Merweiss - Rare

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Misty Chronicals from Geïa’s personal library “Within the powerful order of the Watchmakers, genius inventor, Merweiss the Cruel is a master criminal. Great traveler and old Master of the Killer Artists of the Free Cities of Tasalak, his skill is only equaled by her legendary cruelty, which earns him the obedience of a fearsome army made up of the worst criminals of Rhynn.” Rhynn, a world destroyed by the Oculus. #Merweiss Debertolis awakes after a long sleep and is welcomed by Cobb who’s as curious as ever. Almost everything #Merweiss knows has been destroyed, only a few bits and pieces can be saved from within an arcade machine called “Fantasy Rivals”. Unfortunately for Cobb, the genius inventor escaped before he could answer all his questions… During this time, on board the #Riots’ zeppelin, a sorry lack of organization is making itself felt, with the death of Pericles having left a huge gap despite his daughter having taken over. Will they have the strength to stand up to #Merweiss’s cruelty, or will they end up under his command?

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Sold byPriceXPID
Hof-Loul7776150900 Clintz5 532 443 744
NovantottoBlu6199999 Clintz5 532 418 704
L4F-Hausi6333333 Clintz3 532 804 542
ELO_DARK_MITO6500000 Clintz5 532 256 578
LB-nikola29116539000 Clintz3 532 482 038
LB-nikola29116539000 Clintz3 532 806 759
Kuro Alucard6540000 Clintz3 532 437 686
Khanichi6690000 Clintz5 532 374 531
InterMilan FC6900000 Clintz3 532 226 227
__shaktale__7900000 Clintz3 532 282 177
ELO_DARK_MITO7999999 Clintz3 532 586 413
ELO_DARK_MITO7999999 Clintz3 532 257 125
THM_fa6s8500500 Clintz5 532 423 060
HoF Wakka15000000 Clintz3 532 254 298