Blaame - Uncommon

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The #Hive bring together descendants from various clans of Clint City, among which are the #Allstars. #Blaame continued playing sports, even after she became synthetic. This helped her to adjust to her new body and develop her techniques. Now that she has full knowledge of how her body works, she is capable of giving a good thrashing to anyone attempting to go after the resistance fighters of the future, or their allies.

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Sold byPriceXPID
Powosone47999 Clintz1 530 247 285
Powosone47999 Clintz1 530 247 357
Hollok48000 Clintz1 530 241 696
Boulliak49000 Clintz1 529 782 106
SH-BASTOS-49799 Clintz1 530 073 028
spagr49999 Clintz1 530 070 693
spagr49999 Clintz1 530 070 687
PetiteHarley79999 Clintz1 529 818 465