, Rolph, Tunders, XU52, Fuzz, Gumbeat, Locke, Peeler, Jimmy, Leone, Lindo, Mascaranga, Dalhia Cr, Didier, Jasmine, Lizbeth Mt, Kalija, Markus, Lou, Shakra Cr, Dashra, #Guru Cr, SkrumxxT, Virginia, Chloe, #CopperCr, Hawk, Rust, Caelus Cr, Dwan, Hemdall Cr, Minerva, Daddy Jones, Nereus, Sheshko, Tanaereva Mt, Dorian Cr, Hefty, Herman, Lady, Blaine, Dugan, #GeneralMt, Naginata.For more infos, check the Coliseum page.Happy gaming to you all!


Toward the Oculus! 2021-02-25 17:33:00

The downtown area of Clint City has always been shared out by the clans.
2 hosts, shadowy all-powerful Oculus soldiers, decide to organize a meeting to bring together and raise a real army against the forces of law and order and the Mafia - in short against the whole of Clint City.
Very quickly, the secret meeting gets out of hand because of three curious characters:
Everyone knows that she's always been a real party animal. Then one evening, while leaving her favorite club, she catches sight of a floating shape in the sky, which is no UFO! A power failure lights up a red, tentacular sky...
Stunned, she gets the distinct feeling that this time it will be irreversible.
Symbiotes are nothing new.
But the coral symbiote is nothing like the Oculus one...which is more like an incurable virus.
One evening, while diving, the harpooner suddenly sees the water's surface darken to a deep red hue.
As he comes back up, he then sees what look like long tentacles in the sky. A power failure throws into relief these menacing shapes in the sky.
The little one is worshipped and mothered by all the Komboka members. But feeling a need to stand on her own two feet, she's finally been allowed to go for a stroll on her own in the evening.
While walking on the wide Ulu beaches, she suddenly feels the sand under her feet chill and darken. She then looks out toward the horizon and is entranced by the red sky that stretches out before her... Could it be a failed Nightmare spell? Or maybe a Xantiax explosion?
... in a surge of courage and curiosity, they're going to follow these tracks in the sky that seem to lead to an old industrial park...
Find them for the last time in the Uranus, Ahkab and Ceida packs! The 3 heroes will be back on the Market from March 3rd and will turn Collector permanently on March 8th! Happy gaming to you all!


Can you see them NOW? 2021-02-24 10:50:00

2 Oculus cards are now in the packs (except NB).Oculus will never be available on the wheel (except for a Happy Hour special).For 24 hours, their drop rate will be multiplied by 10, after which the chances of getting hold of them will be as slim as getting your hands on the Leaders! As a reminder, you can also get them through:- LEVELLING-UP: every 10 levels you'll receive a FREE random Oculus card starting from level 300! - BLACK MISSIONS: they'll be offered to you on a temporary basis and will be of medium-high difficulty level! - BLACK MARKET: for all you budding businessmen and women out there! Good luck and happy gaming!


The 3 Adventurers! 2021-02-22 10:50:00

Three heroes have approached the warehouse where some Oculus members are currently hiding out... They were about to turn Collector, so who could they be? It's down to YOU to uncover their identities! Win a maximum of lives to fill up each gauge.In every fight in Survivor and Free Fight mode, win life points that will fill up the gauges, one after the other.Each gauge will unlock a Black Market that will be linked to the card turning Collector! The top 10 players of the community event will win the first 2 OCULUS cards! So, are you ready? It's starting right now!


Living with the OCULUS 2021-02-19 09:31:00

Clint City,
With the first two Oculus now out in the open, general psychosis fills the air and who are the other hosts? And where is the Government?
While waiting for the answers to these questions, the city keeps its recruitment drive going with these 4 new arrivals:
Bender, the recent dinosaur who's just perfect for our Raptor friends. Artwork by Ples
Pauline, the Komboka, acrobatic monkey who spends her days hanging from the city's buildings. Artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor
#Parvanandah, the Frozn yeti/woodcutter who's as gentle as a lamb! Artwork by Ninsky
Rattus, the short-tempered kill-joy, pumped up on Berzerk Xantiax! Artwork by Jo-1C
Happy gaming to you all!


