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Schluck Common

iClintz Rarity:

When you are master of the world and the most powerful person on the planet, beware! Betrayal and conspiracies can be lurking all around you. Indeed it was after his aunt fell victim to a poisoned chalice that Dregn hired his very own taster. Schluck was a pretty straight-forward, greedy kind of guy and he held his post for several years without any problems thanks to the growing efficiency of Dregn’s troops and intelligence service. But he had not banked on a new pocket of resistance who managed to introduce an ultra-abrasive poison into the Emperor’s dessert almost killing the poor taster. Saved at the last minute by Rahi Sledon, the new “crystallized” Schluck lost all trace of goodness and executed the rebels with his own hands. Dregn then realized that having one’s very own executioner could be fun too...