Dave - Uncommon

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No one else is as fly at lovin’ Dave as Dave. So he ends up checking out his own reflection in the waxed sheen of his surf board. And when he polishes it, he literally can’t take his eyes off himself. It's as if he was making sweet love to himself. Before this “magnificent" spectacle, even the sea withdraws and that is how the best waves on Clint City beach are created, otherwise known as Tsunamis.

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jakke123995 Clintz1 530 382 313
SupraBrax4000 Clintz1 530 378 934
SupraBrax4000 Clintz1 530 378 930
0 KASE 04111 Clintz2 392 697 374
PetiteHarley19999 Clintz1 525 601 504
PetiteHarley19999 Clintz1 524 409 597
Maana CRX999000 Clintz2 456 294 628