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Divus Uncommon

iClintz Rarity:

Former historian fired from his Academy and a long-standing expert in ancient Romz, the sole aim in life of the one who goes by the name of #Divus, is to be on a par with the greatest of Roman emperors. In fact, it was while wandering through the rooms of the Museum that Divus had an epiphany moment: how was he ever going to become an emperor WITH A NOSE when all the statues clearly depicted the emperors WITHOUT NOSES? He would have to put that right immediately...and sadly, that's just what the poor, crazy old guy did. But later, when looking at other sculptures, he suddenly realized that the noses were just broken and not that the emperors had had them chopped off! He thought long and hard and the all-mighty suggested he could remedy the problem by simply removing ALL THE NOSES of the statues that remained intact! Viva Divus!