Season 40 EFC 2021-02-15 10:48:00

Hi Everyone, GG PUB_Bone! deletedThe new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 15/02End date: 28/02Removed from the banlist: Robb MtEFC Bonus removed: B16 Sestra, Crunchy, Gemini, Samia, Jeffrey, GianfrancoEFC Bonus +2 added: Z3r0 D34d, Hal Gladius, Edd CrEFC Bonus +5 added: Miss Pandora, Roxie, SephoraSemi evos added (with x15 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Simeon 3* (7/3) and 4* (7/4)Stooge 2* (6/3)El Gringo 4* (6/6)Drakorah Cr 4* (8/4)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: Host 254 + Host 516 + 200k battle pointsHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


SURVIVOR'S Turn! 2021-02-11 14:46:00

Clint City, Stand by, because after Tournament mode, it's now Survivor mode's turn to have some new life breathed into it! Yes, that's right, we're quite simply planning to give you more! Here's how the new BONUS reward will be shared out among the top players:1st - 10 tickets + 1 Oculus2nd - 7 tickets + 1 Oculus3rd to 5th - 4 tickets6th to 10th - 2 tickets11th to 25th - 1 ticketHopefully this should fire up some of you and motivate others to try out the game's hardcore mode!


They've always been there, hiding among the crowd, they're everywhere.
They're everyone and no one, all rolled into one. But now they have a face, that is often familiar.
Find the first OCULUS characters in the OCULUS packs only, exclusively available for 48 hours!
The way they're distributed is similar to that of the Leaders. You can also get hold of them through:
- LEVELLING UP: every 10 levels you'll receive a FREE random Oculus card starting from level 300!
- BLACK MISSIONS: they'll be offered to you on a temporary basis and will be of a medium-high difficulty level!
- Black MARKET: for all you budding businessmen and women!
After this, they'll arrive in the packs (except the NEW BLOOD ones). You'll be notified when they're available.
DID YOU KNOW? ////// According to the most recent studies, the Oculus is organized into 2 Orders:
The Senior Advisers who broach the link between the clans and the "higher sphere".
The High Sphere (or GOVERNMENT), that governs crazy Clint City from the shadows.
They are apparently the connection between the megapole and a dark force that has managed to find its way in through the numerous dimensional faults.
Thanks to all these temporal and dimensional disturbances, the Oculus is partially revealed, a chance for our clans to outwit this extra-terrestrial organization whose sole objective remains unclear...
So, go find out more about them!
In this NEW pack, you might be lucky enough to find the first anti-Oculus mecha - ultra-rare ED-O -so fingers crossed!


LEGENDARY LEVEL UP! 2021-02-08 09:51:00

Clint City,
Although we're sure you're aware of this, we'd like to remind you that Levels are far from being just a number... So, we need to give you more tools to LEVEL UP!
You're going to be able to get small BATTLE POINT BOOSTS in certain modes, on a one-off and temporary basis, with the LEGENDARY cards.
This will strengthen a card's Legendary aspect and encourage different decks in the room!
And this starts as of today with all the "SECOND WAVE" LD cards available in ARCADE mode.


Hello Clint City! The Government has installed a new, ultra-sophisticated automatic test to grant new arrivals with a compatibility certification to Clint City and its clans. Kate is too busy with her new roles...So, here are the 4 latest, validated recruits:Dj0 - having also arrived in the Clint City of the past to support the HIVE - artwork by QuirkyliciousEnevia - the lost vampire from Rhynn who's found herself in good company at the NIGHTMARE Manor - artwork by Phalloide#Evlyn - the rich UPPERS' alien hunter, just in time to try and counter the Oculus - artwork by NinskyBarakatic - the emblematic champion of the All Stars Paralympic Games - artwork by DjetEnjoy!


Tournaments: a little let-up! 2021-02-03 13:48:00

Every day TOURNAMENTS are organized in Clint City.
TOURNAMENT is the fast and accessible competitive mode.
If you want to take part, just head for the Tournament room.
At odd hours, you'll need to play with your T1 deck.
And at even hours, you'll need to play with your T2 deck.
Your aim in a Tournament is to score as many battle points as possible over the course of the one-hour T1 or T2 Tournament...or both, if you're feeling up for it!
And, to limit unsporting behavior and encourage fair-play, we've increased the bonus points awarded when an opponent times out or quits. A default win now earns you 2 points instead of 0, while a timed-out win earns you 6 points instead of 3!
Finally, we're increasing the permanent prizes in Tournament mode: the best player at the end of each Tournament, in T1 or T2 format, will win 2 Mystery tickets while the other TOP 3 will win 1 Mystery ticket! HAPPY GAMING!


