Chel - Rare

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A local legend in Los Santos said there was a deity hidden near the island of Melkozu. That was all the encouragement Bloodh needed to send Scubb on a mission to drive poor Chel out of her cave and sell her on to the infamous collector, Van Heckton. Fortunately, the little creature was freed by Tanaereva Cr who sent the pirate flying. In order to spare Chel another pirate raid, Tanaereva Cr asked her to take a human form and put her in the care of Lulabee to be watched over by the Ulu Watu. Chel struggled at first to get used to all these over-excited surfers but fortunately she was able to rely on Numar to help her decode all their strange human customs. Now a local Clint City legend says a deity lives hidden in the Ulu Watu cove…

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Freexxyz49999 Clintz1 525 748 862
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Maana CRX999000 Clintz3 455 984 659