Nereus - Rare

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Having long reigned over the sea-faring folk of tritons and mermaids, Nereus has finally decided to abdicate and enjoy a well-earned retirement... on the surface! But to his dismay, his dreams of sipping cocktails on quiet, sandy beaches have been shattered by inconsiderate holiday makers who have left him with no choice but to unleash the wrath of the ocean on them to teach them a thing or two about respect. Finally, he’s decided to settle down on Clint City’s Ulu Watu beach, where his old counterpart, Naliah has offered him pride of place among the clan and a quiet place to put his feet up.

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Sold byPriceXPID
The_Sly_One179000 Clintz2 530 240 793
benja crack180000 Clintz2 505 411 231
benja crack180000 Clintz2 488 747 159
benja crack180000 Clintz2 488 730 138
benja crack180000 Clintz2 488 667 763
SH _ SratuS188000 Clintz2 485 807 186
T3-Edelweiss189000 Clintz2 529 913 447
N520400000 Clintz2 530 072 043
PUB- ALUCARD500000 Clintz4 519 500 675
Maana CRX999000 Clintz2 486 555 289