Season 39 EFC 2021-02-01 10:56:00

Hi Everyone, GG SR3T43HCP0TS! The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 01/02End date: 14/02Removed from the banlist: StatamEFC Bonus removed: Duke, Babe, Akendram, Powaqa, Keanew, Otakool, Molusko, Kristin, Lucky, Anakrohm, Stella, Praxie, Dylan, Jose Star, Gina Glitt, GalenEFC Bonus +2 added: Kresh, Bertha, June, Rekved, Ngrath, Dave, Van HecktonEFC Bonus +5 added: Loocio, Poppy Mary Noel, Trixie, Puff, July, Slopsh, Snowflake, Beetenka, DeeaSemi evos added (with x10 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Yolow 2* (6/3) and 3* (6/4)VX Nembus 2* (7/2, with a min. 4)Asporov 2* (7/1) and 3* (7/2)Miss Lizbeth 4* (5/6)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: ED-O + 200k battle pointsHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


The MECHA is finally here. 2021-01-27 18:20:00

ED-O's officially putting down roots in town.Find this Herculean character in the Elite pack (with a double drop rate for 12 hours) from NOW.He will then also be available in the Titanium and Armageddon packs from February 10.Enjoy and happy gaming! PS: ED-O is also available at Borgia's Palace!


NEW BLOODS 2021-01-22 10:42:00

Hello Clint City,
Even after 15 years, there's no point in messing with a winning formula and so, just like every fortnight, four new fighters are about to enter the Clint City arena. Here's just a small intro to them:
- El Goonch, new Huracan oddity, but yet another killer fighter for the luchador team!
- Nystrom, an Ulu Watu breath of fresh air, reminiscent of the clan's glory days!
- Ibanez, die-hard fan of Dj Korr MT and rising star in "video-conferencing" Junkz electro-psychedelia!
- Galfor, the knight imprisoned in a statue, who escaped from Rhynn, only to be admitted to the "Gargoyle" section of the Paradox Museum!


EFC Bonus Cards 2021-01-18 16:30:00

After 15 years, Urban Rivals now has more than 1, 800 cards and yet, only a small number of these are played in EFC. As we want as much diversity as possible in the game's most strategic mode, we've decided to add bonus points to some of the weaker cards that are not or no longer played today.How will these bonus points work? It's very simple: if you win with a bonus card in the draw, you'll earn more points. If you lose, you'll lose as many points as normal.There are two categories of bonus: bonuses +2 points and bonuses +5 points. Please note, bonus points are not cumulative. If you have two bonus point cards in your draw, only the biggest bonus of the two will count.Here is the list of the current bonus cards (pictogrammes allow you to recognize them in the collection):EFC Bonus Cards +2: Stenmark, Chlora, Roger, Babe, Rei, Akendram, Oda Helpah, B16 Sestra, Digging Bill, Gemini, El Kaktus, Bridge, Otakool, Uttam, Wardog, Gianfranco, Phyllis, Custodia, Molusko, Wanda, Walkie, Krash, Pr Hartnell, Burdock, Stella, Matheo, Chiara Cr, Dylan, Jose Star, Dagg CrEFC Bonus Cards +5: Spudd, Duke, Jeffrey, Artax, Kati, Esmeralda, Annuqa, Miss Twice Cr, Powaqa, Neeck, Miss DerbyQueen, Boohma, Keanew, Calumma, Dean, Vito, Crunchy, Galahad, Kristin, Samia, Lucky, Bobby, Farman, Nahi Cr, Anakrohm, Miranda, Praxie, Warren, Gina Glitt, GalenWe're going to test out this bonus system this season. If this way of doing things adds more diversity to the EFC decks and encourages you to play weaker cards, we'll adjust it based on your feedback and will change the bonus cards on a regular basis.Happy EFC to you all! td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}


Season 38 EFC 2021-01-18 10:45:00

Hi Everyone, GG lerk_! The new EFC season kicks off today! Start date: 18/01End date: 31/01Added to the banlist: MjollnirahLd modified: Naja Ld, Magistrado LdSemi evos added (with x10 XP boost on these 4 cards, until the end of the season):Taham 4* (8/4)Mago 3* (8/3)Fraser 3* (8/3, with a min. 5)Serena 3* (8/4) and 4* (8/5)! Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: ED-O + 200k battle pointsHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


