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Hemera Common

iClintz Rarity:

When it comes to burning away the malevolent works of science fiction, the Great Priestess' apprentice goes through a tedious ceremonial, following which she sets the purifying flame of the Glibon Dashra Sakrh ablaze. So far, so good. However, now that the new girl is in charge, the vessel holding the sacred flame has reached proportions slightly too overwhelming to Eris' liking. It would seem that Hemera's boundless enthusiasm in entering her new role has led her to undertake many changes in order to improve the artefact's effectiveness. There was a time when it would have taken several attempts to destroy a dozen books by fire, whereas now the torch has every aspect of a flamethrower that turns everything to ashes within less than a minute. Outrageous! But one glimpse at the ominous glow sparkling in the girl's eyes as she lights the fire and the very idea of having the young novice lengthen the duration of the ritual becomes unthinkable.