Gabrielle - Uncommon

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Very proud of her Miss Bikini title, Gabrielle is ready to move up to the next level. Her goal is to become Miss Ulu Watu, but to do that she'll have to convince Tanaereva and that's no easy task. In order to win over the environmentally-conscious surfer, she's now fighting every pollution maker crossing her path...

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Sold byPriceXPID
Out Of Style17000 Clintz2 517 117 008
divine wings18000 Clintz1 521 469 259
crigiudie23445 Clintz1 528 678 258
sinky_500174991 Clintz2 133 761 309
sinky_500174991 Clintz2 136 852 965
Maana CRX999000 Clintz1 508 142 256