SURPRISE – UR turns 15! 2021-01-15 14:00:00

As planned, from 7:45pm this evening, an unmissable event is taking place right here: in your droves and share your thoughts with us on the small "live" and give us your feedback on the video! We can't wait - alongside other projects, we've been working on this little documentary for several months now and we really hope you're going to like it! Be sure to stay till the end...Comment, share and feedback! It's taking place right here:


15 years is wild and definitely needs celebrating!
On the menu, "Terminus 15" and "Deathmatch" - available now until Sunday at 11.59pm!
Happy gaming to you all!
On top of it all, winnings are TRIPLED in TOURNEY! ENJOY! PS: JOIN US here tonight:


Tourney Banlist 2021-01-14 17:22:00

Tourney Type 1
Added to the banlist:
El Cascabel
Pandemos Cr
El D10S
Removed from the banlist:
Tourney Type 2
Added to the banlist:
El Cascabel
Pandemos Cr
El D10S
Removed from the banlist:


With the strength of new recruits like El Cascabel, the Santoztec hero, now weary from constant combat, can finally rest in peace... So, #Quetzal Cr decides to regain his golden tomb, settling down for another centuries-old sleep. And who knows? If the luchadores of the future ever find themselves short on fighting material, they might even make a new pact to bring him back to life?Quetzal Cr will join the MYTHIC ranking on January 21st. The market will reopen on January 17th! ________________DJ KORR forever! The departure of DJ Korr has always been a mystery. He disappeared without a trace a long time ago now and Clint City was left orphaned. As the years went by, the city became more and more chaotic and dangerous. Unfortunately, it's possible that he may have left us forever...and yet...many inhabitants swear they hear his sampling resonating through the night air even now! Some say that the Government tortured him to turn him into a war machine, a mindless Berzerk and a zombie under their control, but the older members of the community know that his soul is still here among us. 15 years ago, he wanted a world in which everyone could have fun and be free, a world without corruption or limits. All his life, he threatened the Government by uniting the People! Now it's our turn to honor his wishes: let's defeat the Eye and start all over again, from the very beginning! DJ Korr Cr will join the MYTHIC ranking on January 21st. The market will reopen on January 17th! ________________To pre-empt the supposed arrival of "super aliens" hailing from an interdimensional breach, a new type of weapon has been designed and financed by the Uppers and Montana clans, and some extremely accurate plans have been "stolen" from the GHEIST...
Project ED-O is, first and foremost, an anti-Eye weapon, but it can be adapted to contend with multiple adversaries. The device has been manufactured from start to finish following strict Sakrohm recommendations and is equipped with "full Hive" technology.
This giant mecha is simultaneously controlled by two pilots whose brains are interconnected via a neuronal bridge... The question is, will these La Junta heavy-weights be able to properly control ED-O's power?
Now over to you! Will you be able to control ED-O? Find this character exclusively in the Armageddon pack that's available at a cut-down price for JUST 72 hours! As Emeth Cr said: "If we have to wipe out targets on board a mecha, we may as well go with a funky-looking design! " And it's our artist, Godtail777 who's taken on that job! Happy gaming to you all!


The 15 YEARS' Garage Sale! 2021-01-12 10:40:00

Hello Clint City! And welcome to the Big Winter Garage Sale 2021! This year, the festival is taking place near Orfanwood, and it's a very special edition as we celebrate our 15th anniversary on January 17th! We'd like to offer you our heartfelt thanks for all the loyalty you've shown us over the years, and we're going to carry on spoiling you by making sure the game just gets better and better! So, without further ado, here's the program for these unique 72 hours: - The Armageddon pack will be at the exceptional price of just 289 CRyptos! - 3 Armageddon packs purchased simultaneously will earn you 10 TICKETS - a UR first! - The Collectors pack will cost just 4, 000 CRyptos! (so, you can now try to MULTIPLY your wins at Carmine's place! ) - The $$ CRs will all have a X10 drop rate! ! ! - The $$$ CRs (including the "Big 5") will have a X5 drop rate! - 2 MEGA CARDS will turn Mythic and a BM will affect them with a sizeable reward: you'll find out more during the promo! - Happy Hours will be back for the occasion and will have an CRYPTO, keep an eye on the Black Market! - Finally, the magnificent El D10S is available EVERYWHERE (except in New Blood packs) with a X3 drop rate for the event! Ah...just one more cap it all, ED-O has arrived! The new anti-Eye weapon of mass destruction! This bio-tech gem made by La Junta - whose design has been entrusted to GODTAIL777 - is AVAILABLE in advance in the ARMA pack for 72 hours only! ! ! The sale will end on January 14 at 11pm so make the most of it and fill your boots!
We officially declare this crazy sale now open!
Happy gaming!


