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Lenora Rare

iClintz Rarity:

It’s difficult to believe that Lenora, the greatest chemist and physician of the Alma Mater, is just 25 years old. And the older members of the Council, snoozing away on their leather settees, certainly have a job keeping up with this bright young thing, who’s always on the lookout for new and exciting experiments. Having convinced the patriarch to let her study more closely #Dr Copernica cr’s thermonium fuel, used in all the new Riotspolis machines, she planned to create a more stable version of the compound applying her updated periodic table of elements to the ore. But when she tried to combine the Copernica fuel with the ore, the experiment exploded in her face and her body was irradiated with fragments of thermonium that sent her temperature soaring and left her skin blue and her body forever young. Far from letting this get her down, Lenora saw this as a whole new and exciting area of study and despite the Patriarch’s moans and groans; she’s even started to make a connection with certain events that took place in the Frozn village...