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Drs Ledou Uncommon

iClintz Rarity:

As a girl Drs Ledou had always been drawn to the paranormal with her Ouija board literally changing her life. She's now in cahoots with the Judge and the city's other henchmen who are able to communicate with the world of the dead. Working hand in hand with these high priests/sorcerers who make the transition between humans and the great beyond, she has also learnt the secrets that lie behind the art of voodoo and magic. But where a sorcerer might dabble in a little black or white magic, Doctor Ledou seems to be more focused on the business side of things and not at all on her clients. Money-grabbing and proud, and seeing herself as number one in her field, she's interested in nothing more than her own personal gain, to the utter detriment of the poor, innocent individuals who seek out her help.