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Pr Cushing Cr Collector

iClintz Rarity:

While the entire population of Riotspolis was enjoying a well-deserved break on the eve of Halloween, concealed in a dark room was a tirelessly working professor Cushing. Although the scientist's specialty was thermodynamics, he was unappreciated by the University as the Copernica family kept snatching all the glory. And he hated them even more since Dr Copernica-daughter had discovered the thermonium that earned her the favors of the Alma Mater. Taking advantage of her departure, he helped himself to a few grams of the ore in her lab. His hatred then led him to throw all caution to the wind when he took it upon himself to mix thermonium with a fragment of Vortex glass that he had perfectly illegally acquired from #Negodz. That is when the insane experiment took place, giving life to what would become the horrifying #Crystalis...