Dylan - Uncommon

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The Ulu Watu cove is famous for its killer waves and the hoards of surfers it attracts. But once the surfing's over, this bunch of doods including Buck, Daddy Jones, Eddie, Reef and the gang, all need feeding and fast. And where better to do that than at Ice Jim and George’s shack? Struggling to cope with the surfers' colossal orders, Ice Jim and George were however lucky enough to stumble across Dylan, an ex-waiter from the Clint City Palace. With his extraordinary skills of tray balancing and whipping up multi-tiered burgers, Dylan was a bit uptight to start off with but over time he’s started to come round to the clan’s more laid-back approach to life.

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Sold byPriceXPID
DA - BADA7500 Clintz1 517 114 395
DA - BADA7500 Clintz1 517 114 077
Lux 4 U7695 Clintz1 510 362 105
GenT-Babycoke10995 Clintz1 448 749 279
GenT-Babycoke10995 Clintz1 448 817 512
LDA Floki11000 Clintz1 529 964 415
LDA Floki11000 Clintz4 481 902 466
-A-SirXustiya99999 Clintz4 529 063 388
-A-SirXustiya99999 Clintz4 529 712 097
-A-SirXustiya99999 Clintz4 528 330 341
Maana CRX999000 Clintz4 451 388 931