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Petit Coq Common

iClintz Rarity:

During the Los Santos dictatorship, there were several tales of masked fighters doing the rounds. The most curious of this was undoubtedly the one about the beret wearing luchador with the funny accent. His peculiarity was to rob rich pedestrians while singing an incomprehensible song about “Children” and "Glorious Days” at the top of his voice. No one knew exactly what he did with all the stolen money but the sudden improvement in the living conditions of the Los Santos orphanage was a bit suspicious! Nowadays, there is no longer any real mystery. François, the director of the orphanage, has revealed his “secret” identity to Noctezuma. Now, he fights under the name of Petit Coq on top of the Pile Tower to show the power of French kickboxing and also to earn enough to bring all the little orphans gifts at Christmas time!