Welcome to iClintz.com

iClintz is a community driven project focused on providing a better gaming experience for Urban Rivals Players. Upon loading the site you will find a lot of interesting tools and information. We are aiming to become the BEST fan-site serving the needs of and unifying all types of players. iClintz has 2000+ players connected, with a total of 8 000 000+ cards equalling more than 430 000 000 000 Clintz!

iClintz team
Infiniti - Founder & Developer, 2018 - Current
Izy - Founder & Developer, 2018 - Current
Draco - Developer, 2019 - Current
Nidari - exFounder & exDeveloper, 2018 - 2019
dXm_Chemist and his team - UR Magazine
Cisco - Spanish Representative
Skeni - German Representative
Bramvs - Dutch Representative
Inviciblo - Designer & French Representative

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Thank you to all players who have helped contribute to iClintz!
Why should I connect to iClintz and stay connected?
Connecting to iClintz gives you access to lots of interesting and useful tools for you to manage or view information about your collection or rankings. iClintz is built using your player data, for things such as the card rarity, having your collection data makes this rarity more accurate. Your data is not looked at individually by us and is only used to fuel the averages and calculations the site needs to do.

What data do you collect about me when I connect?
  1. Collection Data - The Cards you own for iClintz's card database and for collection ranking.
  2. Profile Data - Your Player ID, Player Name, Clintz you own and guild you are currently in.
  3. Mission Data - For the mission database.
  4. IP Address, Web Browser and Last Login - For debugging purposes.
What is VIP and how do I get it?
VIP is an additional set of tools for users with "iClintz.com" in their bio.

How can I be notified of your newest updates?
You can subscribe to our instagram or join our discord.

Who can contribute to iClintz?
Developers, Youtubers, Content Creators, we are looking everyone! Let us know if you're interested and in what area you would like to help in, maybe we can find a unique role for you. :)

I don't want to recieve any messages by iClintz.
Go to your iClintz Profile and opt out in the settings.

I found a bug..
Contact us on the discord or send a message to your community representative. Let us know the exact steps needed to recreate the bug and for how long it's been occuring.

I have an feature idea..
Contact us on the discord or send a message to your community representative. Let us know what the idea is and the benefits it would provide everyone. It might be added if it's possible. :)

I don't want to be on iClintz anymore..
You can go to your iClintz profile and delete all your data from iClintz database. Alternatively you can choose to hide yourself from iClintz rankings.
Why should I donate?
Creating and maintaining iClintz took time and effort, we are NOT asking money to compensate this, we do it because we love it. However webhosting is not free, at the moment the money to keep iClintz online is coming from our own pockets. In order to keep iClintz free for everyone and to prevent adding advertisements to the sites (we really don't want to do this), we are asking for donations to help us with the webhosting. All the money will be used to fund iClintz to keep online for years to come. iClintz is not for profit. We would hate to shut down iClintz because we can not afford to keep paying to keep it online.

How can I donate?
Click on the following button:
For confirmation (or for help/issues) of your donation contact Izy7.
Special thanks to all who have supported iClintz through this method.

What else can I do to support iClintz?
Give us a thumps up on here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/community/fansites.php
Consider adding "iClintz.com" to your UR bio and having access to some VIP tools.