Mandrak - Uncommon

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Mandrak, the “defense against the dark forces of the 7 dimensions” teacher spends more time travelling the world plugging dimensional cracks than giving lessons. But his students respect him. After all, it was he who imprisoned Uchtul in the past, and anyway he always brings back strange souvenirs with amazing stories to go with them. But lately, Mandrak’s pupils are a bit worried. He’s strangely grown and more often than not now he ends his classes with a demonic cackle. Milton is wondering whether his teacher’s prolonged contact with putrid dimensions might not provoke the very catastrophe he was trying so hard to avert!

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Dream3ater24900 Clintz5 521 976 316
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fplay25000 Clintz5 476 841 962
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skycube250000 Clintz2 521 991 486
Maana CRX599000 Clintz5 455 783 922