Mid-Season 37 Banlist 2021-01-11 10:47:00

Added to the banlist: HirumaLd modified: Ashikaze Ld, Futoshi LdHappy gaming! Follow EFC Stats for more informations!


Be sure to be at the ready because TOMORROW morning sees the arrival of all the details about our 15-year anniversary celebrations! And in the meantime, happy gaming to you all!


The 2021 New Bloods! 2021-01-08 10:48:00

Hello Clint City!
Once again we'd like to wish you a very happy and carefree New Year!
And to mark the occasion, we're starting 2021 in style with 4 superb New Bloods including a character by Quirkilicious!
Spik, the little kobold straight out of the Rhynn fault and new Dominion soldier!
Gothica, the Paradox mecha-nun, never seen without her gun!
Lonerganxxt , the cute little Sakrohm and king of the mini-rodeo!
Lindo, the merciless Montana's "clean-up guy"!
Happy gaming to you all and have fun!


The exchange of plans between the GHEIST and La Junta didn't go quite as expected: on arriving in the Saudi desert, #Bryan came across some very well-brought up Gheistlings, sent to deliver the Mechakolos plans to him. And in exchange, he gave them the plans for Ed25. Everything was going smoothly, when suddenly Ryujin appeared out of nowhere, intent on destroying the plans, following orders from Rex Sweig! He easily shook off the Gheistlings and destroyed the plans for Ed25, but then quickly realised he'd never be able to overcome Bryan alone. So, he quickly wrapped up his mission, meaning Bryan was able to get back to the La Junta HQ and entrust the design plans for Mechakolos to Naginata. With these plans, she would now have a good basis from which to build a mecha that was stronger than ever before! As for Bryan, he made a quick get-away, realizing that he was now a fugitive wanted by the GHEIST! Meanwhile, Vryer, consumed with rage, decided to melt down Mechakolos to create a new beast. This wouldn't be a flying robot like Ed25, but no matter, it would still be good enough to vanquish the other clans! Just like Kolos, #Mechakolos Cr is no more - we are entering a new era...Mechakolos Cr will join the MYTHIC ranking on January 19st. The market will reopen on January 12th! Happy gaming to you all and see you here tomorrow for the video documentary...!

An “old school” deal 2021-01-04 09:36:00

In a rapid arms race, all the clans have maxed themselves up to the hilt with mega weapons and monstruous beasts capable of wiping out all the monsters from the past. As a result, the La Junta soldiers no longer have the monopoly on military might and need to do something about it fast. After the defeat of Mechakolos, Vryer offers La Junta a mutually beneficial arrangement: the construction plans for Ed 25 in exchange for crucial information on the engine that powers Mechakolos. And to avoid any sort of double-dealing, the exchange must take place in the middle of the Saudi desert, as far away as possible from the GHEIST and La Junta bases.
#Bryan, the charismatic clan commando has volunteered to leave Clint City and bring back this precious information. However, what he doesn't realize is that #Ryujin has been given an order to intercept and destroy the plans for Ed 25! Rex Sweig has asked him to do this to prevent the creation of robotic creatures capable of annihilating his dinosaurs!
But despite all these efforts, can you really stop progress?
Bryan and Ryujin will turn Collector on January 11th. The market will reopen on January 7th! Happy gaming to you all and see you soon for some earth-shattering {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}


A fantastic EFC winter season and a massive THANK YOU to everyone who took part! 10 705 of you set foot in the room for the cashprize ! So, without any further ado, here are the 5 big winners of the winter Ca$hPrize: 1st - Phil NoLove wins 2, 500 euros2nd - -Miguel Alves wins 1, 250 euros3rd - PUB_Bone wins 650 euros4th - CoachSebastien wins 350 euros5th - Oppenfold wins 250 eurosA MASSIVE WELL DONE to them all! Were you among them? Winners must reply to the request for documentation with the documents listed below at the following email address: Parental permission (for underage players); - Bank details; - Proof of address going back less than 2 months; - Identity card or passport; - A selfie to prove identity;Happy gaming to you all! P.S. See you back here tomorrow for a SURPRISE...