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Kresh Common

iClintz Rarity:

Since #Lord Oon Ld returned from Clint City’s waste disposal site, the #Dominions have discovered the joys of television. And even on an old set, they’ve been able to watch and enjoy the wonderful children’s animation known as Kresh. Now all die-hard fans of the cartoon figure, they’ve encouraged their King to create a doll in his image, which is how Kresh, the rag doll for little kids, has come to be part of #Death Adder’s army. And as he comes equipped with all his own accessories, you can choose to either arm him with a sword, set him astride his faithful charger, or just leave him to paddle happily in his muddy swamp. This figurine is compatible with other toys from the original Dominion range such as the horse #Artax who gives instant class and prestige to this lowly ogre. Figurine n°11 from the Dominion range. Made by Death Adder – Tree Factory©