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Jack Legrand Common

iClintz Rarity:

Newell's Lab. A special Agent from a certain ""Empire"" is shackled in one of the two cabins: - Well, well, well! What have we got here?! The man talks to himself: - The Phoenix... This ""Empire"" you're fighting for…as if I care! It means nothing when you see what lies behind the Cathedral's pretty marble columns and gold icons. The Count saw through all these hypocritical secrets and he gave me a new chance with the Watchmakers. Amused, Newell interrupts him: - Watchmakers? Ah ha, had you noticed you weren't at home anymore? This is Clint City, welcome! I'm Newell and I'm in charge of keeping an eye on these dimensional faults you got lost in, just like Merweiss did last year! Come out of that cabin and I'll explain everything.